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Автор Nick Santoianni (2 месяца)
lmaooo the Canadians fucked them up so bad

Автор Dirk Singh (5 месяцев)
Canadians are tough those guys take bigger hits and bigger punishment on a
more consistent basis on the ice why the fuck would you fuck with them like
that lol. Man that was just stupid on the mexican pitchers part.

Автор LanceCampeau (1 месяц)
World Baseball Classless

Автор NorthGamer7 (8 месяцев)
Don't fuck with Canada. Not only did we kick Mexico's ass in the fight,
more importantly, we won the game, and that's all that matters. 

Автор Steven Gomez (17 дней)
Good thing there's a giant capitalist country between these two apparently
bitter baseball rivals.

Автор 4EVA_ R1 (2 месяца)
Didn't they get their ass kicked on the scrum and on the scoreboard. .only
way they would of won the fight if they had guns..which is the only way
they know how to fight. .The Canadians biggest concern would of been how
the grass gonna get cut after the game .oh well go down to home depot and
buy a new lawn mower or Mexican. .

Автор Cj Buford (27 дней)
Stupid ass Mexicans cant fight

Автор Bass Nelson (22 дня)
Mexico's embarrassing sore loser 15 minutes of fame here.

Автор Van Tazz (1 месяц)
Mexicans didnt want to fight and they tried to deescalate.

Автор ogrebattle22763 (2 месяца)
WOW.... What a bunch of no class retards....

Автор tapatio691 (4 месяца)
malditos osos blancos , ustedes y los malditos gringos un dia los vamos a
matar y mandarlos a chingar a su madre a europa de donde jamas debieron
salir. chinguen su madre!

Автор Charles Kruzits (1 месяц)
I guess a team has never erased a six run deficit?

You should keep playing hard from the first inning through the ninth.

Автор Algonquin81 (10 месяцев)
Stupid fucking beaners. You fucking losers whine and intentionally bean a
player because you're losing and then you get your ass kicked on
international t.v. As if your reputation wasn't bad enough we Canucks also
win the game too. We won the game and kicked your asses for the fun of

Автор Antonio Amaral (15 дней)
Leon trew three balls on Tosoni and Mexicans still got angry!? C'mom.

Автор Kevin James (6 месяцев)
Sore losers, How about Mexicans stay in Mexico, Stop coming to the US
illegally. I see nothing wrong with bunting for a base hit, Stupid. 

Автор Bass Nelson (22 дня)
Sore losers. That pitch was deliberate.

Автор POPP Moreno (1 месяц)
Dirty mexicans

Автор Azian2DaMax (1 год)
Stupid Mexicans.

Автор Phone Home (18 дней)
"This is not a baseball fight, this is a fist fight!" WHats the
difference? Baseball has its own style of fighting Im not aware of?

Автор CNep99 (26 дней)
He definitely wasn't trying to hit him on the first two pitches. Just to
back him up and also say he didn't appreciate the bunt when they were up by
6 runs. After the Canadian guy whined about it, then he threw at him.

Also, "This isn't a baseball fight, this is a fist fight." What does that
even mean?

Автор 13Gangland (8 месяцев)
Boy, it's us Mexicans vs. Canadians in this comment section.. who will be
the winner? Oh wait, silly me, it will be us Mexs.. Brown Pride.

Автор gameaddictm (2 месяца)
canda sucks asss .. white stupid useless bitches nobody likes canada not
even usa

Автор TooFreshproductions (1 месяц)
I want to talk so much shit to these guys on the comment box because i am
Mexican, but then i remember ,mexico has had 210 world champions in boxing
the only real sport!I love Canada i want to visit Canada , make lots of
babies as well so im chill, im young , talented and good looking so i have
a great shot at that's for sure, shoutout to all the Canadians over there
from the states.

Автор Justin Dobbins (1 месяц)
Lol Mexican pitcher was a bitch. Canada aint shit though, yall got the
Buffalo Bills remember? Lmao. Both places fucking suck, Long Live Israel

Автор derkaiser420 (25 дней)
Typical Mexican garbage fans. It's the same way in football! You guys suck
at sports, get over it!

