Kingdom Hearts 2 Ultima Weapon Guide! Easy!

Title says it all. Kingdom hearts 2 easy way to get Ultima Weapon. Its not the only way to do it. Its only the order i did it in. You can do any crazy order. The only requirement is at least at the Brink of Despair and Rank 2 Moogle Synthesizer. and sub to our vids :D
P.S To make this clear to "fly" u have to level up final form and to spin in the air (areial dodge) u have to level up master form and sooner or later we will make a video showing the best ways to get and level these forms

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Автор LightningPro11 ( назад)
Hey jackass u forgot the recipe

Автор Jayj Pha ( назад)
Why is this made in 2009?

Автор Hooded Gaming ( назад)
Look I know your hungry but stop eating your mic OK

Автор LeafyxFirey ( назад)
but in final mix the last one is super hard

Автор Corrival Bump ( назад)
It's pronounced Ori-chal-cum

Автор Maddie haag ( назад)
I'm so glad i payed attention about getting the materials but it took me 3
days to get this weapon! But i finally got it! :)

Автор father Anderson ( назад)
stop eating your mic

Автор Razor Proxy ( назад)
OMG don't brag about ur ultima keyblade and space paranoids is amazing and
ur graphics are crap so yeah don't talk shit about space paranoids u

Автор Matt A (UNSTABLE) ( назад)
Am sorry I just can't understand

Автор Matt A (UNSTABLE) (997 лет назад)
Wat you said on the beginning

Автор Matt A (UNSTABLE) (1607 лет назад)
Well how did you find out to make it????

Автор Josh Reynolds ( назад)
fuck you space paranoids is amazing

Автор Necro Spade ( назад)
Tron is fucking awesome, fuck you. 

Автор mary b ( назад)
My Damn moogle is LVL 9 but It still takes 13 orichalcum +. #WTF

Автор Toxicwaste513 ( назад)
how is space paranoids the worst world compared to atlantica

Автор Desi ( назад)
I was level 99, I had the Ultima Weapon, my abilities were maxed out, I had
completed the game. Then guess what? My mom deleted my profile from my PS2!

Автор GamingDieHeaven ( назад)
I also have just 6 orichalcum+, but when i gave all synthesis items i got
an orichalcum instead of +. Please help!!!!!

Автор Nick L ( назад)

Автор obsidianblack99 ( назад)
Hey I went ahead and did everything, I even went back to double check. But
I still only have 6 of the 7. I got all the synthesis items,got all the
orichalicum+ from the chests,I did all the mini games and concerts from 100
acre woods and atlantica(my least favorite world in the game _"). Still no
7th orichalicum.

Автор Georgia King ( назад)
I can't get the goddess of date cup?

Автор Davonte Welch ( назад)
Thank you I am really crying right now. I LOVE IT!!!!

Автор Ray Smith ( назад)
Hey Guys I found an amazing tool, it will help you to unlock everything!
Give it a try its awesome! http://bit.ly/1dBzjK0

Автор Final Abyss ( назад)
im missing one of the Orichalum+ i dont know why i go shop le it gave me
one but i think the one at 100 acre wood didnt give me one after i complete
i think any help here

Автор Lawson Thurston ( назад)
tron sucks actually

Автор Lawson Thurston ( назад)
i have like 20 ultima weapons its easy

Автор anthonyreed48 ( назад)
fuck you i love tron

Автор MasonX3 Gaming ( назад)
U suck Tron is awesome so shut up

Автор henckel15 ( назад)
i remember i only had 5 or 6 oriculum pluses and i got it by getting a crap
load of the regular ones must have been a glitch cause i couldnt find the
others for some reason

Автор the gaming Geek ( назад)
Chuck Norris he's gliding in the air

Автор Aron Ruiz ( назад)
i did all of that and for some reason i only have 6

Автор Kevin Ricardo ( назад)
do u have to get 1000 items or 50 of types of items some1 help.

