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Автор jeffy john ( назад)
How could someone so goodlooking be so dumb.

Автор Jesse Younce ( назад)
we are all slaves to our government and the rich it shouldnt be black or
white it should be rich or poor

Автор Nick Welch ( назад)

Автор Cory Mcfadden ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Hornbeck ( назад)
Guys don't get me wrong I totally believe these guys are idiots especially
since the swastika is part of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism and slavery
was not 500 years ago but remember it still ended a long time ago in the
United States (end of the Civil War) even though racial tensions still
remain even today. The problem I have is that I read comments from people
below saying whites are a terrible race and shit like that. What about
every other race and world power thats ever existed? Every single world
power and race has at one point along the line done some just flat out
demonic shit. The Persians conquered and killed everyone, the Huns, the
Germanic tribes sacked Rome, the Hutus massacred the Tutsis and Rwanda, the
Mongols killed everyone and raped and pillaged entire villages and cities,
the Spanish in South and Central America killed everyone if they couldn't
convert them to Christianity, Britain purposely went to war with tribes in
Africa just to kill them the list goes on

Автор Joshua jenkins (1529 лет назад)
Anyone one of you step into their environment and find out just how
ignorant they really are. You'll learn real fast how tough you really were
sittin at your computer passin off your arrogant cyber tough guy comments.
Shit would get real, real fast. Real talk

Автор thumper elf ( назад)
WPWW Aryan nation till the toe tag bolts up b88ts down right stiff arm

Автор Michael Justice ( назад)
America is about 240 years old but slavery ended 500 years ago? I didn't
know plantations were time machines.

Автор Paulo Rosa ( назад)
If Hitler was alive today, these retards would be the first ones in the gas

Автор pharaoh ( назад)
There wasn't just black slaves either there were white slaves

Автор flintman ( назад)

Автор Alan Bowers ( назад)
Stay out of prison and focus on helping our race out here. Family,
education, and preservation. 14 Words...

Автор David Martin ( назад)
What a dumb ass uneducated racist retard!! Sits in a cell all day and still
can't educate him self. Lol, slavery was 500 years ago ? These guys are
dumber than monkeys they call other races literally ! 

Автор caitgems1 ( назад)
If Hitler was alive today, these clowns would be the first against the

Автор Crosstimbers Okie ( назад)
Don't ever believe that these thugs don't have it made in prison. They own
American prisons. The federal courts gave the prisons to the inmates.

Автор Simulacra O'Derry ( назад)
I hope all the multiculturalists realize that these prisoners adopted their
beliefs as a result of racial diversity in the prisons. If prisons were
still segregated, the Aryan Brotherhood wouldn't exist.

Автор 128pagenovella ( назад)
The only reason whites are under so much of a threat in prison is because
whites cannot build large enough prison populations in multi-racial
dystopias. Whites are inferior at acquiring prison sentences. And this is
while whites form the majority of the population still. This circumstance,
obvious evidence of the general superiority of white stocks in comparison
to third world trash, is completely lost on every anti-white moron in the
comments below, people attempting to pose as intellectually and
'educationally' superior to 'white racists'. 

Автор 60smanTripp ( назад)

Автор joe shmoe ( назад)
What song is playing at the very beginning of the video? I tried Shazam to
figure it out but it didn't recognize. Anyone know? Thanks

Автор Karl Haedrich ( назад)
Logical error in presentation: White =/= prison. Nice try though, PC media.

Автор Spottedowl928 ( назад)
white boys dont even take care of their own kind in oklahoma prisons
instead they try to take advantage of them. The UAB's were nearly wiped out
by the IBH but most of the IBH were sent to the walls which allowed the UAB
to regroup but the UABS still dont look out for their own people

Автор jeshiem al-amin ( назад)
https://www.facebook.com/return2africamovement?skip_nax_wizard=true Put
your money were your mouth is. There is a black group raising money to buy
land in africa so they can build a community there and help other blacks go
home to africa. since whites forced us here they should pay for us to go

Автор Alpha Kenny Body ( назад)
What a cluster of dumb fucks. Entirely uneducated about the things they
preach so enthusiastically. They are anything but superior, diversity is a
blessing. All these ignorant dick riding assholes do is add fuel to the
fire that burns away any hope of the people that look up to them to broaden
their minds. They can all suck a fart out of my asshole.

