RIP Taylor Jo Doherty

It seems unreal i miss you SOOOO SOOOO much!!!

Hey guys i love to make videos this was my first one i did but if you need help with some or would like me to make you one just email me @hobecashelley@yahoo.com i'm sure i can help ya out!

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Автор Connie Slayton (4 года)
My heart goes out to all of her friends! She will always be your shiny
angel from now on.....I hope you find comfort in due time. I know you will
always have a special place in your heart for Taylor.

Автор depressedcutter999 (5 лет)
im so sorry. how could that lovely and what seems to be happy girl commit
suicide?! she seemed like an amazing person

Автор JAHS102030 (6 лет)
why did she commit suicide??

Автор xxToxicRainbows (6 лет)
MJD6776, I KNOW she went to heaven. She may have gotten rid of her life,
but she saved so many others... Just talking to her for a minute or two
would always bring a smile to my face. She will never be forgotten... She
was so much more than she ever gave herself credit for..

Автор Talia Auslin (5 лет)
this is so fucking sad. RIP.

Автор tOplOaDerCZ (7 лет)

Автор bambi33193 (5 лет)
i miss u girl we all do why did u leave i am cryn i MISS UUUUUUUUUUUUU

Автор andiXanarchy (6 лет)
we all miss you tay. RIP. we love you.

Автор Debbie Wilson (3 года)

Автор Jessa Andersen (4 года)
She pretty R.I.P

Автор dance112608 (5 лет)
catgil.. She did not take her life after telling her parents she was
bisexual and being kicked out of her house. I do not know about the
bisexual part but she was NOT kicked out of her house. Her parents loved
her and did everything that they could after finding that she was sucidal.

Автор BrooklynGirl10 (5 лет)
im sorry for asking, but do you know the actual reason behind her suicide?
ive read many different stories. im sorry for your loss :( R.I.P

Автор Jennifer Davidson (5 лет)
What happened to her? So sorry for your loss! Rip Taylor x

Автор POTTSELLIE (6 лет)
i did bust intp tears

Автор Tyler f. (4 года)
hi. my name is Tyler and im 13 and i do not know this girl but this is sad
so if u ever feel sad nothing is ever that bad to commit suicide. for the
people that do it like this girl, she was very deppressed, so DONT call her
weird or stupid.

Автор Dawn Graham (5 лет)
Your a disrespctful sob!!!

Автор shellshs (7 лет)
I know. . everyone misses her so much and it doesnt even seem real. .I know
the song is not true to the way people felt and thought about Tay. And
after this tragedy.

Автор xolvmd (4 года)
I had a question what is the name of the first song?

Автор paulababe1985 (4 года)
who sings this song.. i love it sorry.. about your loss. i lost an ex bf
this yr to suicide!! :(

Автор juggernautjigsaw99 (4 года)
I apologize in advance but I do not feel sorry for those who commit
suicide. There is nothing worth suicide. NOTHING. You all must understand

Автор shellshs (6 лет)
goodbye (im sorry) -and then i turned sevemn

Автор mjs3888 (4 года)
I read an article that said she was given the drug Lexapro for mild
depression. That drug is known to increase suicidal thoughts and actions in
teens. No one kicked her out for being bi.

Автор Judyek93 (6 лет)
but I am RIP Taylor ♥

Автор MegaTinydancer (5 лет)
she's gorgeous....feel so sorry for all her m8s..

Автор Cleverlyme (6 лет)
wow..she didnt hang herself she shot herself in a nearby field ..in the
morning as she was headin to school they said she googled "how to use a
shotgun" she was depressed and cut herself they also said she was sexually
molested when she was 13 she was goin through some deep shit (plus the
medicine she took Lexapro which is known to increase suicidal ideation in a
small percentage of those who take it)...

Автор shellshs (6 лет)
thank you. suicide.

Автор POTTSELLIE (6 лет)
aww im so sorry if you dont mind me asking what was she to you

Автор theresa2319 (4 года)
my heart is sad for this young beautiful girl, i can understand what she
might have been going through, life sometimes can be hard, as i felt
sometimes about doing the same thing, and i'm 50 years old, i thank god
that i have got some help when i start 2 feel that way, so at her young age
i know it must have been harder to talk 2 someone.i just hope she's at
peace, beautiful angel R.I.P.

Автор Ihate Blacks (6 лет)
pretty girl, rip

Автор LoveMyJonasx3 (6 лет)
i didnt know her, but i about bursted into tears when the picture of her
little sister at her grave came up. RIP Taylor, Beautiful Angel.

Автор shellshs (6 лет)
We were just friends.

Автор johnnyv1938 (7 лет)
Prayers go out to you, all of Taylors friends and family.

Автор TheSecretLifeFan (4 года)
wow. i am sorry to hear this. i know how you feel. my closest uncle
commited suiside. it is unreal to lose someone like that.

Автор brugerper (5 лет)

Автор chriscaiazzo8 (6 лет)
omg im sooo sorry!!! My cousin was killed in a car crash he was 16 i know
its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. it feels like your in a dream and that
you cant get out. RIP may you fly hight with the angels <33

Автор respect9898 (5 лет)
she just didnt realize how much she was loved. i wish those who consider
suicide could flash forward for just a moment and see all of those who will
have their hearts totally crushed and how much they will be missed. she was
such a beautiful girl, i wish she knew what kind of life she could have
had. RIP

Автор ABlueEyedSuicide (4 года)
Didn't know her but she was soooooo beautiful :( There are so many videos
made for her on here, just goes to show how much she meant to everyone :(
in my thoughts.. xxx

Автор james (5 лет)
you need to go on elsewhere. nobody here wants to hear any of what you have
to say.

Автор POTTSELLIE (6 лет)
aww im sorry how did she die

Автор miss0v3rd0z3ux0 (6 лет)
what the song pls rip why taylor

Автор glowsexy28 (4 года)
OMG!!!! as Beautiful as she is. a pearson that look like she LOVE LIFE IT
SELF...suicide??? no way. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for your
lost!! R.I.P Taylor

Автор FadedLove7173 (6 лет)
was it Sarah Wrubble?? and did she go to sabish?

Автор misafan09 (5 лет)
disneysback1!! What is wrong with you!!!

Автор Tyler f. (4 года)
5:05 she's very preety. ill say a prayer tonight

Автор julietelizabeth (4 года)
why did she committ suicide? she's gorgeous , im so sorry for the loss.

Автор Dawn Graham (5 лет)
This video was well done. She was a very pretty young woman. I'm so sorry
for your loss. I cried through the whole thing. GOD bless you..

Автор jontavius40 (7 лет)
how did she die. sorry for ur loss

Автор hushpuppyhyz123 (4 года)
Why did she commite suicide?

Автор Mariah calder (5 лет)
omg this is sooo sad i cryed through the whole thing RIP.

Автор vargas37 (4 года)
How very sad,why was it a big deal that she was bi??

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