Baby the pet Opossum. The First Opossum on YouTube.

UPDATE Video here: https://youtu.be/QUL-o7J3PxI
New video here: https://youtu.be/BJm32-j_i0I

The original YouTube Opossum,
Here are some photos and video of the Opossum I rescued from the grasp of death. Little guy was just to cool to let die. Not sure what happened to mama.

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Автор Сибиряк Сибирякович ( назад)
хорошие люди....

Автор Piney Meadows (1215 лет назад)
I found a baby possum in a leg trap so I took it to the vet... they had to
cut the foot off but now pumpkin is a spoiled possum

Автор Jorge Martinez ( назад)
oposum are to beauty.. they are cousins of the raccon i think.

Автор Cari Schmitz ( назад)
God Bless you handsome ;) its great to know there are some nice hearted
people still out in the world unlike cruel heartless ppl I cant stand most
humanes because I a animal lover and most people are so cruel rude and mean
to animals makes me upset but again god bless u for rescuing her also hope
all is still well with her ur an amazing person and a hero for rescuing her
to let her live

Автор Hector Defendi ( назад)
He's cute :)

I currently have 3 :)

Автор MrBadgerology ( назад)
The idiots here think opossums are rodents. Marsupials, people. They are

Автор BattIeground ( назад)
You do realize that the Metabolic Bone Disease he had was probably caused
by you not feeding him properly and now he has permanent damage because of
it. You should have given him to a licensed wildlife rehabber.

Автор Katie Marie ( назад)
Terrifying? It's adorable and looks pretty harmless (no more dangerous than
a feral dog or cat id imagine and they can do some damage)

Автор BeGee Goins ( назад)
Opossum's are the best little guys, wish more people understood them! 

Автор BeGee Goins ( назад)
do you need help with an opossum? 

Автор Cassi Moon ( назад)

Автор Lee Allen ( назад)
What a lovely story with a happy ending for Baby

Автор Jerald Lawson ( назад)
Fuck off with that kind of name-calling. You said something find, and then
ended it by calling someone a slut. 

Автор Jess Volina ( назад)
You're awesome man! Thanks for taking him in and being good to
animals..great video, beautiful little guy ya got there!

Автор sonjo 2010 ( назад)
awww poor baby :3

Автор sazji ( назад)
They're quite difficult to care for well, need a special diet and lots of
supplements to avoid lots of malnutrition problems.

Автор G. Specter ( назад)
Are possums soft? I've never touched their fur before. They look soft. x)

Автор John Jeffrey ( назад)
Heys about as scary and ugly as some of those useless little dogs..I have
an opposum named Oliver and he told me to tell you to use sulphuric acid as
a facial rinse..that'll make yer skin tingle in a bad way...

Автор Zoë Leys ( назад)
OMG so cute!!

Автор Wigit Wiblit (1202 года назад)
aw man lovely, i want to get an opossum too. still have him?

Автор locksndoors ( назад)
Well, they look really scary and ugly, that's what he meant. I know
opossums aren't going to kill me but they make my skin tingle in a bad way.

Автор lizmk87 ( назад)
Hi I just found a baby opossum, he looks identical to this. He's been
scavenging around my yard in pure day light. My dog tried to attack him. I
ran outside and my dog had him in a corner. So I quickly took the dog in.
He did not move, so I brought him some bread and water. He ate it. He was
not scared of me. He now comes back almost daily. Can I ask you, what do
you feed him? Should I bring him in? I called a couple rescue centers and
they told me to just leave him alone :( 

Автор Todd Fawver ( назад)
Whoa, easy there hippy. Although this is a sweet video, it's an animal.
Let's not get them confused and/or start comparing them with humans.

Автор SweeTiePie Bro ( назад)
I used to have a pet possum. Her name was Angel. Her mum abandoned her in
our garage, so I took her in. <3

Автор Kilhara Komeiji ( назад)
I really want a possummm D:

Автор GirlLunarExplorer ( назад)
That is an adorable animal‼ His disability makes him even more special and
heart-warming to see happy and loved. ♥ 

Автор TRIVDIK1 ( назад)
I rescued a Opossum left cold and dying in a parking lot. I actually had to
purge him of sand he had eaten. He was so cool. Once he was warm and strong
he clung to my hair like he would his mama. Sadly we were giving him warm
cow's milk and the iron in the cows milk cause his organs to fail. He
passed away after only a couple of weeks :( but those were some loving

Автор Nathan Smith ( назад)
Totally awesome dude! I've worked with some Opossums and they are really
cool and but unfortunately people have so many misconceptions about them.

Автор gorillaz23456 ( назад)
its not that serious

Автор 124moviesiwatch ( назад)
No chance of rabies. The Opossum's body temperature is too low to support
the rabies virus.

Автор Jason steinert ( назад)
we need more people like you thanks.

Автор J Edgewalker ( назад)
I actually looked up videos like this after the Geico commercial that keeps
airing where the joke is that the family has a pet opossum. I thought, "But
why is that so funny? A pet opossum would be great! And they're adorable."
And from the comments here I see there's a lot of feeling in both
directions. :P

Автор Garrett Eaton ( назад)
so cute 

Автор 1987CRER ( назад)
Opossums are possibly one of the most docile wild animals you could ever
find. Not sure why people are so afraid of them. 

