Arduino 7 segment countdown timer

A video of my arduino 7 segment countdown i'm putting on Instructables.
The link to the Instructable is http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-7-segment-countdown-timer/

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Автор Sebastian Maugeri (seby1721) ( назад)
code ?

Автор Sebastian Michniewski ( назад)
Terrorist Win !!!!

Автор Niko8086 ( назад)

Автор Belt4in1 (371 год назад)
You should really speak more joe, lol =)

Автор SeuPay ( назад)
Better to use resistors (7) in the segments instead of the digits commons
(2). This is to avoid the intensity changes in the digits depending on the
number of segments turned on.

Автор titoo3071 ( назад)

Автор DanTheStripe ( назад)
Where's the boom? :3

Автор Nick Jarnot ( назад)
@jrigvd can you pm me the code plz and specs

Автор Altair0115 ( назад)
What do you mean 'cut the red wire'!? THEY'RE ALL RED WIRES!!!

Автор Joseph Rautenbach ( назад)
@jrigvd The link with the source code and tutorial is now in the

Автор cyrixproductions ( назад)
This makes me want to build an arduino-bomb lol, i've done preety much the
same but with only one 7sgment display and not 2 :(

Автор Dr Gamer ( назад)
a dla marde

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