Comedy Show #1 Vinnie Favorito Las Vegas

Comedy Headliner Vinnie Favorito gives his take on all ethnic group and the slangs we use in America from his stage in Las Vegas.

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Автор 88Keyz102 ( назад)
Greg Fitzsimmons was wrong, this guy isn't a bad comedian at all.

Автор G Dane ( назад)
Thanks for your inspiration without you I wouldn't be doing comedy,
comedian gdane

Автор good fellows ( назад)
Seen him 2006, never heard of the guy but never laughed so hard, took
picture with him and he asked if he could put his hand on my wifes ass,
lol, i said go ahead just dont squeeze,

Автор OldMcEyeballs ( назад)
Greg Fitzsimmons brought me here with his claim on a recent Rogan podcast
that Vinnie Favorito is "the worst comedian ever".

Автор Tyson Judd ( назад)

Автор TypicalPeanut ( назад)
He was hysterically funny.. I litterally fell on the floor laughing. Best
show in vegas.

Автор rimuladas ( назад)
Just got back, this guy had me laughing so hard. He is so NOT politically
correct and is a breath of fresh air.

Автор XxTournaquetxX ( назад)
Saw him last week. He said the same thing... PLAYED OUT!

Автор Sean Cullity ( назад)
you sucked

Автор king troy ( назад)
Worth the money hilarious

Автор JonasN78 ( назад)
We had a couple of beers with him at the Flamingo. Really good guy...and
naturally funny without even trying.

Автор MrBigglezworth1 ( назад)
omg i saw this guy last year (or was it 2? i dunno i was drunk) and my side
hurt for 2 days i was laughing so damn hard!! 

Автор Moe Green ( назад)
saw him twice in Vegas. At O'Shea's and then at the Flamingo. Never laughed
so hard in my life

Автор hinterhunt ( назад)
Just saw him in Vegas last week. Can't remember the last time I laughed so

Автор laverykids ( назад)
Saw him on Feb 23 2009. He is one funny dude. One of the best shows.

Автор Travis Kelldorf ( назад)
Great show, just saw him on Saturday. We were crying we were laughing so

Автор tbfdude ( назад)
My parents just saw him in Vegas and loved it. My dad said he just thought
it'd be ok, (cause he never heard of him) but said it was a great show.

Автор therichrules ( назад)
This guy rules! He is at the Flamingo now. Funniest live show I have seen.

Автор Darren LaCroix (Stage Time) ( назад)
Vinnie's show live is incredible! You can't see it just once. It's never
the same. It is all about the audience. Watching Vinnie work a crowd, is
like watching Picaso paint (only you'll laugh harder!) If you are in Vegas,
you've got to see this guy.

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