Автор Kazam Moscow Kennedy ( назад)
Waaat's Haapening! Yea do sound Mexican. White and and arian is total
On the 50's or 40's White male and female where protesting government and
no government to stop working for the government and they where not going
to do some about it because people were getting rape kidnap beat and rob
and did not know who who is attacking U.S.A. They all say it was Mexican's
and not white because the eyes, On World War During World War The Mexican
Revolutionary Attack Moscow and kidnap and yes all that they got busted the
government did not respect and handle it because Mexican Revolutionary
inform that they were made in to a group from the White U.S.A. and order to
attack and snitch rat mention names and more. They were given a chance to
inform and get more evidence. United states were given Oder's to arrest
this w. but U.S.A. Never did. Whites always been blame for starting the
great depression. Now An Arian is also a white member of population is
recorded on the 50's because all the protest. any white supremessses is
some on wort it that will help you if you been attack and more involve
violence. A reg will not do a nothing for you. Wet means a Mexican
Revolutionary terrorist because they all known for homosexual and do
witchcraft to population and get then sweaty is only on Mexican
Revolutionary. World War trow missiles at Washington send pitcher's of burn
property from china and the rest that is serious the testimony. Yes we all
do need help and special kidnap issue.

Автор GrandmasterTigerfist ( назад)
Correction : White people are not aryans, aryan dosent even belong to the
white man dictionary. Hitler saw this title in a Hindu book and stole it.
What more shame is it to call yourself something which you are not.

Автор Charlie Thompson ( назад)
I don't know why this video didn't inspire more people to talk about how
intrinsically wrong these guys are in principle and how full of hate they
are, not about which race is really superior. The only inferior people are
those who think they're superior. It's weak and it's cheap.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
@motherlovinsnuffstar: We all know there is no real truth to your comment.
If there was then tell me why so many Whites go get tans everyday trying to
get some color to their nasty skin? Who wants to be the color of baby
vomit. I don't know anybody who is sane that wants to be pale walking
around looking like death. No one envies you people. You really are
delusional people. You are not very attractive and you smell bad too. The
women are mostly cheap whores. You live in dirty trailer parks....what to
envy? Most of you are the product of inbreeding and you carry lice.

Автор motherlovinsnuffstar ( назад)
The children of the light are below the primordial mud races? I think not,
it's better to be white than to be the same color as the excrement you shit
out! The Aryan race might be most hated the world over, but that's because
we're the most envied! 

Автор BLKONBLK LOVE ( назад)
No you are sadly mistaken you fucking reject. Blacks are far above Whites.
All this earth people have nothing to say good about white people. I know
for fact Whites are the most looked down upon race. As far as Mexicans
go...i don't know what type of Mexicans you are talking about because i
work with a bunch of Mexicans and we all agree that Whites are THE MOST
HATED race. They tell me of the evils Whites have done to their people.
Mexicans know the truth about you wicked scum of the earth.

Автор twitchit8 ( назад)
Hahahaha, man, you are probably the dumbest person that has ever been on
youtube. Blacks are the most looked down upon race on the face of the
planet. Even mexicans are disgusted by you fucks. Stay in your fucking
ghetto where you belong.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
One more thing i forgot to tell you, you fucking loser.....it was Blacks
who introduced and taught Whites about the use of soap. You savages before
that were just sitting in water. You didn't know about deodorant or mouth
wash and toothpaste. Blacks taught that to you. Bow down you filthy dog and
recognize the truth.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Well if the projects is the only life i will ever know, then why am i
living in a 3,600 sq ft house,in a neighborhood that Whites can't afford to
live in? 25 miles away is a trailer park that is full of low
life,uneducated,dirty,meth using White trash. Like i said before Whites
smell like wet dogs and they carry lice. Typical Cracker Trash!!