Автор ~B'dazzlin~ ( назад)
Awww what a sweetie.

Автор Danae Jackson ( назад)
aww You have just made me see opossums as cute. Wow i never thought it
could be done. 

Автор Renae Pukes-Rainbows ( назад)
Wow, did you even think before you clicked a PET POSSUM video? You must be
half retarded. :3 Or can't read. Either way I pity you.

Автор airsoftkid01 ( назад)
Lol its gonna bite you its a wild animal with a chance of rabies 

Автор Jose Solis ( назад)
With that mobility problem, it must've surely died in the wild. So glad it
didn't. This video made me happy today. Thank you for posting.

Автор aryannea63 ( назад)
This makes me wanna cry! D;

Автор Abigail Ball ( назад)
I thought oppossums were really ugly and disgusting, but that was my wrong
perceptions - this is endearing - thank-you

Автор Tom Johnston ( назад)
Great video! Thanks for posting it. I hope the little guy is still doing

Автор Tom Johnston ( назад)
Actually, it's not true that "all" animals act like this although many do.
There are some species that simply cannot be tamed. Their instincts have
evolved over such long periods of time and their temperments just won't
allow it. 

Автор doggiesarus ( назад)
I just love possums and "critters." I do not know why other people do not.
I saw a baby last night eating a grub in the backyard. I was in cute
heaven. I am sad your possum friend got sick and can't move right. He is
lucky to have friends like you. 

Автор marcus bell ( назад)
when are you gonna eat it?

Автор aYipYipAlien ( назад)
He who saves one life saves the world entire.

Автор Badger at Toad Hall ( назад)
take your medicine dude

Автор Rob Moran ( назад)
Possums are terrifying? when was the last time a possum smashed children
and families with a drone? or any possum abusing children and other

Автор Peter Fleischhacker ( назад)
at first i was thinking "oh thats a really cute pet wouldnt that be fun to
have" until i kept watching and realized opossums are terrifying looking
animals. this was the model for the rodents in the princess bride

Автор jgmtiger ( назад)
Bass i can tell you what happen to your baby he/she had a genetic issue or
joint damage or weak joints by the way it has a slight delay of putting its
foot down a sad truth of captive opposums 

Автор jgmtiger ( назад)
yes you will get a small % of male that are pretty nice but most arnt a
easy way to tell male or female is check there belly you will see a small
lip of extra skin (the pouch) if female or smill no extra skin if male
males take ALOT more work to make nice female is pretty easy mine is half
and half if your slow your fine but if you move to fast are loud or pick
him up get ready for blood cause he will bite at a young age he was sweet
then he got old enough to find out "hey i can bite" 

Автор WickedAngel ( назад)
Kornkam, how did it go with the Opossum? If you handled her, I hope you
wore gloves. some can be mean. Most aren't, some are. I took in a vicious
Opossum once, released her as soon as I was able. She was difficult to

Автор WickedAngel ( назад)
Really? I assumed it would be opposite! I rescued a badly injured male
Opossum a few years ago.. He had been hit by a car, broken jaw, bad. I took
care of him and he became a super sweet, tame pet. He liked to climb on my
lap, into my arms, and grab my hair. lol I miss him. He lived a few years
as a pet. I just rescued a baby Opossum, and he/she (not sure yet - i'm
thinking "he") is taming down pretty easily, so far. Love 'Possums! lol

Автор jgmtiger ( назад)
i can tell this is a female i have my permit to care for animals like this
and 80% of the captive males never calm down they will put up with you and
thats it females become like this but still with my 5lb baby male i am
careing for now he has bit me 2 times and both i had to get stiches its not
fun at all these are not pets they are wild animals but they make ok pets
but are never tame at all no matter what anyone says they will put up with

Автор jgmtiger ( назад)
i have a small male hes about 7 months Males are VERY hard to make deal
with humans i would take a good look at the mother if there are no holes in
her and she eats well and drinks fine hold a body weight let her go to
raise her kids 

Автор Jeremy Bunting ( назад)
i recently saved a mother opossum from my dog and she is vicious! My
hypothesis for this behavior is because she is protective of her babies. I
need to pick her up to bathe her, the reason being she is bloody from her
battle for survival. I dont plan on shoving her in a tub of water, but
taking a damp cloth and bathing her that way. do you think she will bite

Автор Burns ( назад)
just dont get to attached to your animals, because it still has the
instincts of a wild animal and it CAN still be dangerouse, dogs are
different, they were bread out of those instincts that would harm there
owner, even if you raise a wild animal since it was a baby, it can still
turn on you if your not carefull. but a possom wouldnt do to much damage,
unless it had rabies

Автор Desma Jones ( назад)
I rescued an eyeless oppossum (birth defect) years ago. He was tiny like
that. I took him home and tube fed him and raised him and I loved him. He
made a wonderful pet. I named him Ziggy Piggy. Your oppossum is really
cute. I love oppossums. They are so misunderstood. 

