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Автор andrǝs_ ( назад)
Real Madrid wins The Champions League, not Ronaldo.

Автор nathan hosea ( назад)
Lebron's number:23
31:Warriors,Indians,and Thunder blew 3-1 leads in 2016.

Автор Gabe Garcia ( назад)
this video was superb like your other content, good looks bro💪

Автор rbibribk ( назад)
"Its official, number 73. The greatest regular season in NBA history now
belongs to Golden State" Cavs: "Nah fam, we get best comeback in finals,
ruin GS season"

Автор John Babcock ( назад)
the 2016 super bowl for the panthers=the 2017 regular season for cam :(
cant stop getting hit because of terrible o line the same reason why
Arizona didn't make the playoffs even though they have the best mvp
candidate David Johnson (mat Ryan has nothing on him) the legend Larry
Fitzgerald the shutdown corner Patrick Peterson and the honey badger tyrann
Mathieu poor Carson poor brucie Arians :(

Автор TheSpaceCookie ( назад)
10:18 "Greatest sports plays of 2016"💀

Автор George germanakos ( назад)
I'm guessing you're from Houston

Автор Bryan Ornelas ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор patrick makgill ( назад)
What is the song playing in the background

Автор UncensoredDan ( назад)
Music was too loud but sick video

Автор OJN32 ( назад)
Had to dislike cause of durant signing.

Автор Gio Kai ( назад)
just came here for the football part ( soccer for the Americans)

Автор Tiago Camilo ( назад)
Ronaldo didnt win the Champions League. Real Madrid did.
Eder didnt win the Euros. Portugal did.

Автор David FiFA04 ( назад)
It says in the title that it is the greatest moments of 2016. Why is
Messi's missad penalty in this then?💩💩

Автор khalifa elberkawi ( назад)
it was so intense until I read "Browns win a game" I just died 😂😂

Автор henry lomada ( назад)
how is KD chickening out to GSW a "greatest moment"? smh.

Автор Azerz_ OG ( назад)
All sports? Nah, more like NBA compilation

Автор Brenden O'Hara ( назад)
There are some pretty huge omissions here dude... Rodgers other Hail Mary
the Daytona 500 finish, Jimmie Johnson's 7th title, anything Odell Beckham
jr and other huge sports moment s

Автор Andy Tanaka ( назад)
7:45 harden buzzer beater

Автор Andy Tanaka ( назад)
3:53 warriors 73rd win

Автор Ritchie Austin ( назад)
you dumb yanks do realise 2016 was an olympic year? I feel for you guys
being brainwashed and caught up in these commercial sports... Open your

Автор Mitchell Grenon ( назад)
Why wasn't Usain Bolt winning the 100m 200m and relay all for a third
olympics in a row back to back to back not in this video? He had tore his
hamstring a month before and was aging and saved the olympics from having a
drug cheat as a winner. Pretty fucking iconic moment if you ask me. But no,
I guess a guy crying like a bitch on a random ass home run is WAY more
important. Or maybe KD betraying his team to join the team that beat him is
MUCH "GREATER" than Usain Bolt writing history for his country. If you are
going to title your videos The Greatest "Sports" Moments, then actually
include other sports, other than the typical American popular ones.

Автор Dried Ice ( назад)
Wheres the rajai davis HR

Автор Thomas Sforzolini ( назад)
Considering football (soccer) is the biggest sport in the world and you
only included a couple clips related to it was disappointing. Otherwise it
was a fun video to watch.

Автор Ramiro Valencia ( назад)
they need to add ronda rousey getting destroyed lol

Автор Rúna (Hoodie) ( назад)
"The Cleveland Browns win a game"


Автор Moritz Na ( назад)
Wow, 80% US content. That's pretty boring.

Автор Rhyin Exx ( назад)
Durant joining GSW isn't one of the greatest sports moments...

Автор ChelseaFifaHD ( назад)
leicester winning the league gave me the chills

Автор Jon Alliss ( назад)
Heart still hurts watching the Jenkins Villanova buzzer beater. I was at
UNC for it, it will never not hurt.

Автор Joey Jojo ( назад)
why the fuck is LeChoke in this list? how is that in there? winning the
title sure but his block?

Автор BEASTMODE 07 ( назад)
Forget messi missing a pk...where's Neymar jr pk that made Brazil the 2016
Rio Olympics soccer champion..??

Автор Cesar Velazquez ( назад)

Автор HYP3RW1LD ( назад)
this is greatest sports moments but why is Messi in there when he missed it

Автор Baylor Proctor ( назад)
10:08 he forgot to say " and threw the 2016 western conference finals"

Автор Clayton Williams ( назад)
why isn't the the western bulldogs Afl(Australian football league) in the
video? They won the grand finale for the first time in 60 years

Автор Andrew Hamrick ( назад)
Leicester city winning the title with 5000 to 1 odds has to be the greatest
moment in football history

Автор Josh Griffith ( назад)
Amazing work on this video! Was a pleasure to watch the whole way through!
Great work!

Автор The Last ( назад)
For some people these were the worst moments

Автор Bick Hughes ( назад)
Really great video 👍.

