COMPLETE World Baseball Classic Brawl - CANADA VS MEXICO Mar 9 2013 Best Brawl!

A crazy brawl erupted in the 9th inning of the World Baseball Classic game between Canada and Mexico. Game was held in Phoenix, Arizona.
Run differential is a tie-breaker in the WBC, so teams try to pile on the runs. After Canada bunted for a base hit in the 9th inning, Mexico pitcher Arnold Leon threw two consecutive pitches at Canada's Rene Tosoni. All hell broke loose after that.

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Автор Algonquin81 (1 месяц)
Stupid fucking beaners. You fucking losers whine and intentionally bean a
player because you're losing and then you get your ass kicked on
international t.v. As if your reputation wasn't bad enough we Canucks also
win the game too. We won the game and kicked your asses for the fun of

Автор h00dshit510 (1 месяц)
Fuck Canada idk this shitty ass country even had a baseball team go back to
playing hockey you fuckin fags 

Автор Numba1SouthParkFan (2 месяца)
Mexicans are brutal fighters. If they let them have an all out fight
without anybody stoping them they would tear Canada a new asshole. Mexicans
did get butt hurt though. 

Автор richard kelly (1 месяц)
Were all fuckin hockey players. We know how to kick ass

Автор tyler patterson (4 месяца)
Exterminate Mexicans

Автор crazykidz344 (1 месяц)
Fuck canada!!! 

Автор SyntheticJoker (4 месяца)
Mexico are a bunch sore losers. No wonder why nobody in the world likes

Автор Guguita Stolzenberg (2 месяца)
Canada is SHIT! They never win nothing lol

Автор Booties OGK (2 месяца)
get the border patrol out thee, thats hw you should of stopped it

Автор tyler patterson (4 месяца)
Fucking Mexicans should go back to their mud huts

Автор IceWarrior101 (3 месяца)
Have to love baseball fights.. been watching a ton of these and while maybe
only a couple of punches land they are mostly just falling down on their
own or because they have no balance..

Автор Benjamín Josué Cordero Cárdenas (13 часов)
Este video no me sorprende para nada, los Mexicanos siempre cuando van
perdiendo se ponen a pelear.

Автор AH FAN (3 месяца)
Pussy Canadians are crying over getting hit by water 😩😢

Автор grads5565 (3 месяца)
Does the world baseball classic happen every year or no?

Автор KAHLONification (1 месяц)
Only reason Mexico exists is to be a drug highway to the US. FUCKING USLESS
PATETIC COUNTRY. # 1 export is dirty Mexican people lol

Автор Rosario PR Y RD (20 дней)
Mexicans have some good Baseball Players like Adrian Gonzalez,Jaime
Garcia,Andre Ethier,Gallardo,Sergio Romo,Michael Young and there is this
young kid on the way name "Julio Urias" probably be the best or amongest
the best because there is alot of young talent on the way in the minor
Mexico will have a better squad than Canada the next WBC.

Автор Mortskcab (8 дней)
I remember watching this when it happened. I'm not from ethier of these
nations, but damn it sure was something to see. Biggest baseball fight I
have ever seen. So glad I didin't change the channel!

Автор tqsuited (9 дней)
It wasn't intentional, its just that the mexican player doesn't know how to
pitch properly since Mexico know fuck all about baseball and just a
complete joke of a nation to be playing in this at all.

Автор NorthGamer7 (10 дней)
Don't fuck with Canada. Not only did we kick Mexico's ass in the fight,
more importantly, we won the game, and that's all that matters. 

Автор JonTheVGNerd (4 месяца)
Meanwhile, the USA and Italy are laughing at Canada and Mexico, because
they fought like a bunch of children fighting over a porno movie after
beaning a batter. Spain and Puerto Rico, on the other hand, apologized to
each other, because they were no hard feelings. Take down notes, you
Canadian and Mexican wanna-be fans and whiners, because the Spaniards and
the 'Ricans know how to bury the hatchet.

Автор Anita Rodriguez (2 месяца)
Stupid Canadians!!!

