spit shine parade boots

LOTS of views, wow! I didn't think this video would be so helpful. Thanks to all the viewers!!!!

A basic how-to on spit-shining parade boots, including a stupid commentary by me rambling on what to do, and what not to do, so you don't screw it up.

To see how it's done from a brush shine: http://youtu.be/Yrc0jUf6G84

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Автор Laurence Jones ( назад)
It's funny at my air cadets we see who can get there boots the best and I
did what you did for a few hours and then a new kid from the new intake
steps on my shoe 😱😤

Автор Adam Sherman ( назад)
Is there any way to avoid or get around the polish cracking on creases. It
seems you want to focus on the toe and heel of your shoe but my instructors
for njrotc want an all around even shine which I can't seem to get,
entirely because of the shattering polish.

Автор Andrew Stuard ( назад)
All I can say is that I've been spit shining since Jan 2008 and I still
find it impossible. I'm not polishing leather, I'm polishing a half
millimeter layer of polish over the leather. Still not even convinced these
CF parade boot are even polish/able.

Автор FraggedDabloons ( назад)
I have a 120watt 5.1 surround sound system on my computer. Turned all the
way up I had no idea what you were saying. At first all I heard was water,
then mumbling. Love to try your method, but I couldn't hear/understand a
word you said.

Автор VredesStall ( назад)
When I was in the Army (back when we wore black leather boots)
I personally did not like performing a "spit shine" on boots
for a number of reasons:

1) First and foremost, it wasnt exactly easy and was always more of a
especially when you first buy a pair of boots... as it takes a number of
with boot polish / kiwi (sometimes up to half a dozen or more) to get /
the "foundation" necessary to produce the glossiness of a spit shine.
In short, it didnt happen right away or overnight.

2) I would notice that the polished kiwi would almost always crack &
where the leather would flex and crease with the natural movement of the
and Id have to grab my boot brush and buff it out... otherwise... I would
"shattered" polish all over the front portion of the boot that (I thought)
rather unsightly... especially considering how "pretty" it looked just
I put them on.

3) I dont know what I was doing wrong...
but I could never quite get the technique down and found it
to be more of an art form more than anything else.

Now, dont get me wrong...
having a pair of highly spit-shined boots did look very pretty and high
and I was always very envious of those soldiers & NCO's who could seemingly
make it happen almost effortlessly...

...however, I was disappointed & discouraged by it as it
seemed more work & labor than it was actually worth...

...which is why I was glad that Army regs (AR 670-1) only "required"
what was called or referred to as a "high brush shine" which was / is
not half-bad looking and I found to be not far off from a spit shine
in terms of quality of appearance when done & applied correctly...

...and (best of all!!) was not anywhere
near as labor-intensive or time-consuming
as a high-maintenance "spit shine".

Even better (and much to my relief)...
most NCO's / supervisors were understanding of this and (as such)
did not require or make a big deal of it with their troops (or at least for
and would only "require / order it" when ever there was a company inspection
or some other more-formal event besides day-to-day / random duty activities.

there's always gotta be that one a**hole in a thousand who DEMANDED
nothing less than a spit-shined boot on a daily basis regardless of the
You learn to quickly hate people like that.

Автор Stephanie Diaz ( назад)
what kind of boots are those?

Автор Jordan Fields ( назад)
Polish ur boots like the video then get hair dryer put in on full heat and
power then go over the boot to melt the polish for about 10 seconds then
when u turn hair dryer off the boot will be hot and cloudy while its hot
and cloudy follow the same steps in the video reply on my comment if u get
ur boots shiny as fuck.

Автор fumanmark973 ( назад)
What kind of rag is that???

Автор Mat Donaldson ( назад)
I've used spit with polish on my shoes for about two years and they are

Автор kalan malhotra ( назад)
I have always used little polish and lots of water with parade gloss
prestige? and the result is exactly the same? 

Автор Jonathan Noel ( назад)
Why do you say parade polish is bad ?

Автор Mario Le ( назад)

Автор CrystaliahD W ( назад)
thx for the video! im done paying to get my boots shined

Автор AverageDevil Dog ( назад)
do you buff with the shine brush?

Автор TheRastacles ( назад)
For people who keep asking those are parade boots issued in the Canadian
Forces. They are manufactured by Logistik Unicorp.

Great video. I'm going to strip mine and use this method.

