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Автор Fikri Haikal (1 год)

Автор I 〈3 Wedgie's (1 год)
Do this to me

Автор nexes2000 (2 года)
Omg I love this move

Автор Jarreth Boudier (7 лет)
omg i memba watchin this wen i was like 8 legendary rip jim varney

Автор InDeAskY1 (3 года)
@underestimated125 I found my copy on Amazon for about $9 and it was on
DVD. They should have some. Try Amazon and see if they have any left.

Автор GraysonGirl (7 лет)
ah yes the 90's. XD choc-a-bloc full of child actors who can't act, lol

Автор Lolallday10 (4 года)
i really want to that to happen to me

Автор Geo2005 (7 лет)

Автор InDeAskY1 (3 года)
@InDeAskY1 To @underestimated125. Believe me, if I knew how to download my
DVD, I would be happy to do it.

Автор josh meyer (2 года)
r.i.p jim varney

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
@underestimated125 OK. I must be getting old. No, I didn't hear any of them
say, 'wedgie'. 'Carl' does say to 'Buddy', "Well, if you want to live to be
a nice, ripe 11, you'll stop jerkin' my shorts." I think the wedgie 'Carl'
gave 'Buddy' was really an 'Atomic Wedgie'. His underwear came all the way
up and over his eyes and then 'Carl' hung him up on a hook. That was so
hilarious!! In real life, I'm sure if that would have happened, it would've
ripped a new one. It looks like it hurts.

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
I got the DVD a few days ago. It's so good. As usual, Varney steals the
show. I know he played kind of a bad guy but deep down, he was very sweet.
He just got in with a bad crowd & they were the evil ones. I wouldn't have
minded hanging out with Varney in a treehouse. It sounds like it would be
an adventure. He also sings well, too. If you don't have this movie, get
it. Varney gets to dress up like a woman again. He looks kinds of like
Bunny from 'Bunny's Beauty World.' Watch with the kids.

Автор nachosconchisme (4 года)
isnt that slinky?

Автор Dakota Archer (4 года)
@45rocksta3 I

Автор Younme21x (2 года)
wow, i actually remember liking this movie as a child. what was wrong with

Автор Kyo Himora (6 лет)
yes plz do

Автор thedisneyfreak100 (4 года)
I uploaded a video with all three songs from this movie. The video is
called "Treehouse Hostage Songs."

Автор gofamilyguy01 (5 лет)
@MadiCat62759 yes it was real it doesn't even look fake!

Автор cityfolkfan2000 (5 лет)
i got a wedgie like that from my older brother. he hung in my closet for a
a hour!

Автор fdjfgjdgudr (6 лет)
I wish i got that wedgie

Автор qsxsqsxs (5 лет)

Автор luigiblox (4 года)
@MrVideo129845 o_O ouch

Автор Fazal Khan (5 лет)
10 years old he looks like 12

Автор Natsu Dragneel (4 года)
i want this movie damnit

Автор SoSolidGaming (4 года)

Автор xsnazzygirlx (6 лет)
IT would b fun to just hang there

Автор nexes2000 (2 года)
I mean movie

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
@underestimated125 There are 3. 2 of which 'Buddy' gives to 'Carl' during
the 'trial'. When 'Carl' manages to get loose, he then gives 'Buddy' the
super wedgie, which I think he deserved a little. 'Carl' was in the penalty
box and couldn't go to the bathroom, so 'Buddy' would torture him by
pouring water in a glass near his ear and talking about going to the
bathroom. This is such a cute movie. Good message, too.

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
@InDeAskY1 This is like the modern day version of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf".
When Varney as 'Carl' starts telling the kids about how he ended up with
the bad crowd, I was so engrossed. He had a way of telling a story that
could make you glued to your seat and not even move. You could tell by his
voice that something was wrong. This was when he was having trouble with
cancer but didn't know it yet. Varney was the best. R.I.P. Varney.

Автор wolfblood11 (7 лет)
i thought it was 9 fingered frodoa nd the one ring? get it? rofl

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
@underestimated125 The first time Buddy gives him a wedgie, Carl grits his
teeth and says something like, "Oww." Buddy gives him a whack in the back
of the head first. My favorite films are with Varney acting with kids. He
seemed to have a greater joy in that. You know Kristopher 'Buddy'? I wonder
what he thought of getting to play opposite Jim Varney. I would've loved
being in any movie with Jim.

Автор gofamilyguy01 (5 лет)
@jhughes22891 i gave that kind of wedgie to kid in his dads underpants when
i was 11

Автор mhmsuckit12 (5 лет)
if i was that kid i would have pissed myself from beung scaed

Автор MadiCat62759 (5 лет)
I wonder if he really had to get a wedgie for the movie. I mean come on how
do you fake that?

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
@underestimated125 Well, they did in my day. I'm a child of the late 70's
and definitely a child of the 80's. 'Wedgie' seems like the best way to
describe that kind of thing. What are they calling it nowadays?

Автор evelynangle (3 года)
can somboddy give meha weegie like that but never let meh go 4 a litle
while it would be funney

Автор Aimee Waldron (3 года)
What the hell did I just watch

Автор Jennifer Holland (5 лет)
I can't find this movie anymore, Is there a good site to watch it. I REALLY

Автор InDeAskY1 (3 года)
@underestimated125 I hope you like it. It's a fun kiddie movie.

Автор snowball1912 (7 лет)
ouch. thats gotta hurt!

Автор scarface2119 (6 лет)
someone PLEASE upload this whole movie. Its Classic!

Автор GraysonGirl (7 лет)

Автор whiteywearer1 (7 лет)
i had a wedgie like that once, except they ripped.

Автор imagirl869814 (7 лет)
OWIE, is this a real hold up or is it just fake? Oh and are those panties
his size or XXXL?

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
I'm going to buy this on DVD today. I have to have it. Jim Varnry was
awesome. I know he had cancer here but he didn't look like it. RIP, Jim.

Автор mulletman6970 (7 лет)
lol problly is

Автор Lexi Raven (6 лет)
thinkuko 199 as if u got wedgied on a tree for 4 days lol thats the worst
account of trying 2 lie eva

Автор jazz4 (6 лет)
i always find this film disturbing because a few kids befriend a

Автор InDeAskY1 (4 года)
@underestimated125 Well, it's like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" because Timmy
plays pranks on people and likes to make up these wild stories. So, when he
finally tells the truth about having Carl Banks, the counterfeiter, in his
treehouse, no one believes him. They think it's just his over active
imagination again. I have this movie on DVD but I have no idea how to
download it. I would love to. I want my 1st ever download to go to Jim
Varney because I'm such a big fan and to honor his memory.

Автор Mallace (3 года)
Um.... Statuatory rape?

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