How to do Chest Stands

http://www.fitforafeast.com Based on your requests, we made a tutorial for chest stands. Some people may call these chin stands or shoulder stands (but we do a different move for shoulder stands). Sloane's little sister, Jade, joins in to help us demonstrate spotting a chest stand. Have fun practicing, but make sure your back is warmed up first!

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Автор Dana Na ( назад)
This helped me so much!!!

Автор Super Ella ( назад)
I almost died 😋

Автор tikea p ( назад)
I always wanted to know how to do this :)

Автор Madalynn Demeski ( назад)
I got it thanks

Автор damian lyman ( назад)
I will never be able to do this. Js

Автор Reyford Tinamisan ( назад)
if your chin hurts try pushing with your hands it evens out weight and
helps you stay up longer

Автор Walkidia the awesome Hernandez ( назад)
This was really helpful,I can only do it with straight legs,OMG THANK YOU
SO MUCH I <3 U your so awesome and coooool :)

Автор Yesica Puebla ( назад)
porque todos ablan ingles nadie abla en español nadie :( :)

Автор Sarah Casto ( назад)
I can't hold it very long

Автор Julia Stetsula ( назад)
I can do a chest stand now,thank you

Автор Rena Li ( назад)
I can do this now, I got my friend to push me. It's way easier with a
'spotter' then by yourself, try it

Автор Galina Salorian ( назад)
I can do it on the bed but if i do it on the ground my boobs hurt a lot

Автор Jacinta Fullerton ( назад)
I did it thx

Автор Kaitlyn Hurst ( назад)
I thought it would be easy even with boob but I guess not it's hard with

Автор Jordan Kyrola ( назад)
I can do it it hurt tho

Автор Vicky Langer ( назад)
omg i got a rug burn on my chin doing a chest stand

Автор Narsis Sangsefidi ( назад)
So it takes 3:02 minutes to do a chest stand?! I'm definitely trying

Автор G Nordin (Fam) ( назад)
her sister looks like en elf

Автор Heyyitsjadee ( назад)
Hey my name is Jade too

Автор Tessa the gymnast ( назад)
Tysm this helped alot!

Автор Gina Celona (808 лет назад)
this is so hard if i tried to i will brack my neck

Автор Gina Celona (814 года назад)
this is so hard if i tried to i will brack my neck

Автор wilson Chin ( назад)
it working

Автор Zame LyonZ ( назад)
beautiful feet

Автор Unyce Simpson ( назад)
I did it and I went so far back that I almost broke my neck soooo I'm never
doing that again

Автор Pandas230 ( назад)

Автор Brianna Simon ( назад)
Even though I have boobs now I'm still going to try because nia from dance
moms has boobs and she can do it

Автор Heidi Goodluck ( назад)
i litterally touched the floor and i could feel my back pushed at me and i
was like don't hurt urself pls how do i get out of this position:(

Автор Tiahna ( назад)
Omg thsnk you so much even though my back cracked i was like 1 cm from
touching my head :)

Автор prettygirl08 AJ ( назад)
im gonna try this today and see if i get it

Автор Channelle and Tara x ( назад)
This really helped me I have been trying for ages to get this and after
watching this I finally got it, thankyou❤️ - channelle

Автор PastelSarax ( назад)
i need to do it fast im growing boobs!

Автор Luz Buenoplacencia ( назад)
werever never said

Автор MysticDeli ( назад)
How does your chest not hurt

Автор phebe ss ( назад)
Hurts my stomach when I put my chest to the floor xD
Try doing in with your stomach on the floor but your legs on the sofa and
put them over to get the idea, it helps me out ^-^

Автор Ririleymatthews Msp ( назад)
works but only can do it for 1 second. ;P gotta work harder

Автор Animal lover ( назад)
im too young to have boobs im only 9

Автор amber jones ( назад)
I tried this....but I face planted😑

Автор tj aPackard ( назад)
The one in tank top call me plzz

Автор abigale achempong (7 лет назад)
It worked thanks!

Автор yasmin goto barros ( назад)
RIP boobs 

Автор Joel Hernandez ( назад)
How do you do that thats how my kids cAn now

Автор Leah Vance ( назад)
Omg you helped me so much i cried

Автор Jose Solis ( назад)
Just put lots of blankets

Автор Rachel Sprague ( назад)
Thank you for the beautiful demonstration it really hold just I don't know
how to position my head

Автор Kaitlyn Smith ( назад)
I can't do it 😢😢😢😭😭😭

Автор Samsung Core2 ( назад)
Hace poco que encontre este canal en youtube y me gusto mucho y gracias a
este video aprendi a hacer este ejercicio.Muchas gracias

Автор . ( назад)
whoa you guys are adorable, great job explaining!!

