The Lion King 2 - Simba's Nightmare

A scene from The Lion King 2 (Simba's Pride).

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Автор Nick katz ( назад)
kovu is evil in this dream

Автор Jason king ( назад)
WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY DID MUFFASA HAVE TO DIE WWWWWHHHHYYYYYY😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😞😞😢😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😫😩😫😩😫😩😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😟😟😟😟😟

Автор Lemony Jade ( назад)
Is it me or does Jim Cummings's Scar sound WAAAAAY creepier than Jeremy Irons?

Автор MEX/USA SuperGuy ( назад)
I made a different (fan-made) version (from Criminal Minds: FBI Agents - Rangers Rocks, the other side of the story of MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks), It involves Clark's nightmare in a tornado incident:

Clark Kent is like Simba
Jonathan Kent like Mufasa
King Sombra like Scar
& Adagio Dazzle like Kovu

In his nightmare, Clark Kent is trying to save his adopted father (Jonathan Kent, who was injured) from a tornado, but King Sombra got him and the Tornado got Mr. Kent. When Clark stares at Sombra, it turns out to be Adagio Dazzle (as a Siren), then she lets him go and ends up trapped in a tornado.

Автор joe tie ( назад)
Damn that evil laugh

Автор Beckster ( назад)
Scar sucks

Автор Joe Berry ( назад)
the wild 2006 ilon and wildebeest

Автор Lena MLGHyena ( назад)
pause at 0:37 Simba has tears in his eyes Omg this makes me so sad!!!

Автор brittani c. farren ( назад)
did I just hear  simba  call mufasa daddy  :O!  I knew he called  dad when he was cub  and father when he grow up but not ever Daddy   but still I love the lion king loved it as kid I'm 22 now  still love it today   :D

Автор Hellfire scorpion ( назад)
this is a scary nightmare.

Автор Scar ( назад)

Автор Sharkboy & Lavagirl ( назад)
Mufasa : Simbaaaaaaaa

Simba : Noooooo

Simba : Scar

( Kovu appears )

Simba : Kovu

Kovu : Ha

Simba : Noooooooooooo

Автор Alysha playz random games ( назад)
judging by the speed/strenth on simba he would of clinged on the cliff then falling to his death (im not blaming you im just pointing it out)

Автор Craig Eager ( назад)
That really had to be without a doubt the most scariest dream I ever saw seeing Simba not being able to save his father, thinking he saw Scar who turned out to be Kovu and then being flunk off the cliff to his death because imagine Kovu doing to Simba what Scar did to Mufasa but at least Simba was all right when he went back to sleep afterwards.

Автор Evo Royale ( назад)
Jim Cummings did a spot on Scar impression. Jeremy Irons would be proud.

Автор SuperSmashBrosForver1999 ( назад)
Just because I had a dream about watching this scene I watched it just now

Автор Uncle Pete ( назад)
Kovu was a poodle compared to Scar.

Автор Lucinda Toledo ( назад)
I had this dream before

Автор Sandro Swen ( назад)
I don't know what Nala is dreaming, but...

Автор Sharkboy & Lavagirl ( назад)
If one of my family members was thrown off the edge of a cliff/building I would sacrifice myself by jumping off the edge also.

Автор Hilee Whitaker ( назад)
Gotcha!! Trust Me...

Автор singing juliet ( назад)
*0:21* He called him dad😭

Автор Jackcyn Celestin ( назад)
Simba sounds like ssbb 's pit

Автор Thomas Ringgold ( назад)
That's true on that

Автор The Batman ( назад)

Автор DaisyMoeJoe 17 ( назад)
It makes me so sad to see Simba suffer about his father he should know that it wasn't his fault he was a cub what could he have done to save his father but he blames himself for his death.

Автор mike benjamin ( назад)
scar sounds just like jerermy irons i knew jim cummings in these scene i miss scar i think they shouldve not cut him out at all until this film

Автор Tonya Sherrer ( назад)

Автор Joshua Montague ( назад)
Did anyone notice that almost every death scene in Disney movies involves falling to their death?

Автор Maribel Garcia ( назад)
yeah kuvo kill simba... im evil

Автор Tia Frazier ( назад)
what's with this family and clifs????

Автор Dayzon kovu was king and kiara was queen ( назад)
Simba died in the stampede kovu threw him in

Автор Nevaeh Rushing ( назад)
this is the best

Автор Ailani Farris ( назад)
Simba that's my dogs name omg

Автор asilam mukalazi ( назад)
I had a nightmare of this when I was a kid

Автор Network Gaming ( назад)
Simba try to save Mufasa when I saw Scar's Shadows bb

Автор Network Gaming ( назад)
I saw Scar's Shadows when Mufasa Is dead on [1974] I was reborn 2002 I am going through💯u want u have any questions or concerns.

hi Theresa!!!!✔

Автор ThatSideOTheInternet ( назад)
Dad! Just a little Father!

Автор SJMJ91 ( назад)
Interesting that it is Scar's exact shadow before unveiling it to actually be Kovu. He said Scar isn't his father but I just don't see how he can't be.

Автор PianoRose ( назад)
Not complaining, but it's kinda weird because Simba is still young as being a king and a father compared to Mufasa....

Автор Queenofawesome25 ( назад)
This scene scared the shit out of me as a kid.

Автор Jordan Hollins ( назад)
what's the theme?

Автор Hiatt Grey ( назад)
My favorite scene out the whole movie.

Автор Biene Eden ( назад)
that nightmare is different from the normal lion king cause only mufasa died but in his nightmare both of them died #😵🐯🔱

Автор Kali Alexander ( назад)
I love this scene this is my favorite scene out of lion king 2.

