COMPLETE World Baseball Classic Brawl - CANADA VS MEXICO Mar 9 2013 Best Brawl!

A crazy brawl erupted in the 9th inning of the World Baseball Classic game between Canada and Mexico. Game was held in Phoenix, Arizona.
Run differential is a tie-breaker in the WBC, so teams try to pile on the runs. After Canada bunted for a base hit in the 9th inning, Mexico pitcher Arnold Leon threw two consecutive pitches at Canada's Rene Tosoni. All hell broke loose after that.

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Автор Matt Short ( назад)
(In any baseball fight) If the batter really wants to brawl he'd head for
the mound at a full sprint. Any hitter that walks towards the pitcher is
asking for an intercession. Everyone knows the moment somebody comes
between you it's just a shoving and shouting match.

Автор andres Ochoa ( назад)
Youre up 6 in the 9th and you bunt what do you expect?

Автор JohhnyMost ( назад)
I went to a baseball game and a hockey game broke out

Автор ephabouyed ( назад)
Remember in the 2000 Olympics when USA played Cuba a brawl nearly broke
out, how ugly would that have been?

Автор Austin Wille ( назад)
I wouldn't mess around with a sporting fight with canadians

Автор Tyler Krauskopf ( назад)
This is the most exciting about baseball lol

Автор Alejandra Fragozo Marín ( назад)
jajajajajaj hasta los de la banca a fueron a los madrazos jajaja eso es mi

Автор Alejandra Fragozo Marín ( назад)
méxico méxico méxico méxico!

Автор Alejandra Fragozo Marín ( назад)

Автор Kent Gm ( назад)

this is the Baseball

Автор BP ( назад)
I can't believe they missed the third baseman signaling to the pitcher to
hit the next batter...

Автор Austin Rodriguez ( назад)
Thanks for making us look bad

Автор Bailey Garcia ( назад)
Mexicans should just stick with soccer they suck at baseball

Автор Jose Flores ( назад)
fuck Canada

Автор meow23 ( назад)
eso si en la guerra los mexicanos nos uniriamos

Автор Eric Dante ( назад)
Stop acting tough, Mexicans. Unlike Americans showing a weird reluctance by
pity, Canadians have no such hang-ups, and they will gladly remind you of
how weak you are.

Автор Martin Stennis ( назад)
That shit was popping back when it happened

Автор Montgomery Wyngteryngham ( назад)

Автор ZhangtheGreat ( назад)
Blame the rule book for this. When you allow total runs scored to be a
tiebreaker, of course a team is going to try to "rub it in" by inflating
the score, which of course is going to make the other team mad.

Автор Evil Kirk ( назад)
Mexicans aka Wetbacks come form a country that basically smells like third
world ASS! They have out control crime fucking drug wars with high murder
rate! Thousands of towns with no running water dirt roads card board homes
most of them made out of used Garage Doors from here And No Electricity
Contaminated water They dont even toilet paper to wipe there ass! They use
what ever they can find Fucking Disgusting! Then take the shit paper and
throw in A corner! 57% of the population live in extreme poverty and A
least 67% of these parasites have A 6th grade Education or None at All!
Massive Corruption from the local government to the Central Government
Thousands! Then they hop our fucking BORDER And talk SHIT? A new law should
be passed If your parents are NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY YOU ANCHOR BABIES AR

Автор Andrew Reichers (McCracken87) ( назад)
IDK man, I think Larry Walker 20 years ago, and 3 or 4 shots of Dewar's in,
would take a body count...

Автор Frank Apalategui ( назад)
What's that 3rd base tick from mexihoe bitching bout a bunt not the
Canadians fault u can play defense get off the diamond if ur gonna b on ur

Автор Frank Apalategui ( назад)
Mexicants can't hit for shit in this game didn't surprise me they couldn't
fight those crazy Canadians on the other hand got some fucking heart n
isn't it law in Canada to know how to fight isn't that y everyone does
hockey on the side in there life fuck ur pinchi ticks from mexihoe

Автор Patrick Whipkey ( назад)
that's why we don't want them fucks crossing the boarder.....Canadians that

Автор carlos lopez ( назад)
lol for the dumb shits saying mexicans got "fucked up" your most definitely
wrong. No one from both teams got fucked up. If they did they would be
laying on the ground unable to get up. That`s getting "fucked up."

Автор Trey Magathan ( назад)
One more scratch of evidence to prove Canadians aren't a bunch of sissies
like the Americans think we are.

Автор Scott Stein ( назад)
Number 9 on Canada is a poon for not charging

Автор wally wheatley ( назад)
Now thats how to piss a bloke off! lol

Автор Em Jay Enn ( назад)
Two pitches inside and then a third pitch hits the batter. No, could not be

Автор Dave L ( назад)
guy throws water bottle at Canada coach, Canada player picks it up and
throws it into the crowd not knowing who threw it....that makes sense

Автор The Disco Stu ( назад)
When someone bunts for a base hit with a 6 run lead in the 9th inning of a
baseball game, the next guy is going to get thrown at. Shame it took the
pitcher three tries to hit him.

