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Автор Dalia Gonzalez (1 год)
with the promise of cheesecake, they'll win this fight!

Автор Quechol Cuatzo (1 год)
Da promise of de CHEESECAKE !

Автор Mykayla McCarthy Richards (1 год)

Автор jena fisher (1 год)
Darien + rini is gross because he is her DAD!!!

Автор Winter Blue (1 год)

Автор SpringBunnyVideos (1 год)
The promise of cheesecake. LOVE IT

Автор Shyana Rodriguez (1 год)
If I were a scout. Them: sailor moon! Me:... uh, sai-sailor moon! All late

Автор xxSoundstruckxx (1 год)
THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор loretta pulwer (1 год)
This wise man is kind of creepy

Автор Vicky Dill (1 год)
ahhhhh why would you say that!!!!

Автор kittykat9005 (1 год)
Is the dark moon circus including Nehelenia or something like that, I know

Автор familysaavedra1 (1 год)

Автор elizabeth smith (1 год)
Darien and Rini? Ewww that's just gross!

Автор Amy C (1 год)
I love cheesecake :'3

Автор anthony_b211 (1 год)
Visit my playsistto see sailor moon vids and episode plus movies !!!!! Pls

Автор Fredrik Bergström (1 год)
i miss prince dimound =(

Автор kittykat9005 (1 год)
What happened to malachite? Who's the next villain moon thing after the
dark moon? Season 4

Автор Mewmew Powerxx (1 год)
Poor diamond, I lied, I did love you aww so cute

Автор Lauren Smith (1 год)
Still stuck on Molly saying don't forget the math test! Like if I see why
Sailor Moon is always whining about studying cause she gotta be a superhero
and juggle school at the same time! Lol if I were Sailor Moon I'd cry all
the time too XD

Автор Misssoulpower (1 год)
Actresses changed

Автор ShanyLiyah Jennifer (1 год)
Despite Molly's voice, she's a great friend to Serena.

Автор awpeaceaw (1 год)
Oddly enough Prince Diamond is the only guy in the world that can pull off

Автор Dan Baldwick (1 год)
Prince Diamond is such a pedo!

Автор SquidSketch (1 год)
hey i've just relized that all of them pronnced with a lol rea serena amy
lita and mina

Автор Emme Fugate (1 год)
lets all take a moment to apprecite this show i mean it maybe cheesy
somtimes but you gotta love it!

Автор lisa phippen (1 год)
i mean like WTF thats not even important!

Автор bitchdez (1 год)
im glad I'm not the only one to notice lol.

Автор Keke Baggett (1 год)
Prince Diamond: The eyes of yours tell the truth. - 14:03 Me: Poor Prince
Diamond cause he want it to see the earth one more time.

Автор HDX10 (1 год)

Автор friendlyfeline2 (1 год)
Forget the Wiseman. I want some friggin' cheesecake! Marie Callender's
anyone? Ami is just too adorable.

Автор Jared Mcleod (1 год)
They got a child named Diana.

Автор Cindyrelisha (1 год)
RIP Prince Diamond :'(

Автор Titania scarlet (1 год)
Screaming my head off? Yep.

Автор chanthou prom (1 год)
What's up with the sailor scouts upset of sailor moon

Автор TheCb508 (1 год)
11:01 Moonie re-enacts a Hotel Mario cutscene.

Автор Uchiha Kaida (1 год)
I still can't get over how Darian says against......XDD

Автор Mehdi Bagheri Jafari (1 год)
I like how much depth there is to Molly and all of the other characters.
Even the ones that seem the most ditsy or the most evil have a lot to them.

Автор Lilithmoonpower (1 год)
Molly is such a nice person,i think she deserved to be a Sailor scout! She
always cares for others.

Автор Paulie (1 год)
Aww Serena and Molly <3 <3 <3

Автор AnTra23 (1 год)

Автор Isabella Jarvisto (1 год)
Sailor moon is so lucky that the star crystal isn't made out of some
battery because if it was, that shit would've ran out ages ago.

Автор Nazz mk (1 год)
Yack this version sucks big time

Автор Rachel Cutepuff (1 год)
Go Diamond! Break that stupid thing of wise man!

Автор YouAreLiveIn321 (1 год)
at 18:26 I couldn't help but go, "aww.. like father like daughter."

Автор Danielle Norrington (1 год)
That damn rini though

Автор msinvincible2000 (1 год)
Saphire looks exactly like Darien/Tuxedo/Endymion !!!!!!

Автор Vicky Dill (1 год)
i cried so hard

Автор Joyce M (1 год)

Автор Little Vargas (1 год)
Cheesecake solves everything!

Автор Elizabeth Mazzuca (1 год)
still going to school, math test well your world is being attacked-.-

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