Mariah Carey Prank Calls Her Assistant Molly | Mariah's World | E!

On "Mariah's World," the "Fantasy" singer plays a hilarious joke on her tour assistant. Watch.

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Mariah Carey Prank Calls Her Assistant Molly | Mariah's World | E!

Просмотров: 502070
Длительность: 3:9
Комментарии: 879

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Автор Marie Joy ( назад)
Is you are a fan of mariah Carey you know that it's her !

Автор Acer Ace ( назад)
Mariah's Aunt impression was really on-point... I would love to see this
'Pamela' as a character like she did with 'Bianca'. Yes, this may have been
(and a tad Mean Girl-ish of Mariah) but come on, you gotta take reality
TV with a pinch of salt. This is FUNNY XD

Автор Acer Ace ( назад)
'HONEY, HONEY, HONEY, HONEY, you'll be fine' LOL XD

Автор Grass Snaker ( назад)
Not funny at all

Автор Geneva Hilliard ( назад)
that prank that Mariah Carey did was so well done. That it would get 100%.

Автор Daniel Octavianus ( назад)
the way she talks is so different as then I guess she has surgery at her
vocal nodule....

Автор Jorge Marin ( назад)
Es impresionante ver como tratan a una asistente personal que lastima ver
como una persona con solo mover la mano te hecha porque tiene el poder

Автор trevcore86 ( назад)
quite possibly the worst prank call ever. She said what she wanted to
say....but in a New York accent.. and her whole team applauds her like
mindless donkeys..just awful

Автор Wihogora Sylvie ( назад)
h mi God it is my best

Автор victor jackson ( назад)
do ne1 really watch this show

Автор Jay West ( назад)
I wouldn't wanna be Mariah Carey. All that money wouldn't be worth having
such a hectic lifestyle and having to be around so many douchbags like
that. The diva lifestyle just doesn't seem worth it to me.

Автор Guerrier Lory ( назад)
They need to put her on SNL

Автор utop ia ( назад)
Her 'assistant' can't act.

Автор FancyPants69 ( назад)
OMG!!!! I know this is reality scripted TV and all but come on!!!! Manager
lady needs to take the necessary steps and much needed time to hire the
RIGHT FIT. She should of interviewed several candidates and gave them a RUN
TEST. Also, she would of been better off with with a more experienced
trained and mature professional to do this PA job. When you hire someone as
GREEN as Molly, you are going have to mentor her and groom her into the
type of PA you so desire. The problem is......most people in this situation
don't have the time or the patients to teach someone new and that have
little to no experience. Plus, hiring managers, like Stella want things to
been done a certain way and is so over the top with her emotions that a
sensitive person like Molly (doesn't benifit) will only find themselves
leaving as quickly as they were hired. The biggest problem I had is when
Stella asked her, " What do U see yourself doing when U grow up". She
should of asked her, "What do you see yourself doing in the next 3 to 5
years". Ms. Molly response or no ones response should EVER BE, "I see
myself being a mother" . What????!? I don't care if this is scripted or
fake TV!!!! You are a professional and like any professional U are expected
to give a professional response. Things that only pertain to your career
and NOT give out personal declaration. This is why she wasn't a GOOD
FIT!!!! So if being a mother is what U want than being a mother is what
your are going to get......bye, so long, go home to YOUR BOYFRIEND and GO
be someone's mother!!!! Plus, Ms. girl is getting tattooed with a camera
following her only to lie later and say she was in church...... that my
friends is what you call insabortantion. She signed up for something
willing knowing the demands and expectations and basically knowingly
refusing to deliver based on her need to not know....yeah right, going to
church..... a lie and getting a tattooed on company paid watch.

Автор Bye Bitch ( назад)
i feel sorry for the assistant

Автор jASONZLYRiC ( назад)
I watch episode 1 and 2 and they were boring , but this was hilarious

Автор An Elijah Production ( назад)
Because she definitely couldn't hear the dozen of people giggling in the
background... 🤔

Автор jacob kezhou ( назад)
Is she ever do bro surgery?I'm pretty curious.

