COMPLETE World Baseball Classic Brawl - CANADA VS MEXICO Mar 9 2013 Best Brawl!

A crazy brawl erupted in the 9th inning of the World Baseball Classic game between Canada and Mexico. Game was held in Phoenix, Arizona.
Run differential is a tie-breaker in the WBC, so teams try to pile on the runs. After Canada bunted for a base hit in the 9th inning, Mexico pitcher Arnold Leon threw two consecutive pitches at Canada's Rene Tosoni. All hell broke loose after that.

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Автор NorthGamer7 (4 месяца)
Don't fuck with Canada. Not only did we kick Mexico's ass in the fight,
more importantly, we won the game, and that's all that matters. 

Автор Kevin James (2 месяца)
Sore losers, How about Mexicans stay in Mexico, Stop coming to the US
illegally. I see nothing wrong with bunting for a base hit, Stupid. 

Автор SyntheticJoker (8 месяцев)
Mexico are a bunch sore losers. No wonder why nobody in the world likes

Автор Numba1SouthParkFan (6 месяцев)
Mexicans are brutal fighters. If they let them have an all out fight
without anybody stoping them they would tear Canada a new asshole. Mexicans
did get butt hurt though. 

Автор IceWarrior101 (8 месяцев)
Have to love baseball fights.. been watching a ton of these and while maybe
only a couple of punches land they are mostly just falling down on their
own or because they have no balance..

Автор Alex Ess (2 месяца)

Автор Jay Cuthbert (2 месяца)
One of the Classics. Thanks both countries. Loved it as a fan, and no harm

Автор Lionel Messi (8 месяцев)
Pussy Canadians are crying over getting hit by water 😩😢

Автор Flike (1 месяц)
Rick Sutcliffe must have been off his meds for this one. Bunting for a hit
with in the 9th with a 6 run lead is 100% Bush league. I'm no fan of
Mexico, but Canada was way out of line here. 

Автор Algonquin81 (6 месяцев)
Stupid fucking beaners. You fucking losers whine and intentionally bean a
player because you're losing and then you get your ass kicked on
international t.v. As if your reputation wasn't bad enough we Canucks also
win the game too. We won the game and kicked your asses for the fun of

Автор tapatio691 (4 дня)
malditos osos blancos , ustedes y los malditos gringos un dia los vamos a
matar y mandarlos a chingar a su madre a europa de donde jamas debieron
salir. chinguen su madre!

Автор KAHLONification (5 месяцев)
Only reason Mexico exists is to be a drug highway to the US. FUCKING USLESS
PATETIC COUNTRY. # 1 export is dirty Mexican people lol

Автор Jakob Lüst (2 дня)
Fighting Canadians in a sport is probably a bad idea.

Автор Jonathan Brodeur (6 месяцев)
Good thing the United States is separating these 2 countries or else they
would be going at it all the time 

Автор Dirk Singh (1 месяц)
Canadians are tough those guys take bigger hits and bigger punishment on a
more consistent basis on the ice why the fuck would you fuck with them like
that lol. Man that was just stupid on the mexican pitchers part.

Автор 13Gangland (4 месяца)
Boy, it's us Mexicans vs. Canadians in this comment section.. who will be
the winner? Oh wait, silly me, it will be us Mexs.. Brown Pride.

Автор Andrew Cremona (8 дней)
i feel like sergio romo has shanked a few ppl in the neck

Автор Lawrence J (1 месяц)
Hey BEANERS you got your ass kicked in baseball wanna try hockey next?

Автор Asmahdan (22 дня)
The amount of people in these comments that do not actually know what
racism is, is staggering. Newsflash, just cause one group gets criticized
by another group, does not constitute racism ffs. SMH

Автор Sniz420 (1 месяц)
most disgusting thing i have seen in baseball Mexican baseball has no class
or even self respect what so ever , the 3B and pitcher should be banned for
life from MLB not like they have the talent to get there even and
international competition ,Mexico should be banned from international
competition for at least 5 years 

Автор Young Blood (3 месяца)
i'm American and Canada is the best fuck Mexico what a piece of shit

Автор TheShuffle z (7 месяцев)
I'm canadian and after reading these comments I'm really disappointed in
the racism there are many Mexicans in canada too!!! Please don't give
Canada's name a bad background.

