Paranormal Creatures & Cryptids

its my second video.this one is about cryptids, and paranormal creatures

the song i used is:Now We Are Free(Gladiator Theme)

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Автор Simon Says ( назад)
Music is 💩💩💩

Автор Áron Rönky ( назад)
A very long time ago while i watched paranormal videos like this i saw one
what started a picture of a big snake meanwhile it biting. That video is
dissapeared but i need to find the song of it. Please help if you can!

Автор Mikki Côte De Pablo ( назад)
I remember watching this video when I was younger (about 8 or 9, I'm 15
now) I used to be so obsessed with dragons & things like this and I still
think this is very interesting fake or not. 

Автор popular2together mathiluke ( назад)
the blop fish is not mythical and the aye-aye is not paranomal. dude? when
you make stuff like that so dont just thrown random animals in it ok? 

Автор Joselix Vicuña ( назад)
que increibles imagenes

Автор Celalettin Rodoslu ( назад)
who plays behind

Автор Numerology ( назад)
Many of these pictures are disturbing. We live in an interesting world.

Автор alex delekh ( назад)
in the paranormal creatures you just made pictures of dogs

Автор Stepan i ( назад)
1:18 рыба голова такая существует и по сей день

Автор Jeepers Creepers ( назад)
1:01 to leci a ja jeb jeb jeb jeb jeb z wiatrówki ha ha ha ha 

Автор Bray Zap ( назад)
I love the random ass obviously photoshopped unicorn just thrown in there,
thats when i lost faith LOL

Автор amy Turner (shadow thief) ( назад)
Its amzing when you find out about new creatures.

Автор Sandreeko2 ( назад)
Much photoshop. Very fake. Wow

Автор Mia Ruvalcaba ( назад)
A Unicorn!!!!!!! Or a Horse?

Автор Game ( назад)
0:10 is not fake its an Aye Aye :D

Автор Betty Mathers ( назад)
some are unreal

Автор József Vikár ( назад)
0: 52 was from a fiction documantary abotr dragons

Автор József Vikár ( назад)
Psychrolutes marcidus

Автор József Vikár ( назад)
it's a real life blobfish

Автор Sektor WonHoof ( назад)
1:17 isn't fake

Автор Sektor WonHoof ( назад)
0:55 isn't fake this exist and it name is fairy or nymph and it's vampiric

Автор Biggie-D nadda ( назад)
:20 is not an ugly dog u fucktard its a grey wolf-cayotte hybrid their
found from central america - central north america its also known as a
chupacobra its a hairless k9 with long ass claws and dark blue eyes and a
more brawd skull structure it howls but its creepy as fuck and it eats
goats and chickens usually their loners but 15% of the time they run in
packs around southern texas

Автор Mak isP ( назад)
1:43 ahhahahahahahahhahahaaha thats a fucking iceberg

Автор Mak isP ( назад)
0:20 this beast is better know as an ugly dog faggots

Автор DIAS Omar ( назад)
name of the song please

Автор Nessie Gragg ( назад)
1:06 the fakest pic i have ever seen, and 1:17 we all have seen

Автор Georgi Spasov ( назад)
Weird side of youtube again. And I started from Tyga ...

Автор JAKE WHITE ( назад)
there has been and might still be alive some or few real dragons! because
the word of God = Jesus Christ has said in the book of Job of the Old
Testament that there were dragon like creature and also water like creature
called Leviatha, the dragons name i don't remember, so yes, there has been
dinosaurs in our lifetime but we, people kill them all or almost! like the
Lockhness monster is or has been alive and real dinosaur and i hope there
is still few or more different dinosaurs left

Автор В гостях у Bot`a ( назад)
1.18 рыба сопля

Автор Globelovers ( назад)
Ah come on man....why isn't available for mobile....huff most of us is
using phone to watch videos nowadays!!

Автор Dahaka461989 ( назад)
i can't watch it....'m nervus when i see the condition of some of animals
at this video ;/

Автор 여 혜경 ( назад)
1:58 i will eat chu

Автор savva baltin ( назад)
собаки фу

Автор ★LiteFromHell★ ( назад)
1:09 Ясно видно что он заметил лишь одного ети))))2-слева зырит на камеру

Автор MK80100 ( назад)
1:16 Blobfish 1:40 Whale 1:54 Dolphin 2:02 Whale

Автор Erika Silva ( назад)

Автор Mateus xxd ( назад)
This is not real

Автор steve vickery ( назад)
1:31(jaja binks)

Автор Alain Bruno ( назад)

Автор CatsAndGoodCoffee ( назад)
Holy mackerel!, it is fucking creepy XD Extremely recommended to check out
the video titled "Scary poltergeist recorded on webcam (disturbing
ending)." from the channel "uncertaintiestv". It is quite intense.

Автор Mariel Alejandra Genao ( назад)
some of those animals (most of them) we're just bald animals!! they
suffered from alopecia! look it up!

