How to Burn Xbox 360 Games with ImgBurn and ABGX360

This tutorial shows you how to first test your games with ABGX360 to make sure they have been stealth patched and there are no issues with the ISO file. Then I will show you how to successfully burn the xbox 360 games so that you can play them on a xbox 360 game console that has been modified.

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Автор TheKingdomSecrets ( назад)
Guys for a custom game you must have a RGH or a Flashed xbox 360 or an Xkey
You can hotswap Mods for the game

Автор miran kamil ( назад)
how you get this games

Автор ExtremeAutocorrectFails ( назад)
I downloaded a game, and it came out as Data0001, Data0002, Data0003 etc.
What do I do here?

Автор MrAdictGaming (700 лет назад)
how do i get the games?#

Автор Fabius Pop ( назад)
it says : the disc is unreadeble , please clean it with a soft cloth ,
restart the console , i followed the instructions but it s exactly 

Автор punkrocklights ( назад)
Hi just wanted to know how do you get the iso file and dvd file. Forgot all
this so trying to remember how to do it again

Автор andy7666 ( назад)
I didn't know about the layer break, nice one.

Автор avnish00 ( назад)
Do we need a specific dvd burner ? or just any regular dvd burner?

Автор Peter Ken ( назад)
Can you use just use a laptop to burn???

Автор Soufiane Boutaib ( назад)
if game 3.39 GB can i burn this game in DVD 4 GB or xbox need dvd 8.5 GB

Автор Shaq WickedCat ( назад)
my xbox not yet modded/flashed. so is that mean i cant use this method to
get a free cd?

Автор Harish Mano ( назад)
what type of cd do i use?
what space is required on a cd?

Автор jacob bannow ( назад)
where do you download the files from? kickass?

Автор BigMike 777 ( назад)
verification was faild

Автор ItsAgora ( назад)
Can someone please help me out, I burned resident evil 5, titanfall,
watchdogs, and they was working fine the 1st day and the brand i used was
verbatim, but not everytime i put them in my xbox it says unrecongized disc
its not the laser because my original xbox games work and i have a benQ
drive an i succesfully patch them and everything i just really don't
understand how to fix this so can someone please just help me out here

Автор DiscMaster95 ( назад)
i did all that but when I put the disk into my xbox 360 it say "TO PLAY
THIS DISC PUT IT IN AN XBOX 360" can you please help me out, can you tell
me if i did something wrong miss something out or do I need to change my
setting on my xbox for order to read my disc? I dont know that to do can
someone please help me out!!!??

Автор tigernight power ( назад)
some games abgx tell me VERIFICATION FAIL . that games must be burned like
o normal iso ? 

Автор Sebastian Klinovsky ( назад)
where I download

Автор Bự SaoCũngĐược ( назад)
I have an issue with the Imgburn :(, please help me out, i want to burn
Diablo III, the dics i was trying to use is Memorex DVD + R Dual
Layer/Double Couche 8x speed/ 8.5GB/Go/240 min! Please Help!!!!

Its poped up like this: Here's the link!!


Thank you for helping!!!

Автор RustyCanadian ( назад)
can you overwrite a burned disk ?

Автор LiveUpriseing ( назад)
Memorex DVD+R DL works. And will someone help me because when I go to
replace the common.ff file in wx360 It won't work

Автор MojePvp ( назад)
is that illegal

Автор ovundah amadi ( назад)
Thanks a lot. The tutorial worked. I now burn my games and they play
perfectly on my Xbox. :)

Автор Samer hisham ( назад)
hey how much time it will take to burn the cd ?

Автор Mohamed Ali AL-Dernawi ( назад)
hi nice tutorial
Q. my DVD R speed 3,4,6 cant go lower then 3 so what should i do ??

Автор TheSajo120 ( назад)
will this work on a regular xbox 360 or does it need to be moded

Автор Hassan Ali ( назад)
what modification I have to do with xbox?

Автор Hassan Ali ( назад)
what modification I have to do with xbox?

