Joe Rogan : You'd Never Expect The Diaz Brothers To Be Able To Beat The F*ck Out Of You

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Автор Comitos Way ( назад)
Nate and Conner should fight 3rd fight...thatll be huge...GO NATE

Автор Tom Douglas ( назад)
nate won 2/2 so he wins the third, Hence why the UFC wont make the fight, got to protect there cash cow

Автор Clifton Mathews ( назад)
Nate! All the way.

Автор Kyle Griffin ( назад)
Nate takes the third fight if they go at 155.

Автор Kevo and Uncle Salmon ( назад)
apparently Skip knew what he was talking about Joe... Cause he called it 100%, nail on the head.... And I love Rhonda, but she was done when Holly knocked her out...

Автор straightedge Punk ( назад)

Автор Brian McAfee ( назад)
Connor is AWESOME!! But Nate Diaz is the best fighter ever!!! Street fighter? Nate can beat ANYONE if it's a short notice fight!

Автор Daniel Buitron Jr ( назад)
my money's on Nate

Автор E Nigma ( назад)
@ 155lbs Diaz merks McGregor inside 3 rounds. punches in bunches would set up the submission again!

Автор Bruce Bruce ( назад)
Conner via tko

Автор Ace Archer ( назад)
joe rogan he tink he know evwy tin but he don't know shit abow boxing ok ok

Автор Chris Kane ( назад)
Nate wins

Автор Luis Jimenez ( назад)

Автор vanshipman ( назад)
Nate will win the third time if it ever goes down. When Dos Anjos ragdolled Nate, Nate came back like a tornado. Nate will be sharp as a razor the third go around, especially at 155. He's better at that weight, quicker. And because of the matchup with Conor, it's Nate's fight to win. Conor doesn't even feel good about that squeaked up decision they gave him. Imagine being Conor after that fight...I hit that guy with everything I had...and I can't stop him. And the constant fear of going to the ground with Nate is bound to be scary for him as well.

Автор Erick Ramirez Vigil ( назад)
Joe' Pull that Up Jamie' Rogan!

Автор lee sizemore ( назад)
I'M a diaz fan but he don't take the 3rd fight. He's not active enough.

Автор snowybooooy ( назад)
i honestly think nate didnt want to win the 2nd fight, he fell down a few times on purpose. he had conor fucked and was pointing at him letting him know.... i can finish you bitch.....but backed off......took the loss for the payday for the 3rd fight........ who else will give nate a payday like conor???????? so nate wins 2-0 then what?............. go back and watch conor after the 2nd fight, look at how respectful he is to nate.....then he turns on WWE mode and talks shit to hype the next fight.....conor is a damn good shit talker but will never be in the all time great fighters lists.....

Автор Omar Raymundo ( назад)
Nate training with Nick and being cornered by him, no way Connor can beat that !!!🙏😔

Автор Roman Anthony ( назад)
I think nate wins.

Автор Sagar Kumar ( назад)

Автор blindthief ( назад)
Nah, normal looking guys are people like Demetrious Johnson and TJ Dillashaw. The Diaz bros could pass for gang members if you saw them for the first time.

Автор humans inc ( назад)
At 155 Conor is clear favorite

Автор Tuckr Maug ( назад)
Conor to smash nate up and land him on his bum ass again, if and when #3 happens

Автор S U R V I V E ( назад)
Nate, he managed to outpace McGregor in BOTH of their fights. He'll check leg kicks, take him down and ground & pound.

Автор JAH1736 ( назад)
This guest is gay as fuck "good chin line" dafaq?

Автор Jack Mills ( назад)
I don't think Dana will let the third fight happen.

Автор REAL 'E' Paranormal ( назад)
Joe Rogan compared Cain Velasquez to Fedor....So Joe, please, be quiet...Cain couldn't carry Fedors jock-strap with a forklift.

