how to make drum beats in guitar pro 5

this is how to make your own drum, beats, and filles and it will unlock secrets and i will explain every thing so u get it

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Автор Tyler Hawn ( назад)
Awesome choice in music dude. Old ass vid but I haven't tried to write in
GP in awhile so this vid helps.

Автор ChetaMeister ( назад)
Pretty sick. Makes me feel like i have to step my game up. Keep em coming.
Would be cool if you could return some feedback on my tracks also.

Автор Estivenrex18 ( назад)
If Cthulhu had a band..it would sound like that.

Автор Art. Brut. ( назад)

Автор Jerry Smith ( назад)
Amazing guide.. Search for beatgenerals on YouTube they have got a lot more
terrific FL Studio teachings!! 

Автор Josh Clarke ( назад)
quit bitching at least u dont have shit slipknot or bvb 

Автор darian x ( назад)
Grindcore dickheads!!!!! :)

Автор blueberrycheese10 ( назад)
brutalllzzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzx :P

Автор CarnivorousChainsaw Espermatocleiton ( назад)
which album is that Carcass song?

Автор Jannik Hansen ( назад)
Your video is probably awesome, but there is NO way im watching it with
this joke song!

Автор Krytical ( назад)

Автор Slow Insanity ( назад)
A Shit Music !! WTF Wut King Of Shits Are U??

Автор wisetrollman ( назад)

Автор Oude Doos ( назад)
@BoricuaLilG welcome to the world of Grindcore and Porngore x'] I don't
like it either, but it's yeah.. it is music? n.n

Автор Cesar Enriquez (1994 года назад)
did you record your bowel movements?

Автор 007skateman ( назад)
todat jaja

Автор Noukzel ( назад)
hate the music... but love the info, thx!

Автор MALLEK AMIR ( назад)
I muted my ghfhfglfdmgk;dflmgkdl ! dam it

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@TransylvanianWinter Agreed bro :)

Автор TransylvanianWinter ( назад)
@okok103 I commented after only hearing the first lol. There is a Carcass
song later though, Carcass fucking rules :D

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@TransylvanianWinter i love all thoughs bands, i listen to death metal more
than punk, i listen to this for the fun of the music. there was 4 songs

Автор shwaina ( назад)
Dont tell me you like this shit. ! Have you got rocks in your head or was
you dropped as a baby.!.... then picked up and dropped again and

Автор shwaina ( назад)
Dont tell me you like this shit. ! Have you got rocks in your head or was
you dropped as a baby.!

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@superdegus you click on the track name on the track bar and name it, if
that makes sense

Автор remmy100 ( назад)
@starstruckstarfuck So liking what the masses like means one has taste in
music. Huh, the irony......

Автор superdegus ( назад)
how do i put bass number 2???

Автор Metallideth1993 ( назад)
The music playing in this video is fucking shit.

Автор TransylvanianWinter ( назад)
@TransylvanianWinter The song starting at 1:14 is a lot better than the
first though haha

Автор TransylvanianWinter ( назад)
Put good Metal in your videos for fuck's sake! I don't how people listen to
this Goregrind shit. Listen to good old-school Death Metal. i.e. Death,
Autopsy, Obituary, Entombed, Dismember, Suffocation, Incantation.

Автор gordrum ( назад)
Shit Sandwich.

Автор IcanDRAW33 ( назад)
PornGrind :D :D :D

Автор greatxssassin1 ( назад)
the vocalist...sounds like hes blowing bubbles in milk

Автор Spoxid ( назад)
You are a fucking retard. But the the background music were fucking brutal

can someone help me please? everytime i try and write tabs in guitar pro 5
it wont show me any numbers that i type but the sounds would still play
that i wrote i just cant see the numbers of what i wrote. how can i change
it to where i see the numbers

Автор Stinksss ( назад)
@Mattlahio1992 effects/grace note

Автор Stinksss ( назад)
@Mattlahio1992 OK ive got it! go to EFFECTS and GRACE NOTE

Автор Mr. Sangomi ( назад)
Satan Gives guitar pro tutorials....

Автор LiL B The Based God ( назад)
grindcore ftw

Автор DeadMayhem6116 ( назад)
nice tunes bro and nice vid thanks it helped me alot

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@BoricuaLilG its actually 3 songs

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@punkfanzrul you now what i have shiity quality hypercam so not all lines
whent throug you shouldve noticed that shit for brains

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@Mattlahio1992 what is flam accents? im self tout musision so what is it

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@teamgod thx man grind on!

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@haropro2 cephalic carnage-exhumed remains, last days of humanity-48th cut,
the last song is from my grindtastic band

Автор Felipe Navarrete ( назад)
dude so helpful!!! can u please change the song next time other than that

Автор Songoku0518 ( назад)
WTF of song!!!???

Автор arghydoodles ( назад)

Автор MrNate1995 ( назад)
fuck in hell with that shit music cant fuckin consentrate

Автор teamgod ( назад)
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude Last Days of Humanity!!!!!!!! Good call

Автор Bojack222 ( назад)
thanks man

Автор Liou Bian ( назад)
please could you say me how to put flam and flam accents on guitar pro ?

Автор Vlad Rattlehead ( назад)
12YO?!.... you're sick man...

Автор iggrut ( назад)
its pretty good for beginners

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
@WAKExxUPxxAMERICA listen ass fuck, go to my fukin video traditional grind
song and see the drums there, i didnt relize hoe damn retarted the beats
wer ok????!!

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
who the hell?

Автор prettysweeeet ( назад)
okok103 is 12 years old. give him a break.

Автор punkfanzrul (1619 лет назад)
Learn to spell, also learn to make beats that are not shit either..........

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
id like too see you do better

Автор Christian Culliton ( назад)
last days of humanity - 48th cut

Автор BoricuaLilG ( назад)
this helped but the song is the GAYEST song in the world. Sounds like
someone who is extremely constipated.

Автор screamcorex (1389 лет назад)
what is the song of the vid ?

Автор axelwarriorvs ( назад)
the quality sucks but that helped thanx

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