Forte "Singing Group" America's Got Talent 2013

Forte "Singing Group" ( Audition )
June 25 2013
Piano cover best song ever one direction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-aP_9iQsSA

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Автор Hakase Shinonome ( назад)
Woman at 1:53 said they look like a joke. Who's the joke now?

Автор Gunter Foust ( назад)
This is America you know, we aren't the smartest people ever.

Автор jgorlo714 ( назад)
Gotta love that dumb girl saying they look like a joke. Jokes on you moron.
Don't judge before you see

Автор TheMagicRiddle ( назад)
I miss that korean guy

Автор tampa nan ( назад)
Caruso the single out on Amazon and you can pre order the CD on Amazon.
Forte faceook page has lots of info on upcoming events.

Автор Erebus69 ( назад)
....Joke, not drug

Автор Fernando Espinoza ( назад)
Best comment ever!

Автор theextreme737 ( назад)
i think she said they look like a joke

Автор haikaz srapian ( назад)
did that girl on 1:54 really said: they look like a drug?

Автор jibikao ( назад)
I hope the girl at 1:55 didn't choke on her popcorn... lol

Автор Sarasince1992 ( назад)
3:06 That woman in the audience is totally me.

Автор Benjamin Bernal ( назад)
wow amazing harmony!!

Автор Equania Nelson ( назад)
I wot t be in talent show call me 3136710604

Автор alan Burke ( назад)
Their first broadcast!............ Wonderful.

Автор Tyler Bard ( назад)
this isn't the grand ole oprey my friend, I love oprah music myself but it
is a talent show now an actual classical musical

Автор Padraig Shields ( назад)
using the word retard is extremely offensive

Автор tampa nan ( назад)
Forte signed with Columbia/ Syco and the CD is recorded, Nov. 12 is the
release date and this song is one of the tracks.. so they are WINNERS

Автор Tayler L ( назад)
This changed what I think of opera. Absolutely incredible

Автор ivan rodriguez ( назад)
I cry everytime i see this!!

Автор Nanni Honey ( назад)
i agree

Автор Jan de Lange ( назад)
Can be, but would have used a bit more decent language if i wanted to make
a statement about good manners, lol

Автор Divinita ( назад)
I truly understand your point, but he is right though!

Автор Res Judicata ( назад)
dang they would have won with the Korean dude! j/k idk

Автор Jan de Lange ( назад)
good manners ?? let me read your comment again....

Автор Pat Hobson ( назад)
hello forte.when are you coming to malta.we are great fans of you.
fortunata.from malta

Автор TVBalkan ( назад)
Watch, for example, the British version of the show when opera singers and
other classical music performers are on stage. The audience keeps quiet
until it is over. And this is classical music. This is called "Pie Iesu"
and it is a part of the old Latin poem "Dies Irae". Today it is mostly a
part of Requiem compositions such as this. This particular one is a part of
the Requiem written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and yes, it is considered as
classical "serious" music.

Автор Anglu pirmas kursas Antra Grupe ( назад)
American's :D what you gonna do :D

Автор Rosy Smoot ( назад)
What has happened to Hana from S. Korea? I keep reading that it was
something about his visa, but do we know that? If it was about his
immigration status, why didn't AGT check that out before auditions? Is the
"new" group in touch with him? I thought he was an amazingly good singer.
Who knows if Forte would have made it past the first audition with a
different singer? That said, I am a big fan of Forte and so glad they are
already experiencing success. Finding Sean was a blessing.

Автор jewelmarkess ( назад)
The producers want them clapping. AGT like all of those reality shows want
people clap or boo, this is what I heard. And for the record, while these
are classically trained singers and Sean Panikkar is an excellent opera
singer, this isn't classical music. But even if it were - the audience does
what producers tell it to do from what people say.

Автор tampa nan ( назад)
Congratulation Forte on your record contract and Las Vegas show.. so happy
for them.

Автор James Lee ( назад)
they deserved to win the story is beatuiful how they met each other. thumbs
up if u agree

Автор Ahmad AlNuaimi ( назад)
1:52 omg her lips didn't even say what we heard... Why did AGT do that?

Автор Christina Gendusa ( назад)
Einfach klasse!!!! Ich bekomme immer noch Gänsehaut, wenn ich dieses Lied
anhöre! Wunderschön!

Автор anthony s. ( назад)
2:59 that moment when their voices synchronize and make that beautiful

Автор ClintonKelly87 ( назад)
Amazing voices. Love that they played Il Divo over the judges comments. :P
I'm totally in love with those guys, haha.

Автор MaryAnn Eld ( назад)
to bad the one left

Автор Karolajn Jot ( назад)
LOL?cwele jebane :D

Автор Lucy yang ( назад)
I think this is the best performance for forte

Автор Connie Tome ( назад)
Congratulations! Outstanding performance !!! They need no luck ,they have
talent .

Автор RichlandJoey ( назад)
I can't believe they didn't win.

Автор thefeelingofmusic1 ( назад)
Josh has such beautiful, kind eyes. All three members of Forte are just
great singers

Автор JosieGirl2929 ( назад)
YES! Especially cleaning up language. Detracts from anything else good.
Poor taste. This group is wonderful! Just plain nice guys . . . who
developed their gift.

