Assassin’s Creed | Secret Societies [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.

ASSASSIN’S CREED stars Academy Award® nominee Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave) and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises, La Vie en Rose). The film is directed by Justin Kurzel (Snowtown, Macbeth); produced by New Regency, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, DMC Films and Kennedy/Marshall; co-financed by RatPac Entertainment and Alpha Pictures; and distributed by 20th Century Fox. ASSASSIN’S CREED opens in theaters worldwide on December 21st, 2016.

In Theaters - December 21, 2016

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Michael K. Williams

Directed by Justin Kurzel

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Assassin’s Creed | Secret Societies [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Просмотров: 190598
Длительность: 2:24
Комментарии: 290

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Автор Nengah Shaantika ( назад)
no copyright?

Автор whiteribbonman1 ( назад)
You draw me in with a photo of Ariane Labed, but then you disappoint. I
REALLY enjoyed this film, I just wished they had given her more to say.

Автор Peyton Bale ( назад)
👍👍 *Assassin's Creed ᴴ ᴰ =| F U L L M O V I E 2 0 1 6|*


Автор MasterPro :'v ( назад)
Esto insulta el credo de los asesinos

Автор João Moreno ( назад)
Wake up United States !!

Автор Elliott Quinones ( назад)
Look at the time stamp for this clip. If you know anything about Gematria,
the esoteric practice of coding numbers into words, then the truth is right
before your very eyes.

The Synagogue of Satan = 223 (English Ordinal)
Masonic = 223 (Hebrew)

In the Book of Revelation, is was prophesized that the Synagogue of Satan
(known as the false Jews) would rule in the end times. - Revelation 3:9

Автор paramos pictec ( назад)

Автор Coshcosh ( назад)
Make a sequel!!!

Автор Coshcosh ( назад)
Arno is in the movie!!!!

Автор Phuong Pham Viet ( назад)
The ancient Spanish templars look like a bunch of thugs.

Автор Nate Greno ( назад)
Wow!! I can't wait to watch the movie.

Автор Eclair Lacroix ( назад)
We are entitled to our own opinions. Critics says it's bad but I do have my
own opinion and I haven't seen the movie yet so... we'll see I guess.

Автор Алексей Шокодько ( назад)
322 LoL

Автор Shannon Donoghue ( назад)
Why 20 fox century,AC was my favorite game,why did you do this.l hate

Автор ffeeaall ( назад)
Why is a film from 20th Century Fox exposing this?

Автор Debbie Sanders ( назад)
LOVED IT!!! Critics dont like it, because its TRUE... STILL FIGHTING SECRET

Автор greg smith ( назад)
Excellent Movie, Love the Cinematography

Автор André Silva ( назад)
awsome movie .this movie in my opinion was amazing

Автор srg forge ( назад)
gorge Washington was a Templar

Автор Star Wars Fan ( назад)
7:44 *Assassin’s Creed* ᴴᴰ | m o v i e - o n l i n e | --►

Автор Bergr B ( назад)
I like how they chose a timeline that historically excludes Muslim
presence. They chose late 15th century, the period of the fall of Granada,
the last Muslim bastion. I feel as if Hollywood wants to ignore Muslim
history on purpose. Who ruled Spain before this films time line took place?
For 850 years Muslims were dominant in Spain yet this film does not depict
a single image of Muslims, as if Muslims never existed in Spain. Why does
Western media censor Muslim history? Why hide it from the public? Further
on, It's funny how they ignore Assassins creed's true historical backstory
where it took place in the Levant, Syria and Jerusalem during the Crusades
and the Hashahashins, the first true order of assassins and Altair and now
conjure up some fallacy about a European Assassin order when we all know
there were no European assassin orders, there were the Hashashshins and
nobody else.

Автор Big Boss ( назад)
That's just the base movie, in order to get more complex and less weak and
childish, you gotta pay 40 bucks for a movie DLC and watch it through

Автор CK Films ( назад)
Please have an "UNRATED" version of this film once it's on the shelves.
When the assassin's were all doing their things (Assassinating people),
there was not enough blood. It doesn't always have to be PG-13!!! Make it

Автор Jose Romero ( назад)

Автор Victor Ivanov ( назад)
woooow .... nice graphics

Автор Fisha Shuib ( назад)
everyone kept saying that the movie's storyline was weak af. hold your
horses, i saw the movie and it was SUPER GREAT. i didn't play the game but
i had always been interested in their idea & plot. it didn't run from
anything that was already there in the game. i was really satisfied. the
actors did most of their stunts too - they deserve an applause at least.
i'd rate it 8.5/10.