Автор thedukeultimate ( назад)
I've been polishing my boots so, so wrong and I was really confused but now
I'm really happy with my boots, thank you!

Автор [H]ouse MD ( назад)
i think bad is chav speak for good if you hold the "a" for long enough sind
of like "sick" is used to describe something posative don't even ask

Автор AlexBo55 ( назад)
I got the old Parade boots a day ago and I spent 3 + hours on them, it
looks like a mirror everywhere! I use the method in this video with slight
differences but I remember watching this more than 2 years ago when I was a
new cadet and didnt know how to shine my boots so thank you!

Автор CAKoiKichi ( назад)
People need to understand that this is the finishing step/maintenance once
a good amount of base coats are built up (as shown in your other videos).
So to those who say that "the boot was already shiny" or "it doesn't work",
think again. Good job.

Автор Will Shhh ( назад)
There is nothing wrong with spitting on your boot, so long as you haven't
eaten something just before you do it.

Автор Kandem ( назад)
bad about what? 

Автор Will Shhh ( назад)
He done baaad

Автор Alistair McMurdo ( назад)
That doesn't actually work I ruind my boot from that

Автор Alistair McMurdo ( назад)
That doesn't actually wor

Автор twix xer ( назад)

Автор Mark Slinger ( назад)
After soaking the cloth, don't wipe it on the side of the sink, you may
pick up something that may scratch the boot. Just bend your finger (curl
it) to get rid of the excess water.

Автор Kandem ( назад)
cheers man!

Автор kneegrowpleez ( назад)
Man, you jokers need to stop hatin' and start appreciatin'! Thanks for the

Автор Dracmactul ( назад)
well his boots are shiny so im not complaining

Автор Shiv Cwmlynx ( назад)
You are the Bob Ross of spit-polish instruction.

Автор Zoe Boudreault ( назад)
So should I wait 20min b4 the next coat?

Автор Jack Elliot ( назад)
Although I will say that I have noticed that the Kiwi Black Parade Gloss
kind of streaks a little bit after even the slightest pressure because it
is so waxy. I suppose if you can polish them well enough you shouldn't need
parade gloss. Oh and never, ever use instant shine!! One of my pet hates.

Автор Kandem ( назад)
YESS!!! This is exactly it. The parade gloss is more of a top coat.

Автор Jack Elliot ( назад)
The parade gloss is good to give a shine before a parade (Remembrance
Day/Battle of Britain) or an A.F.I. but you only put 1/2 layers on.
Agreeably it isn't good to build up layers as it is too oily but it is good
for a shiny finish.

Автор tristen shannon ( назад)
Sorry that comment was for randomheroyo

Автор tristen shannon ( назад)
kandem360? Do you have the problem of when you are in parade with your
boots the polish flakes off? If so you just have to establish a good base
coat. It will take a while but it will refrain them from flaking.

Автор William Glaser ( назад)
why does the parade gloss suck? i just bought two tins after using only
plain kiwi and i'm scared now haha

Автор Kandem ( назад)
Is it a brand new boot? Have you only been focusing on doing the toe? You
absolutely have to have a good base coat. I have 3 other videos showing how
I create a base coat prior to spit shining.

Автор Kandem ( назад)
Often I will submerge the closed can of polish in super hot water. This
kind of melts the polish as you see it is in this vid. It's not necessary
but I do it once in a while. I have other polishing vids where I do not do
this at all, and still have a great turnout. 

Автор 6rubios ( назад)
First of all thanks for taking the time to provide assistance. I don't
understand how some of the people commenting here can't appreciate somebody
simply trying to help. Why is it that your polish looks like it's already
soft/melted in the can. Even when I buy a brand new can it is solid. 

Автор Kandem ( назад)
This is only a video showing how to achieve and maintain the shine. Yes,
the boots are already shiny, however, if you want to see the whole process
from start to finish with brand new boots, I have 3 videos already uploaded
that prove that the method I use is not bull shit. 

Автор Kandem ( назад)
Congratulations! Here's the thing....I'm not here to be better than
anybody, I just put this vid up to help out those who seek it. My
recommendations are only to point in the right direction. By the way, there
is a difference between shiny and having a deep gloss that has depth. 