Автор Tamara Canham ( назад)
I feel sorry for molly. They always mean to her

Автор Ronaldo Ortiz ( назад)

Автор Kathleen Coulson ( назад)
The assistant has a film crew around her, because she is part of the Mariah
reality show. Mariah's manager is an incompetent hysteric who has no idea
how to manage personnel and she tortures Molly every chance she gets.
This was mean and unnecessary. Not funny and not cool. Certainly not

Автор freeyourmind16 ( назад)
I love this series, however, I am so sick and tired of boy toy "Tanaka"! I
don't know him, but he seems to be immature, childish, and a loser, sorry!

Автор James Deal ( назад)
So, is this video made to distract from the fact that she hasn't sang a
real song in 10 years? It feels like when an Actor dies at the same time
Obama is passing some super sneaky civil liberty shredding bill....
Distraction. Pay no mind to the man behind the mirror.

Автор Ikeh Kimochi Yamate Kudasai kamuchi ( назад)
yummy tits 👅

Автор Davidlicious Games ( назад)
i guess we all know who got her revenge on New Years

Автор Theacebooogie ( назад)

Автор Dez B ( назад)
They clap like one would clap for a child learning a new skill

Автор John Rodriguez ( назад)
What's the point in wearing clothes now a days?????

Автор moodmuzik ( назад)
god her titties look so yummy. she's still hot.

Автор S McKnight ( назад)
who is the hot guy in the black t shirt ?

Автор BeatFilms ( назад)
I guess Molly's got the last laugh!

Автор Mikayla Raegan ( назад)
That guy

Автор mosse matters ( назад)
she shoulda been rehearsing for her nye performance instead of prank
calling her assistant what is she 12?

Автор destiny mcferren ( назад)
Lol these comments I can't with y'all 😂

Автор Isaiah G ( назад)
Would hate to be her assistant

Автор Militant Rebel ( назад)
mariah ur still my #1😍😍😍😘

Автор Satire Vlogger ( назад)
Obviously fake lol bc the person getting pranked is being video taped lol

Автор Carlos “Spyrex” Sanchez ( назад)
instead of pranking she should remember how to sing just saying

Автор OiJordan ( назад)
Rain Drop
Drop Top
Mariah can't sing live
Her career is gonna flop

Автор djmurphy10 ( назад)
I'd love to motorboat them titties.

Автор gjackson9590 ( назад)
New iphone 7 32gb

Автор jeska edmisten ( назад)
this is so fake

Автор Hawakhan clax ( назад)
those breast....ahhhhhhhh

Автор jeska edmisten ( назад)
remember when she pranked america on new years?

Автор Night Gamer ( назад)
mariahs is so weired and mean

Автор Trump Train ( назад)
It's convenient they happened to have a camera crew watching Molly, from 3
feet away, that she didn't notice. Ø_ø

Автор Black Bird ( назад)
All her friends got their face done and she thinks that mozzarella sticks
are a special food, I'm done.

Автор SaTbReH UglyGod ( назад)
Now we know who sabotaged the vocals. :^)

Автор addamhussein420 ( назад)
came to see mariah's sweet rack

Автор Danny Steeler ( назад)
I do nt think she acted drunk enough of New Year Eve *giggle* She was lit

Автор Dan JL ( назад)
Is the audio out of sync for anyone else? ;)

Автор Wolf Rojo ( назад)
Ha life is good, eh Molly

Автор Kyale Shackelford ( назад)
she sounds like the old lady thats always yelling in the background of
every show 😂

Автор czykul ( назад)
I want more Molly! That's it? She's gone? Did Stella set Molly up to fail
from the beginning? It was like she couldn't win no matter what she did or
how hard she tried? !! Molly is so hilarious without even trying to be, and
who doesn't love that person? She is the friend everyone wishes they had.
If Molly was still with Mariah, she probably would have been the first one
to try and console her. With Stella erasing Molly, will the show even be
worth watching anymore?