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
.... How the fuck are you floating

Автор Gray Moon ( назад)
yeah just get your final form to lvl 5 first so you can unlock the lvl

Автор SorNekful ( назад)
I see, So the ultimate level of all drive forms are level 7. Ok, thanks :)

Автор Gray Moon ( назад)
yeah it's super fun plus when upgrading final form you get two form boost
abilities also you level up alot when leveling your drive form i was level
48 and soon after i got all of my forms to level 7 besides wisdom (it's on
lvl 6) i got to level 79 i still cant beat Sephiroth

Автор SorNekful ( назад)
Thanks :)

Автор Gray Moon ( назад)
if you level up your final form by killing nobodies while in the final form
you can get glide but you get glide at level three hoped this helped

Автор Gray Moon ( назад)
level up your drive forms like leveling up your valor form because right
now i have 5 drive gauges but when turn into final form it turns into nine
drive gauges

Автор luigi DC ( назад)
I suck

Автор edred64 ( назад)
how do i get to sunset valley

Автор Joshua Fallet ( назад)
kill sephiroth and xemnas

Автор SorNekful ( назад)
How did you increase your drive gauge? Because I'm still stuck at my drive
gauge 5...

Автор SorNekful ( назад)
What's the highest level for Final Form?

Автор SorNekful ( назад)
I agree. I like Tron level too.

Автор killercomedytv ( назад)
You're retarded

Автор Devon G ( назад)
If you play final mix my friend you are really sorely mistaken.

Автор Devon G ( назад)
If you level final form to level 4 you get the ability. You level it up by
killing nobodies.

Автор mancannon90k ( назад)
Why you hate tron level so much its a great level!

Автор lonesomecat02 ( назад)
Level up Sora's Final Form then he'll learn how to fly

Автор Robert Wood ( назад)
wanted to rip my hair out on the light cycle on critical mode, till i found
out charge kills everything

Автор atheno churo ( назад)
How r u flying

Автор S312DARK ( назад)
@primalonslaught I meant fenrir is the best in strength. Decisive pumpkin
is only good when u add every combo boost ability. Negative combo just
means you'll be doing a finisher earlier in ur combo which will take less
time to do massive damage.

Автор Primal OnSlaught ( назад)
Fenrir is not the best, even though it's strong. I think the best is the
Decisive Pumpkin. Fenrir isn't that good (in my opinion because it has
Negative Combo Boost).

Автор Eric Schmassmann ( назад)
I have used oathkeeper and decisive pumpkin to beat him, all that matters
is your level and abilities

Автор S312DARK ( назад)
Fenrir is the strongest keyblade with 7 points of strength and 1 point of
magic. Ultima weapon is the best keyblade because it has 6 points of
strength and 4 points of magic. I still would use fenrir over Ultima. And
beating sephiroth is easier if u level up all your drive form growth
abilities like high jump, Ariel dodge, glide, and quick run. Make sure u
know how to block as well lol

Автор SebastopolQueen ( назад)
Yes,it can beat him.

Автор georgonio2 ( назад)
nooo :'( Space Paranoids is good :)

Автор Corgin Richardson ( назад)
I need help I have the oriculams+ I have six they u have to be level 2 but
im level 3 moogle syntherizer nd I don't have the lst oriculam + plz help

Автор kairi sakuraba ( назад)
Is the Ultima weapon that can beat sephiroth? I could never beat him. Not
even in Final fantasy 7.

Автор NeedTheHealJuice ( назад)
If you are a good player you won't have to use magic a lot/. Instead of
Cure why don't you just use potions since they are more spammable and you
still have magic left to reflect

i said, that thundaga, firaga, or blizaga wont help you, not the other
magic, you named the reflect and i said that it doesnt work well because
they are difficult to reflect with reflega, but still if you have luck you
can do a lot of damage without attacking him, curaga will help you, and
thats why the ultima weapon is good because without the mp hastega you will
not win so easy.

