Eyes Wide Shut Leelee Sobieski Scene

Leelee Sobieski as the daughter of Mr. Millich in Eyes Wide Shut

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор ranma1983 (24 дня)
231 gays hated this women haters 

Автор timeman786 (3 месяца)
Watch Eyes Wide Shut: The War room a analysis undertaken which you can find
on my channel

Автор Jesus is Lord (3 месяца)
what i hate in this world is all perverts like young girls... its sick

Автор gab perron (3 месяца)
leelee is listed at 5"10 (178cm) and tom is (1.70cm) how come he towers
over her?

Автор Michael Nebab (1 месяц)
"you depraved creature" haha

Автор ziggyonthemoon (12 дней)
What does she whisper in his ear? And what does it mean?

Автор Baracchina (3 месяца)
What iz zis?

Автор Lordofthepastries (1 месяц)
Possible evidence for the film's dream theory: the two models at the
Ziegler party mention "end of the rainbow" and the costume shop turns out
to be called "Rainbow" as well as the disrupted sex act happening at what
you can call the end of the Rainbow store

Автор Taz SwordLion (1 месяц)
Stanley spelled it out right in front of us. It is not ok with her consent.
It is ok if dad is getting a buck. We have all these values on "consensual
age." Yet, look it up. 4.5 million sex slaves world wide. Slavery is
still a battle. That is what this whole movie is about. 20 million labor
slaves. Child slaves. Sex slaves. SLAVES. 

Автор Vin Vass (4 месяца)
A lot of people get the Lolita reference, but consider this - is she
Millich's daughter then same way as Lolita is Humbert's daughter? If that
is the case it puts a whole new spin on things. What if Humbert and Quilty
had become friends and Humbert started attending Quilty's house parties...

Автор wannabehendrix (4 месяца)
Help me out. Whatever happened with Leelee? She did a few other movies but
have not heard about her in some time.

Автор anchorbabydiaperrash (3 месяца)
He's calling a policeman, for being with a minor ? Was it illegal to have
sex with a 25 year old ?

Автор roberto mazzaroni (4 месяца)
this is the only movie in whom cruise seemes quite a good actor. personal

Автор dgriff1264 (2 месяца)
At the end, is it the Verrazano bridge Cruise is on? And I don't recall
where the actual gathering takes place if anyone remembers a reference. 

Автор smeezekitty (3 месяца)
I find the fact that she was only 15-16 in real life at the time of filming
rather disturbing.

Автор Ouija1210 (1 месяц)
Eastern European Man Millich played by Rade Serbedzija= Zbignew
Berzezinski, where he tried to make deals with jap and Chinese government
to sign friendship treaty and become enemies of USSR. Japan refused this as
it was not in their interest to be unfriendly to uSSR. Berzezinski used his
daughter to smooth things out with Japanese polititians who were into funny
practices. She even admits in her autobigrphy that she used to entertain
her fathers political guests at their house. At one point she droped plate
of caviar into jap's ambassador's crotch and had to clean it up with bare
hands, rub it out... Kubrick is alluding to this here.

Автор jonas brave (2 месяца)
Leelee's great smile at 1:20.

Автор Solid State (4 месяца)
Jennifer Lawrence.

Автор ook park (8 месяцев)
ah your intention is very clear.

Автор Stillwater900 (1 год)
I'd do her. She's got breasts, good to go.

Автор Nabil leal (1 год)
In my book, pussy's pussy....

Автор backhaul1 (1 год)
This segment may have been filmed in 1998 when LeeLee was 15. Nothing
technically pornographic here but those panties cannot hide the image of
her big hairy bush.

Автор Marc Clenn De Mesa (10 месяцев)
They have this in amazon prime

Автор attilaclark (11 месяцев)
It's showing you how the use guilt frame people. Extortion. Only the rich
are invited. So you don't have to worry.

Автор godvirus*cure (10 месяцев)
There's grass on the pitch ; )

Автор generalzod4life (5 месяцев)
'You depraved creature!'

Автор Conor Ghilarducci (1 год)
apparently with subtitles on she says something like "you should have a
cloak with ermine lining" which is a symbol of royalty.

Автор GabiN64 (5 месяцев)
damn tom cruise is short

Автор amazingdany (8 месяцев)
Tom Cruise's...

Автор doofyyy27 (1 год)
The actor is 16, but when watching for the first time you still perceive
her as a bit younger than that.

Автор ShellofaMan12 (7 месяцев)
Is she telling him to stay pure? That was my interpretation.

Автор MrNedro94 (9 месяцев)
I would fuck her .

Автор Elaine Y (5 месяцев)
That means Japanese are eating Chinese food, there are some Japanese
writers write abt the character to be a best seller, too. Only idiots will
buy their books.

Автор Jassine Forat (1 год)
16 dumbass motherfucking peace of shit.

Автор UnclePatJune13th2008 (2 года)
LM F' ing AO XD

Автор Dick Wick (1 год)
age of consent in most states is 16 chump

Автор amazingdany (8 месяцев)
EWS and Magnolia are the two best movies of his entire filmography. Worst?
Gotta be Cocktail.

Автор Joel McConkey (1 год)
What does she whisper to him??

Автор CheersBros (5 месяцев)
and why the fuck are they japanese?

Автор Peabody Wormsworth (1 год)
I dont know if he is using her a jailbait. But it is clear that he is open
to taking money to sell her goods. Its not clear to me what this has to do
with Jap and Chinese governments. But you can tell when he says "this is
now a matter for the police" and locks the door on them and then turns
casually to continue selling a mask... that he already plans to extort
money from them. Which of course is shown later.

Автор Vin Vass (1 год)
"you must see"? Good reason NOT to see it! Surely it's banned now anyway.

Автор xViiision (8 месяцев)
Sorry, thought you were talking about Kubrick for a second. :P

Автор Andrew Maximov (1 год)
What movie have the same scene? I have see that scene in different movie
with different actors.

Автор gopussy1 (1 год)
I would eat her pussy and ass

Автор Ramsay Clarke (1 год)
The film was under production in 1998. She was 15

Автор boxofz (2 года)
@tbabaeniyan haha call it what you want, it controls everything

Автор Austin Stolz (11 месяцев)
How can you tell the nationality of those men?

Автор Adam Deans (1 год)
verrry suspicious

Автор iwannabelikeyou (2 года)
umm... I have to say that you seem like the dumb one here...

Автор rickster277 (1 год)
like to know..what SHE said..to him...

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