Автор j flex ( назад)
@ bassntruck I wish there where more people in the world like you, bless
your heart for caring for this little guy!

Автор Osbert50 ( назад)
Do you still have him?

Автор NIGHT2PWN ( назад)
not too sure about snakes though 

Автор Delaney Daniels ( назад)
27 people r going to hell soon. 

Автор Ced Cruz ( назад)
ohh.. i see how you care for the Opossum :( so touching ! 

Автор locosrayo ( назад)
you are living with a RAT!

Автор thenewyorker34 (739 лет назад)
@ando1135 i know what you mean. thats why looking at evidence that they can
be pets.... so i can 'make up' for my ill deed. u live and learn and
mature... i feel ya.

Автор Nicola Kelleher ( назад)

Автор Abby Choi ( назад)
OMG!!! this is so sad!!!! poor opossum, it really makes me feel sad :( 

Автор nagumo10001 ( назад)
Opossum, they're so ugly that they're cute. ;) I still cherish the days I
spent in a rehabilitation center for injured wildlife of all types.
Everything from majestic eagles to loveable opossums. I only wish more
people would participate. Maybe they'd learn that all life is adorable; not
just that which we're indoctrinated to adore.

Автор BoredNeedToLOL ( назад)
aw :)

Автор ando1135 (1008 лет назад)
i have a bad memory about an opossum...i feel so bad about what happened
because they really are beautiful animals and i wish i could take back that
event. i dont want to say wat it was because i know i will get hazed for

Автор Nick Barry ( назад)
@ericjkent Perhaps I misspoke? About a year ago? But yes, opossums are

Автор Eric Kent ( назад)
@MiniWolfsbane Why is that are you saying that even though I am qualified
to care for wild animals that they should just go to a wildlife rehab
center? I will have you know that rehab centers place wild animals with
qualified people to care for them all the time. Please learn about how the
wildlife rehab network functions so you will be a knowledgeable person when
you post on forums.

Автор Eric Kent ( назад)
@ItsNickBarry Opossums are NOT RODENTS. They are MARSUPIALS.

Автор clw8309 ( назад)

Автор happtic ( назад)
That's some bond you have there.

Автор daniel moran ( назад)
your baby is so cute care him and give him all ur love nevr surrender to
him all the bad comments erase it

Автор Calin Crecan (958 лет назад)
@zchad1981 I don't

Автор Zac Chadwick ( назад)
i find this video difficult to masturbate to 

Автор CaneFu ( назад)
Wow, MBD seriously messed him up. I'm glad he has someone to take care of
him because he wouldn't live more than a few days on his own.

Автор alongabard ( назад)
Super cute! He is cool! 

Автор gothicprincess52 ( назад)
how sweet. thanks for helping him.

Автор TH3SH4 ( назад)
my buddy max found one in the bed of his truck

Автор FlowingDepths ( назад)
It's a good thing that he has an awesome person like you to look after him
:) there seriously need to be more people like you in this world, man!

Автор Vince P ( назад)
Glad to know that there are still some good people who care about wildlife
needing help. You're a good dude buddy!

Автор Diana S ( назад)
@solidsamy shut up .... i hate ppl like you 

Автор Diana S ( назад)
ugh that is so nice of you!!! how cute is this video! Does he like stay
around you when he is out? that is too cute (i know he has an issue
walking) but that is so awesome that he just hangs out lol... does he react
to things, like know who you are like a pet cat type of thing, so cute!

Автор Jarrett Buffington ( назад)
awesome little dude

Автор NecrochildK ( назад)
Their fur is so surprisingly soft too. Someone once brought one into my
Dad's veterinary clinic, it was a mother opossum who her dog had attacked.
All the babies were too big to fit in the pouch any longer, but were so
scared they had their heads stuffed in it. I held her steady for my dad
while he removed her hanging eye and sutured it up. She was badly injured,
but survived.

Автор NecrochildK ( назад)
So adorable! I wish someone bred them as pets. I would dearly love to have
one as a pet, but I sure wouldn't wish for one to be orphaned for that to
happen. There used to be some wild ones that would come and eat the cat
food for the outside cats at our house. They would fuss when we touched
them, but were always gentle.

Автор Massive Dynamic ( назад)
you sir.. are a saint. kudos to you. 

Автор Steve La Dedha ( назад)
@bestrader No it's saying "kill yourself"

Автор SAPxxxPRODUCTIONS ( назад)
im sorry but...... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! 

Автор YardSaleCzarina ( назад)
Can you give us an update on the little guy. I know that they don't live
very long in the wild. I rescued a baby possom a few weeks ago and it's
recovering at the wilelife rehab center. 

Автор Queen Goob ( назад)
you can fix his MBD is he's still alive - go to opossum.org for info. 

Автор katlongoria ( назад)
love to see animal lovers

Автор dmp825 ( назад)
gunna suck when it bites of your face 

Автор Danny Vanny ( назад)
possums are road kill not pets ...

Автор wizard1396 ( назад)
Bless you for taking the little guy in. They are so cute and get such a bad

Автор rwjissexy14 ( назад)

Автор kenny omar ( назад)
i think hes happy that u save him 

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