Автор Jay Flynn ( назад)
Bernard Hopkins thing is not sad lol B.Hopkins was super racist and i feel no remorse for people like that! Imo he could have used a worse beating

Автор cshehwen ( назад)
Nate won both fights so I'd have to say Nate for the trilogy fight

Автор Chris Thompson ( назад)
Joe Rogan you are a Legend. Blazing that piff for the world to see and talking nothing but the truth. Legend

Автор Arrow ( назад)
Yes of course we wouldn't Joe Rogan, r-tard, because if we all lived in Stockton, or, which is the same thing, Dark Ages Britain, we all WOULD be training and then we would beat Diaz brothers! This idea that we can't beat Diaz brothers, we could beat them with half their training. There's a reason weight classes exist - Diaz brothers don't do well. They can outbox a lot of people, but that's it, non-cardio sports they won't do well in. And JJ either, he's just a tall ostrich looking dummy.

Автор Robert Joel ( назад)

Автор MMC ( назад)
Skipp Bayless Imaoo

Автор Noe Camarena ( назад)

Автор Gabriel ( назад)
WARDIAZ!!!!!cant wait for him to beat the shit out of Connie Mcrunner,running like Carlos ran from Nick

Автор David Ross ( назад)
if Dana doesnt offer Floyd $75M , he can go fuck himself

Автор Uk G ( назад)
Fight 3 - Nate win

Автор TheViperATS ( назад)
Guy in blue is a fucking child. Why have him on a respected podcast?

Автор Erik Gustafson ( назад)
he was probaly high when he said that, takes a toke off a spliff

Автор George Tracy ( назад)
Nate wins 3rd fight

Автор Bfns 23 ( назад)
Joe has 2 dream jobs. Podcasting while smoking gods broccoli and commentating in the UFC🙏🏾 respect his grind

Автор J Roy ( назад)
Diaz can win with his durability and relentless pace, if he can get his timing a little sharper and boxing crisper it's game over for connor especially if it goes to the floor..

Автор jamesmday123 ( назад)
wait 2 secs let me pass this zoot 😂

Автор Mike Monroe ( назад)
nate by submission in the 3rd. guessing rnc

Автор 1981 Vwcaddy ( назад)
can't wait till swisher sweets or black and milds start rolling weed and selling at the 7 eleven.

Автор dirtkills ( назад)
the 3rd fight?

Автор cane corso ( назад)
nate diaz

Автор CaptainRager ( назад)
Thank you joe. Every time I hear skip talk I just think "shut the fuck up".

Автор Joe Field ( назад)
Anyone who says Nate won the 2nd fight doesn't know what they're talking about

Автор brad hoke ( назад)
Funny how joe clowns skip bayless but this motherfucker was the driver of the hype train on rhonda. Mma fans are such elitist they always wanna prove their mma knowledge

Автор Terry Peters ( назад)
nate in a street fight real fight no rules nate would win

Автор Little Kahunas777 ( назад)
nate never lost to connor .

Автор jason harvote ( назад)
are they smoking weed? i never thought i see this guy smoking on camara.

Автор MrAxeman293 ( назад)
Nate would win the rematch after Conor gasses in the 3rd

Автор evilash570 ( назад)
Nate n connor at 155, 5 rounds not 3, Nate wins fo sho

Автор Lord Vuitton ( назад)
This nigga really took a hit in the middle of this shit lmfao

Автор Jesus Avila ( назад)
I think as long as Nate finds a way to counter connors counter left he will pull away and win easy so take him down

Автор C Thrower ( назад)
Naw I'd fully expect them to beat the fuck out of me.

Автор TheBatman ( назад)
Diaz will win

Автор Nazwabezcyfr ( назад)
Stop taking HGH you wallnut

Автор stupidasso77 ( назад)
Use some type of netting or mesh to surround rings instead of ropes. Make it where one whole side can be lowered.

Автор Matthew Rahn ( назад)
Nate Diaz all day

Автор Shamas Aaishah ( назад)
Nate already 2 up fuck Conor ,Hyped up by the UFC owners for them to make money

Автор El Ray ( назад)
or make a new rule,soon as a fighter falls thru the ropes,all boxing matches instantly become hardcore falls count anywhere match,that way they dont have2change the ring,c there,thats an adult,solving a problem

Автор El Ray ( назад)
what Joe is not considering with his boxing ring/rope design idea,is people pay2see the boxers,not the ropes,im on Joes side tho,its an old,dangerous,design,but it would be a tuff sell changing a boxing ring2make it safer.

