Cox TD.010 glow engine

Test running with methanol and castor oil only but NO nitromethane.

This might be the reason that the engine could not run smoothly and


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Автор 2stroke4me ( назад)
Cool little engines. Funny how a cute engine like that can cause hearing
problems, lol.

Автор tfiggs101 ( назад)
How mug would you sell it for

Автор tango viper ( назад)
lol ridiculous.. but fun.

Автор ipadize ( назад)
where to buy?

Автор nitroairplane ( назад)
@SWilkowski i run mine rich so as not to damage them

Автор robot797 ( назад)
i have a mint new 010 in my colection including original packaging material

Автор Jovi Burger ( назад)
what always totally blows my mind about these engins are there strength
these engins can outperform a lot of other bigger engins

Автор stingraystud ( назад)
want to sell it?

Автор welder4570 ( назад)
man thats a nice one i wanna get a TD.010 to add to my 049

Автор nibbler125 ( назад)
@sergioakaliltroll20s warm the top of the cilinder with a propane torch
dont get it red hot just past the point where you cannot hold onto it and
try again

Автор sergioakaliltroll20s ( назад)
i have some nitro engines like yours , but how do you change the glow plug?
it wont come out. i would use them but the glow lug is busted. can you
please help me. thanks.

Автор madmax2069 ( назад)
sounds like a pissed off bee. dude i want to put one of these into a xmod
so badly

Автор G56AG ( назад)
Red plastic fuel tank is mounted to the back of the engine.

Автор G56AG ( назад)
Boy that brings back memories! I had one of the .010 engines. I probably
got it in the early 1960's, and sold it 7-8 years ago. They were designed
to run on very high nitro fuel, as I recall Missle Mist (25% nitro) was
about the minimum, in this video the engine was running pretty slow, those
little engines would scream when tuned properly!

Автор Jaspal Bassi ( назад)
Where is the gas tank for these engines?

Автор iplayloud2 ( назад)
Don't you mean 10 times bigger ?

Автор Justin Anger ( назад)
these can be heard over a mile. i wonder how a .46 with no muffler would
soound. since it is statistically over 100 times bigger. STATISTICALLY! not

Автор andromeda160 ( назад)
@PJdacoolDJ nope production was ended on feb 6 of last year it was a bummer

Автор ThePhunMaster ( назад)
Can you give me a website please.

Автор DRNEGOLICIS ( назад)
ha ha u know how old this comment is? those are awesome engines but the one
i spoke about is funny to small to do any thing

Автор 30GB ( назад)

Автор AJHcorolla ( назад)
a few and you can also get them heaps cheap of ebay

Автор robot797 ( назад)
lool howmany of these engines do you have?

Автор AJHcorolla ( назад)
yeah ive scrapped the idea and am just trying to see how these would go
with different blends of fuel at fairly low revs but just faste enough to
stay airborne

Автор robot797 ( назад)
were to buy the not expencife

Автор robot797 ( назад)
it is poseble but it is so expencife that it isnt worth it i wanna buy a
.010 butit will set me 80 to 120 dollars back

Автор p38lightning7 (1365 лет назад)
ha 1 dollar where did you get them cause thats a good deal!

Автор AJHcorolla ( назад)
does anyone know if it is possible to use a servo to control the throttle
on these? or could you have the pin fully out and control it via the fuel

Автор drunk2thepowerofsick ( назад)
you can buy them from canada brand new and lots of parts.. not at bad
prices etiher :)

Автор drunk2thepowerofsick ( назад)
id rather get a brand new one from canada for less than half than some old
abused one.

Автор Manoel C. ( назад)
It's not a good thing to start it up with a drill...

Автор robot797 ( назад)

Автор robot797 ( назад)

Автор Makeittoxic John ( назад)
My bad luck that i lost it :(

Автор Makeittoxic John ( назад)
Cox engine are kind of wanted engines because there production has been

Автор DRNEGOLICIS ( назад)
i seen a .005 in a glass case it said only a few of them were made they
were pretty much useless they wouldn't pull any thing around not enough
power u could stick your finger in the prop and it wouldn't do any thing u
would hardly feel it and it would stop the engine instantly

Автор 30GB ( назад)
i want this engine some guy lied to me and sold me a .020 instead of a .010
but at least its a cox

Автор Toby Kendrick ( назад)
Way kewl. I remember seeing these sold in stores in the 1970s. Back in
August of 1973, my mom bought me a three-wheeled trike from cox. It had a
throttle. Then in October of 1976, I bought the exact same model. I should
have put two servos on it and convert it to an R.C. trike.