Автор NeedTheHealJuice ( назад)
you were just saying that magic wont help you defeat sephiroth yet you say
the ultima weapon is the best.

the best weapon are ultima weapon and fenrir, thats all.

ultima weapon is the best in the game, because it has mp hastega, and
compared with fenrir, is better ultima when you use reflega, magnega or
other magic, who cares what the hell are you talking about?, what are you
doing here if you say ultima is a shit?.

Автор NeedTheHealJuice ( назад)
i never said it did work too well. why did you mention sephiroth when i was
talking about the ultima weapon being shit?

but it doesnt work too well, if you miss you are meat for sephiroth.

Автор NeedTheHealJuice ( назад)
i always see people use ultima on sephiroth when the only magic you can use
is Reflect

Автор rexeren123 ( назад)
decive pumpkin aned ultima weapon is the best wepons in the game....

magic?, with that you will not defeat sephiroth -.-

Автор CHFPCP ( назад)
we know the best sword in the hole game isnt ultimate weapon

Автор Sean Crooks ( назад)
no thats just from leveling final form

Автор NeedTheHealJuice ( назад)
ultima weapon is shitty compared to candy can (unless you are a magic
spammer nothing wrong with that)

Автор Kimi Eskola ( назад)
game is final mix becouse you fly

Автор ebiyaylette02 ( назад)
level up valor and master and final form

Автор loiterbro ( назад)
there's nothing broken. the game itself is just made kind of inconclusive.
it doesn't take you back to the main menu or anything. just turn off the
consol and turn it back on. then start a new game =]

Автор Roy Jacklestien ( назад)
how do you get the high jmp and gluid?

Автор ilovekh2100 ( назад)
Why doe's nobody bother to do the Gummi mission, it is not that hard, nor
hard to figure out either. At least you can say, with pride, that you
acutally finished the "whole" game.

Автор Steven Sanchez ( назад)
Thats on purpose

Автор Blue Feather ( назад)
I got my ultima weapon!!

Автор Ruben Davalos ( назад)
I don't know if I got the orchicalcum in the Sunset Terrace and I didn't
save there. Is there a possible way to go back there without going through
the save point??

Автор MasterSonic10 ( назад)
you can't go out of it, you have to reset the console, and you'll end up
where you last saved.

Автор Martin Moore ( назад)
Your A Life Saver Bro Enjoyed The VIDEO... Very Nice Quality Didnt See The
One In The World That Never Was...Thanx

Автор AsteriaArts ( назад)
do you have to have glide to get the orc+ in twillight town or can you just
somehow jump to it ?

Автор evilsoshi ( назад)
Best mic quality ever... nope.

Автор marybeth s ( назад)

Автор marybeth s ( назад)
lol torn does suck in this game though

Автор Jose Barrial ( назад)
didn't get the one from tron and hundred acre woods even after beating the

Автор TheDeantrix ( назад)
You have to level up your forms, not normal Sora.

Автор Goofybloat ( назад)
how do you get all growth abilities i'm level 99 and I only got 2

Автор Alex Castaneda ( назад)
go to another kh game

Автор Darker Legend ( назад)
im kinda bored from kingdom hearts 2 :/ my level is 99 and I've beaten
sephiroth and I have the ultima weapon, can someone tell me what should I
do next xD

Автор Jan Lingat ( назад)
*isn't she a girl?

Автор Jan Lingat ( назад)
Isn't the person making the video girl??? I'm confused

Автор Drake Rankin ( назад)
only took me like 4 hours to farm ultima

Автор Drake Rankin ( назад)
well after you beat the game your done u can only play before the last

Автор LightzGaming ( назад)
theres a auto set button which i believe is r1 r2 l1 l2 and pressing the
select and start button on your controller. Once you get to finish the
game, it brings you to last saving point, so teres no really 'beating the
game' just doing the whole game but last boss...

Автор NinjaFrogMonkey ( назад)
its supposed to be like that -_-

Автор 1998rodney ( назад)
then do the same thing with all the difficulties and you'll get the birth
by sleep trailer

Автор Weltall1738 ( назад)
ima get it

Автор Mickey G'z G'z ( назад)
All this work for only the second strongest keyblade in the game

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