How to Travel for a Living! || Story Time #7

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Everyone thinks that you have to be rich to travel... this isn't true. In fact, you can travel forever if you do it right. We met dozens of people while travelling that just seemed to have it figured out. They would either have a job they could do remotely or would work in the country they were visiting. These people would work, travel, work, travel, and repeat and repeat and repeat... it got us really excited and so we learned about this lifestyle a bit more.

Hopefully after watching the video you'll have a better idea of how it works, and will start planning your next adventure! :D

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Автор Charlise Nwoha ( назад)
I just quit my job yesterday, Jan. 20th 2017 in hopes of exploring the
world & just living. I plan to leave all my debt (about 12k) at home,
eliminate my rent, store all my belongings n my moms garage && just LIVE!!
I'm 26 & I've worked since 14 so now I'm just tired!! I've got $500 saved &
a friend willingly to buy me a 1-way ticket to anywhere n the. world. Where
would you all suggest I start if I'm new to the traveling world & only
speak English?? I've got family in Paris, London, & Nigeria and Instagram
friends n Italy but I'm trying to stray away from depending on my family.
Any advise is greatly appreciated 😍😊

Автор ҉ ( назад)
With the way our world is that constantly expects everyone to own a
mortgage and be in debt, it really is hard to just pack you things and go
for an endless adventure...

Автор Noel Pastor ( назад)
I just subscribed your channel!!
congrats!!😉👍 I find you guys are adventurer! you should travel more
anywhere in Southeast Asian countries..its cheaper and lots of interesting
places to explore too!
Have you been in Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc..

Автор Edges Of Earth ( назад)
- Yep - I have been traveling for the last 7 months and loving it! If you
want to travel, simply restructure the way you spend your money. Have less
stuff. It's easy. Totally worth it!

Автор Brendan Keogh ( назад)
sounds amazing. only concern is about retirement planning on the
Thanks for the inspiration guys

Автор Anuj Chhetri ( назад)
Nepal At First😍✋🏻🙏🏻

Автор The petalipicked ( назад)
has anyone else just started making travel videos ??

Автор Souly Trini ( назад)
This was Great! Thank You!

Автор Travis Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Denisa Šomová ( назад)
Thank you ❤!

Автор Cody Kemp ( назад)
My wife and I are trying to take a trip around the world. We have saved the
majority of the funds but are still coming up a little short. We would love
any help we can get!

Автор Love Of Travel ( назад)
Thank you

Автор ANDREY FEDOSOV ( назад)
Very nice!!!

Автор Ruth Perret-Goluboff ( назад)
Does the guy on the left purge people?

Автор Jayati Chandra ( назад)
Hi everybody, if you are a travel lover, then follow our Instagram page
@PaintingBagpacks for exotic updates every single day! ❤️✈️

Автор Simons Channel ( назад)
I watched this video one year ago as you load it up. It was the biggest
motivation for myself! Now one year later I saved enough money and will
start my journey around the world at 5th december! Thank you guys for the
inspiration. I will try to share my experiences with my community, too.

Автор Une Envie De Voyager ( назад)
amazing i am starting my channel too you are a really good inspiration

Автор Conner Cox ( назад)
Thanks for the positivity and truth guys, especially in a world of "you
can't do that". You guys are fucken awesome.

Автор Maquidou F2F ( назад)
well done guys

Автор Trenton Anderson ( назад)
probably my favorite youtube chanel

Автор Slick Vick Life ( назад)
I was working in a cubicle in the US, when I finally woke up and quit my
job on my 25th birthday and bought a one-way ticket to South East Asia for
travel/teaching English. I'll never forget this birthday gift to myself!!

Автор Daniel Razo ( назад)
They live just like me🙌

Автор MISS YANYI ( назад)
great video guys

Автор Baggiri Jagan ( назад)
Dear all sir, i say thanks for ur valuble information giving. I am from
India . pls help genuine paying bucks websites. with out Investment.which
can do at home.

Автор Jason L ( назад)
i did that last year.. and it was fun!