Автор Jessie Soto ( назад)
This is probe the easiest way to get the shine other then the glade
furniture polish

Автор Finley sapsford ( назад)
can you use them for wen you are a cadets 

Автор dohntae ( назад)
Oh wow that is high end work good on you

Автор Kandem ( назад)
Thank you Ma'am, I appreciate that it helps. If the Cadets are just
starting their boots, I have other videos showing how I build a good base
coat prior to the spit shine.

Автор Colleen Dewis ( назад)
Good Job. I am sharing this video with my cadets. Lt(N) Dewis Canadian
Cadet Movement

Автор Kandem ( назад)
completely unrelated.

Автор BillyBob Jnr ( назад)
Popeye's Chicken's Fecken Awesome!

Автор Patmax100 ( назад)
isnt this taught in basic anymore guys ?...spend hundreds of hrs doing this
in the 80s...happy memories 

Автор Kandem ( назад)
sorry for the late reply, but I appreciate what you said in your comment.
Thanks for watching. I also have a vid that shows how I build up a good
base coat prior to spit shining.

Автор Kandem ( назад)
you're welcome. That's why the video is here. Keep at it and your boots
will amaze you at how good they look. 

Автор CODPRO300 ( назад)
im in yms to what rank are you 

Автор austin barrett ( назад)
thankyou i am in the young marines and i had no idea to get them that

Автор Joshua Caldwell ( назад)
This is epic! Cadet Staff Sergeant Caldwell CAP USAF AUX.

Автор MindTriksCF ( назад)
What rank are u?

Автор MysticKnight38 ( назад)
You can't get the high gloss with a brush. Brush will help you get a good
base in a rather quick time though. 

Автор george baker ( назад)
Sorry what is your boots brand??

Автор Phil's TV ( назад)
i have alot of scratches "lines" on my toes, what is the best way of to get
rid of them if there is any... I have the same boots as yours...

Автор Kandem ( назад)
magnums aren't really meant to be polished like this. But I have seen some
somewhat shiny mags kicking around. 

Автор Sebastian Lavric ( назад)
good video, i just wish magnums would look like that after being polished

Автор armycop84 ( назад)
what brand boots are those???

Автор Birdman ( назад)
What brand boots are those?

Автор Maksim Murzin ( назад)
what if you use a normal cloth , would that make any difference? 

Автор Taylor Whiteman (382 года назад)
the thing is when you get your boots looking reaaly reaaly good is if you
drop them even from a short height it all cracks of shatters like glass...
not good :(

Автор chris lawrence ( назад)
You use normal kewi because it give the shine more depth, trust me I was
using parade gloss and it was taking forever with like a messily shine but
the normal works much better :)

Автор GeneralPorkChop98 ( назад)
why does he recommend not using parade gloss? surely this would be better?

Автор Jack Diamond ( назад)
What does using the brush do for the boots rather than this style?

Автор Kandem ( назад)
don't bother with parade polish. Seriously. It cracks more than normal
kiwi. The reason for so much cracking and flaking is that you require a
better base coat.

Автор Owera Janlongsin ( назад)
Don't use normal shoe polish :P use the 'kiwi parade gloss polish', they
don't crack :)

Автор alexthelatin ( назад)
@lizz2501 I'm going to camp too are you going to Vernon? If yes find me I'm
cpl.Dubon from 2137

Автор Lizz2501 ( назад)
Thanks! I'm leaving for cadet camp soon and I wanted to get a really good
shine on my boots and this video made the trick! :)

Автор jordan henderson ( назад)
the reason it cracks off in all spots besides the toe and heel is because
that part of the boot isnt flexed when you march. to hault the cracking,
you have to get rid of the factory base coat

Автор jordan henderson ( назад)
before you follow the instructions here, ensure you have a good base coat

Автор jordan henderson ( назад)
the reason it cracks and flakes, is because when the boots come from the
factory, they have a natural polish on them. you have to get rid of the
natural polish by scrubbing it off with hot water, a strong cleaner, and a
firm bristled brush. when the natural polish comes off it will give off a
greenish color, once you wash that away your boots will look like complete
garbage, but just follow the video instructions here, and you will have the
best parade boots youve ever imagined.

Автор Maximusthegreatest98 ( назад)
hot being = too hot to put your hand in 

Автор Maximusthegreatest98 ( назад)
Hot or Warm

Автор counkev ( назад)
Yea I am using normal Kiwi Polish. Should I melt off all the polish on my
boot and start over again, if so it will be my third time. 

