Toccata for Band - Frank Erickson (CSUN Wind Symphony)

I studied a score and conducted the CSUN Wind Symphony playing Frank Erickson's Toccata for Band for a conducting class project. Comments by Dr. Larry Stoffel.

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Автор freshpressedify (1 год)
I know this guy from his presuppositional apologetics, but this looks like
more fun!

Автор Jamie Hung (2 года)
This is good :)

Автор kymillyon (5 лет)
Good Job.... I too played under Dr. Stoffel, when he first came to CSUN for
two years. I also played Toccata for Band!

Автор Dream_Chills (3 года)
me and my Cali band played this year on March tenth at a band fest

Автор Jonathan Cruz (5 лет)
Great Job!! I played under the direction of Dr. Stoffel for 5 years.
Soph-Sr year and both years of my Master's as a Saxophone Major. Dr.
Stoffel is a great teacher! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Автор Joshua Quioto (1 год)
Has potential wood winds need to tune and trumpets need to tone down a bit

Автор Dream_Chills (3 года)
the way he has his two hands up some times reminds me of a little bear

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