Автор Azian2DaMax (4 месяца)
Stupid Mexicans.

Автор Flow2528 (17 дней)
Stop fighting, the real winners were the Dominican Republic. Lol !!!

Автор MLGMagnesium (4 месяца)
Since when do Canadians get violent??

Автор Lotus Hulkenberg (1 месяц)
Laying down a bunt in the 9th inning in a 9-3 game is bush league. I don't
care about the stupid run differential garbage that this tournament
employs. In a game where the hitting team has a six run advantage in the
9th, you go up there and swing the bat. 

Автор Vexoi (27 дней)
Canada is just beating them in this brawl..

Автор Neil Schweiner (6 месяцев)

Автор math beau (6 месяцев)
fucking mexican too much tequila

Автор Tim W (1 месяц)
That was a pretty good brawl. Why is it that professional athletes are
immune from prosecution, whereas the average person is not?

The announcers commented that, according to the loudspeaker, if fans throw
items onto the field they will be arrested,

Автор Raul F. Cantu Gonzalez (1 месяц)
that was fucking disgraceful... honoring the truth, we mexicans fucked it
up :S

we shouldn't celebrate such a behavior!!..

Автор Transitfan93 (4 месяца)
have this ever happened in the MLB? if so are there any videos on youtube?

Автор Rodrigo Guajardo (4 месяца)
Shut the f*** up Chinese-Canadians

Автор Caleb Kalmer (2 месяца)
the racism is strong in the comments section

Автор Rico Public Relations (1 месяц)
Canadian fagots. Who the fuck bunts in the 9th with a 6 run lead. Dude
deserved to get drilled.

Автор Jonathan Brodeur (2 месяца)
Good thing the United States is separating these 2 countries or else they
would be going at it all the time 

Автор TheShuffle z (2 месяца)
I'm canadian and after reading these comments I'm really disappointed in
the racism there are many Mexicans in canada too!!! Please don't give
Canada's name a bad background.

Автор weaselsuit (2 месяца)
This was in Mexico?? Dangerous. You KNOW everyone in that stadium
(including Team Mexico) is carrying a knife.

Автор Mike Cabral (2 месяца)
Haha as hockey players their not afraid to fight. As a matter of fact we
Canadians love to fight bring it on Dirty Sanchez!

Автор Alien Gomez (2 месяца)
marikkas putos gueros

Автор Bronson Mintun (2 месяца)
Completely Canada's fault. You don't lay down a bunt when you're up 6 in
the 9th inning, that's bush league. When you break the unwritten rules,
bad things happen.

Автор SuperTheCatz Duarte (2 месяца)
Admit it, this is fun. 

Автор TheCrazyInsomniac14 (3 месяца)
Sorry, but top of the ninth, up by 6 runs and you bunt? Yeah, sorry but
someone is going to get hit whether you like it or not for that. You don't
run up the score when you're up by 6 in the ninth.

Автор Fernando Ortiz (2 месяца)
Puro Mexico!!!!!

Автор djn227 (2 месяца)
I can understand why Mexico was upset. A bunt in the ninth while up by 6
runs? Completely ridiculous. However, when the pitcher missed the first
time it should've been over. 

Автор Jonathan Garcia (3 месяца)
First off Sergio Romo is born in Brawley, California. Had to play for Mex
cause he couldnt make the USA squad. Also I went to highschool with him
and he is a bitch

Автор Hunter bermard (9 дней)
what's Mexico's deal here? butt hurt because the guy bunted for a single?
and to make matters worse, the third baseman tells the pitcher to hit him,
and it took him 3 tries. stay classy, Mexico

Автор mrtjman123 (2 дня)
Mexico is funny LoL

Автор Alan M (6 дней)
Breaking the unwritten rules of baseball is never a good thing! Yeah you
can argue that "every run counts," but even if they scored that extra run
they still didn't get shit

Автор Gagan Rehill (14 дней)
Fuckin just giviner eh.

Автор SkullGamings (3 месяца)
Dumb ass Mexicans , that's why u need to get checked before you come to our
land u retards 

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