Hiva Siasi Tonga 2

Himi 472 of the Church of Tonga, dedicated to those who have passed. This hymn is not necessarily a funeral hymn but this fasi is usally associated with funerals...at least to my knowledge.

*all of the pictures were taken in Tonga*

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Автор Lupe Makaafi ( назад)
Malo faifekau Sami Fehoko Vea ae hiva malie kae pehe kihe toenga ae kau
hiva ofa lahi atu kia tekimoutolu #S.T.H #1929.

Автор Tevita Lui ( назад)
malo hiva moe ngaahi lea

Автор Pauline Potter ( назад)
R.I.P uncle August♥ 28/8/1939 - 15/8/2012

Автор naa mei nafualu siola'a ( назад)
kataki pe kau ki hao hake ai leva koe himi koena koe fa'u ia he
tangata'eiki palesiteni pe 'ae siasi ko Rev Nafetalai Siola'a....

Автор Low Taiese ( назад)
which church is dis? 

Автор Kaukiono Soakai ( назад)
@huikavapalangi ... thank you huikavapalangi... it's always polite to
aknowledge 'ae kau Composer 'o ha hiva.. Fkmalo ki he Composer ko 'eni ne
ne fa'u 'ae hiva malie ni, 'ikai ngata 'ene ngaue fklaumalie ki he kakai
'oe Siasi, ka 'oku toe lave mafana mai kia kimautolu he funga vaka
kehekehe. 'Ofa atu pea fkfeta'i he ngaue lava kuo fai. thank you again
huikavapalangi he share 'oe hiva ni.... 'ofa moe lotu..

Автор Vai P ( назад)
@teachersrock1 this hymn speaks of how the world is the ocean, we are
riding a boat through tough waves that may flips us over, watch out before
you get to shore for as close to home you think you are, behold there are
rough reefs in the shallows that threaten to tear the boat as we attempt to
land ashore - Lets call the TRUE captain to guide our journey, the Almighty
and Omnipotent LORD of lords that He is our Captain forever more!

Автор Toese Salelesi ( назад)
Deep, tear provoking, amazing! One might have already summarized the
message of the song. But is it okay if someone would briefly translate what
the song is about. Splendid tenor sounds going on! and no instruments! 

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
@jameslotu Io oku ke mo'oni oku ikai fu'u mahu'inga fefe pe koe Himi a hai,
he koe Himi pe ke fakalangilangi a ho tau 'Eiki. Koe fakamahino atu pe koe
ki'i himi koe himi na'e fa'u ehe matu'a Siasi o Tonga a.k.a. Siasi Tonga
Hou'eiki, oku ikai ko ha me'a ke fai ai ha polepole ka koe fiema'u pe e au
ke fakamalo'ia ae kakai na'a nau si'i fa'u ae hiva, koe matu'a Siasi Tonga.
Pea oku pau ke ilo ehe kainga koe matu'a ni na'a nau fa'u ke lava o fai ha
fakamalo'i. Ofa atu ia Sisu. :)

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
@TongaHou : oh sorry I was told and read that Dr. Moulton or how Tongans
know him as Toketa Molitoni is the one who first used tuungafasi to teach
the tunes of the Wesleyan hymns to Tongans because using the traditional
western Doe Ray Me Fa, etc. was kind of offensive to Tongans because some
of the words together say inapproriate Tongan words. This is what I was
told, so I may be wrong but I don't mean to cause offense, Ofa atu in
Christ. :)

Автор Lens Hops ( назад)
@huikavapalangi ACTUALLY. wrong again.. our King Tupou IV created th hiva
tuungafasi. acknowledge those who put hard work into all of that!!!!
-studies prove this as well.

Автор Lens Hops ( назад)
@huikavapalangi EMENI. :)

Автор Kaukiono Soakai ( назад)
Is it matter pe koe himi 'a hai. What matters koe hiva fklangilangi'i 'oe
'Eiki. Malo kainga e ma'u le'o ke fklangilangi'i 'ae 'Eiki 'oku tau tui
kiai. I'm born n raise Uesiliana, but I also love all christian musics.
Malo kainga e ma'u le'o ke fklangilangi'i 'ae 'Eiki.. 'Ofa atu ki he kau
tangata'eiki moe kau fine'eiki 'oku kei mamahi'i 'a e ngaahi mu'aki hiva..h

Автор Kaukiono Soakai ( назад)
To me doesn't matter pe koe himi 'a hai. What matters it speaks directly to
my heart....'ofa atu kau hiva..I'm Uesiliana, but I love all siasi Tonga
himi anyway..Peace.