Автор Venoms (7 месяцев)
beaners always the beaners

Автор trespaser5444 (1 месяц)
I'm not Canadian or Mexican but both of you people just like to fight ok,
people realy enjoy to fight and see people fighting and writing ofensive,
racist and despective coments cause they will never see their faces so is
very easy to be unpolite and anyone of you cares the life of the other,
forget about it I'm high... now my beautiful girlfriend is going to suck my
cock and I'll be happy =)

Автор insanityvidz (1 месяц)
He shouldn't have bunted the ball in the first place

Автор nowyourenraged2 (3 месяца)
0:00 nice looking mexican girl.

Автор Bruno Vega (28 дней)
Its funny how the Americans want to be on the middle of the fight...

Автор Pocket Pool (3 месяца)
The Canadian Batter was just going to the mound to apologize for being in
the way, lol

Автор Kevin Doyle (1 месяц)
MEXICANS SUCK!!! and that was not the best brawl!!

Автор richard kelly (5 месяцев)
Were all fuckin hockey players. We know how to kick ass

Автор Robin William Bro (3 месяца)
no surprise that gang criminality is so common in mexico when they can't do
sh*t with their fists or with a baseball bat.

Автор Brett Rogers (1 месяц)
Baseball players can't fight, go watch hockey brawls if you want to see
bloody fights 

Автор Brian Creamer (3 месяца)
"This is not a baseball fight.. This is an international incident!!"

Автор moegerms (3 месяца)
Lol at the ignorance of both white people and Mexicans in these comments.

Both Canada and Mexico behaved like amateurs.
Luis Cruz signaling to the pitcher to plunk the next batter is some of the
most dirty shit I've ever seen done in baseball.
The batter throwing a fit over a fastball on the inside. lol You're 6 runs
ahead in the 9th....take the base and smile. Canada could have walked out
of that game looking like winners but instead they exchanged words with
fans and threw shit back at the stands...what kind of professional does

Funny stuff though, go Mejico.

Автор RltrRod (1 месяц)
Canadians play hockey and know how to fight. No contest. 

Автор 1enjoiskater (2 месяца)
Everyone saying stuff about Mexicans coming across the boarder illegally
are legitamitly retarded. There's twice as many Canadian immigrants than
there are Mexican. All of Mexico's team plays in the MLB and are American
citizens so all of you uneducated dumbasses can go shove it

Автор Noseyass35 BigNose (1 месяц)
Taco bean team lost. 

Автор Benjamín Josué Cordero Cárdenas (4 месяца)
Este video no me sorprende para nada, los Mexicanos siempre cuando van
perdiendo se ponen a pelear.

Автор cz sone (1 месяц)
MEXICO!!! GO MEXICO! You are the Best...

Автор Patrick Henry (4 месяца)
I'm surprised they weren't wearing usa jerseys, half the fuckers are here

Автор Jordy Hawke (2 месяца)
I've met like ONE mexican in canada, and I've been to mexico too. There's
no canadians there either unless they're going on vacation (at least in the
old days). In other words, canada & mexico are WORLDS apart from each
other, smh.

Автор Azekiel (1 месяц)
typical mexican beaner pieces of shit

Автор BP TV (2 месяца)
Fuck mexico!!! No wonder Noone likes them and they got their asses kicked
shit fuck mexico call me when you guys grow a pair and gain some respect
towards the US AND CANADA. 

Автор Espanta Surracos (15 дней)
The only Mexican I so getting beaten was number 91 at minute 2:27 by
getting jumped by half the Can-NADA-ns team. So... I guess since noting
never happens in Can-NADA The entire country is finally venting by posting
unbelievable full of denial comments on this particular video. 

Автор TheGlave80 (1 месяц)
Canada won this fight.

Автор Mortskcab (4 месяца)
I remember watching this when it happened. I'm not from ethier of these
nations, but damn it sure was something to see. Biggest baseball fight I
have ever seen. So glad I didin't change the channel!

Автор James Cooper (1 месяц)
He bunted up 9-3 in the Ninth...BUSH LEAGUE

Автор Chris Thompson (3 месяца)
Hope that pitcher was disciplined. Painfully blatant. 

Автор Anita Rodriguez (7 месяцев)
Stupid Canadians!!!

Автор Julian C. (2 месяца)
That mexican is an idiot dont know how to play besball .. sori im not from
canada or mexico .. 

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