Автор Toby Kendrick ( назад)
I just bought a family of three, Cox Tee Dee engines. They are comprised of
the .049, .051 and an.010. Thirty years ago this month in fact, or was it
in November, I bought a Cox Tee Dee .09. It has never been ran and is still
in it's plastic show case. I was planning on making chess pieces of these
engines, but that is very expensive. My next plan was to take photos of the
engines and then cut out the photos and place them on a chess board.

Автор geoff390 ( назад)
That is so cute. haha

Автор mazhongsong ( назад)
I love it:)

Автор SWilkowski ( назад)
your probably the only person i know who doesn't run their cox .010 lean,
except for my self

Автор s34ial ( назад)
i nedd to by on cox engine anyone sell mi one?

Автор RevoPwns ( назад)
plz help me i have a old cox engine lying around on a old airplane my dad
crashed i was wondering if you could tell me how i can start this i have
experience with nitro rc cars. thanks

Автор bigbear1684 ( назад)
i once saw a man with an pee ww 010 c/l airplane doing laps attached to his

Автор mazhongsong ( назад)

Автор Kalysto JP. ( назад)
i've never collected gas turbines, but i've built several gas turbines,
turbo props and shafts mu self with 18 wheeler truck turbo chargers. In
fact i've never upload any vid of these but i'll do that soon.

Автор Toby Kendrick ( назад)
The latest phase of "engines" that have peaked my interest in the
miniature, gas turbine jet engines. Go to "Youtube" and type in "Miss.
Budweiser Hydroplane." Scroll down on your screen and click onto "1/8th
scale Hydroplane gas turbine boat." It's the viceo clip that lasts 2:05
minutes. Check it out!! While you're at it, type in :"Wedico Wheeled
Hydraulic Loader." Turn up your volume.

Автор Kalysto JP. ( назад)
i also collect engines from all type, i like to keep them all new in box.
Just take a look at them but i don't use them, i collect them.

Автор Toby Kendrick ( назад)
LOL. I bought it's bigger brother, the .09 in November, 1978. It too, has
never ran. Been in the box for almost three decades? I am an engine
collector. I got two Wankel rotary engines , never been ran. I also have
the Fox Twin 1.20 cc and a bunch of others. Two Conley V-8s too. When is
someone going to come out with a twin cylinder .049 or twin / triple rotor
Wankel? Now that would be neat!

Автор Alan Lehman ( назад)
I have one of those new in it's box. Never run. I'm afraid to now.

Автор Tee Bee ( назад)
The .010s are FUN little engines and definitely run better with more nitro.
Mine is turning nearly 27k with Sig 25% fuel. See my vids to see one of
these flying my LaStick RC plane. Lots of fun.

Автор mazhongsong ( назад)
Thanks. Now I have only one .010 for collection.

Автор RocketBurn11 ( назад)
Cool engine! Do you have any in a bird?

Автор norm53 ( назад)
that thing sounds like my x wife and if you use more nitro like the man
said it will run right.p.s.cool sim vids at norm53

Автор mazhongsong ( назад)

Автор HaroldTorresRacing ( назад)
I understand. If you ever wish to see the full potential of that engine
just use a 40%nitro-40%methanol-20%Castor oil mix. Use ONLY Castor Oil as
any other oil will cause corrosion in the crankshaft the moment the engine
fires up. Afterwards oil with Marvel's mystery oil and you'll be fine.

Автор mazhongsong ( назад)
Yes,Thanks. Since Nitro is poisonous and corruptive to the engine, to avoid
hazards, I did not prepare it for the engines for collection purpose.

Автор HaroldTorresRacing ( назад)
Man, that little engine doesn't run good without Nitro. That's why you lean
it and doesn't rev up. Nice, though.

Автор mazhongsong ( назад)
Depending on the conditions, the engine may costs $50 to $130

Автор mazhongsong ( назад)
It's bought from EBAY and there are lots of stuff. Good luck!

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