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Просмотров: 941724
Длительность: 6:2
Комментарии: 1945

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Автор Musa Suhail ( назад)
I think Sean's old goatee was better

Автор Angels Spirit ( назад)
WHERE IS UR DOGS....Did They Die Or Did U Give Them Away

Автор Soccer Man ( назад)
play Minecraft

Автор Keke Tu ( назад)
where is this weeks video

Автор SSupaninja ( назад)
I will sub to anybody who subs to me

Автор Sean and Ryan lover ( назад)
plz uplad a vedio

Автор I Dare You ( назад)
plz make a new vedio

Автор Ines van bavel ( назад)
Dear ryan, can you put a michael jackson song as backround music for the
rest of the video?

Автор Pure Heart ( назад)
plz subscribe to my channel

Автор Samuel Pen ( назад)
Do parkourse 12

Автор Kami Kills ( назад)
Do I dare you or Parkourse With ALEX WASSABI and if it's I dare you you
should do Alex Wassabi and Laurdiy Alex's GF

Автор Spotify Account ( назад)
4:01 stranger things

Автор Precy Mendoza ( назад)
no new videos?!

Автор Gerson Rivera ( назад)
where's Ryan??? it's been 3 weeks!😪💔

Автор RPG Metanoya ( назад)
yo ryan wheres a new video

Автор Hayden Anderson ( назад)
with seans beard he looks like hanzo from overwatch

Автор AngelWarrior Gaming ( назад)
Sean looks like Hanzo in over watch but shorter hair

Автор G Aukenova ( назад)
best of bts 2016 plsss

Автор The Dragonlindy ( назад)
1:25 They're trying to film and Greg is just there... playing with his

Автор baby kat ( назад)
Will should shave next😊

Автор Daniel Nguyen ( назад)
where are you guys

Автор Zack Vlogs ( назад)
How old is Sean

Автор Simply Sadé ( назад)
The "right now we're in the middle of the desert" part gave me nostalgia
with the dude vs. wild videos

Автор Memify ( назад)
At 1:17 use full screen, and hold down spacebar. Derek and Justin Beiber,
sound like demons. lmfao

Автор FART LOL ( назад)
roses are
red violets
are blue
it's 2017
so be

Автор Ryu Kin ( назад)
please do toys review like you used to :(

Автор Carolyn Zhao ( назад)
Ha ha lol 😂👍🏻😹forever screaming 😆

Автор the squad leader known as v-hope ( назад)
*cough* BTS ammirite (only some will get the reference)

Автор eman jimenez ( назад)
who agrees that ryan should do a badminton/shuttlecock tricshot

Автор timetodie@youtube.com ( назад)
24 hour challenge at target

Автор Sophie J Khinch Wedding and Event Planning Company ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you use your hover board at a skate park

Автор NOO ( назад)
1:09 that mirror looks like an iPhone / iPod. xD

Автор Irus Culanag ( назад)
Man, they're still not posting new video this 2017 :(

Автор Derek Nguyen ( назад)
Roses are red
My ass is in heaven
Because I got kicked
By TheLegend27

Автор Rainbow Ice-Cream ( назад)
He looks like Hanoi before he shaved

Автор likeapuma251 ( назад)
where is new content?

Автор Lia M ( назад)
5:38 KPop Material

Автор Lia M ( назад)

Автор Wish Fanboy ( назад)
Ryan where are you

Автор Marvee Aman ( назад)
Ryan & Lee joon look same n i love both <3

Автор The Fish Brothers ( назад)

Автор Acclivity Gaming // AG ( назад)
Dang, Ryan is good at singing.

Автор Richy Doodle ( назад)
I like how all your friends help with your videos they really nice

Автор Ericjay Jums ( назад)
where are you ryan

Автор Squirell Girl (QueenB!.) ( назад)
Ryan can you and the crew do a Oobleck video:) I'm going to write this
everywhere until you answer with a yes or a no! love ya!

Автор miss fit ( назад)
dear ryan, can you be harry potter?

Автор iZelk ( назад)
Congratz on your 100'th bts ryan, keep up the good work!