Автор twitchit8 ( назад)
Hahaha this nigger thinks whites smell bad! Half of you toads can't even
afford soap you little spook. Only life you are ever going to know is the
projects, a bus pass and welfare, way to make something of yourself.
Typical nigger.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
@Jeremyy Hilley: That is totally not true....Whites smell like wet dogs
even if you took 3 showers a day you still would smell. The smell coming
from Whites is particularly strong when you people drink alcohol.
Seriously, when i smell White people i want to vomit. How any Black person
could ever have sex with a White person is beyond me. To me it would be
like having sex with a dead rotting body.

Автор Paul Ortiz ( назад)
I think the toothless loser at the end of this video just rotated the tires
to my car.

Автор Lejos Orio ( назад)
Third degree white trash.

Автор Jonathan Sexton ( назад)
What's that song. Sounds badass

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Did you ask the racist who got all this started by insulting me first if he
is finished? You people seem to be very one sided and unable to be fair

Автор Daniel Perry ( назад)
Are you finished?

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Says the little pink dick white boy who can't satisfy a woman so he rapes
little boys. Tell me you dumb asshole,why do so many Whites get lip
injections to make theirs bigger? You dumb albino freaks of nature. Still
picking the lice out of your pubic hairs eating them? We Blacks taught you
savages how to wash, truth be told. Fact is....no matter how much you
people wash you still smell. It's in your nasty pale skin/DNA.

Автор ARF0202 ( назад)
says the nuckle dragging big lip slimy stinky porch monkey...

Автор Shane Taylor ( назад)
To the battery acid comment. Do you think your any better than these idiots
with your moronic racist opinions.

Автор brandonktom1 ( назад)
What a weird ass thing to say, nobody cares what gets you aroused, kind of

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
I would rather drink battery acid than to get sexually aroused by a White
male or female for that matter. White people are ugly to me.

Автор ADOLF SATAN ( назад)
If you where not a rpist or child molester and you acted kool..black white
or spanish i could rock with you and hang out..but ALOT ov dorms..most
places..you walk in white..your a target UNTILL you smash someone over
nothing...so all you white ppl who insult guys like this...go hang out in
there neck of the woods and see how well you do.

Автор ADOLF SATAN ( назад)
and as for those who insult ANY white guy in jail for being a
''nazi''..lol go do some jail or let alone PRISON time and see how much
your ''black brothers'' love you.Im not saying other races are bad.By no
means..BUT IN THIS WORLD..PRISON...white and black is a very real thing and
a very real reason why if your skin is white you will be a target till you
hurt ppl over and over again..and yes..IVE DONE YEARS in NY state
prisons..and NO..i didn't ''link up for protection''

Автор ADOLF SATAN ( назад)
Lol no one is ever upset or mad when it shows black or Spanish gangs...all
the white ppl that bash these guys shut the fuck up or make an
excuse....hate to brake it to you..but there are differences when it comes
to race.very real ones..ones that will never go away.and why should
they..ppl are not all the same..why would you want everyone to be the same?

Автор Aryan Nation ( назад)
Much respect to these white soldiers!

Автор ZIGSVIDS ( назад)
No prizes for 2nd fool...same crap repeated in 2nd place...loser!

Автор ZIGSVIDS ( назад)
no prizes for 2nd ...hey thats what your daddy said to your uncle..boy!

Автор ZIGSVIDS ( назад)
leave your daddy out of this

Автор jazzynet1 ( назад)
Yeah you have tattoos and you also have life without the possibility of
parole! So enjoy your Aryan life cause your doing a lot of good for your
aryan kind in prison :D. Fuck you!

Автор FinJeffin ( назад)
OK, we get it, they rape weaker white boys, stop getting an erection about

Автор Thedarksecret1 ( назад)
Slavery wasnt 500 years ago. Official slavery didn't end in the U.S. until
around 1865. That was only 148 years ago.

Автор Corrupted Gemini ( назад)
U all sound loco 2 me it's just a video calm down damn.

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)

Автор ReturnTrip ( назад)
slavery 500 years ago...i hope these guys weren't from oklahoma

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Crystal Meth Brotherhood.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Yes i know that...but many ignorant Whites come to these videos and try to
make it look as though it is only a Black thing. I work in a prison and i
know better.

