COMPLETE World Baseball Classic Brawl - CANADA VS MEXICO Mar 9 2013 Best Brawl!

A crazy brawl erupted in the 9th inning of the World Baseball Classic game between Canada and Mexico. Game was held in Phoenix, Arizona.
Run differential is a tie-breaker in the WBC, so teams try to pile on the runs. After Canada bunted for a base hit in the 9th inning, Mexico pitcher Arnold Leon threw two consecutive pitches at Canada's Rene Tosoni. All hell broke loose after that.

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Автор Japan同盟 US, ( назад)

Автор Daniel Valenzuela ( назад)
These commentators would not had said the same had it been the other way around.

Автор Lincoln Osiris ( назад)
They held jerseys and punched at the top of heads!! really? Weak ass hockey style fighting.

Автор Richie Nuñez ( назад)
that bald mexican guy can easily put to sleep any of those canadians fags

Автор TheGambinatorr ( назад)
Fuck the Canadian pitching coach he was the one starting shit in the middle if you pay attention closely

Автор Grant Nokes ( назад)
The umps did absolutely nothing

Автор Thatsmalldude17 ( назад)
I was there for the U.S vs Italy game after this one and the fans coming out from this game were so drunk and hyped from the fight that even more fights between Canadian and Mexican fans

Автор luis ruiz ( назад)
Took 3 People To Take Down One Mexican Not Schocked

Автор Kevin Ninety-five ( назад)
Canada is a pussy ass country lmao ain't nobody scared of White people

Автор Yellow Flame Gaulent ( назад)
Adrian Gonzalez is the only player I know on the Mexican team.

Автор Meeks231CoD ( назад)
dirty shit head mexican

Автор Quinn G ( назад)
Y would u bunt for a base hit in the 9th up 6. They deserved it

Автор Sean Haddock ( назад)
can we all just agree on one thing, we all hate Mexicans. Canadian or American.

Автор Andy ( назад)
Lol fuck Mexico the Canadians kicked their sorry asses

Автор Uncle Gumballs ( назад)
Trump for president

Автор FatPizza56 ( назад)
In the words of Donald j trump 'they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists'

Автор Anthony Badillo ( назад)
may 15th wasn't the only time Canada got knocked around...

Автор Tigerpuffer ( назад)
Hate to say it, but team Canada did what they're supposed to. That's not just moving their hitter off the plate, that's trying to hurt him. Moral of the story is, don't fuck with any sports team from Canada. It may be a baseball game, but they've all played hockey.

Автор Falcon Ink ( назад)

Автор Obi-Wan Kenobi ( назад)
After the game:
Canada: What was that all aboot, eh?
Mexico: Sorry, esé. It won't happen again. Just don't bunt next time, vato.

Автор MrSexyScottish ( назад)
HAHAHAHA Canada beat their asses in the game AND in the fight.

Автор Jeff Brown ( назад)
Is it just me or is the idea of Canada playing Mexico in ummm, baseball, kind of funny in itself?! ha.

Автор Arturo Erroa ( назад)
When ww3 starts these countries r fighting each other

Автор Ogmitzchoco ( назад)
You just don't bunt with that lead .. Hidden baseball rule

Автор brad metcalf ( назад)
Mexico when are u gonna get it together

Автор ty be ( назад)
i hate Mexico so much! they think they are the shit but the only thing they do is getting out of their shitty violent and dangerous country to fuck the usa up

Автор Juan Burgos ( назад)
imagined trump as a an empire

Автор Glory Phoenix ( назад)

Автор Kevin James ( назад)
Mexico is lucky we're between them and Canada. I wouldn't mess with Canadians, Guys who played hockey and lacrosse growing up wow no thanks.

Автор Willistheboss20 ( назад)
Sergio ROMO?? I thought he was on the Giants

Автор Dale Bowles ( назад)
Mexico is a shithole.

Автор thecrazed77 ( назад)
I dont understand some comments on here being all racial...this is about baseball....people are obsessed with race and shit ....bitchy people everywhere too much estrogen...

Автор rzarectot7 ( назад)
Mis paisas delen en la madre primero

Автор rzarectot7 ( назад)
Mex dont care to fight either idiot look at ufc and boxing

Автор G Melford ( назад)
It's a good thing the USA is in between these two otherwise WW3!

Автор Dying White ( назад)
Many "Sorri"s were exchanged afterwards, with "It ok essaaaay." following it up.

Автор GenuineDraft_SF ( назад)
Clown ass fans, clown ass look from Mexico.