Автор Da_Fonz (1679 лет назад)
Mexico gets their ass kicked in the game and in the fight.

Автор Medevah ( назад)
Larry Walker is a big motherfucker!

Автор Soccerhockey123 ( назад)
+blah blah blah fuck you Canada is always better. Mexico got destroyed.
Half of Mexico lives in one city were there is like 100000 killings a day.
That's the what people think of Mexico

Автор Ryan Jones ( назад)
Lol "brawl"

Автор brad john hopwood ( назад)
Come on... both countries produce their fair share of tough athletes,
Mexican boxers for example, too many to mention. Canadian sports are brutal
to say the least, ice hockey, lacrosse, football, rugby, all contact sports
with the first two sports actually allow fighting, not saying all Canadians
that play those games fight, though to play them at a decent level your
understanding of intimidation and when to stand up for yourself breeds a
type of athlete that respects his opponant, but won't take a step backwards
for him. This wasn't a real scrap, entertaining a little, but to start
arguing about who won is stupid. It was bad sportsmanship by the Mexican

Автор TommyCage0736 ( назад)
Those Canadien guys had the hockey fight stance going on, one hand high on
the neck of the shirt holding him back, the other cocked back and swinging.

Автор brotzmannsax ( назад)
Fucking latins ruined baseball, trouble makers got what they deserved!

Автор Ragin' Canadian ( назад)
This is better hockey than the leafs.

Автор Arturo imperial .;/' ( назад)
10 Canadians vs one Mexican O.o jajajjajajaja

Автор Diamond Vault ( назад)
I remember watching this game and thinking, "What the F*** just happened?"
I mean, fighting in the WBC? It sure was an entertaining game, though.

Автор grrrindz ( назад)
stupid candians who needs them. usa should just annex their country for

Автор Bad Boy Baseball ( назад)
Canada could beat up anyone because all of those guys probably know how to
hockey fight 

Автор Junior Jimebez ( назад)
I forgot how Canada is only good for hockey.. I was right

Автор A H-L ( назад)
Baseball isn't a sport

Автор Strata ( назад)
Goddamn fucking spics.

Автор VertsMedia (748 лет назад)
Only entertaining part about baseball.

Автор ravenfan1606 ( назад)
LMFAO!! Fuck them BEANERS up!!

Автор Camron Davis ( назад)
That's no fair, the Canadian team had fighting lessons with hockey

Автор john Stroke ( назад)
gO canata! mexiGo suckz.

Автор cnon ( назад)
You don't even have to insult Mexico the whole scene speaks for itself.
They got fucked up in the game, in the fight, and their fans embarrassed
themselves with that weak display.

Автор Santiago Anguiano ( назад)
Northgamer7 white cant fight they sorry mexicans all the way

Автор Darksky1001able ( назад)
Its a sad day when instead of playing the game through.... we throw the
ball at the guy batting. I still get depressed everytime i see this. The
States and Canada are never going to let us live this down.

Автор Ryan Shaffer ( назад)
When he said this isn't a baseball fight...I was waiting for him to then

Автор Masqerader ( назад)
They have a run differential rule in the WBC, a stupid rule.

Автор 88TheGmoney ( назад)
Fuck sergio romo acting hard

Автор Gavin Busta12 ( назад)
You see ther fuking to the mexico up so bad we kick

Автор Michael Mandra ( назад)
canada all day baby, fucking beaners couldnt take a loss

Автор delv213 ( назад)
I don't think there was a single guy on the Mexican team above 6'3. The
Canadian team had some beasts on there. Very silly in the first place, not
surprised the Mexican team got their asses kicked legitimately.

Автор nogo charlie ( назад)
The problem for Mexico is that the Canadians where looking them in the eye
and not in a position to be jumped from behind.Canada had plenty of guys on
the field and it was not 20 to 1 which is the usual action of the beanos,

Автор Blah Blah Blah ( назад)
If Neo-Nazi Canadians hate Mexicans so much. Go to Mexico and say shit to
the Drug Cartels' face.

Автор Jr Molina ( назад)
Canadian Keyboard Warriors LOL

Автор Jr Molina ( назад)

Автор Jr Molina ( назад)
OH Canada you suck England's dick....Pinche Pendejos

Автор RDSteidel ( назад)
Hey friend nice lamp :)

Автор Poop Pooperson ( назад)
Mexico, Embarrassing the game. The ultimate sore losers. The baseball word
spits on this cowardly act. It makes me sick to watch this. Losers, and
SORE losers at that. Fuck off.