Автор itsjimsley ( назад)
Why put kd bitch ass

Автор Whatsinaname ( назад)
Awesome music! Great vid, thanks for sharing

Автор ranger wh5 ( назад)
13:36 Scores 4 goals, team still loses

Автор Vogue CSGO & More! ( назад)
This is my favorite video on the inernet

Автор Mike Greig ( назад)
I don't get how mcgregor losing is a big deal but then getting revenge and
getting two division belts for the first time ever isnt

Автор Daniel Cooney ( назад)
good work

Автор Jay Sitko ( назад)
No McDavid being named youngest NHL captain in history?

Автор Matt Beder ( назад)
The World Junior OT win for Finland should be on here

Автор Alexandre Courdier ( назад)
they 're nah greatest sport moments of 2016 there no european sport there
are only us sports fuck it

Автор Jeroen Ruys ( назад)
floor supposed custom shelter while stir starter watch.

Автор Doggfair ( назад)
Greatest sporting moments OF AMERICA you mean? Typical American thinking
the World revolves around them lol

Автор Ronald Tan ( назад)
how about joseph schoolin beating phelps in 100m butterfly

Автор TheonSmithVolcan ( назад)
Leicester winning the title was by far the greatest moment of 2016.

Автор Çağrı Çatal ( назад)
leicester givin me goosebumps

Автор woodencan ( назад)
No Mcgregor v Diaz 2 or Mcgregor vs Alvarez?

Автор -Apollo - ( назад)

Автор Seamus Donohoe ( назад)
U can tell this guys American

Автор John Dew ( назад)
Great fucking list!!!

Автор wied mat ( назад)
the savages at 17:21 lmao cleveland won a game

Автор daniel kelsen ( назад)
Western Bulldogs????

Автор Jordan Paterek ( назад)
Hibs should be in this for when they won the Scottish cup

Автор Alex Twydell ( назад)
basketball isn't a real sport

Автор Gabriel Bacellar ( назад)
You forgot about when Neymar scored the penalty in the olympics

Автор sven hellenberg ( назад)
where's the win from Max Verstappen in F1, broke the record of yougest ever
winner by 2 years

Автор Danny Gray ( назад)
"The Browns win a game"

Автор Tyson Dai ( назад)
That's strange, someone accidentally put a Texans Colts game in here

Автор Apsan Marius ( назад)
Lebrons block shouldnt be there because it was a goaltending...he toutched
the rim

Автор Mick Boontjes ( назад)
At 7:55, why did Harden push him away?

Автор Ryann 11 ( назад)
what about David Ortiz retiring and all that baseball

Автор Fable ( назад)
ronaldo did nothing in the final but he is slated as the hero, typical RM
Not to add putting in a messi miss as a great moment... annoying fanboy

Автор Trx 1136 ( назад)
the cubs win it all and it still doesn't make it into the thumbnail...
that's the best sport moment in a long time not to mention 2016

Автор Skyler Mcdonald ( назад)
I just wish LeBron didn't win that chip

Автор Coca Cola ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Kathy Dion ( назад)
Where is the shot curry made in OT against OKC to win the game

Автор Skylar Arruda ( назад)
The Texans comeback is one of the greatest sports moments of all time? What
about the Broncos defence standing up against Tom Shady 3 TIMES to win the
AFC title?!

Автор Ussama Nayyer ( назад)
Too many handegg highlights...Only 3,4 football highlights...! :/

Автор Derek Lasker ( назад)
I get chills whenever I see the dee Gordon home run

Автор Ali ( назад)
Whaaaaaaaat?????????? Conor McGregor made UFC history as becoming the first
two weight world champ. How are you not gonna put that dude come on. U put
him get submitted though in basically a normal fight that was not even for
a belt??!??! Come on bro

Автор Matt Rojas ( назад)
And no one care about the 73-9 warriors 😂

Автор thomas kroken ( назад)

Автор Salvador 1906 #29 ( назад)

Автор MrKlebekerl ( назад)
way to much sport from the usa... football (soccer) is the biggest sport in
the world!

Автор Vichs ( назад)
I cant believe you putted messi fails penalty and not chile wins copa

Автор Thomas Sam ( назад)
US sport is not the center of the world. Call the best moments in US sport
and kick out the soccer part because this is massively biased.

Автор Colton Mehlman ( назад)
This guy is a Texans fan for sure lol

Автор jon wills ( назад)
not even a mention of the cubs winning the world series after 108 years.
you piece of shit!

Автор jared roche ( назад)
Golden state blew a 3-1 lead

Автор William Michie ( назад)
don't know why Kevin durant is a great moment

Автор Ryan STARTED THE FYIAHH ( назад)
Rodgers the best quarterback ever

Автор nextOzil1627 ( назад)
Julio Jones 300 reception yards.

Автор Kevin Negrete ( назад)
sacowea culiao como eres tan weon en ves de mostrar que CHILE SALIO BI
CAMPEON mostrai el penal de messi soy entero weon pao ctm,bastardo reculiao
hijo de puta

Автор durako boypr ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Chef Flores ( назад)
Take Kevin the fuck off this list

Автор Tony Flamingo ( назад)

Автор KnokomistKnight ( назад)
why the hell aren't there more OLYMPIC moments?

Автор Kevin Hurley ( назад)
lmao Browns get a win

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