Автор mexiLeo23 ( назад)
The story line was weak ! Disappointed

Автор Alien Angel ( назад)
Saw it Friday night. It was awesome !

Автор Aurodeep Kamal ( назад)
This was pretty disappointing. The ending screams "SEQUEL" so hard, as a
standalone movie there was little to see.

Автор Theshadowdemon9 ( назад)
According to franchise history, Assassins and Templars existed long before

Автор Bob Vahn ( назад)
whats with the cheesy narrator?

Автор mangafreak2001 ( назад)
we work in the darkness to serve the light........multiple day light action
sequence ^^

Автор Aliff Muzli ( назад)
assassins brotherhood, alan walker, and watch dogs team in one creed.. to
destroy illuminati, the satan worshipper..

Автор Luis Castro ( назад)
come on man this movie can't be aa bad as critics made it to be, it just
can't doesn't make any sense....! this video got me even more pumped for it
can't wait to see it

Автор Bob Hoskins ( назад)
Irons against those flags looked odd but other than that it's looking
pretty promising. Maybe people could do with watching this video before the
film for just a little bit of background information.

Автор Martin XY ( назад)
If we find out that they existed, minds around the world would EXPLODE

Автор D ( назад)
The creed is 'Nothing is true, everything is permitted'
Not the tenets

Автор h3llb3nd4 ( назад)
Full of action, devoid of solid plot... left theaters empty and disappoint

Автор Emitv ( назад)
whats weird is the assassin brother hood is actually real

Автор Jes Cruz ( назад)
It being founded in Masyaf is not canonical to the story. There have been
assassins since ancient Egypt the time of the Pharaohs y'know (based on the

Автор Alexey Redfield ( назад)
The filmmaking looks awesome the schemes the visual effects, everything.
And I will probably enjoy the movie but I can't stop finding all the
trailers pretty awful! Like if a virgin friki made them

Автор alexandre xavier ( назад)
espero que tenha uma estória boa.

Автор Matt Pask ( назад)
I haven't seen the film yet and I had high hopes for it with people rating
it 8/10 on IMDb, but then i look at the metacritic score at 30ish out of
100 and im like... well....rip the dream

Автор Araon Paul ( назад)
Ezio mumma Mia I needa la pizza

Автор Ferry Haryanto ( назад)
everybody talking about nothing is true, everything is permitted didnt show
up on screen
the answer is dudee..... do you want all assassin in the world say that.
this is in another country assassin, not in paris or rome or anywhere the
game we played. this is new place of assassin group.
they dont have twitter,facebook, instagram, or any social media.
you think altair or ezia will post "nothing is true,everything is
permitted". geezz... this is different timeline

i know u guys want some "fan-service" but thats make no sense.
people said this movie is bad, hey super fan i know u dont like it but
remember that day when AC Unity come out? and u know what they do with next
series AC Syndicate??? Bad as first its not only mean Bad for all series.
remember dragon ball and the last air bender avatar?? <====thats the bad

Автор assassinzacreed ( назад)
This should have been a trailer by itself, probably the best one so far,
giving us the story and still leaving some mystery.

Автор Carl Washington ( назад)
Can anyone tell me why The Assassin brotherhood chopped off the leading
role hero's ring finger? I didn't understand that part of the movie.

Автор Jesús Corona ( назад)
Isn't The Creed: "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" or something
like that? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Автор Kurniawan Creed ( назад)
the soundtrack at the end, my god!!! goesbump!!

Автор Erudito “Subject 18” otidurE ( назад)
"Founded in the Third Crusade [...] Based in the castle of Masyaf"

The Assassins were founded during the time of the first Crusade, and
originally based in Alamut >:[

Автор Dr.Crack ( назад)
Why do they never say "Nothing is true, Everything is permitted", that is
the real question here

Автор sunnistarwarnew ( назад)
illuminati is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo quiet

Автор Enrico Dustin ( назад)
a quote from Shay Cormac

Автор Trailer Music Vibe ( назад)
The truth is that the Templars did actually have significant influence over
other societies like the Assassins.

Автор Trailer Music Vibe ( назад)
Illuminati confirmed

Автор *Justice* :Arrive (રλĢεħ Șpίɖεર) ( назад)
We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins.🤘🤘🤘

Автор IK ( назад)
It's suddenly called secret societies and so different from the first
trailers... Maybe it is something different? like an extra thing or so?

