Sailor Moon Full Episode 80 ★

Sailor Moon FULL Episode 80. Enjoy! :D

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Автор jena fisher ( назад)
Darien + rini is gross because he is her DAD!!!

Автор Winter Blue ( назад)

Автор Quechol Cuatzo ( назад)
Da promise of de CHEESECAKE !

Автор Mykayla McCarthy Richards ( назад)

Автор Dalia Gonzalez ( назад)
with the promise of cheesecake, they'll win this fight!

Автор John kaka ( назад)
sailor moon is princess serenity. Thats why dimond wants sailor moon

Автор TheCb508 ( назад)
11:01 Moonie re-enacts a Hotel Mario cutscene.

Автор Pearl TwistyBelle ( назад)

Автор lols7777 ( назад)
For earth and CHEEZECAKE

Автор elly liena ( назад)
Good luke crisna

Автор KittyMiss4 ( назад)
Every time someone dies, they always die in the same pose being held by
another character haha! I just noticed that.

Автор YouAreLiveIn321 ( назад)
at 18:26 I couldn't help but go, "aww.. like father like daughter."

Автор Mewmew Powerxx ( назад)
Poor diamond, I lied, I did love you aww so cute

Автор KaBhi18 ( назад)
"Sorry I lied, I did love you." Omfg. :'(

Автор Priscila Costa ( назад)
Wiseman, seu pervertido de merda, Darien é o pai da Rini!! Que horror!

Автор familysaavedra1 ( назад)

Автор familysaavedra1 ( назад)

Автор wkamarinn1 ( назад)
"i did love you"

Автор BaaByBoOoM ( назад)
what did diamond say ? 'i lied, i did love ' ?

Автор BaaByBoOoM ( назад)
hahahah now that u are sayin it... i even forgot about rubeus hahaha

Автор ZandiDolly ( назад)
Wouldn't Sailor Moon just closed her eyes if she knows Diamond dude is
gonna trick her again. With the eye on his forehead.

Автор SpringBunnyVideos ( назад)
The promise of cheesecake. LOVE IT

Автор SpringBunnyVideos ( назад)

Автор ModelSizedBeauty ( назад)
wtf the wiseman has no face! at 15:45 i inew he gave me the vreeps for soke

Автор loretta pulwer ( назад)
This wise man is kind of creepy

Автор VictorianGirl0O9 ( назад)
17:15 Dude, what's wit your fingers.... Wiggle wiggle wiggle...wait for

Автор VictorianGirl0O9 ( назад)
CHEESE CAKE, OMG, my bday in in two days and I'm so getting a HUGE FRIGGIN

Автор friendlyfeline2 ( назад)
Remember when Sailor Moon was all wimpy and crying and didn't want to
fight? Now look at her in this episode. Damn. Then again this is her
daughter that Wiseman is messing with and you DO NOT mess with mama bear's
cub. Diamond is obsessed with Sailor Moon's eyes. It's like he's never seen
blue eyes before. Comment Limit = ---_- That is an emoticon for 'stab in

Автор friendlyfeline2 ( назад)
Forget the Wiseman. I want some friggin' cheesecake! Marie Callender's
anyone? Ami is just too adorable.

Автор friendlyfeline2 ( назад)
How many episodes does this show have?

Автор Daisy ( назад)
wiseman ...grrrr

Автор Danielle Norrington ( назад)
That damn rini though

Автор elisabeth moreau ( назад)
Nice correction =) but that's my job XD

Автор Squid_Kid ( назад)
Diamond: I see you have finally 'fallen' for me Miss Moon. Me: oh Diamond!
You're so funny! Diamond: That was not supposed to be a joke. Me: 1, how do
you hear me through the 4th wall? And 2, IT WASNT?!

Автор lauerangela ( назад)
Darien's voice actors were Canadian so again and against come out a bit

Автор Emilyn Polanco ( назад)
With the promise of cheese cake

Автор Mari ( назад)
darien says again weird o_o

Автор Emmi ( назад)
im kinda happy diamond is good again

Автор samantha mejia ( назад)
its spelled against

Автор Rachel Cutepuff ( назад)
Go Diamond! Break that stupid thing of wise man!

Автор Ana Fierros ( назад)
God . I HATE how darien says against ... "Agaynst" or something amongst the
lines. It's the only thing that truly bothers me about this show .

Автор Haru Suzuki ( назад)
Why am i scearming and laughing my head off -.-

Автор Sarah Wiggins ( назад)
"I will avenge Sapphire. And Emerald!" He says this several times. Rubeus
gets no love lol

Автор Ƙαтнεʀιƞε Ƥιεʀςε ( назад)
I oddly like prince diamond .-. haha c:

Автор Lilithmoonpower ( назад)
Molly is such a nice person,i think she deserved to be a Sailor scout! She
always cares for others.

Автор Diana ( назад)
Actresses changed

Автор meme lu ( назад)
so many stars

Автор Maurice Hernandez ( назад)
Why is sailor mars voice is weird

Автор Serena Jazz ( назад)
I think Rini's dress in Wicked lady is actually really nice I like how it
drapes around her knees when she appears

Автор PrincessAmylovshadow ( назад)
yes with the promise of cheese cake there sure to win

Автор Janie Doe ( назад)
@Elizabeth smith, I would have to agree with you.

