How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster

How to derestrict a scooter / moped

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Автор Derek Mikeal ( назад)
why waste your time with a moped? get a real motorcycle

Автор Doc842 ( назад)
6:21 looks like you bent the shit out of it and 7:21 im not sure but did
the washer slide off the needle when you dropped it in?
so yeah i dont belive it would run at all bc you didnt even show it running

Автор markrichardrb26 ( назад)
There are now 1 million people with a scooter that doesn't run properly

Автор Trevor Soar ( назад)
Found your tune up advise invaluble as ive just tuned up my rotivator.
Do you have any advise on growing turnips?.

Автор wolverhampton biker ( назад)
poot diz fing in diz fing .oh dear god

Автор ibrahim Saraçoğlu Uygur ( назад)
its not RPM signal its speed sensors signal (back tire RPM)

Автор Derek Boseley ( назад)
get a 110,cc and you won't need to do that

Автор Derek Boseley ( назад)
stab a horse it might run faster lol

Автор Derek Boseley ( назад)
how fast

Автор jimnrel ( назад)
You sir have no FN idea how a slide carby works.. cant even name the

Автор Houston Thornton ( назад)
i cut my pink wire on my scooter and it caused it not to start

Автор mikiegee ( назад)
What type scooter? What make and model? What color wire on ruckus?

Автор erik someone ( назад)
you need a more aggressive tapered needle....don't adjust the clip

Автор erik someone ( назад)
moving the e clip up a notch on the needle will make the needle sit LOWER,
making LESS fuel available and LEANING out the engine.....this guys an
idiot. and leaner engines run hotter....DONT cut wires either stupid. I
swear...and if its a 2 stroke,especially don't lean a 2 stoke out this
way...your engine will wear faster< as the oil lubricating the engine is in
the fual.....so less fuel, less oil.....only exceptions are 2 strokes with
oil inductors/injectors

Автор derbionce User ( назад)
your tuning your moped so your post to give it more fuel not less... idiot

Автор Russ Whalin ( назад)
just buy a racing cdi for about 25 quid

Автор kukrudz ( назад)

Автор Normsweb.com ( назад)
Everyone on here moaning how he moved the needle clip the wrong way and
leaned the mixture, but he didnt, he moved it to the middle, which is the
original standard position! He actually un-modified it! 😂😂😂

Автор Johnny Shitpeas ( назад)
this kid has got it all arse about face. When I was 17 I read Alan Allard.s
Turbo charging and supercharging. In it he describes the effect of raising
and lowering the "thingy" (NEEDLE) and all this twit has done is weaken the
mixture. If his scooter is a 2 stroke this will have the effect of slowing
the flame front in the combustion chamber causing eventual meltdown or

Автор Da Ca ( назад)
I'm sure the restricter on some mopeds used to be a little bolt attached to
carb or something stopping you from giving it full revs

Автор Irene R ( назад)

Автор Michael Elliott ( назад)
how [much] will this affect gas mileage?

Автор postimies “picnicboy1234” pate ( назад)
if you move that lock ring up, it will run leaner, what means it gets less
fuel at mid throttle.. so you changed the needle in the wrong direction.
also normally you just change the main jet, so the scooter gets more
gasoline at all throttle positions. when moving the needle it gets more
gasoline mid throttle but the same amount as before at full throttle. i
highly advice everyone to not mess up their carburator adjustments because
of this nonsense video. you really should know something about these
engines and adjustments before you make an tutorial to youtube..

Автор tom cash ( назад)
never cut the pink wire it fucks your MOT

Автор VIP balkan TV ( назад)

Автор Kano Dcuo ( назад)
okay guys I need to help , a few weeks ago I installed a new air filter ,
exhaust and cylinder kit/big bore . my ped is 100cc and before I moded it ,
I was hitting 60/65mph tops ads now I can only hit 25mph an if I'm lucky
30mph and the ped does not start the 1st times / timed it takes a few times
and I start to smell petrol . the acceleration comes in slow and the bike
kicks of 10 seconds after a full throttle . when I'm trying to hit top
speed it starts to pop at me too LOL ohohoh and when I turn it on its like
it has a little bit of power for example my petrol might be half way but
its shows under and when I throttle it goes to the right measurement like
it gave my bike power another example is the lights on the speed dial
flickers and when I throttle it goes back to normal , another example is
the front lights are dimed and when I full throttle it shines brighter .

Автор Willie Hart ( назад)
This was a poorly thought out video though good natured. We need to hear
brfore and after engine revs and make sure to have the video focused on
what you are working on at ALL times.