Автор Jose Orta (1 месяц)
10 Canadians vs one Mexican O.o

Автор Harriscandoit (1 месяц)
Team Mexico was so stupid. Every single one of their guys that threw a
punch got completely owned then tossed aside like a sack of potato's. What
chance do you think you have against guys that play hockey on the week ends

Автор Matthew McPherson (2 месяца)
Whys everyone against mexico

Im with, both go to mexico see how awsome it is!

Were all humans! 

Автор a zamora (3 месяца)
Really, what is with all this Extreme Racism. Dude you guys need to check
your ego. So what people are fighting people. It's fucking sad to see these
stupid comments. Remember that Mexicans and Canadians both poop, and have
two eyes, and are capable of reasoning. Man is man dude. Ooh, when will
this world remove the blindfold that separates the truth from illusion.
Anyways we all came from the Black man, peace... :) 

Автор richard kelly (9 месяцев)
Were all fuckin hockey players. We know how to kick ass

Автор fernando dimacho (27 дней)
canadian are fags

Автор Kitana MiRaNA (1 месяц)
2013. This is 2015 and people still hating? Damn. Lifeless losers. And I
didn't know Canada had a baseball team. Hockey is still my top sport
though. 🇲🇽💋🇨🇦

Автор Poop Pooperson (5 дней)
Apparently team Mexico thinks this is a little league game. Canada has been
sent home on run difference before in this tourny. Zero understanding of
what is going on. Clowns. Absolute clowns. Team Mexico make a proper ass
out of the sport and country of Mexico. Very shameful stuff. The worst kind
of losers.

Автор Noseyass35 BigNose (5 месяцев)
Taco bean team lost. 

Автор Orlando Costa (1 месяц)
This is when the baseball gods revoked Luis Cruz's ability to play

Автор percy thrillington (12 дней)
that pitch was uncalled for..but i see the anger from white
people...Mexicans are gonna be the majority soon in America...If i was a
white american i'd be pissed too...

Support the canada team all you want, but remember..canadians arent your
friends, they talk more shit about the U.S than mexicans.

Автор Branco Martinez (3 месяца)
Canadians are mad because they suck at every sport including hockey and
fighting eyy a bunch of sore but hurt faggets eyy

Автор dodgersbaseball (3 месяца)
Justin Bieber is from Canada!!! Nuff said!!! Cock sucking fagets 

Автор 345Taco (1 месяц)
i think i have the same lamp

Автор Sniz420 (5 месяцев)
most disgusting thing i have seen in baseball Mexican baseball has no class
or even self respect what so ever , the 3B and pitcher should be banned for
life from MLB not like they have the talent to get there even and
international competition ,Mexico should be banned from international
competition for at least 5 years 

Автор Turd Muffin (29 дней)
Mexicans. Canadians. Can't we come together and agree that Paraguayans are
the worst.

Автор benboyabc (3 месяца)
Typical Mexico. Noella penal 

Автор Alberto E (1 месяц)
Q cerdo !!!

Автор Kevin Doyle (5 месяцев)
MEXICANS SUCK!!! and that was not the best brawl!!

Автор Seedique Bale (2 месяца)
Canadian trash

Автор Rob B (12 дней)
Bunting for a base-hit in the top of the 9th inning when you're up by 6
runs is a no no. World Baseball Classic, MLB, I don't care what level of
baseball it is. You can see why he got drilled and it escalated.

Автор Lawrence J (5 месяцев)
Hey BEANERS you got your ass kicked in baseball wanna try hockey next?

Автор Branco Martinez (3 месяца)
Cain Velasquez fucked up Brock lesnar true Mexican fighter were the
Canadians at

Автор Matthew McPherson (1 месяц)
Id like to follow up on cecy cortes de fonseca's comment

their are many Mexicans in the United States because of jobs and economic
reason's and maybe just a little bit of fun! 

Автор God ain't real (2 месяца)
Why the fucking benchmen all charge the field? It's only gonna make it

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