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Автор VredesStall (1 месяц)
When I was in the Army (back when we wore black leather boots)
I personally did not like performing a "spit shine" on boots
for a number of reasons:

1) First and foremost, it wasnt exactly easy and was always more of a
especially when you first buy a pair of boots... as it takes a number of
with boot polish / kiwi (sometimes up to half a dozen or more) to get /
the "foundation" necessary to produce the glossiness of a spit shine.
In short, it didnt happen right away or overnight.

2) I would notice that the polished kiwi would almost always crack &
where the leather would flex and crease with the natural movement of the
and Id have to grab my boot brush and buff it out... otherwise... I would
"shattered" polish all over the front portion of the boot that (I thought)
rather unsightly... especially considering how "pretty" it looked just
I put them on.

3) I dont know what I was doing wrong...
but I could never quite get the technique down and found it
to be more of an art form more than anything else.

Now, dont get me wrong...
having a pair of highly spit-shined boots did look very pretty and high
and I was always very envious of those soldiers & NCO's who could seemingly
make it happen almost effortlessly...

...however, I was disappointed & discouraged by it as it
seemed more work & labor than it was actually worth...

...which is why I was glad that Army regs (AR 670-1) only "required"
what was called or referred to as a "high brush shine" which was / is
not half-bad looking and I found to be not far off from a spit shine
in terms of quality of appearance when done & applied correctly...

...and (best of all!!) was not anywhere
near as labor-intensive or time-consuming
as a high-maintenance "spit shine".

Even better (and much to my relief)...
most NCO's / supervisors were understanding of this and (as such)
did not require or make a big deal of it with their troops (or at least for
and would only "require / order it" when ever there was a company inspection
or some other more-formal event besides day-to-day / random duty activities.

there's always gotta be that one a**hole in a thousand who DEMANDED
nothing less than a spit-shined boot on a daily basis regardless of the
You learn to quickly hate people like that.

Автор Jordan Fields (6 месяцев)
Polish ur boots like the video then get hair dryer put in on full heat and
power then go over the boot to melt the polish for about 10 seconds then
when u turn hair dryer off the boot will be hot and cloudy while its hot
and cloudy follow the same steps in the video reply on my comment if u get
ur boots shiny as fuck.

Автор FraggedDabloons (1 месяц)
I have a 120watt 5.1 surround sound system on my computer. Turned all the
way up I had no idea what you were saying. At first all I heard was water,
then mumbling. Love to try your method, but I couldn't hear/understand a
word you said.

Автор Andrew Stuard (1 месяц)
All I can say is that I've been spit shining since Jan 2008 and I still
find it impossible. I'm not polishing leather, I'm polishing a half
millimeter layer of polish over the leather. Still not even convinced these
CF parade boot are even polish/able.

Автор Stephanie Diaz (3 месяца)
what kind of boots are those?

Автор fumanmark973 (6 месяцев)
What kind of rag is that???

Автор Mat Donaldson (8 месяцев)
I've used spit with polish on my shoes for about two years and they are

Автор Jonathan Noel (1 год)
Why do you say parade polish is bad ?

Автор kalan malhotra (10 месяцев)
I have always used little polish and lots of water with parade gloss
prestige? and the result is exactly the same? 

Автор Hong Phuc Mario Le (1 год)

Автор thedukeultimate (1 год)
I've been polishing my boots so, so wrong and I was really confused but now
I'm really happy with my boots, thank you!

Автор Humza Sheikh (1 год)
do you buff with the shine brush?

Автор Crystal Williams (1 год)
thx for the video! im done paying to get my boots shined

Автор zill (1 год)
why does my polish keep flaking off??

Автор TheRastacles (1 год)
For people who keep asking those are parade boots issued in the Canadian
Forces. They are manufactured by Logistik Unicorp.

Great video. I'm going to strip mine and use this method.

Автор chris lawrence (2 года)
You use normal kewi because it give the shine more depth, trust me I was
using parade gloss and it was taking forever with like a messily shine but
the normal works much better :)

Автор Canadiansolider13 (3 года)
What regiment r u in cadets or armed forces full on

Автор Kandem (3 года)

Автор Superrobot5397 (3 года)
@kandem360 its give a pretty good and deep shine with mine but i think it
depends on the amount of effort you put into polishing your boots because
when i first started i polished for ages but like i couldnt be bothered and
didnt get a shine now i do and get a really good shine and think this
method and the amount of effort that you put in is the main thing.

Автор pakkrat2001 (3 года)
Of course the first time you wear them someone will step on them!

Автор Sam Ford (3 года)
Very helpful thank you, a lot of people won't be getting jacked up thanks
to you ;)

Автор MindTriksCF (2 года)
What rank are u?