Автор Stuff 2 Watch ( назад)
that pin regulates the fuel flow in the carburettor... it doesnt
"derestrict a 50cc scooter"... and after you do that, you need to modify
the air intake so that the spark plug doesnt flood with petrol...

Автор CoCoDominici ( назад)
can you disconnect the wire without cutting it??

Автор GameCubes Dread ( назад)
Information not clear, got dick stuck in carborator

Автор ewandougie ( назад)
Wouldn't it be better to disconnect the battery first?

Автор chancergordy ( назад)
So how much was the scooter slowed down when you weakened the mixture by
putting the needle further down into the needle jet?
So if you are reading this then remember that the needle is tapered, the
further up the circlip is , the lower the needle sits in the needle jet,
the wider the needle taper into the bottom jet, the less airgap for the
fuel vapour to be drawn up. Therefore the less fuel up into the venturi
intake. The smaller the bang, the less power out. Oh dear!

Автор christopher wildgoose ( назад)
so much useless information

Автор billy clark ( назад)
I got dizzy watching,the camera was all over the place,and I wanted to see
that .

Автор christopher wildgoose ( назад)
how to make ur 49cc scooter go faster didn,t work on my scooter when i
chopped the pink wire the scooter didn,t start only turn over

Автор Bryan Santos ( назад)
every body talking shhit but does this actually work??

Автор Nick Ohlson ( назад)
One way to fuck your motor

Автор electrorganix ( назад)
my ped is also doing 73mph uphill and 33mph downhill, awesome, 100% legit

Автор propellanttech ( назад)
That fuel metering needle controls the temperature of the engine, not the
speed. This guy is an idiot. Do not move that clip. What he just did is
lean out the motor, which will cause it to overheat and burn up.

Автор Gem Mitchell ( назад)
so I hear a weird screeching noise when I start to drive fast but then it
stops am I going to dieor something because I don't know whats wrong

Автор ShantyGaming ( назад)
This just seems like something that going to bit you in the ass eventually.
The pink wire is there to stop you from over revving your scooter and doing
damage to your motor. In most cases this only limits your top speed when
going downhill, as on flat ground most scooters don't have the power to hit
the rev limiter. So please people watching this, keep your rev limiter
installed it's there for a reason.

And second. Adding fuel isn't going to do much if you don't increase the
air flow to go with it. All that going to do it make your scooter run rich,
have worse fuel economy, and in some cases depending on altitude and air
density, actually make your scooter slower and run like shit.

If you want to make your scooter faster, you're going to need to do
actually engine and part upgrades. Little things like this almost always
come with a nasty compromise somewhere down the line.

Автор anny óne ( назад)
Is that first rly working?

Автор Paul Preddy ( назад)
Can you de-noise them bloody sea-gulls in the background?

Автор Bill Nichols ( назад)
You would want to move the clip on the needle jet towards the long end, the
point, or down rather than up. The way you described moving the clip in
this video will make the engine run lean and that is not what you want
unless you're spark plug is wet. These engines come from the factory
running as lean as possible to meet fuel consumption guidelines. Happy
motoring and keep up the good work.

Автор Márk Ulicska ( назад)
rate change what can be achieved with this method?

Автор regina kupsiene ( назад)
when i disconnect pink one cant start the scooter

Автор joshua hodgins bwfc casual ( назад)
wow its okay top change a ped

Автор fairo ostan ( назад)
nice you just made your carb leaner dumdum.

Автор Ben The nugget man ( назад)
Hi i live in the uk I sniped the wire put I put it back in to the connector
would u think it be ok for servicing

Автор Valentina Schmidt ( назад)
Hello pal propose prefer it keartily"two

Автор Stephen Parkinson ( назад)
Thanks mate, worked a treat. Given me that bit of extra Umph up the hills.
- Yeah as someone already mentioned, always disconnect the battery before
playing with electrics - Cheers.

Автор james jackson ( назад)
I'm doing thAt now

Автор Julian Hiatt ( назад)
omg this cracked me up did anyone realise that he leaned of the bike so its
going to run hotter not necessarily faster and the wire is the rev
limiter,i dont see how this would make it faster more like seize it up,my
experience tells me that just changing the exhaust and uppjetting a bike is
the safest way,back in the day all they did to restrict these mopeds is
weld a washer in the front downpipe so just knock it out and your good to
go faster about 50 mph.

Автор Monel Funkawitz ( назад)

Автор Zack Jones ( назад)

Автор Richard Fife ( назад)
more sense out of the seagull

Автор Cheesedoosh ( назад)
A bit of advice for next time, make sure you disconnect your battery before
fucking with ANY wires at all. You know, that way you don't get the ever
loving shit shocked out of you.

Автор szymon berger (the cool gamer) ( назад)
one thing when you are making a video keep things far away from the camera
so we can see them!!