Автор rzarectot7 ( назад)
57 wasnt so tough after them blows came

Автор rzarectot7 ( назад)
That brother 14 is a warrior i thank u hermano

Автор rzarectot7 ( назад)
That fucking commentator he didnt see what the canadians did ? Hitting people from the back ? Pos oh by the way hockey is a mayan sport look it up we played with fireballs

Автор rzarectot7 ( назад)
That faggot 57 was hitting aceves from the back fucking bitch

Автор rzarectot7 ( назад)
All they did is attack from the back fucking assholes

Автор Josh Rigsby ( назад)
Damn illegals, always causing trouble.

Автор StrongSideFZ6 ( назад)
lol Mexico crying like little bitches because they don't know how to lose with class. grow the fuck up, you got your asses kicked, take it like men.

Автор Evan Shelby ( назад)
Canadiens win every time in a fight. They're savages.

Автор Frederick Glass ( назад)
Fight Night at the WBC

ADVANTAGE: Canada because hockey fights

Автор Candy Banks ( назад)
Soccor fans at a baseball game. Weird that stuff would be thrown on the field...totally unpredictable.

Автор Steve C ( назад)
Well let's not be too judgmental here.

Автор TCCacher ( назад)
Javier, that's all true in the big leagues. But, for your information, this was a tournament where tie breakers are total runs scored, and in this type of tournament, this tie breaker is often used. Canada was totally in the right in continuing to try to get on base any way possible to score as many runs as possible. In these tournaments, you often see this.
The Mexican players obviously didn't know the rules and how this international tournament is played.

Автор Buford Wilhelmina ( назад)
For those of you who don't understand, Mexico was upset and threw at the batter because the previous batter bunted for a base hit, all while Canada is up 9-3, it's the 9th inning, and the batter is the catcher, a guy known for his power, not his speed, so obviously the 3B is playing him WAY back; then he dumps a little bunt to get on, that's just an insult. If you were team mexico, you have to retaliate. Just some of the unwritten rules of baseball. But you can't really blame team Canada for not knowing them; they're not typically known as a baseball country. I'd say their #1 sport is definitely hockey. So, they were able to defend themselves against team Mexico just fine. All you racists on here just chill.

Автор kyokogodai ( назад)
Screw Mexico! That backward cesspool of corruption.

Автор Gus Miranda ( назад)
who fuckin cares!!!!

Автор jose suarez ( назад)
fuck Canada half breed's

Автор ecdctechmma ( назад)
dont understand baseball much , i know he threw those pitches intentionally... but why and was mexico soar losers , or canada bad sports for the base hit ?

Автор NY Blast ( назад)
There are unwritten rules in baseball. One of those rules is you don't bunt when you are up 9-3 in the 9th inning. The next batter should have expected to have been plunked after the lead off batter did that. However, the pitcher had two previous chances to make it happen before the 3rd successful attempt. He is also an idiot !

Автор Jim Rodri ( назад)
don't matter u play the game to win

Автор Back-Country Mayhem ( назад)
I generally like Mexicans more than Canadians, but I'd have to give that round to the cold weather boys up north.

Автор 2fastHarley ( назад)

Автор slapshot68 ( назад)
My Italians destroyed the Mexicans, they no baseball country

Автор slapshot68 ( назад)
The Mexicans barely beat the Czechs in the qualifiers in their own country 😂. Overrated nation

Автор Anthony Martinez ( назад)
Sergio Romo looked like he's committed murder before

Автор Eric Stenzel ( назад)
No surprise for the spics.

Автор Royce Krueger ( назад)

Автор Joseph Duenas ( назад)
What a shame. Adrian Gonzalez on the Mexican team. Born in the USA, made his millions in the USA, but plays on the Mexican team.

Автор Cody Cooper ( назад)
The fans had NO BUSINESS getting involved! I hope some of them went to jail for throwing objects on the field at innocent people!

Автор Jason Sulham ( назад)
i wish they said who was ejected and i think what the canadian catcher did was wrong you dont bunt with a huge lead like that its bad sportsmanship and it means your trying to show up the other team

Автор Kevin McClintock ( назад)
How Mexicans fight: Get 8-to-1 odds and then attack.

How Canadians fight: Pull shirt over head and start punching over and over again.

Автор Violet Deliriums ( назад)
7:24 Pfft...The sake of the what is this thing we are watching here? It's not like anyone cares about this baseball game. It's not like there are Americans in it or anything. These teams suck.

Автор Lukas Kreinau ( назад)
after that canada apologized

Автор gerardo mexico (1634 года назад)
fucking Canada,, they are same cowards like his president,,

Автор Dee Donner Ramone ( назад)
Dude, the Mexican pitch him way inside 2X then hit him. Canadians have righteous indignation to pursue pugilistic recourse. Don Cherry would be proud.

Автор Matt Short ( назад)
(In any baseball fight) If the batter really wants to brawl he'd head for the mound at a full sprint. Any hitter that walks towards the pitcher is asking for an intercession. Everyone knows the moment somebody comes between you it's just a shoving and shouting match.

