How to do Chest Stands

http://www.fitforafeast.com Based on your requests, we made a tutorial for chest stands. Some people may call these chin stands or shoulder stands (but we do a different move for shoulder stands). Sloane's little sister, Jade, joins in to help us demonstrate spotting a chest stand. Have fun practicing, but make sure your back is warmed up first!

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Автор osose aghedo (1 месяц)
Did it already

Автор Chaya Figueroa (2 месяца)
Mackenzie and Asia from dance moms don't put their palms face down on da

Автор Gionni Thomas (2 месяца)
Guys please be very careful and make sure you have a guardian watching you
and supporting, Cause my first time I tried this my back cracked and it was
sort of sore for about 4 days..

Автор Brenna Dolan-Booth (4 месяца)
Can you girls do a back handspring

Автор Lila Blassblau (3 месяца)
Omg I just saw this "on accident" and it's so much fun *-* :D Thank you

Автор Sierra Hayward (3 месяца)
Is there any way that someone can do a chest stand without a gym mat or a

Автор Daniel Lopez (2 месяца)
what are the chest stands for? thank you

Автор Macy1DLover (3 месяца)
It takes me 3 seconds to do this now!

Автор Briar Raven (25 дней)

Автор Emad Metry (4 месяца)
I did it thank you

Автор Rose Turcotte (2 месяца)
hi and fun to do at all

Автор Jessica Litchfield (5 месяцев)
I wish I was brave enough to do this 

Автор GRaCE bRoWn (5 месяцев)
chin stands not chest stands

Автор NerdyMelanie (1 месяц)
I tried to do it, but I can't keep my legs up. Any tips?

Автор debora haddish (2 месяца)

Автор Shelley Gray (4 месяца)
Now I now how to do it thank you

Автор jada is the best (2 месяца)
I can do it now

Автор Jayde Goldthorpe (4 месяца)
Watching this video its really helped me thank u xx

Автор Anis ryosuke (3 месяца)
when we're doing a chest stand can we do it like overbend like our feet
goes in front of our face

Автор Sharren Weehunt (27 дней)
That didn't help me!;(

Автор Veronica Newville (3 месяца)
Thank you now I know how to do it:)

Автор Zuri Rochelle Ukoko (4 месяца)
On my bff's birthday

Автор Maria Elena Isordia (2 месяца)
i can almost do everything they can do exept an ariel

Автор Faith R (3 месяца)
This really helped me! I like to roll into it from the seal stretch so
there's not as far to fall, and now it's way easier!

Автор Mia Grace Gaynor (1 месяц)
I do it diffrent. But it's really fun and you told me tricks that really
helped me!

Автор Farah Fana (5 месяцев)
does it hurt ?
in my school, my friend and I did that, but we were so sore chest and can
not breathe. haha...the both of you are very flexible ! awesome

Автор JerRubie Tatum (2 месяца)
Thank you guy

Автор Lana XOX (3 месяца)
Can you please help me my legs can't get up please help

Автор fitfor funforever (3 месяца)
ThNks girlis

Автор Jermayra Johnson (1 месяц)
You help me so much thx for the help I love this video you good at it now I
can do it

Автор Allison Deweever (2 месяца)
Its a chest stand because she lands on her chest

Автор BonafideResources (2 месяца)
I need help staying up after I go into the chest stand

Автор Tara Laforge (2 месяца)
Its kinda hard to not put down your hands before your face lol but I kinda
can do it but a different way

Автор Benjamin Prather (3 месяца)
r you 3 sistrs

Автор Beth Ellis (3 месяца)
i did this once it worked but my chest hurt for a while

Автор Haylee Klingenberg (5 месяцев)
This was posted on my birthday !!!

Автор the besties spinelli (4 месяца)
How long have you been doing gymnastic/ cheering

Автор Galaxy Zebra (5 месяцев)
ty now i can do chest stands xD

Автор Kayla Hawthorne (1 месяц)
It hurts 

Автор XDancerAndGymnastX (3 месяца)
Hey, how do u get ur legs over ?

Автор alygirl9000 (2 месяца)
I'm loving your tutorials! Ever since I started watching dance moms on
lifetime I've wanted to dance and do these things. I've always been
terrible at a chest stand and my split leaps and arm stands and watching
these tutorials is great! Keep posting please!! 

Автор Julianne Tomlinson (1 год)

Автор debora haddish (2 месяца)
I love gynmastics and thanks

Автор Shelley Gray (4 месяца)
It doesn't matter if it is the chin or the face

Автор Lana XOX (3 месяца)
Can you help me I can't keep my feet up! please help

Автор Sydcourt Thecam (4 месяца)
im practing this on my yoga mat

Автор Amy Fantage (9 месяцев)
I know u guys mentioned this but I can't stay up for about 5 seconds cuz
almost everytime I do it my head keeps getting a headache so can u guys
help me? Thxx XOXO

Автор Arianator220 (9 месяцев)
I Just Flipped Over Into A Bridge Please Respond!!!

Автор Guadalupe Velazquez (7 месяцев)

Автор MaCkEnZiE KaYlA (7 месяцев)
Im like katrina American and Canadian!

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