Автор Actioncam nz ( назад)

Автор Evelyn Jacquez ( назад)
I love you guys💗

Автор Partners In Wealth ( назад)
Hey guys....thanks for this....just so you know I'm a part of a Travel Club
- Partners in Wealth...that specializes in helping people raise funds for
their projects or campaigns....the Travel Club is pretty big
though....check out the Video here...it's easy to register....and it's
helping me travel around the world too....enjoy..!!!

Автор Bluefire113 ( назад)
My dream is to travel the world solo, if everything goes as hoped I will
have a good paying job after I graduate, I can work there for 1-2 years and
save up some money and get going. Hopefully I can pick up web design along
the way

Автор The Art of Travel ( назад)
To be able to freely travel is the greatest joy of all.

Автор Gabriella Austin ( назад)
Love it! Very inspiring :)

Автор Bekah Lambert ( назад)
I think its really cool you guys have been to Nicaragua because I've been 4
times and fell in love with it. I want to travel to different places but am
also interested in NZ and would love to travel there as well

Автор Travel Learn Understanding Life ( назад)
you are inspire me guys thanks alot my warm greetings from Egypt

Автор LongFeng Yuan ( назад)
Wow, it looks very amazing, I often take my Mini sport Camera(
https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01FQMOZO8) to record anything on the way.

Автор Simon Nebel ( назад)
So envious of you lads and other travellers. Love watching these kinds of
videos but get a tad depressed whenever I watch them because I'm not living
it lol.
The girlfriend and I are travelling to Malaysia next week for an 8-night
stay and am so excited to travel to Asia for the first time but would love
to do this kind of thing full-time as we love to travel.
Sadly, I feel that I have missed the boat with this kind of lifestyle as I
have spent most of my 20s in education, living on the breadline in the hope
that I can get a decent-paid job that will allow me to see as much of the
world before I become too old. Turning 28 this month and still have about a
year left to go to finish my MBA and will have some debts to pay off.
Really want to work somewhere warm by the ocean; want a change from Europe.
Is it too late? Any tips for Malaysia/Borneo this time of year, bearing in
mind monsoons?

Автор liztrueman ( назад)
Great video! It's very inspirational and offers practical advice.

Автор SimonMOTOS ( назад)
What is the song in the end?

Автор Hollis Ryder (hollisXryder) ( назад)
thanks for this video! im 23 & im the kind of person who doesn't like
staying in one place for a very long time,i like to go out and see new
things,meet new people,learn more about myself as a person. to capture the
world through my eyes through photography.

Автор world traveller ( назад)
WoW! Nice Video :-)

Автор Black Beauty ( назад)
Can you guys make a video on online jobs PLEASE it gets tricky to find the
legit ones

Автор Fulvio Lea ( назад)
my future work :D

Автор Caroline Mahalak ( назад)
I wish I could meet you guys!

I started traveling right after I graduated high school. I'm currently in
college and also work a lot, but I frequently travel around the world!
Between my trips, which I plan every 2 months to go on a trip, I work 35-40
hours a week on top of school. (I honestly don't even know how I do
it...great time management skills?) All it takes is passion. I'm obsessed.
I even found friends in college that love to travel and can actually afford
it. It's unbelievable, and has literally changed my life.

The only question I have for you guys is how did you meet, or how to find
travel partners? I don't have a single travel buddy that's willing to go
anywhere and everywhere with me, and I'm looking!

Автор Lanttimatkat ( назад)
We cut our expenses and now we are on a journey at least until February. It
has been, is and will be awesome. I'm glad that you inspire people to test
boundaries and not just going that same route as parents did.

Cheers from Finland!
Antti from Lanttimatkat,
Happy travelvlogging around the globe

Автор Benjamin Ringus ( назад)
with my girlfriend

Автор Benjamin Ringus ( назад)
my new plans

Автор Veni Vidi Amavi ( назад)
I'd be ok because I love the minimalist lifestyle, and what you said at 4:59
is so true, awesome point!! Would you guys say this is better to do once a
youtube channel grows a bit more tho..?

Автор Veni Vidi Amavi ( назад)
loved this, because I would be so ok with this lifestyle!!