Автор JohhnyMost ( назад)
I went to a baseball game and a hockey game broke out

Автор ephabouyed ( назад)
Remember in the 2000 Olympics when USA played Cuba a brawl nearly broke out, how ugly would that have been?

Автор Austin Wille ( назад)
I wouldn't mess around with a sporting fight with canadians

Автор Alex Weiskopf ( назад)
All time the US is the best at gridiron football, baseball, basketball, racquetball, lacrosse, tennis (most major wins, most Davis and fed cup wins), golf, beach volleyball, softball, track and field, swimming, figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, diving, shooting etc and is top 2-4 all time in wrestling, gymnastics, rowing, sailing, weightlifting, cycling, volleyball and ice hockey. The US also has by far the most gold and total medals at the Olympics even though the amount of athletes America can have in each Olympics is limited and with the fact that most of America's best athletes don't play Olympic sports. Overall, the US is the best sports country.

Автор Tyler Krauskopf ( назад)
This is the most exciting about baseball lol

Автор Alejandra Fragoso Marín ( назад)
jajajajajaj hasta los de la banca a fueron a los madrazos jajaja eso es mi méxico!

Автор Alejandra Fragoso Marín ( назад)
méxico méxico méxico méxico!

Автор Alejandra Fragoso Marín ( назад)

Автор パウロ M ( назад)

this is the Baseball

Автор BP ( назад)
I can't believe they missed the third baseman signaling to the pitcher to hit the next batter...

Автор Austin Rodriguez ( назад)
Thanks for making us look bad

Автор Bailey Garcia ( назад)
Mexicans should just stick with soccer they suck at baseball

Автор Jose Flores ( назад)
fuck Canada

Автор meow23 ( назад)
eso si en la guerra los mexicanos nos uniriamos

Автор Eric Dante ( назад)
Stop acting tough, Mexicans. Unlike Americans showing a weird reluctance by pity, Canadians have no such hang-ups, and they will gladly remind you of how weak you are.

Автор Martin Stennis ( назад)
That shit was popping back when it happened

Автор Montgomery Wyngteryngham ( назад)

Автор ZhangtheGreat ( назад)
Blame the rule book for this. When you allow total runs scored to be a tiebreaker, of course a team is going to try to "rub it in" by inflating the score, which of course is going to make the other team mad.

Автор Evil Kirk ( назад)
Mexicans aka Wetbacks come form a country that basically smells like third world ASS! They have out control crime fucking drug wars with high murder rate! Thousands of towns with no running water dirt roads card board homes most of them made out of used Garage Doors from here And No Electricity Contaminated water They dont even toilet paper to wipe there ass! They use what ever they can find Fucking Disgusting! Then take the shit paper and throw in A corner! 57% of the population live in extreme poverty and A least 67% of these parasites have A 6th grade Education or None at All! Massive Corruption from the local government to the Central Government Thousands! Then they hop our fucking BORDER And talk SHIT? A new law should be passed If your parents are NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY YOU ANCHOR BABIES AR NOT OF THIS COUNTRY ALSO REPORT AND DEPORT THESE WORTHLESS PARASITES! EVERY ONE PLEASE VOTE REPUBLICAN MUST SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM THESE SUB-HUMAN CANCER!

Автор The Guy ( назад)
How The World Sees Canada: Im Sorry Mate Maple Syurp? We Friends Right?
How Mexico Sees Canada Now: Hey Now Buddy Please Dont Hit Us With Those BaseBall Bats Want Some Tacos?

Автор Andrew M. Reichers ( назад)
IDK man, I think Larry Walker 20 years ago, and 3 or 4 shots of Dewar's in, would take a body count...

Автор Frank Apalategui ( назад)
What's that 3rd base tick from mexihoe bitching bout a bunt not the Canadians fault u can play defense get off the diamond if ur gonna b on ur period

Автор Frank Apalategui ( назад)
Mexicants can't hit for shit in this game didn't surprise me they couldn't fight those crazy Canadians on the other hand got some fucking heart n isn't it law in Canada to know how to fight isn't that y everyone does hockey on the side in there life fuck ur pinchi ticks from mexihoe

Автор Patrick Whipkey ( назад)
that's why we don't want them fucks crossing the boarder.....Canadians that is

Автор carlos lopez ( назад)
lol for the dumb shits saying mexicans got "fucked up" your most definitely wrong. No one from both teams got fucked up. If they did they would be laying on the ground unable to get up. That`s getting "fucked up."

Автор Trey Magathan ( назад)
One more scratch of evidence to prove Canadians aren't a bunch of sissies like the Americans think we are.

Автор Scott Stein ( назад)
Number 9 on Canada is a poon for not charging

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