Автор josey kruse ( назад)

Автор Uniike001 ( назад)

Автор Faithangel377 ( назад)
Good manners and being classy also includes not calling names or using four
letter words......Regardless, America shows their appreciation by cheering,
clapping, etc.....Forte is amazing and regardless if they win or not, they
deserve a recording contract......just love them.

Автор TVBalkan ( назад)
Dear retards of the audience, when you listen to classical music
performance you do not scream and clap like it is Justin Bieber or Lady
Gaga impersonation. You are supposed to shut the fuck up until it is over.
That is called common courtesy and good manners.

Автор MissGeveni ( назад)
I thought this was going to be like those 3 people who sang Bad Romance.

Автор TheBagBalm ( назад)
Fucking crowd can't shut the fuck up.

Автор Corneille Towendo ( назад)
same here man

Автор Rondo Ponce ( назад)

Автор BRIAN SMITH ( назад)

Автор KenScottB ( назад)
"When did you come to America?" "Puerto Rico is part of America" "Oh,
right" I love it!

Автор Brendan Rollins ( назад)
with your jeans??? heidi... what do u expect them to be naked or something?

Автор therussiankid7 ( назад)
girl at 1:53: "they look like a joke." me: "you look like a bitch"

Автор lyublyuisusa ( назад)
At the ends its il divo singing hallelujiah

Автор KenScottB ( назад)
Asian guy had to drop out prior to going to Vegas and they found Sean who
is just incredible and the trio continue to blow everybody away.

Автор Himanshu Singh ( назад)

Автор Ivan Rodriguez ( назад)
goodbye 3 tenors!!

Автор Kathleen Pack ( назад)
Because unfortunately, the Korean had to drop out because of immigration
issues. I loved his voice, too.

Автор OmegaEvent1 ( назад)
The power of craigslist is incredible...

Автор emc2 ( назад)
Holy smokes!!

Автор lesletlh ( назад)
Toward the end of this video, in the background and beginning around 5:05,
is what I believe is Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah sung by Forte. I can't find
this online. Anybody know where this might be, online? Thanks.

Автор monstanator ( назад)
hey guys, could anyone tell me why in this vid there's an asian guy, but on
the latest vids there's a guy from sri lanka?

Автор Nadine Coquelin ( назад)
I have played this hundreds of times. Forte---you all have touched my Soul.

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
Catholic doctrine teaches that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus
Christ. It interprets the Confession of Peter as acknowledging Christ's
designation of Apostle Peter and his successors to be the temporal head of
his Church. Thus, it asserts that the Bishop of Rome has the sole
legitimate claim to Petrine authority and the primacy due to the Roman
Pontiff. I think " GOD himself" isn't quite accurate, plus this is all
according to a book? The bible written and rewritten over 2000yrs ago

Автор mathew hadden ( назад)
There is only one way of salvation - the Catholic Church, because in It
alone are all the revealed truths taught by God Himself.

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
As a Deist I respect and accept your personal beliefs. If you are asking,
do I believe or respect the hypocrisy of the Catholic church and it's
origins? The answer would be No!. You see to believe in this I would have
to accept that Jesus was the Son of God. He was a Jewish Rabbi... so the
bible says, a book written by men! and rewritten throughout history.

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
I'm sorry you don't have the Faith. What can I say, do you not RESPECT my
belief? The Catholic Church is simply NOT a man made religion. Christ
established it on earth. If you don't believe that, it's no skin off my

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
If you don't mind I will pass on this comment too. I got to the bit where
you said, they follow a man made religion, I do not????? Wow!

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
The only differences between me and a radical extremist Muslim is that I
would not kill someone because of their different belief, and that they
follow a man-made religion. I do not. Apart from this, Christ has given men
an example of how to go to Heaven. Mohamed has not. I have tolerence for a
reasoned discussion, but not for respecting falsehood. Our mind is made to
accept truth when it receives it. I know people can be confused about what
truth is, but we should always be trying to find it.

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
If you don't mind I would like to pass on this comment, you are starting to
sound like a radical extremist Muslim. Brainwashed and intolerant!

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
Let me translate for you: Pie Jesu - Sweet Jesus Qui tollis peccata mundi -
Who takes away the sins of the world Dona eis requiem - Give to them rest
Agnus Dei - Lamb of God Dona eis requiem - Give to them rest

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
Yes, I know it was composed by Weber. Each of the phrases in the piece,
however, are taken from the ancient Liturgy of the Catholic Church.

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
Pax is Latin for peace. You are exactly right about intolerence for other
religions. Jesus Christ is God, and He revealed His Truth and the way of
salvation to men. There is only one way of salvation - the Catholic Church,
because in It alone are all the revealed truths taught by God Himself.

Автор bparno ( назад)
The lyrics of the song are in Latin which was the ancient language of the
Romans, who were speaking it long before Jesus was born.

Автор bparno ( назад)
I do believe that this piece was written by Andrew LLoyd Weber, who is a
member of the Anglican church.

