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Автор Braden Rikli (1 год)
I love the random ass obviously photoshopped unicorn just thrown in there,
thats when i lost faith LOL

Автор popular2together mathiluke (5 месяцев)
the blop fish is not mythical and the aye-aye is not paranomal. dude? when
you make stuff like that so dont just thrown random animals in it ok? 

Автор Numerology (11 месяцев)
Many of these pictures are disturbing. We live in an interesting world.

Автор Joselix Vicuña (10 месяцев)
que increibles imagenes

Автор Celalettin Rodoslu (11 месяцев)
who plays behind

Автор NagaSiren4everz (11 месяцев)
1:24 Slithices grand grandmother

Автор alex delekh (1 год)
in the paranormal creatures you just made pictures of dogs

Автор Inspektor Gadżet (1 год)
1:01 to leci a ja jeb jeb jeb jeb jeb z wiatrówki ha ha ha ha 

Автор Stepan i (1 год)
1:18 рыба голова такая существует и по сей день

Автор amy butterGirly (1 год)
Its amzing when you find out about new creatures.

Автор Mia Ruvalcaba (1 год)
A Unicorn!!!!!!! Or a Horse?

Автор Leprechaun Gaming (1 год)
0:10 is not fake its an Aye Aye :D

Автор Флариса Чернышева (1 год)

Автор Алексей Ветошкин (2 года)

Автор Betty Mathers (1 год)
some are unreal

Автор József Vikár (1 год)
0: 52 was from a fiction documantary abotr dragons

Автор Sandreeko2 (1 год)
Much photoshop. Very fake. Wow

Автор Саша Миндрик (1 год)

Автор Диана Савицкая (1 год)

Автор riukiuks (1 год)

Автор Poltrix99 (1 год)
They are fake / photoshopped

Автор Katerina K. (2 года)
How did I end up here?

Автор softkitty the ram (1 год)
sting ray and blob fish now your sea animals!

Автор Trooper11499 (2 года)
Dude, the video maker is an alien... He probably has all these guys on
speed dial!

Автор Nadia Chernova (1 год)
1:18 so sick, snots coming out of its mouth >:o

Автор zee339 (2 года)
i saw bigfoot riding a unicorn and rainbow glitter was shooting out of his

Автор MissGiraffeFreak (2 года)
i think its funny when people are like "OH THATS SO FAKE" its like, what
did you expect?

Автор Bork and Beans (2 года)
The second picture is a type of lemur in Madagascar called an Aye Aye, the
weird frown fish is called a Blob fish. So perhaps only a few of them are

Автор Mecknavorz (2 года)
don't forget the jackalopes

Автор kitty kat (1 год)
umm... i bevlive that second creature was an eye eye (an actual animal) not
a cryptid. :|

Автор SirenDarkmane (1 год)

Автор Charles Cobol (1 год)
Why are they playing the music from Gladiator?

Автор braydonclubb (2 года)
how do you know? know it all

Автор HaterzzzCZ (2 года)
118 LOL

Автор IzzyTheEpic (1 год)
yeah, i now relized that :D

Автор DIAS Omar (1 год)
name of the song please

Автор Nor Norranun (2 года)
More videos to come? Have you ask the people?

Автор Nubian Love (2 года)

Автор MrJh1254 (2 года)
i saw dead dogs dead whales some fish and fake monster models so where are
the paranormal creatures?

Автор Kelsey SpellBreaker (1 год)
some of them are mix animal .. exampel .. Chicken been mix with a dog =???

Автор Jessica James (1 год)
thts badass !

Автор Suzey Luu (2 года)
1. kingkong 2.a baby cat with a problem 3.a baby O: 4.a monkey 5.a dog with
a tounge 6.a dog without fur 7.big foot (lol) 8.ummmm 9....... 10.a mouse
in white 11.a hippo mix with a pig 12.hey a dragonish lizard 13.dragon 14.a
skeleton 15.a horse with a fake horn 16.guy in a big suit 17.slob

Автор Mariel Alejandra Genao (1 год)
some of those animals (most of them) we're just bald animals!! they
suffered from alopecia! look it up!

Автор Pinanje Pino (1 год)
vero altre sono foto fatte da vicino altri pesci di fondali e molte cazzate
costruite ad hoc ..se si scrive cosi'...

Автор Tʀɪᴀɴɢᴜʟᴀʀ _ (2 года)
I KNOW 98% OF U PPL WONT READ THIS! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If
you are reading this THANK YOU! i wont waste you time in any way just plz
go to my channel and see my my version of terrifying sea creatures and plz
comment like/dislike and subscribe :) THX!

Автор Olivia Postal (1 год)
all the mermaids are fakes

Автор Logan Lewis (2 года)

Автор matt stone (2 года)
you're a disinformation piece of filth.

Автор Alain Bruno (1 год)

Автор Jasper The God! (2 года)
a couple are dogs.... poor things! i fucking respect them! no one should
leve em in the position they get in!

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