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Автор odyssey88 ( назад)
Pause the clip around 1:14-1:15, on the glass wall you catch the reflection
of a television filming what looks like the inside of the room. Eyes Wide
Shut indeed.

Автор Froy 2001 ( назад)
I love how he says LITTLE WHORE at 1:13 & 1:54!!!

Автор Jakub Maciejewski ( назад)
What is this?

Автор Terry Silvester ( назад)
Probably my favourite kubrick film

Автор Burgers Butritrundle ( назад)
Angel on Table

Автор Nocturnal Bird ( назад)
"Couldn't you see she is deranged!? Dr. I'm sorry to keep you waiting."

Автор Yoshi5020 ( назад)
Is this Kubrick's funniest movie or what?? :D The whole movie is filled
with funny stuff. How about that hotel clerk? lol

Автор Gabriel Pereira Santos ( назад)
What is the name this actress? at 2:07

Автор Julia Herms ( назад)
this is weird weird weird.. i never liked this scene

Автор Chloe Lane ( назад)
Tom cruise is really hot in this movie.

Автор 1111ironhawk (114 года назад)
i think she says i wanna fuck ya,,, enough said

Автор Don Ravenrot ( назад)
Daughter of Mr. Millich she reportedly whispered: "you should have a cloak
lined with ermine".

Автор FabioPirovano ( назад)
what a pelvic bone

Автор Sergio Cabrera ( назад)
Cliff notes about this scene:
• from the looks of it, it wasn't Sobieski s first time having sex with
older men
• the promiscuous smile she gives to Tom cruise
• the suggestion she gives to Tom cruise about the cloak as if she knows
exactly what she's talking about
• pedophilia is alive and well in major high class societies and is rather
accepted as a means to an end as sobieskis body language gives out

Автор zicky il giullare ( назад)
she says him : " you should get a coat lined with ermine . " The Ermine
Cloak own to the kings , she is a little girl but her body is tho one of a
woman , in her imagination Cruise is the king of her own fairy tale

Автор jimbobeire ( назад)
you're right, this was totally a nod to Lolita, and if you notice there are
references to other Kubrick films too. For instance, doesn't Millich
resemble an older Jack Torrance? Note the long hair and the bathrobe, and
also the red reversed lighting. There's also a poster for "The Shining" in

Автор GabiN64 ( назад)
damn tom cruise is short

Автор Elaine Ye ( назад)
That means Japanese are eating Chinese food, there are some Japanese
writers write abt the character to be a best seller, too. Only idiots will
buy their books.

Автор TheJGOSS ( назад)
Damn i wish kubrick was still alive

Автор Doing Business With The Chinese ( назад)
and why the fuck are they japanese?

Автор generalzod4life ( назад)
'You depraved creature!'

Автор FistOfMichallin ( назад)
Kubrick's conclusion: Women are fucked up

Автор David Ryan ( назад)
Funniest things is. There are "two" people saying that to the same person

Автор thesir27 ( назад)
Did you just respond to the same comment, correcting the same person, in
the same way, 2 months apart? LOL

Автор howtoplanaparty ( назад)
Leelee I am Sobieski back to King Jan. Our family does not movin pictures
about vampires or unchaste women Leelee, and we do not make a career in
association with atheists, witches, freemasons, nor papists. Stay sweet.

Автор ShellofaMan12 ( назад)
Is she telling him to stay pure? That was my interpretation.

Автор I AM ANTICHRIST ( назад)
I hope you die of aids faggot.

Автор I AM ANTICHRIST ( назад)
i hope you die of aids.

Автор bottleracket ( назад)
That's wrong. She was 16 when the movie came out, but they shot the film
for over a year (400 days actually), so she was 14-15 during the shoot. She
might have actually been 14 in the movie depending on when her scene was

Автор ook park ( назад)
ah your intention is very clear.

Автор piripirifox ( назад)
i love the young girl in this scene, she is so cute, highly fuckable. I'd
love to shove my hard cock into her fine young tight untouched pussy.

Автор MrHardPene ( назад)
I can't help but feel this scene was a nod to "Lolita" one of Kubricks
previous films. There seems to be a lot of scenes in this film that could
be in reference to many of his previous films, but only Kubrick knows.

Автор kymm00 ( назад)
One of my favorite scenes in EWS. I just finished reading Dream Story by
Arthur Schnitzler and it was fantastic. Lots of scenes stayed pretty true
to the story.

Автор amazingdany ( назад)
Tom Cruise's...