Автор Poop Pooperson ( назад)
A shite team of losers act like little girls in the face of defeat. Zero
class. You got beat by the better team. Have a shred of class.

Автор Poop Pooperson ( назад)
This is team Canada vs a pack of sore Mexican losers who can't read the
word class.

Автор Poop Pooperson ( назад)
Apparently team Mexico thinks this is a little league game. Canada has been
sent home on run difference before in this tourny. Zero understanding of
what is going on. Clowns. Absolute clowns. Team Mexico make a proper ass
out of the sport and country of Mexico. Very shameful stuff. The worst kind
of losers.

Автор Rob B ( назад)
Bunting for a base-hit in the top of the 9th inning when you're up by 6
runs is a no no. World Baseball Classic, MLB, I don't care what level of
baseball it is. You can see why he got drilled and it escalated.

Автор percy thrillington ( назад)
that pitch was uncalled for..but i see the anger from white
people...Mexicans are gonna be the majority soon in America...If i was a
white american i'd be pissed too...

Support the canada team all you want, but remember..canadians arent your
friends, they talk more shit about the U.S than mexicans.

Автор Cr∆∆k$ ( назад)
hahahah all the asshurt white ppl fuck canada they suck dick

Автор Antonio Amaral ( назад)
Leon trew three balls on Tosoni and Mexicans still got angry!? C'mom.

Автор Taylor Ogata (1042 года назад)
Isn't this crazy both countries lie on opposite sides of the United States
and they fight on American soil it's like our country is a battlefield for
Canada and Mexico

Автор Steven Gomez ( назад)
Good thing there's a giant capitalist country between these two apparently
bitter baseball rivals.

Автор Phone Home ( назад)
"This is not a baseball fight, this is a fist fight!" WHats the
difference? Baseball has its own style of fighting Im not aware of?

Автор James Moore ( назад)
haha i love at like 3:24 you hear that classic canadian hockey phrase.
"lets fuckin go!" love it.

Автор Postal311 ( назад)
Looks like Hockey > Soccer when it comes to scrapping...

Автор Bill Bass ( назад)
Mexico's embarrassing sore loser 15 minutes of fame here.

Автор Bill Bass ( назад)
Sore losers. That pitch was deliberate.

Автор derkaiser420 ( назад)
Typical Mexican garbage fans. It's the same way in football! You guys suck
at sports, get over it!

Автор CNep99 ( назад)
He definitely wasn't trying to hit him on the first two pitches. Just to
back him up and also say he didn't appreciate the bunt when they were up by
6 runs. After the Canadian guy whined about it, then he threw at him.

Also, "This isn't a baseball fight, this is a fist fight." What does that
even mean?

Автор fernando dimacho ( назад)
canadian are fags

Автор Turd Muffin ( назад)
Mexicans. Canadians. Can't we come together and agree that Paraguayans are
the worst.

Автор JBILLZ 20/20 ( назад)
Dirty mexicans

Автор Ruthlesseclipse ( назад)
Lets just squash the beef and eat some moose burritos

Автор Zorros Atlas ( назад)
Stupid commentators are still pissed mexico beat the u.s. great performance
by the Mexican team on that game. Then he talks how Canadians are not
afraid to fight dumb ass. One of Mexico's favorite sports is boxing, a
combat sport.

Автор Louis Auto ( назад)
Of course the cholos in the stands start shit with the players ... looks
like dodger fans with different colors on lmao

Автор scoffel13 ( назад)
stupid beaners

Автор Louis Freese ( назад)
10 Canadians vs one Mexican O.o

Автор Van Tazz ( назад)
Mexicans didnt want to fight and they tried to deescalate.

Автор LanceCampeau ( назад)
World Baseball Classless

Автор Charles Kruzits ( назад)
I guess a team has never erased a six run deficit?

You should keep playing hard from the first inning through the ninth.

Автор TooFreshproductions ( назад)
I want to talk so much shit to these guys on the comment box because i am
Mexican, but then i remember ,mexico has had 210 world champions in boxing
the only real sport!I love Canada i want to visit Canada , make lots of
babies as well so im chill, im young , talented and good looking so i have
a great shot at that's for sure, shoutout to all the Canadians over there
from the states.

Автор Alberto E ( назад)
Q cerdo !!!

Автор B Mullin ( назад)
I would like to apologize to any Mexican Canadians or Canadian Mexicans
who had the unfortunate opportunity to read the disgusting hateful comments
that have been posted on this forum.

Автор 345Taco ( назад)
i think i have the same lamp

Автор Blake Waters ( назад)
Fuck the Mexicans. Canada, us Americans will always side with our neighbors
to the North.

Автор Harriscandoit ( назад)
Team Mexico was so stupid. Every single one of their guys that threw a
punch got completely owned then tossed aside like a sack of potato's. What
chance do you think you have against guys that play hockey on the week ends

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