RIP Taylor Jo Doherty

It seems unreal i miss you SOOOO SOOOO much!!!

Hey guys i love to make videos this was my first one i did but if you need help with some or would like me to make you one just email me @hobecashelley@yahoo.com i'm sure i can help ya out!

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Автор DJYoungLeeGotBanged ( назад)
you died and that is lulz

Автор Debbie Wilson ( назад)

Автор Debbie Wilson ( назад)

Автор knoppy2205 ( назад)
why did she comitte suicide her life seemed wonderful

Автор Jessa Andersen ( назад)
She pretty R.I.P

Автор hushpuppyhyz123 ( назад)
Why did she commite suicide?

Автор POTTSELLIE ( назад)
@hollistermayhem omg thats so sad im soo sorry :(

Автор hollister mayhem ( назад)
@POTTSELLIE she committed suicide :-/

Автор vargas37 ( назад)
How very sad,why was it a big deal that she was bi??

Автор julietelizabeth ( назад)
why did she committ suicide? she's gorgeous , im so sorry for the loss.

Автор paulababe1985 ( назад)
who sings this song.. i love it sorry.. about your loss. i lost an ex bf
this yr to suicide!! :(

Автор ZzFearz ( назад)
@tylerf13ful Yeah, I feel so sorry for her hate to see people like her take
their own life.

Автор Tyler f. ( назад)
5:05 she's very preety. ill say a prayer tonight

Автор Tyler f. ( назад)
hi. my name is Tyler and im 13 and i do not know this girl but this is sad
so if u ever feel sad nothing is ever that bad to commit suicide. for the
people that do it like this girl, she was very deppressed, so DONT call her
weird or stupid.

Автор Connie Slayton ( назад)
My heart goes out to all of her friends! She will always be your shiny
angel from now on.....I hope you find comfort in due time. I know you will
always have a special place in your heart for Taylor.

Автор sportive22 ( назад)
I'm sorry for the suicide of Taylor. I love the first song what is that ?

Автор mjs3888 ( назад)
I read an article that said she was given the drug Lexapro for mild
depression. That drug is known to increase suicidal thoughts and actions in
teens. No one kicked her out for being bi.

Автор TheSecretLifeFan ( назад)
wow. i am sorry to hear this. i know how you feel. my closest uncle
commited suiside. it is unreal to lose someone like that.

Автор juggernautjigsaw99 ( назад)
I apologize in advance but I do not feel sorry for those who commit
suicide. There is nothing worth suicide. NOTHING. You all must understand

Автор achristinew3192 ( назад)
I am so sorry for your loss...I watches another video on her that had the
article about what happen. and that is just so horrible and my heart goes
out to all her family and friends...i cant even imagine how they mustve
felt ... RIP TAY <3

Автор MegaTinydancer ( назад)
she's gorgeous....feel so sorry for all her m8s..

Автор Alexandre Bréus ( назад)
I'm french, and i cryed when I looked the video. she was a beautiful girl.
And she was so younger ! I'm sorry for your loss :'( RIP TAY

Автор Mariah calder ( назад)
omg this is sooo sad i cryed through the whole thing RIP.

Автор kristsandra ( назад)
what song is this ? i like it.

Автор misafan09 ( назад)
disneysback1!! What is wrong with you!!!

Автор BrooklynGirl10 ( назад)
im sorry for asking, but do you know the actual reason behind her suicide?
ive read many different stories. im sorry for your loss :( R.I.P

Автор bambi33193 ( назад)
i miss u girl we all do why did u leave i am cryn i MISS UUUUUUUUUUUUU

Автор Talia Sage ( назад)
this is so fucking sad. RIP.

Автор Jennifer Davidson (1396 лет назад)
What happened to her? So sorry for your loss! Rip Taylor x

Автор james ( назад)
you need to go on elsewhere. nobody here wants to hear any of what you have
to say.