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
Kataki fakamolemole, Koe himi eni ia oe Siasi o Tonga, also known as Siasi
Tonga Hou'eiki. Ko emau himi amautolu oku ngata ia he valu ngeau tupu. Ofaz

Автор Josephine Katoanga ( назад)
i like your singing thank you

Автор tamafoa (1864 года назад)
Ha fua ho'o mou felau'aki!! Koe kakai kotoa pe kitaua 'ae Eiki, neongo pe
koe ha 'ae Siasi pe koe Tokateline 'oku ke kau ki ai. Manatu'i: Church is
nothing but a building with a church's name on it......and as far as the
Himi....all that matters is the words that come from the himi and thats

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
you are right about the Tongans using numbers for musical notes, and that
is because when Palangi's brought hiva tu'unga fasi to Tonga the
translation of how to say regular musical notes seem borderline cussing in
Tongan so they changed it to numbers. Hiva Tu'unga fasi was brought from
Palangis... Hiva Usu is an older form of Tongan singing and does not have
musical notes per se, just a tune that is learned from the punake... thank
u for the comment hope that clarifies things... ofaz

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
i think this is only the hymn 472 of the Siasi Tonga Hou'eiki, because the
other Siasi Tongas (Siasi Tonga Tau'ata'ina and Siasi Tonga Konisitutone)
use the STT himi, we have our own himi in the SOT..... but i think the
siasi Tongas all share fasi or tunes.....

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
I think some tunes might be the same as the STT but our hymns are
different.... well God Bless anyways... Ofaz...

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
This is not a siasi tonga tauataina himi, this is a himi from the Siasi
Tonga Hou'eiki, we have our own tohi Himi.

Автор Viula Mahe ( назад)
this cant be a siasi tonga tauataina himi as we dont have a himi

Автор harmmat ( назад)
its a hymn but it depends on the church that sings it-as some church in
tonga'the tonga free church as well as tonga hou'the huahiva will choose
the version to sing it n as most free tonga church hymn theres always a few
version for each hymn n sum of these hymn will sound as if its a hiva
usu-but its only cus of the people of that church will sing it wit they
version as in most cases in tonga the old school version likely be the usu
version or close to it so it's not usu but close.

Автор harmmat ( назад)
yes this is the hymn 472 which always the funeral hymn when every siasi
tonga tauataina/houeiki always choose when love ones pass away either durin
'apo,first hymn for malanga'i at the burial n also one or the first hymn
use at church durin first week of mournin..but each church has they own
twist to the hymn but still good,,,this hymn always gives me goose bumps
when we sing..love it

Автор Vai P ( назад)
Although this is considered hiva himi,it's still considered hiva usu
because of the style it's being sung in.This is the original style of
Tongan choral singing >this type of multiple harmonising would still be
considered Hiva Usu. There are 5 Methodist denominations in Tonga.2 of
them(Church of Tonga/Free and Chiefly)still preserve this form of singing
Hiva Usu very well.The biggest Church(Wesleyan)more modern form of 4part
harmony yet still sings USU on PoLotu(A Night of Singing Praises)

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
oh and polotu in Tongan means night of prayer...there is singin during
these times but we have po hiva which means night of singing and during
these times in the SOT hiva usu's are sung for hours, and are usually very
good..... Songs that don't have musical notes and are learned the
traditional way... just by following the lead of the punake, choir director
or person who knows the tune or fasi... hope that helped...

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
this song comes out of the SOT Hymn book... and to my knowledge I have
never heard anyone call this hiva usu because it comes out of a hymn book
... I could be wrong...

Автор huikavapalangi ( назад)
this isn't what you would call hiva usu, it is hiva himi, it sounds like
hiva usu but hiva usu is usually referred to as songs made up and written
for vocals only and no instruments...

Автор Lens Hops ( назад)
pahaha. cum on amelika.! this fasi is hella used and most common. hahaha.
shuld have Tongahou Welly sing it for use. hee! hee! S.O.T ROX MY SOX!!

Автор macknmango ( назад)
malieee....i'm siasi tonga hou'eiki too =] i looove this himi but i never
heard this fasi before =] niiiice....i'm bout to ako it ryt now lol

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