Автор Alli Pier ( назад)
and don't do this if you haven't had professional help otherwise you can
really mess up your back

Автор Alli Pier ( назад)
NECK AND DIE!!!!!! always keep your head facing forward

Автор Georgia Greenall ( назад)
Tri a chest roll

Автор Anila Shaheen ( назад)
I did it

Автор mollie stetzer ( назад)
Nice feet

Автор Super Pony ( назад)
Omg I attempted this and i did it a couple of times then one time I heard a
loud crack in my back and I thought it was broken but idk It kinda hurts
but i hope its not broken

Автор Lola Becks ( назад)
To all the people who don't so acro or anything like that I wouldn't do it
cause you need a proper coach when we were smaller and we first learnt we
wasn't allowed to do then outside the studio also if someone pushes you it
can cause problems so I'd be careful

Автор Ives Kuila ( назад)
from jem i love you guys

Автор Hana Kaja ( назад)

Don't do this is you have boobs, it's probably the worse thing you will do.

Автор Annalise Connell Jonesy Jonesypants ( назад)
I tried it on my bed and I found it more comfortable

Автор Crystal Keewatin ( назад)
I squished my boobs against the floor 😭😭😭

Автор ayoorosie ( назад)
Do u have to be in dance or gymnastic to do this 

Автор shakada hutson ( назад)
I killed it

Автор shakada hutson ( назад)
I did it yesssssssss

Автор Jasmine Mississo ( назад)
When I first tried (like 2 min ago), I paniced and totally fell on my chin.
And my mom was just like: "Wtf" xD

Автор crystal simon ( назад)
I watched so many videos on how to do a chest stand and this one helped a
lot and I actually did it thanks

Автор Karlie_Renae ( назад)
This video is really helpful because at first I couldn't do it but now
after I watched this and tried it I can now do it.

Автор Fabulous Girl (cutie) ( назад)

Автор Aliyah Fain ( назад)
really helpful thanks you guys its realy nice your giving tips to people
how to do this stuff

Автор KK Swifts ( назад)
I keep on trying to catch my self with my arms 

Автор Alex loves everythings ( назад)
Thanks I do gymnastics but I only started

Автор Destiny Smith ( назад)
Great job, I like this because it give me lots of information!

Автор Kabriz Velazquez ( назад)
In my opinion you could do it on your bed

Автор Jessica Bunny Vo (1595 лет назад)
I used to be able to do a chest stand but now when I try to do it my hips
hurt. Please help

Автор beauty. bae.101 ( назад)
What do you do if you are about to fall over? Because i have done that
multiple times and i feel like i broke my neck when i like try to roll over
awkwardly. 😂

Автор Laine Būmeistere ( назад)
Yea, should've tried this when I had no boobs yet, lol. xD

Автор Emily Karol ( назад)
Tey are so old!!!!

Автор Shayla Peterson ( назад)
I keep going on over cuz my back is SUPER flexible

Автор Rosimeire Da Silva Silva ( назад)
Como vcs faz isso cara kk tbm sei ♥

Автор Tayannah Fejeran ( назад)
You really helped me

Автор Taralynn Schaefer ( назад)
You guys are awesome

Автор Achol bol (unicorn_poop) ( назад)
thats a chest roll

Автор Roseberry bushes ( назад)
Thanks!!! This really helped! 

Автор Dominique Rollins ( назад)
Thanks its because of you guys i won thank you love you guys

Автор Dominique Rollins ( назад)
I won best chest stander for the year at my gymnastics class

Автор Dominique Rollins ( назад)
This shorly is good

Автор Terilyn Fuhrer ( назад)
i can't seem to breathe when i do a chest stand :( any tips?

Автор Ciara Leigh ( назад)
There so grown now 😳

Автор Madison Aragon ( назад)
Thanks it helps a lot I was able to do it the first try😊

Автор Autumn Houle ( назад)
I can do it but it hurts my boobs

Автор Elena Phoebe ( назад)
Do you do a tutorial on how to do a flap Jack 

Автор Elena Phoebe ( назад)
Do you do a tutorial on how to do a flap Jack 

Автор Chilla Lin Shoe ( назад)
does it hurt if you do it on hard floor?

Автор IKTTVkalelkitten012 ( назад)
When I did this I went down but hit my chin how do I stop that from

Автор mooneo ( назад)
whats that noise at 1:57

Автор livelovecrafts11 ( назад)
Thx sooo much!! I got it. Then after practice i went closer and closer to
my head. 

Автор Kkbeatzz • ( назад)
what happens when u roll over

Автор aglovergirl ( назад)

Автор Alison Clarke (1378 лет назад)
Do you have to fall when doing it plez tell me 

Автор Anna and Abbie's Gymnastics ( назад)
How old are they in this video?

Автор melissa blatti ( назад)
i cant hold when i am up can u telle me how to do it?

Автор Varsity Gamerrs ( назад)
wow my back really hurts now lol

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