Автор Dawn Cherie ( назад)
Your a disrespctful sob!!!

Автор Dawn Cherie ( назад)
This video was well done. She was a very pretty young woman. I'm so sorry
for your loss. I cried through the whole thing. GOD bless you..

Автор brugerper ( назад)

Автор m1ss0utsp0k3n ( назад)
Its no one's place to judge. Only God can judge her. He's looking at her
motives. And if you watch the other vid you would see why she probably did
it. I agree sin is one sin that is unforgivable, but you never know what
God may do with her.

Автор xxToxicRainbows ( назад)
MJD6776, I KNOW she went to heaven. She may have gotten rid of her life,
but she saved so many others... Just talking to her for a minute or two
would always bring a smile to my face. She will never be forgotten... She
was so much more than she ever gave herself credit for..

Автор shellshs ( назад)
goodbye (im sorry) -and then i turned sevemn

Автор caseyandpickle ( назад)
what is this song called

Автор Judyek93 ( назад)
but I am RIP Taylor ♥

Автор Findingmelissa ( назад)
do you think she went to heaven

Автор Findingmelissa ( назад)
what do you mean saved?

Автор karrr05 ( назад)
that waz my friends sister

Автор Findingmelissa ( назад)
if you like are depressed and is in her situation, and you go sucide can
you still go2 heaven??

Автор Findingmelissa ( назад)
wow..she didnt hang herself she shot herself in a nearby field ..in the
morning as she was headin to school they said she googled "how to use a
shotgun" she was depressed and cut herself they also said she was sexually
molested when she was 13 she was goin through some deep shit (plus the
medicine she took Lexapro which is known to increase suicidal ideation in a
small percentage of those who take it)...

Автор verydanipoprock (518 лет назад)
OMG taylor was beautiful. Even though I dont know her I cry over her she
should still be here with hear friend Family everyone who cared and would
of helped her if she had spoken. What is taylor sisiters name. Stay strong
litttle( talyors sis) live your life to the fullest extent and to the
parents I am sorry you also stay strong my prays are with all of you family
friend whoever

Автор FadedLove7173 ( назад)
was it Sarah Wrubble?? and did she go to sabish?

Автор Raquel Mesa ( назад)
She seems so happy.. and the way people talked about her in the other
videos she seemed to be a happy person with a nice life. Why did she kill
herself if you dont mind me asking?

Автор Ihate Blacks ( назад)
pretty girl, rip

Автор evilspeak2292 ( назад)
i was looking for rip taylor videos and it came up this

Автор JAHS102030 ( назад)
why did she commit suicide??

Автор shellshs ( назад)
We were just friends.

Автор POTTSELLIE ( назад)
aww im so sorry if you dont mind me asking what was she to you

Автор shellshs ( назад)
thank you. suicide.

Автор POTTSELLIE ( назад)
i did bust intp tears

Автор POTTSELLIE ( назад)
aww im sorry how did she die

Автор LoveMyJonasx3 ( назад)
i didnt know her, but i about bursted into tears when the picture of her
little sister at her grave came up. RIP Taylor, Beautiful Angel.

Автор caseyandpickle ( назад)
wow it's so sad its sad that you lost an angel but shea with jesus now you
will see her again

Автор ambeezy07 ( назад)
omg thats so wow.. sad. i tryed to kill my self. along time ago. i still
dont feel worth it. today=(

Автор catgill ( назад)
I sorry for this girl, she seems so lovely. I think her parents were wrong
because even if she was bisexual, it's stil your kid. RIP beautiful angel.

Автор shellshs ( назад)
I know. . everyone misses her so much and it doesnt even seem real. .I know
the song is not true to the way people felt and thought about Tay. And
after this tragedy.

Автор johnnyv1938 ( назад)
Prayers go out to you, all of Taylors friends and family.

Автор tOplOaDerCZ ( назад)

Автор thisisMattyM ( назад)

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