Автор Max Cady ( назад)
male on male rape occur within all 'races'

Автор cremo demo ( назад)
Heroin Brotherhood

Автор Richard Geiger ( назад)
I went to school with a person that is serving life without parol for
killing an adult book store worker.. Kenny Funkhouser now in the Oklahoma
department of corrections.. I have been told that he is now one of the
leaders of the Aryan Nation Brothers.. His older brother's name was Garland
he got out of a 15 year term for being sick and is dieing if is is not
already dead.. out of 7 kids all but one has or is in Prison.. Kinda Sad to
see these thing..

Автор Fortis Voluntas ( назад)
What the f*ck!!!! excuse my french but "Blacks you plucked out of Africa
are not Africans" was that for real??? from what part of the f*ck*ng world
history book did you got that idea! damn what have you been smokin dude?
are you for real???

Автор tcbww186 (264 года назад)
@DaOrigTruthSeeker how do YOU know? and what NATIONALITY are you?

Автор PrettysureItsInfectd ( назад)
the "when I die" speech is worth the view alone.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
You have got to be one of the dumbest crackers i have ever run into. Did i
not tell you to go look up Ham in the Zondervan's? If you would have done
that you wouldn't be so confused about my comment or why i commented like i
did. What was the last grade of school you completed?

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Asshole....if a White man lives in Africa does that change his race? Is
that the name of the land or is that a racial identity? To be American is
talking about citizenship not a racial identity. There is no such race of
people as an American race you moron. America is the name of a mass of land
called a continent. I am talking about racial identity vs nationhood. See
if you can keep up with me. They told me you albinos were stupid...but dam
you take the fucking cake. All Blacks are not the same.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Hey stupid what exactly is your IQ? Go look up Ham in a Zondervan's and
then STFU!

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Yea i know you like the bananas, especially the ones that are swinging
between a Black man's legs. If you White boys didn't have big Black dicks
to suck on you would go crazy. Sucking Black dicks is what keeps you
motherfuckers calm. Dumb fucking savages. Your love for BIG BLACK DICKS is
legend. Without a Black dick to suck what would you White boys do with the
rest of your worthless lives? Besides the Blacks you plucked out of Africa
are not Africans you idiot. Go do your homework asshole.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Go eat a dick you inbred half-baked cracker.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Fuck White people!!! Calling other people dumb is something you should shy
away from. You idiots are self-destructing and can't even see it.

Автор Gabriell Bishop ( назад)
the swastika, from the great hindu symbol that represent divine feminine
creativity to the symbol of genocide and the holocaust to redneck
philosophy.... such a shame.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Yeah i guess i can really trust what you say. White boys rape other White
boys all the time in the prison i was at and that is a fact. You White boys
are always looking for other people to blame for your deviant lives. There
is no White pride in those Aryan gangs. I have seen them selling drugs in
the prison to their own race. That don't sound like White pride to me.

Автор 1488naziskin ( назад)
Wow so you were in admin? You are the real joker dude. I did years in
prison and let me tell you the Aryans that I met rarely attacked in gangs
unless it was a racial deal. It was the niggers and spics that used numbers
almost EVERY time. And rape????? The niggers are the worst for that shit oh
im sorry let me rephrase that the mexicans were. Whites are the minority in
prison and they have to step up their A game more than any other race in
prison. You dont know WTF your talking about.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Dude get a grip on something other than your little pink dick. That she you
just described only happens in the movies. The only people washing other
people's boxers are weak little White boys. Those Aryans only attack in
gangs. I used to work in a prsion and i saw more of them get the fuck beat
out of them by either a Black or a Hispanic. Stop day dreaming. When i
worked in the prison those crackers approached me with great resepct. I had
the power to make life hell for them in there. So STFU!!