Автор BoNJoViLuVR ( назад)
Rini + Darien = incest... Diamond. Your voice; so soothing. Oh Diamond..~

Автор Keke Baggett ( назад)
How yhu notice that they play a different song every time she's
transformation into Sailor Moon... Awkward!!!

Автор lisa phippen ( назад)
i mean like WTF thats not even important!

Автор lisa phippen ( назад)

Автор manhanz123 ( назад)
episode name "DBZ"

Автор ytsas44966 ( назад)
I love this show

Автор elizabeth smith ( назад)
Darien and Rini? Ewww that's just gross!

Автор elizabeth smith ( назад)
Lol "to saving the earth and eating cheese cake"!

Автор friendlyfeline2 ( назад)
The world is under attack and Amy is worried about cheesecake and not being
able to pig out on it again and Molly is worried about a math test? Yep
they are really more worried about cheesecake and math tests than about the
future of Toyko.

Автор KC24 ( назад)
Math test if that was me I'd be like screw that the world might end!

Автор Molly Davis ( назад)
plot twist: rini's not evil shes just pmsing

Автор Rhiannon Pike ( назад)
I like how they still have school when their city is under attack XD

Автор xxSoundstruckxx ( назад)
THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор NokomisEVE ( назад)
Why would rini tuxedo s daughter be i dont know TOGETHER .........

Автор Kathy Love ( назад)
I hate it when tuxedo mask always mess things up with his dumb rose

Автор Keke Baggett ( назад)
Prince Diamond: The eyes of yours tell the truth. - 14:03 Me: Poor Prince
Diamond cause he want it to see the earth one more time.

Автор reina garcia ( назад)
Now that's something to think about

Автор Greg Putnam ( назад)
I wonder what happened to Molly in Crystal Tokyo Serena becoming Neo Queen
Serenity and Darien becoming King Earth.

Автор Emme Fugate ( назад)
lets all take a moment to apprecite this show i mean it maybe cheesy
somtimes but you gotta love it!

Автор Italiby Ortega ( назад)
atuxito mask is always saying again but like just listen to how he sais it

Автор crunchy Dinosaur ( назад)
i'm really gett'en tired of tux poping up with tht annoying rose

Автор 09Meeshell ( назад)
Guys always take penetrating blows for Sailor Moon lol

Автор Basilisk76 ( назад)
LOL. "Don't worry, with the promise of cheesecake they'll win this fight."

Автор PikaBoo ( назад)
10:26 they will win with cheese cake ^V^ now i want cheese cake :P

Автор anthony_b211 ( назад)
Visit my playsistto see sailor moon vids and episode plus movies !!!!! Pls

Автор Renaya Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Regina Turning ( назад)
Wow..rini and daren

Автор fatbluewaffle ( назад)
only you

Автор samira ibrahim ( назад)
You ok

Автор Quirky Aldc ( назад)

Автор meri yjlover ( назад)

Автор Bunneh le bunny ( назад)
Comment below: I think it would be cool Serena turned bad. Ur not the only

Автор שיראל עדן ( назад)
Anyone else think that Serena will become bad it will be cool or only I
think that?

Автор Mehdi Bagheri Jafari ( назад)
I like how much depth there is to Molly and all of the other characters.
Even the ones that seem the most ditsy or the most evil have a lot to them.

Автор Joyce M ( назад)

Автор Lina Evans ( назад)
Did any1 else c the creepy skull tat is wiseman's head? Either tat or I'm

Автор Roni Vasquez ( назад)
Freaken ayyyyeee!! I can not stop crying on any of the past episodes! <3

Автор yoimsquirtle ( назад)
Molly is a really good friend, to notice those things from Serena.c:

Автор 64CCube ( назад)
They only cut Venus's transformation... Not cool. :c

Автор Keraroo101 ( назад)
Nooooo. They are just Guardians. The 'love' thing happens in the movie with
the ice queen (I can't remember the name of it atm) and near the end
Artemis tells Luna that she's his soul mate. :3

Автор Senna El-saadoon ( назад)
Ur right Darien and Rini yuck

Автор Jared Mcleod ( назад)
They got a child named Diana.

Автор girlypunkgal2000 ( назад)
Too late Serena already fucked darien and that's how rini is there

Автор Dan Baldwick ( назад)
Prince Diamond is such a pedo!

Автор Joan Ho ( назад)
Ewwwwwwwwwww. Darien and Rini together?!?! Ewww what is the wiseman

Автор Chika Cherry/ Miles Edgeworth ( назад)
Sailor moon it's like ur in love with everyone. And wen will u fuck derion!
That would be great

Автор Fairydragon12 ( назад)
If want to see them transform side by side, you should see The Black Dream
Hole. or the epic finally of Sailor Moon Super S. I think they do a side by
side Transformation.

Автор Amy C ( назад)
I mean show the transformations from all the scouts side by side. And I
never said they should skip it.

Автор Fairydragon12 ( назад)
Its a magical girl anime. Its part of the program. So no, you can't skip
the transformations. Its part of the Magical Girl Anime traditions.

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