Автор R Moyse ( назад)
Why so many bad reviews , looks awesome , think if you like the game you
will like this movie

Автор Felix Onyegbule ( назад)
The more you look, the less you see
Take a look at me now 😩😩

Автор The Blue Growl3r ( назад)
just wow... its accurate to the game while being its own thing..

Автор shuvo sdwrter ( назад)

Автор TheNightWolf ( назад)
I thought it was coming out on new years...anyhow

If you take a critics review more serious then your own, just don't watch
movies...please. Gullable little shills.

Автор Eerik Karhu ( назад)
i did a research project on the Illuminati and literal all of what they
said is wrong, the eye isnt even their symbol like most people think, it
was the owl of minerva

Автор twistedmetalplayer21 ( назад)
I just saw the movie.
I don't get why critics bashed it... i guess those who dont understand the
games philosophy and have an in-depth understanding of them won't get the

Автор MFBA ( назад)

Автор avram vlad ( назад)
this was so cheesy, so nerdcasmic, so much fan-service! I'm really
surprised they didn't say "nothing is true, everything is permitted".

Автор Cameron Field (CamBam) ( назад)
I still want my "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted" phrase drop!

Автор Tarek Ali ( назад)
that looks awesome I don't care what the critics say

Автор k0walsk ( назад)
.....I was so looking forward to this D:

Автор Iyngaran Mankkaleswaran ( назад)
Hello, fellow Assassins (or Templars... should you prefer it ;). )!!

Guess which other movie trilogy opened up to scathing initial critical

Star Wars.

You are all welcome.

/ Â \
{ \ / }

Автор GPC24 ( назад)

Автор Audi70R3 ( назад)
If you plan on making a sequel it has to be set in the past only like AC

Автор Travis Landry ( назад)
Critics are so often wrong the film looks terrific, and it's the team
behind Macbeth which is one of my all time favorites. Count me in

Автор Yo Momma ( назад)
Great, more lore discrepancies. Several of these other secret society
members were Templars or allied with them. Implying that the Templars were
different is yet another lore sin this movie makes, and it makes me glad
it's so bad so people will forget it. Not least Ubisoft, before they are
tempted to let it infect the game universe.

Автор David Marshall ( назад)
I know this movie has been getting some iffy reviews, but this video is
awesome. Makes me wanna see it.

Автор Tucker Wollsey ( назад)
omg this is amazing

Автор Soufian 27 ( назад)
illuminati confirmed

Автор Kaarlihs ( назад)
If you want this movie to be great, lower you expectations. Follow the
formula of happiness.

Автор Ashhar Hasan ( назад)
Persian missionary whaaaa'???

Автор Kawaii Bella ( назад)
They need to change the narrators voice

Автор DR.playbr ( назад)
the film looks cool but 19% in rotten video games movies

Автор Kawaii Bella ( назад)
* plays illuminati theme*

Автор Ras_ Al_Him ( назад)
Epic epic epic
The critics can say what they want, I will see this movie and its gonna be

Автор Angel Gamer 525 ( назад)
bienvenidos los que hablan español :v. :v

Автор Ryan Olivier ( назад)
I don't care what the critics say. nothing can impress them nowadays and
I'm still going to go watch and enjoy this movie

Автор Hassan Farooqi ( назад)
Can't wait anymore !!!

Автор Fi Skirata ( назад)
I just checked metascore/rotten tomatoes...

Автор jonneh18 ( назад)
Don't judge the movie before watching it. Half the time critics are wrong
for movies and plus it's your own opinion. I for one will watch this movie
because I am not a sheep and have my own opinions.

Автор Ayush Tharval ( назад)
Cat's out of the bag, Fox. Critics trashed this movie. It's over. 😞😞

Автор 3sk. tv ( назад)
حسن الصباح من اجدادنه

Автор Starkiller100 ( назад)
Only heard piss poor reactions to this. Genuine disappointment.

Автор Ariel Emiliano ( назад)
Dammit Assassins Creed, YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! You were supposed to
destroy the bad video movies, not join them! Bring balance to cinema, not
leave it in darkness!

Автор Garrick Groover ( назад)
Heard this movie blows.

Автор Mike Hawk ( назад)
900 views :o

Автор Lord Hunter ( назад)
I'm going to see the movie at midnight release thanks to the free ticket
from Ezio Collection

Автор XMADDMARSX ( назад)

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