How to do Chest Stands

http://www.fitforafeast.com Based on your requests, we made a tutorial for chest stands. Some people may call these chin stands or shoulder stands (but we do a different move for shoulder stands). Sloane's little sister, Jade, joins in to help us demonstrate spotting a chest stand. Have fun practicing, but make sure your back is warmed up first!

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Автор Kabriz Velazquez (17 дней)
In my opinion you could do it on your bed

Автор Shayla Peterson (1 месяц)
I keep going on over cuz my back is SUPER flexible

Автор Destiny Smith (1 день)
Great job, I like this because it give me lots of information!

Автор Laine Būmeistere (1 месяц)
Yea, should've tried this when I had no boobs yet, lol. xD

Автор Jessica Bunny Vo (18 дней)
I used to be able to do a chest stand but now when I try to do it my hips
hurt. Please help

Автор Gionni Thomas (11 месяцев)
Guys please be very careful and make sure you have a guardian watching you
and supporting, Cause my first time I tried this my back cracked and it was
sort of sore for about 4 days..

Автор Emily Karol (1 месяц)
Tey are so old!!!!

Автор beauty. bae.101 (1 месяц)
What do you do if you are about to fall over? Because i have done that
multiple times and i feel like i broke my neck when i like try to roll over
awkwardly. 😂

Автор Roseberry bushes (2 месяца)
Thanks!!! This really helped! 

Автор Neryssa Tarrant (8 месяцев)
She's wearing a puma shirt & nike sweats lol

Автор Ashley Schuman (1 месяц)
I find that the kick up version was a little easier for me 

Автор Hannah Stephenson (7 месяцев)
NEVER PUT YOUR CHIN ON THE FLOOR...you can smash your chin open...it hurts
...i know

Автор Tayannah Fejeran (2 месяца)
You really helped me

Автор Dominique Rollins (3 месяца)
Thanks its because of you guys i won thank you love you guys

Автор Terilyn Fuhrer (3 месяца)
i can't seem to breathe when i do a chest stand :( any tips?

Автор Cayla Xue (5 месяцев)
does it hurt if you do it on hard floor?

Автор Achol bol (2 месяца)
thats a chest roll

Автор osose aghedo (10 месяцев)
Did it already

Автор Madison Aragon (4 месяца)
Thanks it helps a lot I was able to do it the first try😊

Автор Hope Aparo (4 месяца)
If ur doing it on ur chin put a pillow instead

Автор IKTTVkalelkitten012 (5 месяцев)
When I did this I went down but hit my chin how do I stop that from

Автор Rana Sinclair (5 месяцев)
I think you shouldn't put your face on your cheek that causes to break your

Автор Dominique Rollins (3 месяца)
I won best chest stander for the year at my gymnastics class

Автор Ciara Potter (3 месяца)
There so grown now 😳

Автор livelovecrafts11 (5 месяцев)
Thx sooo much!! I got it. Then after practice i went closer and closer to
my head. 

Автор Elena Phoebe (5 месяцев)
Do you do a tutorial on how to do a flap Jack 

Автор gabby alcantar (6 месяцев)
Um ya I did it on the side of my face and it almost paralyzed me it hurts
so bad I cannot breathe

Автор Autumn Houle (4 месяца)
I can do it but it hurts my boobs

Автор kkp smith (4 месяца)
It doesnt work

Автор Kara Bunting (5 месяцев)
what happens when u roll over

Автор Elena Phoebe (5 месяцев)
Do you do a tutorial on how to do a flap Jack 

Автор Rose Turcotte (10 месяцев)
hi and fun to do at all

Автор Dominique Rollins (3 месяца)
This shorly is good

Автор Allison Deweever (10 месяцев)
Its a chest stand because she lands on her chest

Автор Gym_Cheer_ 11 (1 год)
Can you girls do a back handspring

Автор BonafideResources (10 месяцев)
I need help staying up after I go into the chest stand

Автор Alison Clarke (5 месяцев)
Do you have to fall when doing it plez tell me 

Автор alygirl9000 (10 месяцев)
I'm loving your tutorials! Ever since I started watching dance moms on
lifetime I've wanted to dance and do these things. I've always been
terrible at a chest stand and my split leaps and arm stands and watching
these tutorials is great! Keep posting please!! 

Автор Taralynn Schaefer (2 месяца)
You guys are awesome

Автор JerRubie Tatum (10 месяцев)
Thank you guy

Автор jada is the best (10 месяцев)
I can do it now

Автор debora haddish (10 месяцев)

Автор Juliana Angel (8 месяцев)
gymnatics hurt but its very fun

Автор XDancerAndGymnastX (11 месяцев)
Hey, how do u get ur legs over ?

Автор Susana Lillo (7 месяцев)
Sloane and you are sisters or friends?
Because in the descriptione said: Sloene´s little sister

Автор Varsity Gamerrs (6 месяцев)
wow my back really hurts now lol

Автор Sara Bachinger (8 месяцев)

Автор Paula De La Torre (8 месяцев)

Автор Macy1DLover (11 месяцев)
It takes me 3 seconds to do this now!

Автор mary snell (8 месяцев)

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