Автор amazingdany ( назад)
EWS and Magnolia are the two best movies of his entire filmography. Worst?
Gotta be Cocktail.

Автор Gareann ( назад)
Could you explain with more details or maybe do you have some documents ?
That sounds interesting.

Автор retient tout ( назад)
it is not about geopolitics. it is clearly about satanism, secret
societies, pedo-criminal networks you should see this : watch?v=eDKiyehma28

Автор bebeTHEninja ( назад)
it suggests royalty. maybe a subliminal message about the characters at the
orgy party.

Автор 76special ( назад)
The director was not promoting it, he is merely showing you what goes on in
life. This kind of shit goes on for real and when you see the movie it all
ties in together.

Автор A bunch of RaNdOm ( назад)
Her smile at 1:25 is so gorgeous and she looks very attractive. Honestly I
found her very attractive. Luckily I can still say that because I'm not 18

Автор Cha Trip ( назад)
they mustve filmed this at least one year prior to release. she must've
been around 14/15.

Автор electronicmedium ( назад)

Автор Calum Chrystal ( назад)
All though she is sexy

Автор Calum Chrystal ( назад)
People who say they have sex with her are kind of creepy

Автор phxsns1 ( назад)
Yeah, Eyes Wide Shut, like most Kubrick films, took awhile to shoot, so he
may very well have been 14.

Автор MrNedro94 ( назад)
I would fuck her .

Автор tyrone shoelaces ( назад)
the way she walks away and does that subtle nod at the end was so sexy

Автор David Ryan ( назад)
When they were filming she was 14

Автор buttbot ( назад)
Depends when this scene was filmed though, the movie took a year to make
and another couple of months until it got released

Автор godvirus*cure ( назад)
There's grass on the pitch ; )

Автор Marc Clenn De Mesa ( назад)
They have this in amazon prime

Автор XBOXMASTER123456 ( назад)
Well they could have filmed this a year or two earlier

Автор Parag0n ( назад)
You are correct both men are Japanese but the detail is in the food that is
strewn across the table... why on earth would two Japanese men bring a
plethora of Chinese food to a sexual proposition... Eyes Wide Shut, you can
watch it 20 times and learn something new :)

Автор Austin Stolz ( назад)
How can you tell the nationality of those men?

Автор Dfens2008 ( назад)
yeah u r right but the shooting of the movie began in November 1996 till
January 1998,so no she wasnt 16

Автор donny donowitz ( назад)
omg ? is leelee sobieski play like lolita ? lol. is she wearing sue lyon
bra & panties ? ;)

Автор JSandusky69 ( назад)
Eleanor Rigby is a McCartney song, and he wrote most of the lyrics.

Автор assholecarrier ( назад)
Actually that was a body double. Jodie didnt want to appear nude so they
had her sister Connie fill in, who was 21. Most people dont know about this
because it was uncredited.

Автор Nautilus1972 ( назад)
WTF? "Rainbow fashions" - Rainbow is a well-known symbol of the Illuminati

Автор Tiffany Joy ( назад)

Автор attilaclark ( назад)
It's showing you how the use guilt frame people. Extortion. Only the rich
are invited. So you don't have to worry.

Автор Omar I. Rodríguez ( назад)
Mmmm not at Netflix

Автор Vin Vass ( назад)
The girl Leelee plays is a younger version of the women who are prostitutes
in the film. The woman Tom tries to save was once a young girl, sexually
abused and being rented out from an early age - and by contrast we see what
LeeLee will grow up to become and what is in store for her. Tom doesn't
save her either - no-one was saved, to quote John Lennon (Elenor Rigby)

Автор Vin Vass ( назад)
"you must see"? Good reason NOT to see it! Surely it's banned now anyway.

Автор Vin Vass ( назад)
It's a very "lolita" momen but what do we really see? She is covered, as
much as if she was wearing a bikini, he only female character in a "sexy"
role not doing topless or full frontal, so no laws being broken. We don't
even see the sex acts she is supposed to have done - in fact the whole
thing could have been set up by Millich for Tom's benefit, we only see his
POV. Lolita was closer, in the Jeremy Irons version we SEE the under age
sex scenes

Автор 2bin ( назад)
Something about the way Leelee exits this scene reminds me of the scene in
Clockwork Orange when Malcom McDowell is presented with the naked woman
after his "treatment." Coincidence?

Автор Adam Deans ( назад)
"you should have a cloak lined with ermine" I don't know why, i thought it
would be something really important but thats what she says.

