How to build a Log Cabin, Part 1

GET IT done: How you can build a Log cabin on your own. The Nerve Wrecking Life of a Lumber Jack in the wildlife. Time to collect firewood. With Tomas Spencer. (Watch on myvan.com: "Log cabin building, part 1".)



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Автор Alicia Nofler ( назад)
I agree that the video is great! You can compliment this with Woody
Hyezmar's book in google.

Автор Classie Scheidemantle ( назад)
I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google
'woodprix' :)))

Автор Рита Новикова ( назад)
I am sure you'll learn how to make it if you'll read woodprix HANDBOOKS
from cover to cover :)

Автор aintnonerd (1999 лет назад)
Everybody lets go out in the forrest and cut some 500 trees to build our
own log cabin.

Автор FpsRix ( назад)
just horrible video editing

Автор Christopher Mooney ( назад)
How much do you charge to build a house similar to say your house Grizz?

Автор Aquarius Aquarius ( назад)
ignorant beings cutting trees for no purpose.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
I like how the van is parked right literally 10 feet in front of him and
yet they still made Grizz seem surprised to see him.

Автор marko petrunić ( назад)
another noob with a chainsaw

Автор imageaware ( назад)
That's shit camera work.

Автор Cedrick Evan Moore ( назад)
I would like to give more then one dislike, as this person is a cocky

Автор Brian Boe ( назад)
Ok ....cheers ....just remember Budweiser sold out to the Germans
....grampa was German but I switched to American brewed coors .....I don't
bother with safety glasses very often ...butt I wear gloves to keep the
pitch off my hands ....maybe in Scotland yer trees don't have pitch

Автор VIL0R ( назад)
Clown show

Автор Brian Boe ( назад)
They wear a hard hat ...with face guard up and no gloves ....doubt these
guys are real

Автор YouSirAreNoob ( назад)
made it to 1:47 then had a seizure (jk, but holy fuck what horrendous

Автор YouSirAreNoob ( назад)

Автор NSResponder ( назад)
Jesus Christ, somebody slap that cameraman. Who the fuck told him to work
the zoom ring like he was having a wank? This camerawork is some of the
most unprofessional shit I've ever seen.


Автор Erik Hartmann (86 лет назад)
Music in the foreground is tiresome.

Автор Robert V (57 лет назад)
Loved it

Автор TheDemondose ( назад)
of cause there are bears in scotland lol there in the reservation reserves
in the highlands .

Автор WarMachine ( назад)
I am trying to find videos on people who build log cabins with out power
tools. like they did in the past. My grandfather did this often as he was a
native american hunter who work'd at a lumber mill. No nails needed, no
power tools needed. You created everything on your own from what you can
find. All he had was an axe and a hammer. All i can find is everyone using
modern power tools. If there is ever an uprising or a government collapse.
This would be a necessary skill to have as i would take basic tools, My
Russian SKS and my compound bow and move far up north into the forest. Im
am trying to find how to videos on makes cedar shake shingles for roofing
how to get oil from birch bark, how to make pegs "Nails" etc. And the
hardest of all. How to make 2x4's

Автор Will Boyd ( назад)
At least they both had Husquvarna helmets, That's a good idea if you have
to use Stihl chainsaws.

Автор Knuckle Sandwich ( назад)
you see? now it works!!!

Автор nivoe ( назад)
Good job remembering to wear a hard-hat, and then totally disregarding your
own safety by not using the inbuilt safety-features of the helmet. ALWAYS
use the visor and ear protectors when sawing! 

Автор TrashureSeeker ( назад)
Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't you supposed to put down the face
guard part of the helmet while cutting :)

Автор htfkbpv ( назад)
This is a good reason to kill good trees??? Shit

Автор Grizz Grant ( назад)
When I fell a tree for building a log home. It is only after careful
consideration for its use. I take great care crafting it into its new life
within the walls of your new home, where it can be admired for upwards of
700 years.Therefore within this life time, our forests can quietly take
their time replacing it 10 times over. Now that's sustainable!!

Автор Draniula ( назад)
is he allowed to cut the tress since there is just a few tress in
scotland,basicly scotland is totally bold compare to other countries

Автор Charlie Major ( назад)
a little taste o real life

Автор Jamie C ( назад)
I enjoy watching this video... YouTube needs more like it.

