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Автор burpluvin (7 лет)
awesome belly, would love to hear some belches along with the rubs!

Автор andre scott (6 лет)
how do you get fat

Автор rubyourbelly (7 лет)
keep that hot belly full!!

Автор PervMuffinx3 (5 лет)
I love how your fat hangs over your boxers. ;)

Автор 159Goalweight (5 лет)
Overhang is awesome. :D

Автор JenikHonza (7 лет)
yes, keep it growing, pls! and shaved (it seems to be, at least)!

Автор pirou20 (6 лет)
how old are you???

Автор imaboygenius (7 лет)
hott! :)

Автор trelbloat (7 лет)
STUNNING!!! Love to see u TOTALLY bloated in just ur briefs,,, AmAZING keep
it up!

Автор slchase99 (7 лет)
Omigod! Your abdomen is a work of art. Perfectly smooth, perfectly round,
and very very soft.

Автор hnldude (7 лет)
I agree 100%! You'e a welcome addition to YT, Eudi! Don't lose.

Автор Lauren J (6 лет)
you look really hot when you're bloated!

Автор berlinchaser4u (7 лет)
great belly. would like to feed your belly rounder.

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