Автор Adam Deans ( назад)
verrry suspicious

Автор Kashadooo ( назад)
Eyes Wide Shut filming started at the end of 1996 and got a prolonged
post-production process. She easily could be 14 by the time this scene was

Автор David Ryan ( назад)
Actually she was 14. The film came out in 1999. But this scene was filmed
in 1997.

Автор treize32 ( назад)
Actually, the movie finished filming in June 1998. Her birthday is June
10th 1983. The chances of this particular scene being filmed after her
birthday are around 4%. So yes, she was probably 14 years old in this
scene, although there is a 4% chance she was 15.

Автор Dick Wick ( назад)
age of consent in most states is 16 chump

Автор frentable2 ( назад)
very strange movie... didnt kubrick die right after its release?

Автор rickster277 ( назад)
like to know..what SHE said..to him...

Автор Andrew Maximov ( назад)
What movie have the same scene? I have see that scene in different movie
with different actors.

Автор Omar I. Rodríguez ( назад)
Ha! You must see "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane", in the last
scene Jodie Foster appears naked, she was only 14 yo

Автор Bolin Cartest ( назад)
Cause the people who run this country fuck young children

Автор Bolin Cartest ( назад)
Yeah Came out in 1999 doesnt mean they filmed this scene in 1999!

Автор turockandar ( назад)
Almost without doubt the worst of Kubrick's films...have you seen the
others? Space Odessy, Clockwork Orange and Doctor Strangelove and Lolita
are all vastly superior!

Автор Susej Christ ( назад)
Best kubrick film, also one of the best films ever

Автор backhaul1 ( назад)
This segment may have been filmed in 1998 when LeeLee was 15. Nothing
technically pornographic here but those panties cannot hide the image of
her big hairy bush.

Автор Borogoroeaesum Nom ( назад)
too old

Автор Doing Business With The Chinese ( назад)
goddamn dirty japanese bastards.

Автор Doing Business With The Chinese ( назад)
the fuck is this miscegenation bullshit, and what the fuck are they
promoting pedophilia?

Автор Peabody Wormsworth ( назад)
I dont know if he is using her a jailbait. But it is clear that he is open
to taking money to sell her goods. Its not clear to me what this has to do
with Jap and Chinese governments. But you can tell when he says "this is
now a matter for the police" and locks the door on them and then turns
casually to continue selling a mask... that he already plans to extort
money from them. Which of course is shown later.

Автор Astral Legacy ( назад)
Eyes Wide Shut is a story about one man's awakening to the shadow reality
that permeates our society. Sex trafficking and underage prostitution is a
part of this underworld.

Автор Sutrisno Seno ( назад)
Yes, man. I concur, I want to eat her pussy and ass too and shoot load of
jizz to her face. Damn such a hottie she is and so kinky :P

Автор bl4nkd4hli4 ( назад)
Not to put holes in what you're saying, but are not both the men according
to the film's description simply Japanese? And when the character of Bill
arrives the place is about already closed I think, he has to wake the guy
up - supposedly - and bargain with him in order to be let in. But yeah,
security cage...eerie stuff here, that's obvious.

Автор ohweloveeverton ( назад)
Lolita 2000

Автор keep calm I am just kidding Rupees ( назад)
I'd fuck and eat her pussy, she's hawt!!

Автор david11111ism ( назад)
the girl knows what she's doing. look at her face.

Автор Hourglass Productions (523 года назад)

Автор Bolin Cartest ( назад)
Didn't the store owner attend the masked ball?

Автор Parag0n ( назад)
This scene is about the dealings of the Japanese and Chinese Government in
the 70's and a 3rd party who used his daughter as bait. Kubrick was a
meticulous man and this scene will obviously fool most people. Why does a
tuxedo place open in the middle of the night? Why are 2 Asian men, 1
Chinese and 1 Japanese fooling around with a young girl? Why does this
tuxedo place have a back room and a security cage? Look into it, Kubrick
was a genius, Eyes Wide Shut is a masterpiece.

Автор Conor Ghilarducci ( назад)
apparently with subtitles on she says something like "you should have a
cloak with ermine lining" which is a symbol of royalty.

Автор Thomas Banuelos ( назад)
In case you were wondering what you'd find "where the rainbow ends"

Автор Stillwater900 ( назад)
Keep him out of our room for me, I can't stand his acting

Автор rktqmffptb ( назад)
I'd do Tom.

Автор Stillwater900 ( назад)
I'd do her. She's got breasts, good to go.

Автор jeremiah clivestone ( назад)
It's about YOU fantasize she says. lol kubrick is trying to tell us all
that we're paedos

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