Автор armycop84 (2 года)
what brand boots are those???

Автор BayumGirl123 (3 года)
I don't use hot water, I use saliva. Like, I dip the cloth into the polish
and then lick the polish and then start doing the circles on my boot. My
siblings have all done it when they were in air cadets as well, and they
never turned out white. :/ Actually, they were always really shiny. So, I
dunno. I'm going to try the hot water and see which is better! Also, if you
keep adding up layers of polish, does it cover up scratches? Thanks!

Автор niamh birchall (3 года)
im in cadets and now ive got the shiniest boots coz of this vid

Автор tomjrhodess (3 года)
are these steel toe cap and what are these boots called.... really
appreciate it if someone could tell me please :)

Автор Jaden L (3 года)
I think he might mean the Civil Air Patrol, it is like the air cadets
except for the United States. If this is not correct, sorry I am from the
Royal Canadian Air Cadets, so I would not know what they do in USA.

Автор nickthenife1 (3 года)
Ignore all the haters, your vid is really helpful, im joining the UK Royal
Marines and we were all told to have our boots bulled by the morning for
inspection and all 50 of us in the first week were crowded round my laptop
watching this vid and all except 4 or 5 of us passed the inspection. Really
really helpful for alot of lads )

Автор Kandem (1 год)
cheers man!

Автор Liam11w (3 года)
@counkev dr martens. lol. ironic as it is.

Автор Kandem (3 года)
@LtHotchkiss thanks!

Автор ILurvCutie (3 года)
I have a question, can you achieve this quality if I use liquid wax? like
those with a sponge and if the problem is the sponge can I just squeeze the
wax onto a cloth..would that work?cos like the sponge one is new and I dont
really want to waste money

Автор mewmewBEP (2 года)
I spit and my boots look great! It does work really well just to kinda blow
on them. get really close like your ready to eat them and blow really hot.
It works. :P

Автор twix xer (1 год)

Автор broandme (3 года)
Hey nice vid how long did it take to do your whole boots like that?

Автор counkev (3 года)
What do you mean use a tooth brush to clean the welts? Is that the crease
(where your boot bends when you walk) ? After you polish that area will it
crack when you walk? Because that's what I hear I am new to polishing.

Автор george baker (2 года)
Sorry what is your boots brand??

Автор killalangdon (3 года)

Автор Gimie Itnow (3 года)
Their already shined. I don't need to know how to shine a shiny pair of
boots. Show me how to shine a ratty looking, overly worn pair.

Автор Superrobot5397 (3 года)
@kandem360 ive tried them aswell and work just as good but at times soak up
to much water and hard to get just the right amout.

Автор Kandem (3 года)
@ClanResf my boots look drastically melted, eh?

Автор tristen shannon (2 года)
kandem360? Do you have the problem of when you are in parade with your
boots the polish flakes off? If so you just have to establish a good base
coat. It will take a while but it will refrain them from flaking.

Автор counkev (3 года)
HOW COME YOUR POLISH DOESN'T CRACK!!!!! When I polish my boots it only
stays on the toe. The rest of my polish cracks off when I put my foot in!!
Why doesn't yours fall off? Is it because of the leather? I use Bates Ultra
Lite Boots. It's really annoying when you spend so much time to polish your
entire boot and only the toe stays....

Автор Kandem (2 года)
Congratulations! Here's the thing....I'm not here to be better than
anybody, I just put this vid up to help out those who seek it. My
recommendations are only to point in the right direction. By the way, there
is a difference between shiny and having a deep gloss that has depth.

Автор William Glaser (2 года)
why does the parade gloss suck? i just bought two tins after using only
plain kiwi and i'm scared now haha

Автор Joshua Caldwell (2 года)
This is epic! Cadet Staff Sergeant Caldwell CAP USAF AUX.

Автор Captain Guill-1701 (3 года)
I am an Army Jrotc cadet. I just got my boots and beret for rifle team. I
wore them and My Sergeant Major said they needed to be shined a lot more.
Just so I have it straight you should put hot water on the cloth, then wipe
it on the boot in small circles. And continue around the boot?

Автор Seamus Lucy (3 года)
Thank you So much it helped alot are you in the Civil Air Patrol or ROTC?

Автор Kandem (2 года)
This is only a video showing how to achieve and maintain the shine. Yes,
the boots are already shiny, however, if you want to see the whole process
from start to finish with brand new boots, I have 3 videos already uploaded
that prove that the method I use is not bull shit.

Автор Kandem (2 года)
sorry for the late reply, but I appreciate what you said in your comment.
Thanks for watching. I also have a vid that shows how I build up a good
base coat prior to spit shining.

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