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Автор TheKingdomSecrets ( назад)
Guys for a custom game you must have a RGH or a Flashed xbox 360 or an Xkey
You can hotswap Mods for the game

Автор miran kamil ( назад)
how you get this games

Автор ExtremeAutocorrectFails ( назад)
I downloaded a game, and it came out as Data0001, Data0002, Data0003 etc.
What do I do here?

Автор MrAdictGaming (701 год назад)
how do i get the games?#

Автор Fabius Pop ( назад)
it says : the disc is unreadeble , please clean it with a soft cloth ,
restart the console , i followed the instructions but it s exactly 

Автор andy7666 ( назад)
I didn't know about the layer break, nice one.

Автор avnish00 ( назад)
Do we need a specific dvd burner ? or just any regular dvd burner?

Автор Peter Ken ( назад)
Can you use just use a laptop to burn???

Автор Soufiane Boutaib ( назад)
if game 3.39 GB can i burn this game in DVD 4 GB or xbox need dvd 8.5 GB

Автор Shaq WickedCat ( назад)
my xbox not yet modded/flashed. so is that mean i cant use this method to
get a free cd?

Автор Harish Mano ( назад)
what type of cd do i use?
what space is required on a cd?

Автор jacob bannow ( назад)
where do you download the files from? kickass?

Автор BigMike 777 ( назад)
verification was faild

Автор ItsAgora ( назад)
Can someone please help me out, I burned resident evil 5, titanfall,
watchdogs, and they was working fine the 1st day and the brand i used was
verbatim, but not everytime i put them in my xbox it says unrecongized disc
its not the laser because my original xbox games work and i have a benQ
drive an i succesfully patch them and everything i just really don't
understand how to fix this so can someone please just help me out here

Автор DiscMaster95 ( назад)
i did all that but when I put the disk into my xbox 360 it say "TO PLAY
THIS DISC PUT IT IN AN XBOX 360" can you please help me out, can you tell
me if i did something wrong miss something out or do I need to change my
setting on my xbox for order to read my disc? I dont know that to do can
someone please help me out!!!??

Автор tigernight power ( назад)
some games abgx tell me VERIFICATION FAIL . that games must be burned like
o normal iso ? 

Автор Sebastian Klinovsky ( назад)
where I download

Автор Thuan Nguyen ( назад)
I have an issue with the Imgburn :(, please help me out, i want to burn
Diablo III, the dics i was trying to use is Memorex DVD + R Dual
Layer/Double Couche 8x speed/ 8.5GB/Go/240 min! Please Help!!!!

Its poped up like this: Here's the link!!


Thank you for helping!!!

Автор RustyCanadian ( назад)
can you overwrite a burned disk ?

Автор LiveUpriseing ( назад)
Memorex DVD+R DL works. And will someone help me because when I go to
replace the common.ff file in wx360 It won't work

Автор MojePvp ( назад)
is that illegal

Автор ovundah amadi ( назад)
Thanks a lot. The tutorial worked. I now burn my games and they play
perfectly on my Xbox. :)

Автор Samer hisham ( назад)
hey how much time it will take to burn the cd ?

Автор Mohamed Ali AL-Dernawi ( назад)
hi nice tutorial
Q. my DVD R speed 3,4,6 cant go lower then 3 so what should i do ??

Автор TheSajo120 ( назад)
will this work on a regular xbox 360 or does it need to be moded

Автор Hassan Ali ( назад)
what modification I have to do with xbox?

Автор Hassan Ali ( назад)
what modification I have to do with xbox?

Автор LTDanno360 ( назад)
What kind of dvd burner you got? Mine is a Dvd burner for Duel layer diskes
but isnt a Liteon, ihas

Автор ironmanpr12 ( назад)
in the part were people are confuse if you have a verbatim dl dvd+r set it
to 2.4X because is 240m check your disk and see if it says 240m 

Автор ironmanpr12 ( назад)
can this get me ban? from xbox live 

Автор Engineer Of Union Pacific ( назад)
with no dl

Автор Engineer Of Union Pacific ( назад)
what if we just have dvd+r

Автор Bro 89 Studio ( назад)
i cant download abgx 360, what's the problem

Автор rotem krogliak ( назад)
If I put the disc in the xbox and its said disc not supported what i did

Автор umair amin ( назад)
do i need to modifying the xbox 360 slim console

Автор Tobias Edgy ( назад)
Where do i get the games?

Автор Travis Adommensah ( назад)
I just wondering if you could help me I patching the games all look green
but when I u see the top it said the game appears to have randon padding
it happen all my games i download Tomb,Nba2K14, Grand Thef. pls help. ThaQ

Автор anthony hill ( назад)
The cue reads the bin file...fyi

Автор Michael Sumner ( назад)
how can i erase a dual layer backup game completely to put a new game on
it? is it even possible? please help me

Автор killersnake24 ( назад)
Is there any disks with 16GB Space? Because i want to install GTA V and
that game requires 15GB so.. 

Автор rooney king ( назад)
Where to download the game

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