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Автор Russell Comer ( назад)
I too am learning ham, I purchased the Baufeng uv-5r pronounced 'Bow Fung'
and they run about 40-50 bucks, has weather, fm radio, flash and flashing
light, vox and blah blah blah. Also picked up ham radio for dummies as well
a repeater directory. Don't depend on a computer for info when the shtf.
Another thing, check Yahoo, under "groups" and search for your radio, some
good stuff. Communications is often forgotten. My family has a certain freq
picked in dire situations ;).

Автор Pat5725 ( назад)
I believe this is his new channel xxRenaissanceManxx He has a few vids on
the Portable 2-Way Ham Radios up again.

Автор J Doe ( назад)
his channel is gone :(

Автор GraymanTactics ( назад)
what ever happened to 92scalloped?

Автор JesusG90247 ( назад)
" No MURS unit, under any condition of modulation, shall exceed 2 Watts
transmitter power output" - Right from the FCC website -.

Автор Doctor Dave ( назад)
Just get your licence so you can use them now

Автор michael long ( назад)
@Ranger115gamer yes they are

Автор Dave Acton Checking In ( назад)
@arkieprepper yeah, I guess so

Автор Dave Acton Checking In ( назад)
@survivorman64 what is ARES ?

Автор Dave Acton Checking In ( назад)
I am working on my ham license ...

Автор mechanicalbu11 ( назад)
@survivorman64 very true, the best thing to do is go mobile, have your
system in a truck and go somewhere to transmit your signal. then leave, if
you are in a constitutional support group. that may be what you will do to
survive in the dark days yet to come

Автор Mark C. ( назад)
@survivorman64 Power output isn't as important as antenna height and line
of sight when transmitting on VHF frequencies, you would need a rather
large tower or a mountain top to transmit 75 miles with a 2 meter radio.
Marine band is high VHF so there is no advantage in using marine band over
2 meter or MURS radios. In an SHTF situation a good multiband Ham handheld
with MARS/CAP mod and wide receive capability would be handy.

Автор Mark C. ( назад)
@ActontheActor Multi-Use Radio Service... Its a small collection of
re-banded business band frequencies that once required a license and are
now open for general use when transmitting at 5 watts or less output.

Автор theresaguninmytruck ( назад)
@ActontheActor now that i can see.. martial law .. like hearding cattle 

Автор Dave Acton Checking In ( назад)
@theresaguninmytruck that is true, so I guess it will be military check

Автор theresaguninmytruck ( назад)
@ActontheActor in a real shtfs the cops will be runing home to there

Автор Dave Acton Checking In (1976 лет назад)
@nextdimensions True you do not need a ham license to own these radios,
But, in SHTF the cops will just confiscate them from you without one.

Автор Dave Acton Checking In ( назад)
@nextdimensions What is MURS ?

Автор biblesnbarbells ( назад)
Good review. I am ordering this week. Anthony.

Автор nextdimensions ( назад)
Put the 5 MURS freq's in there in case you need those for non ham.

Автор nextdimensions ( назад)
@benjaminzentner You don't need the licence to HAVE one, and listen. Just
to transmit on the Ham freq's. 5 watts on 2m. Also, good CB's, which are 11
meters, can operate very far if set up correctly.

Автор hlaser88 ( назад)
Great Video! Thanks!

Автор SCJMO ( назад)
That would make a kick-ass truck/EDC item. Consider this: If you plan on
using your radios everyday I wouldn't use that belt clip, it's best to
leave those off. The clip is attached to the battery and over time with
heave use it will eventually cause the battery terminals to pull away from
there contacts.

Автор Dave Acton Checking In (589 лет назад)
See my ham radio vids to get your license

Автор RoninX4 ( назад)
Hey FUBAR, where did you get my TSA body scan from? LOL.

Автор YokoWenis ( назад)
Mr. Miyagi wax off Nice radios, I'm picking up a few of the same

Автор GraymanTactics ( назад)
Im getting the uv3d...cant wait!

Автор OBXSOLWIND ( назад)
Very cool Brother.

Автор starlordish ( назад)
is this the freebie video.ill take 2 lol.good info thanks

Автор EastCoastPrepper ( назад)
Those look great. I wish I could afford some of those. Can you send me one
so I can try it out. I promise I will return it before the SHTF ever
happens...lol Thanks for sharing....

Автор Ben (844 года назад)
i am presuming that you know that you will need a FCC ham radio technician
lesion or better to have one of these radios. how many watts do radio but
out on 2m and 440. to answer the previous question CB radios can not use a
ham radio repeater where a ham radio can.a ham radio repeater can get 8 to
10 time the distance of communication. nice video ben USNR

Автор PsykoScream ( назад)
Awesome intro....

Автор CopingWithTheTimes ( назад)
Great radios you picked up there! Nice option with the AAs. Wouxun
pronounced "O-Shin" =) 

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