Автор Daniel M Baker ( назад)
Yeah, this is actually good

Автор BlackPieceProduction ( назад)
Great guys!
I'm from Germany and I'll travel soon the world...maybe we'll meet each
other ^^

Автор moti raizner ( назад)

Автор Azrul Naim ( назад)
Hello guys i jz posted a video on my youtube channel regarding my recent
trip to one of the best diving resort in Malaysia. feel free to check it
out and please leave a comment to help improve my videos and channel. im
starting a vlog soon wish me luck hehe thanks

Автор TheOneAbove “TheOneAboveAll” All ( назад)
what camera do you use,it's very vivid.Oh and thanks for that info,that's
what I plan on doing,traveling for LIFE.After high school

Автор princess baao ( назад)
you're hawt ryker <3

Автор The Danny Black VLOG ( назад)
I travel for a living! :)

Автор Wayward Passage ( назад)
That's some great information you guys provided in this video. It really is
about changing your mindset about not just traveling, but how you live life
as well. Break free of the box that is so easy to put yourself into. And I
love the point you make about not having to be rich. Most people I talk to
can't seem to comprehend that my wife and I can take a week long trip
somewhere on only a couple hundred dollars. My best friend works an average
job, but saves like crazy for 6 months out of the year, and spends the
other 6 months traveling around Asia, living like a king!

Автор HaileyMorganful ( назад)
how do you guys keep girlfriends when you travel so much? :P

Автор MissYabilina ( назад)
This inspired me so much and can't wait to start living a simpler more
relaxing lifestyle

Автор Chiara Leo ( назад)
This video's given me so much insight! I can't believe how many people are
living the life I desire! I'm totally confident in my choice for the future
- sorta just gonna take life as it comes. you guys are great! I'm 17,
finishing school next year and soon as Im done i want to go everywhere that
life is beautiful and full... if you have any more tips please please
share!! :)

Автор Amanda Pahlawan TV ( назад)
Glad that you enjoyed Indonesia. Try Padar Island, its another gem of
Indonesia that not many people knows about it

Автор Raven Clark ( назад)
Alex ( i believe his name to be) looks like Tryell in Mr. Robot. Just me?

Автор bronzed beauty ( назад)
can you make a video mentioning visas? because i realize a lot of bloggers
don't really help us with that . Because that's the hardest thing to get as
an american citizen AND because it's a long process

Автор Billy M ( назад)
I wanna travel with you guys where can I apply hahaha

Автор Paz T ( назад)
Hi guys, just wanted to know if we could use any of your videos or clips of
them for our presentations? We help people find work around the world and
your clips are just the best on the internet!

Автор henry Lu ( назад)
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Автор tvfatgirl1 ( назад)
Well done guys. Good luck !

Автор Cassandra Richards ( назад)
great advice! <3 thank you both :)

Автор tia kandi ( назад)
IN LOVE WITH THIS! I just started a travel vlog and this is just amazing!
If you could sub me like I've subbed you I'd appreciate it greatly :) keep
up the motivational videos!

Автор The Appleiar ( назад)
one question, do you buy 1 way ticket only? thank you

Автор Sandra Says ( назад)
Traveling shows you, even if it's a short trip, how many different
lifestyles are out there

Автор James Brennan ( назад)
just need to get a friend to go with 😁

Автор tipadventure ( назад)
If you guys love traveling then check out this clothing company called
Serengetee! Use my code ' Rao15 ' for 15% off your order. About 10% of the
proceeds go towards a charity

Автор akaki paqsashvili ( назад)
https://www.facebook.com/Travel1212/ georgia

Автор vanessa rae ( назад)
thank you for this video. I'm still in high school but I always say I don't
plan on going to college at least not right after high school and create a
ton of debt for myself. I'd rather just travel and work odd jobs

Автор DNA Travelers ( назад)
planning our next trip! Bali or Thailand!?

Автор Ismail Touchani ( назад)
Welcome to Morocco :) !

Автор Mary Mills ( назад)
I want the travel life style but I'm worried say, if I work for 2 years
save up then travel the world and one day if I want to come back how do I
explain that employment gap ect? Is travel valued by employers?

