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Автор father Anderson (2 месяца)
stop eating your mic

Автор Beth Miller (3 месяца)
OK I need help, I only have 6 orichalcum + and I can't find the last one!!!
I did the goddess of destiny cup, I did the 100 Acer wood plc, I did the
little mermaid plc, I found the one from tron, twilight town,and the world
that never was, ... What am I missing??

Автор Maddie haag (2 месяца)
I'm so glad i payed attention about getting the materials but it took me 3
days to get this weapon! But i finally got it! :)

Автор Desi (10 месяцев)
I was level 99, I had the Ultima Weapon, my abilities were maxed out, I had
completed the game. Then guess what? My mom deleted my profile from my PS2!

Автор Necro Spade (5 месяцев)
Tron is fucking awesome, fuck you. 

Автор Josh Reynolds (5 месяцев)
fuck you space paranoids is amazing

Автор Razor Proxy (3 месяца)
OMG don't brag about ur ultima keyblade and space paranoids is amazing and
ur graphics are crap so yeah don't talk shit about space paranoids u

Автор Marcusdupree777 (5 месяцев)

Автор Toxicwaste513 (10 месяцев)
how is space paranoids the worst world compared to atlantica

Автор Corrival Bump (1 месяц)
It's pronounced Ori-chal-cum

Автор Ricky Williams (1 год)
i only have 6 of 7 

Автор Matt A (4 месяца)
Am sorry I just can't understand

Автор obsidianblack99 (1 год)
Hey I went ahead and did everything, I even went back to double check. But
I still only have 6 of the 7. I got all the synthesis items,got all the
orichalicum+ from the chests,I did all the mini games and concerts from 100
acre woods and atlantica(my least favorite world in the game _"). Still no
7th orichalicum.

Автор Matt A (4 месяца)
Well how did you find out to make it????

Автор Nick L (1 год)

Автор mary b (10 месяцев)
My Damn moogle is LVL 9 but It still takes 13 orichalcum +. #WTF

Автор Gaming DieHeaven (11 месяцев)
I also have just 6 orichalcum+, but when i gave all synthesis items i got
an orichalcum instead of +. Please help!!!!!

Автор Georgia King (1 год)
I can't get the goddess of date cup?

Автор anthonyreed48 (1 год)
fuck you i love tron

Автор Lawson Thurston (1 год)
i have like 20 ultima weapons its easy

Автор Matt A (4 месяца)
Wat you said on the beginning

Автор Ray Smith (1 год)
Hey Guys I found an amazing tool, it will help you to unlock everything!
Give it a try its awesome! http://bit.ly/1dBzjK0

Автор Lawson Thurston (1 год)
tron sucks actually

Автор Final Abyss (1 год)
im missing one of the Orichalum+ i dont know why i go shop le it gave me
one but i think the one at 100 acre wood didnt give me one after i complete
i think any help here

Автор Davonte Welch (1 год)
Thank you I am really crying right now. I LOVE IT!!!!

Автор S312DARK (1 год)
Fenrir is the strongest keyblade with 7 points of strength and 1 point of
magic. Ultima weapon is the best keyblade because it has 6 points of
strength and 4 points of magic. I still would use fenrir over Ultima. And
beating sephiroth is easier if u level up all your drive form growth
abilities like high jump, Ariel dodge, glide, and quick run. Make sure u
know how to block as well lol

Автор mancannon90k (1 год)
Why you hate tron level so much its a great level!

Автор Jose Barrial (2 года)
didn't get the one from tron and hundred acre woods even after beating the

Автор henckel15 (1 год)
i remember i only had 5 or 6 oriculum pluses and i got it by getting a crap
load of the regular ones must have been a glitch cause i couldnt find the
others for some reason

Автор TurtleToast Arby (2 года)
My day was just made, and I am still getting over a breakup. Thanks!

Автор yui isidro (2 года)

Автор Phased DenZe (2 года)
Thats the end of the game you beat it you can't go back turn off your PS2

Автор Steven Sanchez (2 года)
Thats on purpose

Автор Elsword_EshTo (2 года)
senbonzakura and getsuga tenshou togather really dude i salute you i'm
bleach fan too

Автор Ultimateshadow9 (3 года)
when i first played kh2 i got the ultima weapons without looking up the
locations of recipes or materials. but i looked up for orichalcum+ once
because i needed one more. (it was in world that never was)

Автор ultramanleo81 (2 года)
Boy:He thows a stupid little disc... but... he sucks LOLOLOL I DIED OF

Автор DeFiNiTeDeMiSe117 (3 года)
no you suk lol

Автор TheRoadOfAGamer (2 года)
Check out me

Автор Alex Castaneda (2 года)
go to another kh game

Автор CursedKeyblade1 (2 года)
Tron's Limit is fucking amazing. You faggot.

Автор Jan Lingat (2 года)
Isn't the person making the video girl??? I'm confused

Автор Jack Bayless (2 года)
@Dramabomb11 OR-I-CHAL-CUM.

Автор LightzGaming (2 года)
theres a auto set button which i believe is r1 r2 l1 l2 and pressing the
select and start button on your controller. Once you get to finish the
game, it brings you to last saving point, so teres no really 'beating the
game' just doing the whole game but last boss...

Автор Yearn (2 года)
He does? tell that to his combo that wipes everything nearby out.

Автор edred64 (1 год)
how do i get to sunset valley

Автор Ray Rega Lohanda (2 года)
6:02 "Spain has donna herb, baby right, biggest asked who seized existed."
What the fuck does that mean?

Автор SHDP Gilgamesh (2 года)
Can someone help me? Everytime I beat the game it shows a battle report and
wont let me out of it

Автор Darker Legend (2 года)
Big ty for this tut.

Автор marybeth s (2 года)
lol torn does suck in this game though

Автор SorNekful (1 год)
I see, So the ultimate level of all drive forms are level 7. Ok, thanks :)

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