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
Bless you Karen, you are a fascinating and interesting woman. I have
enjoyed conversation with you BUT I would never argue with a Catholic
woman, never, on any subject!...):):):): I was married to one once!, but we
do have a wonderful Son and I do now have two wonderful little
grandchildren. So yes let's just enjoy the beauty and wonder of the music
as you say. PS: Makes a wonderful change to find devout Christians on here.
Bloody sick of hearing about Muslims...OOOPS!

Автор Karen Quiner ( назад)
I will agree with you on this Keystar62, I don't think it is the right
venue for making the kinds of statement boogywoogs made. Making statements
like that shuts down any chance of a conversation. But, one thing we all
seem to agree on is that Forte is amazing. Let's not let this beautiful
music make us argue, let's just enjoy the beauty and wonder of it.

Автор Karen Quiner ( назад)
I chose the Catholic Church because I believe it holds the fullness of the
truth. You chose your beliefs because you believe it to be more true. For
you to say that your beliefs are the true beliefs does not make you
intolerant of mine. It only says that we do not agree. Intolerance is if I
say I will not accept you as a person because of your beliefs. If we don't
really and truly believe the tenets we hold to to be true, we need to keep
searching, don't you think?

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
I take your point Karen, But I was born into a Christian family. I wouldn't
make a point of inferring that the success of these wonderful singers was
so successful because they had chosen a hymn from our prayer book or hymn
book. However, I think the latest answer from "boogywoogs" shows a complete
intolerance of any other revealed religions except Catholics, something I
sensed in the beginning..

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
You are partly right, we believe in one God, The Creator, but we don't
believe he governs nor intervenes in his creation. All revealed religions
are man made through out history, books written by MEN not God!. To say the
Catholic Church is the only revealed religion on earth is intolerant of
other revealed religions. It is bigoted and unfair!. Yes it is a social
media site and as such am entitled to my view. Remember, you started the
Catholic trumpet blowing! PAX? What?

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
I'm afraid you contradicted yourself at leats twice. I can blow my Catholic
trumpet, but not at you. Isn't Youtube a SOCIAL media portal? You respect
ALL revealed religions, but don't believe any, especially Christianity.
What makes a revealed religion worthy of respect? The very nature of
REVEALED is that it comes from God. I think you're confused with the term -
organized. In any case, the Catholic Church is the only revealed religion
on earth - PAX.

Автор Karen Quiner ( назад)
What did boogywoogs say that makes you think he/she doesn't respect all
revealed religions? I didn't even get any whiff of non-respect for other
religions, or even atheists, only a love for her/his own church. You are
looking for offense where it doesn't appear to be any. If you are sure of
your belief, you don't need to be so touchy. Let him/her have her belief
and you have yours and try not to be so sensitive.

Автор Karen Quiner ( назад)
Yes, I know. I suspect the producers threw that in for effect.

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
Does make one wonder if that was put on just to make the show more
entertaining. Having spent a number of years in a choir in my younger days,
I know from experience that it takes a lot of practice to sing that well in
a group..

Автор Karen Quiner ( назад)
I agree. It was an awesome choice. They could have picked anything. The
song choice adds to the beauty. God has given them a gift and they chose to
use it for Gods Glory I do question whether they really met just weeks
before the show. In order to get onto the show, don't you have to go
through quite a few regional contests?

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
If you wish to blow your Catholic trumpet that's fine, Deists believe we
should respect all revealed religions, but please don't waste your time
blowing it at me. I don't believe in any revealed religion especially

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
Well, no. I think it is of enormous consequence. The Catholic Church has
been a source of cultural beauty for 2 millenia. I know these guys could
make anything sound good, because they are great singers. The point is -
what they chose to sing made all the difference, because it was inherently

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
OK. That's fine. To me it is of no consequence. I am a Deist. These guys
are just incredible singers!

Автор boogywoogs ( назад)
I'm just saying that what they sang has roots in the Catholic Church,
that's all.

Автор CharmaineEvangeline ( назад)
their harmony tho :)

Автор keystar62 ( назад)
They could have sung the Lord’s Prayer which is used in all Christian
denominations and sounded just this good!. I don’t think Catholicism has
anything to do with their incredible singing efforts.

Автор kevin mendoza ( назад)
the korean guy was the best!!

Автор Schully ( назад)
1:53 I bet you feel stupid.

Автор Anna Blendermann ( назад)
Stunning performance omggggggggg

Автор Jake Jones ( назад)
Played this video over and over again. Each time it STILL moves me!

Автор Daniele Pinto ( назад)
The best performance I've ever seen on AGT!!!

Автор DJ Regnier ( назад)
All these pop singers/boy bands and hardly anybody like these guys. In
Europe yes. In America we get a bunch of pretty boys and girls who need
autotune and lots of techno beats to cover inferior voices. We need more
singers in this genre. The music industry pushes sub talent and ignores
really talented proper. We the music industry to but marketing dollars
being singers like Jackie Evancho and hopefully after AGT Forte. ...

Автор DJ Regnier ( назад)
Very happy for all these guys. Great to see Josh. Josh Groban picked him
from the crowd to sing on stage. Jackie Evancho had Josh Page perform at
some her concerts. Good for Josh.

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