Автор 1488naziskin ( назад)
Damn right White Brother! Fight till you fucking drop!!!! 88

Автор 1488naziskin (789 лет назад)
I would love for you to be in lockdown...see if you would be disrespecting
the Aryans like that.Oh wait I see you "Oh mr Nazi guy can I wash your
boxers for protection PLEAZEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

Автор Another Day ( назад)
whatever...whata buncha crap

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Don't knock kid....i have made plenty of money off this BIG COCK of mine.
Plenty of White women who have come to see me dance and strip give me their
husbands hard earned money. I live in a very upscale neighborhood where
Whites like you come to pick up my trash. Sounds to me like i have a brain
after all. I use White people's stereotypes about Blacks to my advantage.
As a matter of fact the White girls tip me the best. Many nights i have
gone over the 3,000 mark. I'm not too dumb after all.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Forgive me would you please....i guess all the blood that was in my head
feeding my brain rushed down to my HUGE COCK/DICK. You know when you have a
dick as large as mine it requires a lot of blood to maintain an erection.
Sorry....well of course you didn't know,look who i am talking to.

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
I bet they have bent you over many beds in your pathetic life and fucked
your asshole. If that's what you call FINE then you can have it. How in the
fuck is it White pride when they are selling crystal meth to their own
people? You're an idiot.

Автор hattar00 ( назад)
Slavery ended over 500 years ago? Funny, last time i checked it was
abolished in 1865, do the math..but wait, perhaps that's too hard for you
too? Racists tend to have a lower IQ, studies have shown this & this
lowlife is living proof of that. Most of their arguments aren't facts but
are a construction in their own minds. Hope you rot in prison ya filthy

Автор Toefl101 ( назад)
These motherfuckers are smart as fuck they put up a racist front when all
they are is another gang that sells drugs.

Автор Rivets & Gore ( назад)
I wonder how pissed you all get when races mix. OR even better when there
are naturally light skinned people from normally dark skinned families with
out race mixing. Oh god the horror lets devote our lives to hating one
another till our disgusting little planet gives out.

Автор German Lancer ( назад)
fucking american "pseud aryans" who think they are cool with theyre tatoos.
that idiots are just a bunch of brainless, bald-headed, uncivilized and
undisciplined thugs. they are the first ones i would throw into a gas
chamber. they are a shame 4 all of us with theyre ugly style,
stupidity,indiscipline and savagery.

Автор IRONxROB ( назад)
@MrNihilio The Aryan Race involves only pure blood whites.

Автор Oscar Lozoya ( назад)
The last dude is my hero

Автор Ramses Cordova ( назад)
trash of the world

Автор hatecorpse ( назад)

Автор DaOrigTruthSeeker ( назад)
Don't let these so-called White Aryan's fool you. They talk about uplifting
the White race and many of them sell drugs in prison to one another and
they rape weaker White boys. This organization is nothing but another
worthless gang of useless dudes who are looking for somebody to blame their
failures on. They treat each other like shit in prison and rape of White
boys is a daily occurence. Many of them have made weaker White boys into
virtual women. These guys get the shit beat out of them.

Автор memphisgrownman ( назад)

Автор MrNihilio ( назад)
Question,is there a black aryan brotherhood?

Автор jonlan1 ( назад)
Slavery was abolished in 1865.He said 500 years ago? This lowlife
degenerate can't even get his facts straight!Studies have linked racism to
a lower IQ, go figure!Also, if you're so "proud", why would you only rape a
women of your race?These scum are just angry because of their own lack of
accomplishments & choose to take it out on other people!Any argument they
put on the table can be countered easily! And as for the last guy..that's
your idea of dying you toothless train-wrecked loser?

Автор pussyeater (1918 лет назад)
what are you? a fuckin nigger lovin faggot

Автор Diimaa ( назад)
so they've given up on getting out and finding a job? Who hires these
losers with a loser's tattoo?

Автор mymarkis666 ( назад)
What a proud white man, he wouldn't rape any woman except a white one.

Автор pussyeater ( назад)
yah and if i bet if you was in there you'd be suckin their dicks to

Автор vishal sharma ( назад)
They are extremely, extremely hardcore...

Автор Hanns Horbiger ( назад)
They surely are, I totally agree with you...why don't you take a look to my
video, maybe you would find my Aryan Art interesting.

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