Автор Brendan Martin ( назад)
Anyone know what hat Grizz is wearing?

Автор nich ( назад)
i cant help but say but scotish accents are fucking awesome

Автор oliver goodyear ( назад)

Автор Xelbiuj ( назад)
EXXXTREMEEEE LOG CABIN BUILDING! Yeah it's fucking retarded.

Автор Xelbiuj ( назад)
So many powertools. Do it like Dick Proenneke.

Автор 12tribeff ( назад)
jesus, cant the camera stay for more than a second on the same angle. this
editing makes me feel sick

Автор ThousandsDead ( назад)
Why were there English subtitles when they were speaking it?

Автор linda silver ( назад)
Why on earth must you saw that?? Be kind please!

Автор 3rd8th1965 ( назад)
Aw, shut the fuck up, your scotisher pig :D

Автор John19182004 ( назад)
wtf. why are there subtitles when it's in English?!

Автор ToothSIayer ( назад)

Автор Jasper Jack ( назад)
Why not measure the diameter at breast height, then estimate the diameter
higher up the tree with a relaskop? You could also use the relaskop or
clinometer to measure the tree's height before you cut it? I think that'd
be a little easier than climbing the tree, as badass as that is.

Автор Adrian McGhee ( назад)
Grizz is my hero. Hehehe... I have a dream of building my own simple cabin,
digging a root/canning cellar out and sitting by a lit iron wood stove.

Автор Adrian McGhee ( назад)
Oi, live the dream!

Автор joel highway ( назад)
my dad is to attached to the city so he never taught me anything, But thats
what youtube for!

Автор john k ( назад)
the closed captions are killing me

Автор MYVAN ( назад)
Hey cebedeuz: Thanks for your question. Guess its more ecologically
friendly to check the tree before you cut it.

Автор cebedeuz ( назад)
Why did you cilimb to that tree? Would it be the easyer just cut down the
log and check it then? Just asking... But good work anyway!, thumbs up!...

Автор MYVAN ( назад)
Have you been under this conditions with volcanoes and hurricanes?

Автор Berry Love ( назад)
true that winter is brutal.It is easier to escape from the brutal winter
than from volcano eruptions and hurricanes...

Автор Berry Love ( назад)
All you need is one volcano to make many volcanoes by traveling underground
and in the water so you can never know if it can appear in your
house.Volcanoes are like trees and they make knew ones through their
roots.Lifestyle in the uk and other western countries are easier ...

Автор Berry Love ( назад)
i live in the rural place of canada.I know how it is.all i have to do is
wear better clothes.we have wilderness everywhere in canada.I agree with
you that it is tough.I don't see the dangerous animals even though i live
close to cities or towns that have them.The climates are worst in places
like the caribbean because of hurricanes and volcanoes.I'm too scared to
live in the caribbean. Many people don't know how dangerous it can be
because they don't have relatives from that place to tell them.

Автор brabanthallen ( назад)
Tell me that again in mid-January during a brutal winter, OK?

Автор MYVAN ( назад)
Yeah :-)

Автор Scottie ( назад)
I'm a outdoorsman, and I'm gonna do this, and just live in the woods.

Автор Berry Love ( назад)
living in that wilderness is nothing compare to living in central america
or south america...

Автор stubbenmonkey ( назад)
i hate people show me the wilderness

Автор Michael Parker ( назад)
damn he has that big house and made u sleep out side

Автор sammy snail ( назад)
scotish cunt

Автор brabanthallen ( назад)
Building your own cabin is not for sissies. Neither is living in the
wilderness. Those of you who can't handle it, best to stay in your urban
comfort zone.

Автор gamecastgermany ( назад)
What a rough job. Prefer my desk

Автор Henry Penny ( назад)
Would be lonely without a car...haha

Автор MYVAN ( назад)
Tomas...is from UK. Which big tools should Tomas use next time???

Автор Tim Miller ( назад)

Автор MYVAN ( назад)
You think you could make it out there in the highlands?

Автор Dolph winchester ( назад)
Handwork! That how we all shoud make it.

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