Автор ginantsfan5 ( назад)
Wicked cool vid!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jesse Ly ( назад)

Автор katie Conrad ( назад)

Автор Turtles Man ( назад)
Damn this used to be serious mindfucking scene as a cub

Автор Riley Andersen ( назад)
I saw it in my Nightmares

Автор CHR0MEMATIC ( назад)

Автор Amanda Eklund ( назад)
imagine if simba had saved his dad in the dream.. then it would be a good dream :-)

Автор Elizabeth Morales ( назад)
How could Kovu be king of the Pridelands when he's not Scar's real son?

Автор Sam Lovatic ( назад)
Didn't the wildebeasts run the other way?

Автор Aurora ( назад)
Every time I see this I get chills

Автор Dave Davis ( назад)
thers scar he back but how I thoat he die I can his. heaaa heaaa heaa haaaaa.

Автор Dave Davis ( назад)
mufsa ? oh my god. is scar but I thoat he was dead mufas fall noooooooooooooo. hun scar or kova ?

Автор thomas philip ( назад)

Автор Justin Heredia ( назад)
Here's a theory on why Simba had this nightmare: Simba didn't like Kovu right? So this nightmare is basically saying that if Simba trusts Kovu exactly how he trusted Scar, Simba feels like he's gonna die the same way his father did. (This is a theory)

Автор Alex Mercado ( назад)
Scar is kovu and killed simba

Автор allen john tatoy ( назад)

Автор Nath an ( назад)
Imagine is Scar had transformed into Mufasas and right before he dropped him he told Simba "its your fault" that would have scarred him for life... Damn i'm evil

Автор Hatixhe Kadri ( назад)
fuck thes guys hahaha

Автор ishaq tubo ( назад)

Автор ishaq tubo ( назад)
Looks like his dream that scar is still alive

Автор RoboTroNica ( назад)
Simbas eyes look like septic eyes

Автор Neiva Panes ( назад)
j TBH jj TV 6 thy g GM jyffc7yufjj

Автор Counter Satsuma ( назад)
I actually grew up with the Norwegian version of this movie, and Scars voice acting is brilliant and evil particularly in this scene. It's nice to see the resemblance with other languages. I remember I always found the nightmare part extremely dark and sad, ofc it is a nightmare lol. But it shows Scars true colors even more effectively, and the part with "Trust me". Simba did trust scar as a kid, and probably looked up to him. And in the nightmare he's tossed off the cliff as well, like... the representation of how Scar really was like. Said everything to achieve ppls trust then rip em off. Deep

Автор Luigi Fun Time ( назад)
Dam Simba have very bad Nightmare that bad you know.

Автор Somerandomdude69 ( назад)
:) keep it down

Автор ball coach ( назад)
Jim Cummings As Scar

Автор Arlynjaye Escarieses ( назад)
i love it😊☺😄😄☺☺☺

Автор Edmund Wong ( назад)

Автор Mylene Valencia ( назад)

Автор how old are you?:/ Alfonso ( назад)
why can't you just stab him you know for kids!

Автор Amyra Ain ( назад)
hey I see a lot of your loin king video why does it always LOVE!!!!!!

Автор влада кичук ( назад)
имьс дс ц ыд ыдийт вя и

Автор Silvia's Reviews (1872 года назад)
I like that even though Scar is dead he still makes an impression on the characters.

Автор The Warrior Cat Returns! Grey/Scratch (161 год назад)
Why why why!!!!!

Автор LPS LOVER ( назад)

Автор Jay's Burrito Corner ( назад)

You know

For kids!

Автор nguyen nam ( назад)
David. F b

Автор Jia Qi ( назад)
Scar and kovue are almost completely the same

Автор Shenita Sparkle ( назад)
nala kill asleep when simba wake and breathe hard

Автор The RadDude Gaming ( назад)
Lol stupid night mare

Автор Justin B ( назад)
That is not reail I did not kill Simba

Автор KawaiiYanderlee ( назад)
I don't know if to take this scene seriously or not. The evil laughter was awesome but the dialogue... it doesn't sound like they were trying at all.

Автор Marcus Hill ( назад)
Kinda scary

Автор Yusmiaty Arti ( назад)
simba itu keren

Автор Sully Orchestration (656 лет назад)
Behold, the most shittiest acting you have ever heard.

Автор Warren Parkinson ( назад)



Автор Gera Abarca ( назад)

Автор The Puppet ( назад)
This is more heartfelt than the original.

Автор Everest85811 AJ ( назад)
Kovu is the son of scar watch the movie

Автор Spooky Hollows ( назад)
I always thought this part was super jacked up XD holy crap

Автор WolfFrost TheMagnificent ( назад)
That was an awesome nightmare. X3

Автор Delphina1011 ( назад)
Did the actor of Mufasa come back for this movie?

Автор Σπυρος Σκοντζος ( назад)
ειναι πολυ ορεα

Автор The DragonMeister ( назад)
Some people are saying that Kovu is the son of Scar, but actually, he's not. If Kovu was the son of Scar, then I bet there would be controversy issues because of him falling in love with Kiara.

Автор Sushkin TV ( назад)
Mufasa : Never Give Up 😺
Scar : Never Shut's Up 😼
Mufasa : WHAT 😨
Scar : Kill You 😈
Simba : Time At PAYBACK 😾
Scar : No Please 😨
Simba : Never I Quit 😾
Scar : No please 😨
Noku : Caman Lion King 😼
Kovu : Hey Brother You Can't See Me 😎
Scar : Damn 😨
Simba : Shut Up And Run 😾
Scar : Fight 😼
Simba : Kill You 😾
Scar : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Simba : Hey Kovu Friend At Always 😺
Simba Dream Kovu : Hehehe Never Kill You 😈
Real Life = Simba Wins
Dream Life = Simba Loses

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