Автор Matthew C ( назад)
I would choose Conor to win because he is a better standup fighter but Diaz could win if they go to the ground

Автор Ray Cornett ( назад)
Nate but I love the Diaz bros and Connor

Автор Steve Allen ( назад)
Skip is a fucking moron

Автор DAWG ( назад)
Skip Bayless doesn't know anything about any sport

Автор ethhan 11220 ( назад)
i think conor would win 170 or 155 because conor is constantly getting better and evolving more than nate, nate definitly could win if conor doesnt make the right changes though

Автор TheSinsalida ( назад)
joe rogan you should shut the fuck uo faggot. crying becuz you watched eonda fucking hit pads. you are and have been a cancer to ufc. faggot. you dont know shit every fucking fighter is the best p4p. fuck off. grab a gun check for bullets whilst in your cock sucker.

Автор kdeeznuttz ( назад)

Автор J C ( назад)
1st fight nate 2nd fight split 3rd fight and NEW CHAMPION NATE THE GREAT DIAZ.

Автор Tres Perez ( назад)
stop running fans away from the sport lol Then you complain that their is no stars lol it's because you don't give fans a chance to get the hang of the sport

Автор Tres Perez ( назад)
stop running fans away from the sport lol Then you complain that their is no stars lol it's because you don't give fans a chance to get the hang of the sport

Автор alex munoz ( назад)
Well 155 is nates true fighting weight. He's fucking perfect in that class. If they fight, Conor is getting fucked

Автор VSVP TRVP_95 ( назад)
Nate won the first two, why even have a 3rd lol

Автор Eric Ism ( назад)
will do

Автор Eric Ism ( назад)

Автор Kennedy Poston ( назад)
I love Nate. But I'll never doubt Conor again..

Автор Alberto Ruiz ( назад)
Nate Will Beat Conor By Finish I love Both fighters I gotta represent My people I'm Mexican From Cali as Well Tryna Make it as a Mma Fighter💯

Автор abbott360 ( назад)
Nate is 2 and 0 against connor but Connor is the real deal

Автор the truth ( назад)
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Автор pigspigs76 ( назад)
these guys should just branch off and do there own thing, Diaz and Joe could start a YouTube channel. Floyd Mayweather and Diaz could box on the beach

Автор Juls Middle ( назад)
Nate Diaz would win but it will never happened Dana's to chicken shit.. bottom line is Nate got the best McGregor by finishing him in the first fight and taking everything he had in the second.

Автор MR Nice Shoes ( назад)
And why the fuck are they(Diaz Bros) not doing the JRE!!

Автор RazrDaze07 ( назад)
nate 2-0

Автор RAfael Lopez ( назад)

Автор Jonpaul Hernandez ( назад)
I feel like most of the journalists from tmz that ask questions or covers UFC news don't have their own educated opinion on mma or the fights. Lol they always sound like they don't know what they're talking about

Автор Hugh Mungus ( назад)

Автор Gianni Varner ( назад)
Nate wins it

Автор Floating Goose ( назад)
Original content and creativity is not part of this channels goals. Reported for stolen content

Автор itsZukka ( назад)
I think Connor wins at 155 big thing nate has over Connor is the weight

Автор Brain Siccness ( назад)
Joe smokes blunts?

Автор Simon Feinstein ( назад)
unless conor gasses, there's no way diaz will beat him

Автор john basedow ( назад)
Are they really passing around a black n mild?

Автор ogGOONondeck Johnson ( назад)
lol joe is right skip went to 1 mcgregor fight an then on his next show he went an talked shit like he knows the sport

Автор president trump ( назад)
I want to say diaz would win but I can't bet against McGregor

Автор Ian Tucker ( назад)
I agree on the boxing ring ropes and that point, a chicken wire mesh would be much safer for the boxer. Not being able to land on your head is surely a benefit

Автор Pokeahontas Kally ( назад)
Diaz will win the 3rd, especially now since Nick will be in his corner!! Can't wait. Biggest ppv in history. even if they have shitty under cards. they had to hype up 205 to get those numbers.

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