Автор Alf Pa ( назад)
she pranked us in New years eve concert, lipsyncing

Автор Captain Random ( назад)
she lipsunc the call

Автор Vishal Venkat ( назад)
what part of this was a prank?

Автор neko77025 ( назад)
if you look real close .. her Lips dont move .. she must always lip sync

Автор Ariana Grande ( назад)
She should have been practicing for new years eve show instead

Автор Darien Bowen ( назад)
The attitude isn't cute lady, aren't you like 50 something

Автор simonTVids ( назад)
Molly's revenge can be seen #1 trending world wide.

Автор thelegend27 Seals ( назад)
Send Nudes

Автор Karin Ruiz ( назад)

Автор Ijaz Ahmed ( назад)
This is so fake.
Yeah the assistant has a random camera in front of her while she gets a
phone call, totally normal

Автор Jonathan Gomez ( назад)

Автор Colton Allgire ( назад)
She also prank called America within the first hour of 2017

Автор Andrew Pasion ( назад)
What is Mariah's ethnicity

Автор Taco Tom ( назад)
the real prank is on this middle aged wrecklip syncing train wreck

Автор karinagothiclolita ( назад)
She is such a horrible person!!!

Автор LonerMcGee ( назад)
I thought she was gonna lip sync this too tf

Автор CurlsOfDbrave ( назад)
I only came here for the comments.

Автор saxwreckingcrew ( назад)
Mariah mocks the Jews and her New Year's Eve show implodes hmmmm

Автор JOHN MiKE ( назад)
Never realized how fine she is

Автор Rome D ( назад)
Mariah can still catch this D anytime

Автор GEATproductions ( назад)
Are we sure she didn't lip sync this?

Автор Chris Newman ( назад)
she should've been rehearsing instead of playing pranks

Автор TRM Dude ( назад)
Can't believe the oscars passed her by for Glitter

Автор Oliver Nipploid ( назад)
Mariah: "where is my food?"

That's all we should know.

Автор Clwo ( назад)
At least we can actually hear her voice.

Автор Halcy Zhang ( назад)
The hardworking female artist that she is

Автор Drezmusicpage ( назад)
PLOT TWIST! Her assistants got her back by ruining her NYE performance 😂

Автор Cauzin Diem ( назад)
Molly is like "Do I need to fetch your vocals too?"

Автор Samuel S. ( назад)
Hahaha, Mariah Carey prank us all on new year's eve. She prank us by acting
she doesn't know her own song and then terribly lip sing.

Pranks is on her, now everyone definitely thinks she is a no talent, has
been and a lip singing old hag. 😃😁😂😋😉

Автор Rashonna Hall ( назад)
Mariah is hilarious!😅😅😅

Автор Phyllis Watts ( назад)

Автор Comet Astral ( назад)
Are you sure she's really talking? Or was it pre-recorded?

Автор Bamf Tonio ( назад)
did she lip sync the prank call also?

Автор Thomas Huffcutt ( назад)
Why does she have her own show? She's literally a safe Nicki Minaj mixed
with Kim KArdashian.

Автор iheart cactus ( назад)
Molly just happens to have cameras following her around. Coz the only
interesting thing about Mariah's world is her diva attitude and bullying
her, fake or real but mostly fake, assistant.

Автор Goll Koll ( назад)
Well I guess the sound stage guy pranked Mariah at the New Years
celebration, karma?

Автор Qwertasdfqaz ( назад)
Molly sabotaged her new years performance. Joke's on Mariah 😂

Автор sam clay ( назад)
If only Mariah's on stage lip sync pranks were as good

Автор Heriberto Murillo ( назад)
Molly pranked her and took her earpiece out and exposed her on New Years

Автор Sierra Evans ( назад)
So...they knew the girl was sensitive and even stated that she cried every
five minutes and they pranked her like this? I know it seems innocent
enough, but people commit suicide over this kind of stuff. Congratulations
Mariah. You are now associated with the cancerous YouTube pranksters.

Автор AnElectrifiedApe ( назад)
Mariahs sound guy pranked her even harder last night.

Автор Kaden Poole ( назад)
Her voice is as fake as her body.

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