Автор Kandem (158 лет назад)
are you using normal kiwi polish? If not, then it may be the polish.

Автор counkev ( назад)
Are you sure? Because I brush shined for a long long long time. But not
same results as you. Okay so this is what I did. Brush shine then spit
brush then spit etc. for like 15times. Or should I do like only brush for
like 50 times? Because I can really do a mirror shine but when I put my
boot on the side polish cracks off ! Only the toe and some of the back
stays. Are you sure it's not my boots? I have Bates Ultra Lite Tactical
boots, they sell them everywhere online and in stores. THANKS ! 

Автор Kandem ( назад)
you have a good base coat? It takes a lot of time to build up a good one.
THEN you start the spit shine.

Автор counkev ( назад)
HOW COME YOUR POLISH DOESN'T CRACK!!!!! When I polish my boots it only
stays on the toe. The rest of my polish cracks off when I put my foot in!!
Why doesn't yours fall off? Is it because of the leather? I use Bates Ultra
Lite Boots. It's really annoying when you spend so much time to polish your
entire boot and only the toe stays.... 

Автор pakkrat2001 ( назад)
Of course the first time you wear them someone will step on them!

Автор Kandem ( назад)

Автор tomjrhodess ( назад)
are these steel toe cap and what are these boots called.... really
appreciate it if someone could tell me please :) 

Автор Kandem ( назад)
i didn't have a crappy set at the time. Besides, I take care of all my

Автор Gimie Itnow ( назад)
Their already shined. I don't need to know how to shine a shiny pair of
boots. Show me how to shine a ratty looking, overly worn pair.

Автор amitnayna01 ( назад)
Thats all it is. Water, polish, and a cotton rag. People try to pull all
different types of shit with boots. Floor wax, shoe paint, lighters,
whatever. It's all about spit shining. It shows me that the person took
time and dedication to get their boots done the right way. If a person
takes time to do their uniform the right way without shortcuts it shows me
that they will take time to do the other important things of their job
right. No shortcuts. A good uniform shows much more than you think.

Автор Jaden L ( назад)
I think he might mean the Civil Air Patrol, it is like the air cadets
except for the United States. If this is not correct, sorry I am from the
Royal Canadian Air Cadets, so I would not know what they do in USA.

Автор MasterPenguin777 ( назад)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been trying to get my boots to a mirror shine but
everything I do doesn't work. A friend of mine told me in boot camp they
spit shined their boots with cotton balls but every time i would do that
the old layer would peel off and it wouldn't shine first time I tried it i
can almost shave in the reflection! THANK YOU

Автор Marius ( назад)
i havent tried this method and not gonna try since he uses way to much
cream and way to little water, the method i use is to use two cotton pads
which women use for make-up. apply a little bit of black shoe cream on one
of them, dip it in water and use small circular motions until the cream is
evened out, then you take a clean cotton pad, dip it in water and use
circular motions until the cream layer is gone, repeat many times to
achieve results, always apply much cold water when you do this

Автор Caleb ( назад)
passed my inspection this morn thanks for the vid! 

Автор niamh birchall ( назад)
im in cadets and now ive got the shiniest boots coz of this vid

Автор Kandem ( назад)
@ILurvCutie If you've already bought the liquid polish, you have already
wasted your money. No you can't acheive this shine with that junk. Try to
return it.

Автор ILurvCutie ( назад)
I have a question, can you achieve this quality if I use liquid wax? like
those with a sponge and if the problem is the sponge can I just squeeze the
wax onto a cloth..would that work?cos like the sponge one is new and I dont
really want to waste money 

Автор Castiel Nacht ( назад)
Thank you. I am an NJROTC cadet and I needed a good tutorial, thank you so
much! My Big area five inspection is tomorrow and I'm sure that this is
what lets me pass.

Автор Seamus Lucy ( назад)
Thank you So much it helped alot are you in the Civil Air Patrol or ROTC?

Автор Kandem ( назад)
@nickthenife1 awesome!!! thanks for watching it. That is the exact reason i
put this up.

Автор Caleb Barber ( назад)
Our drill sergeant felt that it was a little pussified. Still not sure
whether it shows diligence or ignorance. 

Автор Jorge Balcarcel ( назад)
what is your 3rd general order? oooo 

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