Автор Ajit Deshpande ( назад)
Song @5:20 Please.

Автор EpicCosity Grant ( назад)
I just went to Europe for the last month and week. I visited Austria, Czech
Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, only with my back and myself. I
want to know how would it be possible to make a lifestyle out of visiting
the world.
This was one of my first travels, though I have experience from being to
every state west of the Mississippi, but I'd like to see the world and
climb mountains and go sailing everywhere.
I was thinking maybe I could make it a social media thing, like through
Instagram, or maybe make videos on YouTube like you guys.
But if I wanted to see the world, (being a novice at this) what are the
things I would need to brush up on?
What are useful most used Languages in the world?
What skills are useful?
I want to take lessons on Diving, Rock Climbing, Cave Diving, Skydiving,
Sailing, and all over survival stuff that would make me more tuned for
adventure, but I want to hear what you guys say . . .

Автор Jahanzeb Fasial ( назад)
I will create video for your plan tour or visit location on google earth
for $5.
You can share this video to your friends for discuss travelling and stop
for the point of interest zoom points
You can discuss specific location that needs to be guided.You can check my
other gigs also.

Автор Peter Denyer ( назад)
pretty cool you guys mention the vaga brothers!

Автор Bran Bran ( назад)
What do you both do for health care??

Автор Bran Bran ( назад)
What do you both do for health care??

Автор saleem shaikh ( назад)

Автор Alan Copel ( назад)
amazing!!! I share the beauty of this world too in my instagram account:
Go and check it out!

Автор Dale Campbell ( назад)
Forex and corporations best way to live life and travel freely..

Автор Pluto K.Simpsons ( назад)
you guys live the dream ♡

Автор Michael ( назад)

Автор Ayush ( назад)
okay that was an awesome video.. thank-you guys.. that surely have a hope
which I had lost..I don't want to work 9-5.. collect money whole year to
travel for two weeks.. would you guys please help with some stuff.. I'm
about to be 18.. I've searched for many jobs that let me travel the world
but couldn't find
any nice one.. traveling is everything to me.. what I decided after all was
to be an engineer, earn, save and travel.. then the other day I found about
the degrees in travel and leisure.. but do you guys have any way I could
just start my travel right after my graduation, my family's not gonna allow
me to even think of job right now, especially with no job security. once I
have my graduation degree, I can start whatever I want

Автор Jack L ( назад)
what would you recommended for someone wanting to travel with no
qualifications ? is it possible to get employment most places without
qualifications? im presuming it would only be waitressing, floor staff, Pr
or hostel cleaning that kind of work if possible, would that be enough to
get by?

Автор Слон 777 ( назад)
thumbs up!

Автор Kris Kan ( назад)
Guys, you know what! I've been in Thailand for a couple of times now and
I've got several offers to stay there and help (work) with different jobs,
dive shops etc. And I can honestly say I regret it to this day that I
didn't take that opportunity and just take that leap of faith and try it
out. Ok, maybe it doesn't work out for one reason or another but hey,
atleast I tried it! Trial and error right? I'd rather say that I've done
that sh*t and it wasn't really anything for me than to sit there when I'm
old and think back that, "man I should have done this and that."

I can tell you one thing though. It won't happen again. Next time I'm going
somewhere, I won't be shy or afraid to take that leap of faith, where ever
it may lead me! Awesome videos btw ^^

Автор DiamondsRaider ( назад)
Any advise on making money online? Also, this is very inspiring, and my
goal is to go to 5 unique places a year for now, and then expand more and

Автор Augusto Lugo ( назад)
So glad I found you!! Love your channel

Автор Austin Clements ( назад)
How did you meet your friends?

Автор D.R. Matheson (Taze) ( назад)
Did you guys go to college?

Автор Anish Gautam ( назад)
NIce!! You guys visited my country too.

Автор madhur milan paudel ( назад)
hey guys...you travelled to Nepal, yeah?? How was your experience over
there ?

Автор Aj Rathore ( назад)
you guys are osm .seriously

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