Автор LTDanno360 ( назад)
What kind of dvd burner you got? Mine is a Dvd burner for Duel layer diskes
but isnt a Liteon, ihas

Автор ironmanpr12 ( назад)
in the part were people are confuse if you have a verbatim dl dvd+r set it
to 2.4X because is 240m check your disk and see if it says 240m 

Автор ironmanpr12 ( назад)
can this get me ban? from xbox live 

Автор Elijah Gooden (Trainman264) ( назад)
with no dl

Автор Elijah Gooden (Trainman264) ( назад)
what if we just have dvd+r

Автор Bro 89 Studio ( назад)
i cant download abgx 360, what's the problem

Автор rotem krogliak ( назад)
If I put the disc in the xbox and its said disc not supported what i did

Автор umair amin ( назад)
do i need to modifying the xbox 360 slim console

Автор Tobias Jacobson ( назад)
Where do i get the games?

Автор Travis Adommensah ( назад)
I just wondering if you could help me I patching the games all look green
but when I u see the top it said the game appears to have randon padding
it happen all my games i download Tomb,Nba2K14, Grand Thef. pls help. ThaQ

Автор anthony hill ( назад)
The cue reads the bin file...fyi

Автор Michael Sumner ( назад)
how can i erase a dual layer backup game completely to put a new game on
it? is it even possible? please help me

Автор killersnake24 ( назад)
Is there any disks with 16GB Space? Because i want to install GTA V and
that game requires 15GB so.. 

Автор rooney king ( назад)
Where to download the game

Автор חומס צ'יפס סלט ( назад)
Ok yeah.. sure.. i just put the dvd file in thare and it said to me that
the DISC IS NOT ENOGH BIG FOR THE FILE "WWE2K14" ! and i am using dvd+1 dk
verbatim.. wtf dude. plis help someone.

Автор חומס צ'יפס סלט ( назад)
Dude best fucking tutorial i ever SAW !! but tell me, just fucking tell me
if you sure i need to put to "burn" the DVD FILE AND NOT THE ISO, when the
dvd file is just 1KB.. 1 fucking KB.. well what can i do.. i will try it.

Автор marcspade67 ( назад)
Is there anyone in the united states on the east coast that knows how to
flash an xbox 360?

Автор khidar ahmed ( назад)
can anyone tell e how to flash my xbox at home??

Автор Graham Harris ( назад)
Hello I'm having a problem burning call of duty ghost 360 of course I don't
run stealth patch because I don't play online. However I burned it twice
and each time it won't work. I've burned countless games just this one
won't work any advice would be appreciated

Автор Lilrandy01 ( назад)
This is illegal

Автор Eric Argoni ( назад)
man i did all this for madden 25 and at the end it said the game was too
big but my friend somehow got it on the same disc. am i doing somthing

Автор Jack Dindleberry ( назад)
yeah it is 2 discs, if you have the right torrent then it should give you
two files 'DVD 1' and 'DVD 2' you must burn 'DVD 1' with one disc and 'DVD
2' with another

Автор Jack Dindleberry ( назад)
the website is called gamestorrents it is a Spanish website but you can
toggle the language, their torrents can take some time to finish but they
are the safest torrents I know

Автор ChadderCheese810 ( назад)
It depends on what kind of mods you are doing. Some require JTAG but for
the most part no. You just have to take apart xbox and top half of disc
drive to do the hotswap.

Автор gustranger ( назад)
gtav gives me 2133520 as layerbreak, it also tells me that the amount of
data exceeds the capacity of a DVD+R DL VERVATIM, is that a wrong file or
wtf is wrong

Автор Fox Man ( назад)
nice work

Автор Dr. Tuxedoman ( назад)
it works with GTA V but you guys just need to use a blue-ray disc because
blue-rays are 8 gigs and DVDr are only 4

Автор דור אטיאס ( назад)
my xbox is flashed

Автор XnertoliciousX . ( назад)

Автор XnertoliciousX . ( назад)
it's normal, just overwrite :)

Автор WolfDragonGod ( назад)
why is there two types of iso files?

Автор jesus castro ( назад)
It depends is your xbox 360 flashed if not there are many vids out there

Автор דור אטיאס ( назад)
i burned fifa 14 and it's burned fine ,but when i put the disc in the xbox
,the xbox wrote me unreadable disc and i tried to clean the disc and it's
isn't working. the disc is verbatim 8.5 gb. please help me.