Автор fire geco ( назад)
plz like so I can get a puppy

Автор Yafi ( назад)
I could tell that Sean should be a father by his age

Автор Vega Vlogs ( назад)
Everyone might fine this as a joke but Nigahiga And his Videos Make Me
Laugh All The Time When Im Depressed He might not see this but if you some
how do Ryan just letting you know your cheering someone up when their down

Автор 3 IDIOTS of USA ( назад)
Ryan can you do some belly dance

Автор Toshiro Hitsugaya (Nury Lee aka 이누리) ( назад)
dear ryan

can you do a PPAP parody

Автор Toshiro Hitsugaya (Nury Lee aka 이누리) ( назад)
the PPAP is legit

Автор GlitterGirl267 Gaming ( назад)

Автор Rajat Tiwari ( назад)
i want to be a part of his group! they have so much fun!

Автор kal967 ( назад)
can you do a pen pineapple apple pen classic version

Автор M3li1sc00l ( назад)
Please do another parkourse! It's so fun and entertaining to watch with the
whole family!

Автор K King ( назад)
#justgirlythings 😂😂😂

Автор SUPER PUNCHER ( назад)
isn't BTS that korean boy band

Автор Joanna Gurczynska ( назад)
love you

Автор Joanna Gurczynska ( назад)
can you do overwoch movi pled

Автор Gach Lual ( назад)

Автор Olivia Lamanna ( назад)
Please make a video wit marley and teddy

Автор Its Noah Here ( назад)
Where's Teddy? (Marley the Corgi)

Автор Sam Green ( назад)
Nooooo Sean's beard is gone

Автор J Boogie ( назад)
Ryan do another parkouse

Автор GW Ostralovich ( назад)
btw BTS is a famous boy idol group in korea :) always enjoyin your vids

Автор Taiyab Khan ( назад)
hanzo in the beginning

Автор sbahle nkehli ( назад)
Am I the only one that keeps thinking (BTS) means Bagtan Seonyandan #the
KPop group 😂

Автор Gengar Power ( назад)
Ryan wat did u use for editing your videos

Автор WhipTV 101 ( назад)

Автор Online_Alias ( назад)
what about the bee movie and we are number one

Автор ProGamerHenry ( назад)
Plz do more Parkourse like or comment if agree

Автор CheshiKat 17 ( назад)
Damn Sean looks like Hanzo from Overwatch omg

Автор LoL Team ( назад)
I luv y'all so much!!!! Make more vids!!

Автор Gunawan Putera ( назад)
Do react to teens react to nigahiga at sean room please

Автор A Dumb NOOB ( назад)
(#IDareYou!)I dare you to have someone put toilet water into their mouth,
thenspit it into your's!
Worth at least 3 points

Автор nr nadia ( назад)
Where's Ryan? Kinda miss him

Автор swordandblade ( назад)
Is anybody dating in RHPC?

Автор S and S ( назад)
Do another park horse

Автор Camilo Fernandez ( назад)
Do you still do teehee time

Автор Zombie Striker ( назад)
I dare you to kiss gregs butt

Автор Sarthak Devgun ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do an installment to the ultimate handshake plz plz plz

Автор The Golden Gamer ( назад)
Fam Ryan, u AWSOMW, respect for u and RHPT

Автор TurboCat ( назад)
Ryan can u try playing undertale?

Автор William Mayo Jr ( назад)
bring back YTF

Автор xoxo kripa ( назад)
the jb part was awesome

Автор Adam Garcia ( назад)
do the extreme dentist shark challenge

Автор The Arkham Watermeloan ( назад)
With the beard Sean looks like Takio from cod zombies

Автор Senpai Neo!!!!! ( назад)
who noticed the glass behind derrick is an iphone like

Автор tha ninja ( назад)
hey Ryan please do more parkourse

Автор FacePalm125 ( назад)
guys sub me and i sub you back

Автор Shriyans Sairy ( назад)
Ryan should make another gaming video(I suggest Injustice)

Автор Safwan Hussaini ( назад)

Автор Sam Wilson ( назад)
Who else wants parkourse back?

Автор Essam Michael ( назад)
please more group Minecraft with Will and Sean

Автор rennimations 123 ( назад)
play more mafia or spyfall

Автор Quang Minh ( назад)
what app do you use to make videos?

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