Don't touch my nose!

My shih tzu Lola getting cranky about her nose being touched.

Lola's mom lost her home for keeping her as a service dog. Please share our story and/or donate to help get a home again.


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Автор Halina vloging Kaplanis ( назад)
Can you all sub to me I'm aim to hundred i only have 25

Автор Halina vloging Kaplanis ( назад)

Автор Shane Jackson ( назад)

Автор lonecrapshooter67 ( назад)
Did that one time to Moses, our ST, and he bit me

Автор Jane Kohn ( назад)
She's just asking to be bit. But the dog is so cute

Автор Harrison Kessler ( назад)
awww so adorable

Автор RM ( назад)
How could you not want to touch a Shih Tzu's cute little button nose!

Автор Arlene M. ( назад)
Reminds me of my baby, CoCo. 😍

Автор Jishwa Dun ( назад)

Автор MY HAPPY GIRLS 3 ( назад)
I just subbed! What a cute little angel. Se looks just like my Cleo!

Автор Los TOP más TOP ( назад)
hahaha nice! But this one even better... youtube.com/watch?v=d6FNYuu7aYU
she gets mad, cute again, mad, cute... haha

Автор soundadapter ( назад)
I really like your cute dog, my dog would have bitten. Greetings Frank

Автор tulipsxw2 ( назад)
My Lhasa knows how to push people away as well. Soo cute!

Автор Kayla ( назад)
She looks just like mine! He hates having his nose touched too LOL

Автор Myriam Gonzalez ( назад)
So cute, and so smart!!!

Автор keigorjai01 ( назад)
My dog is shih tzu as well. If I touched her nose like that, she would bite
my finger off.

Автор sophia nguyen ( назад)
Aww soooooooo cute

Автор Nadine Lee ( назад)
Come watch my puppy vid on my channel

Автор Scott Manns ( назад)
awww so cute soon me and my family will get a shih tzu 

Автор Scott Manns ( назад)
awww so cute soon me and my family will get a shih tzu 

Автор Scott Manns ( назад)
don't touch my nose don't touch my Nose DON'T TOUCH MY NOSE 

Автор Videos .Galore ( назад)
My Shih Tzu does that too with hand. 

Автор Stella mightysmith ( назад)
awwww my puppy does that to

Автор Janice Hammond ( назад)
Miss my Carley, my Jojo would eat me up if I I'd this to her...

Автор Janice Hammond ( назад)

Автор jennifer martinez ( назад)
My shih tzu does the same thing when I touch his nose

Автор HeyThereItsMaria ( назад)
My shih tzu Toby hates having his little paws getting air blown at them.
The slaps my face when I do and I think it is so funny

Автор TheBigBadCupcake ( назад)
0:22 *Push* :D

Автор Sienna Lee. ( назад)
My shih tzu does the same thing lol!!

Автор Nolan Sam ( назад)
That`s funny, and cute!!! 

Автор Cherese Ferry ( назад)
I do this to my 9 year old shih-tzu with the risk of getting my finger
bitten off..... But it's funny.....

Автор Vanessa Gonzalez ( назад)
I try to poke mines. He tries to get away from me! XD

Автор MacyPooh196 ( назад)
my shih tzu used to do that

Автор Leonardo Dutra ( назад)
I poked my brother he ate my finger

Автор sunsetsbythesea ( назад)
sometimes, i'll say "who knows? Baby nose" and i'll poke my shih tzu's

Автор swissmaestro ( назад)
So sweet! For some reason, my Oreo (3-yr old male Shih Tzu) won't let us
touch his cute button nose. He just moves his face away.

Автор alessia Curtoni (1944 года назад)
Ke bello dolcissimo

Автор tessgirl100 ( назад)
Too cute. Believe me when I say she doesn't look cranky at all about you
touching her nose. I'm a groomer and I have some Shih's that will NOT let
you touch their nose! I also have a Shih. He came to me to be groomed as a
rescue dog so they could put him up for adoption. After he looked at me
with his big brown eyes, and eyelashes that went on an on I couldn't give
him up. I adopted him and he has been the best pet ever. He loves to go to
work with me and watch all the dogs get groomed. 

Автор Miss Fox ( назад)
I had a shitzu cross maltese and she always got grouchy when I tickled the
little moustache thing they get. You know, that fuzzy section around their
nose... The moustache... Well I call it a moustache anyway.

Автор Mad9977 ( назад)
a new song for Nicky Minaj "Boop, boop, boop" =D

Автор Susanna D ( назад)
omg thats so freakin CUUUUTE!! 

Автор meeranaam ( назад)
My little girl does that too.....especially when I attempt to give her
kisses. Nothing like the love of a Shih Tzu!

Автор blurdie22 ( назад)
very cute 

Автор GoblinKing0007 ( назад)
My Shih Tzu is the same way.

Автор ArtForTheEars ( назад)
lol slow reactions :D! <3

Автор Óscar Sanz ( назад)
Oh so cute... my died shih tzu are the same... Lindísimo!!!!!!

Автор poresy1 ( назад)
Cute! Looks like my shih tzu. 

Автор Anais Bulcroft ( назад)
Aawwwww x

Автор MacyPooh196 ( назад)
My shih tzu doesnt like tht either

Автор ThePleePloo ( назад)

Автор vikeejeah ( назад)
haha! her last arm reached looked like she was thinking "stoooooOOOOOOOp!" 

Автор Kevin C ( назад)
cute cute cute Thank you for sharing 

Автор TheBaileyBoo99 ( назад)
This is so adorable, my Teacup Shih Tzu, Lola Belle, does this too XD

Автор Nancy Piper ( назад)
shih ztu pups...are the cutest!

Автор skittles1081 ( назад)
haha i have a shih tzu her name is gizmo but we all call her gizzy 4 short
shes on my u tube channel

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