Автор kalitara100 ( назад)
hey man i have the same problem.. idk what to do can you help me if you
have the solution ?

Автор I already won so dont reply ( назад)

Автор SpencerA99 ( назад)
does is have to me a modifiend xbox?

Автор Felix Puscasu ( назад)
Please make sure you use verbatim discs , because on all dvds write that
they are 8,5 but theyre not. thats why you have to use verbatim disc
because they are the best for xbox 360 games

Автор TheAgent bog ( назад)
can you private message me a link for xbox 360 ?

Автор MrMysticmeadow ( назад)
When i put the disc in it disconnects me from xbox live.. Does anyone know
how to fix? and if so can you please help?

Автор PsychOXgamers ( назад)
Whats the website

Автор PsychOXgamers ( назад)
jut hit yes to everything. It worked 4 me

Автор iNukezHD - Retired Legend ( назад)
you need DL + all the time to burn ISOs

Автор iNukezHD - Retired Legend ( назад)
use burner max payload tool

Автор iNukezHD - Retired Legend ( назад)
Lol I know that. Im just saying that to people cuz of how stupid they can be

Автор Tim vd Wijst ( назад)
i don't have DL only DVD+R is that wrong i try to burn gta 5 with 2 iso
files can you learn me

Автор MeetYoureDoom ( назад)
Wich website?

Автор jacob andrew ( назад)
does this work with GTA 5 ????

Автор Jaxerpazz ( назад)
Is flashing required?

Автор BRISCO THUGGA ( назад)
not necessarily lol @megakillakrazy when you burn with imgburn you will
get the options to overburn or truncate just click truncate and boom it
will get that bad boy to fit on 8.5G

Автор hbkz0r ( назад)
it's because you need a Ihas bvd burner to burn the game on dvd . It's on

Автор BiltonFriends ( назад)
Yes sir. It's not hard like people say if you have a computer.

Автор BiltonFriends ( назад)
could you compress it?

Автор MisterPotatoBag ( назад)

Автор TheInfamousMD ( назад)
Does your Xbox need to be flashed??

Автор Johnny Pedroza ( назад)
Do I have to flash my xbox 360 to play burned game's

Автор SMGAMING ( назад)
I have an Xbox 360 flashed on LT 3.0 and when i put the burned game in,it
says "Unreconized Disc" I dont know why :(

Автор Jack Dindleberry ( назад)
Guys, I checked this website where you can find torrents for games, I found
gta v and I want to get it, however it says that it will require two discs,
does anyone of you know how to write it using 2 discs or maybe it is not
needed and you just trunctuate it? Please reply quick, I want gta v so

Автор Akmal Mahmood ( назад)
hit like if your burning gta v :D

Автор Akmal Mahmood ( назад)
set layer break to 2133520 if your trying to burn gta v

Автор Akmal Mahmood ( назад)

Автор pickle man ( назад)
i had the exact same problem. Somebody help.

Автор lashael7 ( назад)
I have 8.13gb file and 8.5gb DVD+R DL disc verbatim, tried to burn cd same
way, but i cant. problem is that I got massage "There doesn't appear to be
enough space on the disc to burn this image. Image size: 4,267,015
(8334Mib) Disc size: 4,173,824 Sectors (8,152 Mib) .... .... ..." and have
to options write until end of image (overburn) and write until end of disc
(truncate) . please help. thanks

Автор metallPAUL ( назад)
there are tutorials on internet how to mode your xbox but i sugest you to
go to someone who did this before, it cost me 50 bucks

Автор Freddie Sotelo ( назад)
I already have my Xbox Flashed. :DD

Автор MrKost13 ( назад)
I dont use abgx360 and i dont copy that layer break code into img burn and
it still works!

Автор Clay ( назад)

Автор Clay ( назад)
you cant just use a unmodified xbox or else it wont read the disk

Автор Clay ( назад)
You need to flash your xbox, and it takes time

Автор fre d ( назад)
does the xbox need to be jtagged or modified in anyway

Автор lekable1 ( назад)
Do i need a different dvd reader?

Автор iNukezHD - Retired Legend ( назад)
Nope you can burn games and play it on a retail xbox...

Автор tivoandwine ( назад)

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