Автор Chrisanne Baladad ( назад)
1:00 looks like a fairy

Автор Kelsey SpellBreaker ( назад)
0:14 was true.. one.. it happen at Indonesia i just read an article about
it and it was true ..

Автор Kelsey SpellBreaker ( назад)
some of them are mix animal .. exampel .. Chicken been mix with a dog =???

Автор Charles Cobol ( назад)
Why are they playing the music from Gladiator?

Автор pliauska kalade ( назад)
all fakes

Автор François Dupont ( назад)
Again. We all know all this by heart. C'mon, stop that shit, it's free
about 80% of youtube.

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Автор riukiuks ( назад)

Автор Poltrix99 ( назад)
They are fake / photoshopped

Автор Данил Байгот ( назад)

Автор LecoRubb ( назад)
I'm feel so sorry for all these animals getting breeded or missborn like

Автор LecoRubb ( назад)
the first one is actually supposed to be mothman

Автор EMMoney8806 ( назад)
At 0:19- 26, wasn't that the World's Ugliest Dog at that time. I remember
it died.

Автор Mick Tomson ( назад)
0:53 Дракон побежденный Довакином)

Автор black wolf ( назад)
fake fake fake and fake....

Автор Tim Street ( назад)
Единственный русский)

Автор Михаил Юрьевич ( назад)
хня какая то

Автор Jessica Boyd ( назад)
thts badass !

Автор Pinanje Pino ( назад)
vero altre sono foto fatte da vicino altri pesci di fondali e molte cazzate
costruite ad hoc ..se si scrive cosi'...

Автор Elli Kivivuori ( назад)
Almost all of these "mytholodic" creatures are real, living animals, so :(

Автор miguel villasmil ( назад)
is it bad that iam horney now

Автор TheSpoartsNetwork ( назад)
20% of these are just animals. The other 80% are fake. Fail.

Автор João Pedro Ferreira Torres ( назад)

Автор João Pedro Ferreira Torres ( назад)
1:18 lool

Автор SirenDarkmane ( назад)

Автор zee339 ( назад)

Автор skateordie27xx ( назад)
is the orange dragon real? :O

Автор SirenDarkmane ( назад)

Автор zee339 ( назад)
what flavor of poptart?

Автор SirenDarkmane ( назад)
I saw a poptart cat crapping rainbows in space.

Автор saleh2904 ( назад)
how can a dead beached whale be a mythical creature? most of the pictures
just looked like burnt animals. a mermaid skeleton? a load of rubbish pal.
thanks for wasting my time and life away,

Автор alex serban ( назад)
wath melodi

Автор Leorigins ( назад)

Автор Ichigo Kurosaki ( назад)
alot of these pics are just poor little doggies :'(

Автор Franxter ( назад)
I call fake that was a horse with a banana on its face

Автор TheHornet79 ( назад)
I saw him too. He was walking around Reno.

Автор Olivia Postal ( назад)
all the mermaids are fakes

Автор softkitty the ram ( назад)
sting ray and blob fish now your sea animals!

Автор Cal Plays ( назад)
Aha Nyan Cat

Автор David Boswell ( назад)
1:28 that there is my mother in law

Автор silentstriker97 ( назад)
at least it didnt have the x-file's song on it

Автор Камилла Шарова ( назад)

Автор officialdjmayt ( назад)
0:44 he just killed his wife

Автор Michelle Wedlake ( назад)
Isn't that an angler fish from Finding Nemo? Maybe not, thats what it
reminded me of.

Автор Sandor Vagyok ( назад)
oh my gosh a whale i newr saw things like that

Автор Rumeno leo ( назад)
nel 35°esimo secondo nne un animale del telefilm di primeval ?????

Автор Nadia Chernova ( назад)
1:18 so sick, snots coming out of its mouth >:o

Автор Nadia Chernova ( назад)
Thumbs up if you feel sorry for Dead animals, babys and adult animals.

Автор Christy Caldwell ( назад)
yep and yesterday i rode a flying uicorn.

Автор kitty kat ( назад)
true dhat o3o

Автор kitty kat ( назад)
wait a second... most of these are actual animals :T (too lazy 2 name them
all v.v)... and the rest are photo shopped ._.

Автор kitty kat ( назад)
umm... i bevlive that second creature was an eye eye (an actual animal) not
a cryptid. :|

Автор Betelgeuse ( назад)
Never seen this one. 1:57

Автор he lo ( назад)
and some bad photoshopping LLOLOLO

Автор he lo ( назад)
great this is some rotten bears dogs and some rotten EVERYTHINGG

Автор IzzyTheEpic ( назад)
yeah, i now relized that :D

Автор IzzyTheEpic ( назад)
i laughed so hard when i seen the unicorn picture :P

Автор DexCarl69 ( назад)
no it's not fake i see the dog that names chupakabra

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