Fuel injector tester with 555 timer chips

This is a build of a pulsed fuel injector tester I made using the popular 555 timer chip. There's a project page on my website www.dinofab.com/projects.html.

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Автор James Birkin ( назад)
I like your cat

Автор Luis Bollosa ( назад)
consulta el 555 es igual en todo sus diseños o algunos son diferentes de
acuerdo a su discripcion morfológica? gracias

Автор Servicios Tecnicos Integrales ( назад)
Your web page ,no work.

Автор นวสิทธิ์ สาระจันทร์ (63 года назад)

Автор Viktor Trpkovski ( назад)
Is it possible to make for four injector?

Автор Vital Computing (1159 лет назад)
Hi Deano, I am a fan of your work. Why not just have an RC circuit instead
of the 555 timer for the astable part of the circuit?

Автор S Cin ( назад)
Thanks. Very instructive clip. 

Автор manwar999 ( назад)
great video

Автор Marcos Borges ( назад)
no entendi que tiene que ver el video con el título "Fuel injector tester
with 555 timer chips"

Автор lotfy salem ( назад)
thank you sir, but i just didn't get the final result!!!

Автор song ho the ( назад)
that la ok

Автор CARS LOVER ( назад)
great so genus

Автор Daniel Moeller ( назад)
Now this I like! This would be great for cleaning AND flow testing
injectors (always good to bring in a couple spares and use the closest
matching injectors)

Автор WALL-E CGHOR ( назад)
like it 

Автор Simon Inga ( назад)
Is it possible to use pots instead of regular resistors so you can use a
dial to change the duration and duty cycle?

Автор Juanra Rubio ( назад)
may you drive 4 injectors at a time with that mosfet?, or will it be

Автор 10vtHolsetHybrid ( назад)
This is a really cool project, one I've been meaning to build for a while;
I have been getting into electronics through my job and my megasquirted
Audi. I have a question about the monostable circuit. Is the timer
started over every time you let go of the button and push it again, so that
if you kept pushing the button before it timed out you could just keep the
circuit on, or does it need to count all the way out?

Автор Kit Chan ( назад)
Thanks you..

Автор wael alabrouni ( назад)
good job

Автор edwin salas ( назад)
good job very good job mi freen.

Автор Dean Segovis ( назад)
Yes.. got a Tek 453

Автор l bond ( назад)
Hi Dean. First of all thank your for sharing some of your information. I
really appreciate it. Do you have an oscilloscope now? email me

Автор skourkos crew ( назад)
power of simplicity.Great video sir...thanks for sharing. Not many people
need and use their "inventions" in everyday life.

Автор Clifton Jamison ( назад)
Dean you did a fine job,your a meticulous type of guy like me.So I like
your style.One question.Can you substitue the fixed resistors and cap.with
variable ones?Or I guess you could put a rotary switch with a config. of
cap.&resistors to change the pulse width.I just learned a lot about stuff
from your video!Thanks so much Dean,I'll check out your site. Skip J. in

Автор Edgar Miranda ( назад)
work for diferent kinds of inyectors? por example, denso, bosh etc?

Автор Adam A ( назад)
dude, you knew one before the other as well... and you could have answered
his question in less time than you spent on that comment

Автор getreal155 ( назад)
Wonderful video and incredibly well put. Thanks a lot.

Автор milionaru89 ( назад)
Pretty funny right?:))

Автор xgrapher ( назад)
You actually knew about all the magnetic field collapse theory and didn't
know about the diode solution? Can't believe it!

Автор Dean Segovis ( назад)
That is why the 1N4742 diode is in the circuit. It protects the MOSFET from
the back EMF voltage. Check out the schematic on the DinoFab project page.
Just Google "DinoFab projects" and look for the fuel injector tester. 

Автор milionaru89 ( назад)
When a coil is cut from power the magnetic field colapses and it sends a
lot of volts to its terminals, is that not afecting the MOSFET?

Автор felipe peixinho ( назад)
555 beautiful project the best circuit invented until today

Автор steven keyes ( назад)
hi could you test a piezo injector with this and a diesel presure pump 

Автор GUSTAVO SOLIS ( назад)

Автор pcars ( назад)
Judging by the rest of your videos, as well as this one, it is clear to see
that you have a strong grasp on the 555 timer's inner workings. I would
love to see a video with your viewpoint on how a monostable and astable
timer actually works; r-s flip/flop, voltage divider, etc. There are just
not enough quality videos like this on youtube. 

Автор Ales Zupanc ( назад)
You have to try eagle cadsoft 5.11.0 or 6.0.0 or 6.1.0

Автор robertsulley ( назад)
4:20 39ms on + 32ms off = 71ms 1000ms per second... ie 1000 / 71 = 14

Автор Iseekoutthetruth ( назад)
very cool idea

Автор emaglott ( назад)
very good! saw a link to this on the vw vanagon email list.

Автор Don Bishop ( назад)
Great info! Thanks:) Don

Автор Petawatt ( назад)
Nicely done. I was hoping to see an injector pulsed though. You need to
simulate a pressurized fuel rail and then use maybe a glass mayo jar so you
can observe the fuel spray, right? Fooling with a toyota fuel rail, I found
that if you really need to reuse those crush washers, it's best to heat
them up in the flame of a propane torch and either quench them or set them
aside to cool (copper softens upon heating and hardens by being "worked")

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