Автор The Paul ( назад)
Can anyone prove that this shit works? Because I dont wanna to make my
moped dont start or something

Автор Cumbrian Scooter Blogger ( назад)
Derestricted a 50cc bike, it was a purple wire instead of pink and it
works, plied it out instead of cutting it.

Автор Jordan Parker ( назад)
Do you have to do the thing with the carb

Автор michael koldig ( назад)
stupid idiot, all people know that the needle has to go up for more fuel,
and when you can turn the trottle all way and the scooter can take all
petrol without being a bitch,then you go up to a larger dyse, and start
over, with the needle down the longest, and try going up, untill the engine
dont being a bitch.. dont know in english what they are called, those to
put in carburator, and have numbers in size... thats the way it always have
to be done, ven with 12mm up to 36mm carburetors..stupid mofo in that
video, just buy the unrestricted cdi for that scooter and dont cut

Автор Baked Bean Sigel ( назад)
But is the wire I'm looking for ALWAYS going to be pink on a moped?

Автор Shannon Tuohey ( назад)
Don't do this! If you must then you have to make adjustments to the air and
gas intake.

Автор mopedz z ( назад)
I looked at my cdi box ,mine doesn't have a pink wire connecting to it

Автор carl stannard ( назад)
here in UK we have to buy these scooters RESTRICTED!!! this is exactly what
my local dealer told me to do if I wanted to DE-RESTRICT my scooter, seen
as I hold a full licence . maybe in US or other countries you don't have
the restrictions but here in UK we do, good video ma man ignore the idiots
trolling you... keep it up fella

Автор Johannes Andersson ( назад)
Do the pink wire effect the speedometer?

Автор Blackhatter ( назад)
I followed your advice and screwed up my scooter. I'm going to have to sue

Автор cloud chaser ( назад)
I bent the fucking needle trying to get it back in the carb fuck my life

Автор SGHD Rides ( назад)
if you out a switch on the Pink cable you can turn on the restriction when
the cops are coming!

Автор michael Direeno direeno ( назад)
does anyone know the color of the wire u cut on the cdi unit to make it go
faster? other videos say pink. I dont have a pink wire. Its a 2015 50cc
Taotao scooter.

Автор Stephen Bowman ( назад)
It's sad and funny just how many of you idiots repeat the same thing over
and over but thinking that it is an original idea. You people realize that
we are dealing with a 49cc 4 stroke engine and not some high end BMW,
right. If you forget the spring or move the clip the unintended direction
you can take out an extra minute out of your day and readjust. Instead
your on here wasting that minute thinking your funny somehow. What a bunch
of little bitches. I came on here for some quick tips to supe up my little
girls(11 years old) beginers scooter. The fact that there are this many
grown men trying to find away to get your fat asses a few mph faster is sad
but funny at the same time. you guys should start a scooter club so all
you homos could get together so you would have a chance of survival incase
a little girl comes around and takes your lunch money. Lol

Автор BradyIsAfagInHeat ( назад)
ha ha bro, you forgot to put the spring back in the carb.

other than that, thanks for the video mate.

Автор deadworld46 (379 лет назад)
can someone tell me if a pgo pms 110 is considered a scooter?

Автор Matthew Walton ( назад)
Hi. Mate dus this work with an qingqi 125cc scooter

Автор Shakey Davis ( назад)
to, tim how do I get ahold of you if I don't have your number

Автор Tim Yeakel ( назад)
I'm listening to this dude talk and all I can think about is Pinky and The
Brain Cartoons...

Автор NatezMoto ( назад)
Even if your adjustment allows for more fuel, you have failed to address
the complimentary air flow which needs to change in order to keep the
engine running at all. Fuel + Air = Power... right? Might I suggest a cone
air filter if you think you have the fuel thing figured out LOL

Автор Herminigildo Dela Cruz Jr ( назад)
to all who watched thi video tutorial on how to fuck up your moped pls.
never do this to your scooter , 😠

Автор DAN SPOUSE ( назад)
I lost the spring do I need it?? :(

Автор randoms how too 2000 ( назад)
good advice mate my ped is now doing 73mph uphill and 33 downhill!!!

Автор Peter Olley ( назад)
brilliant advice mate my ped is now doing 73mph uphill and 33 mph down !!!

Автор Super Mario Plush Bros 1 ( назад)
In this video he is restricting the fuel by raising the clip..The needle
will now block more fuel from entering the engine...Not sure he should be
making videos..Less fuel = Less power ...Nice try though ...now erase this

Автор Gregory A. Parker Sr. ( назад)
You're a grand master in the butchery of the English language.. pat
yourself of the back mate.

Автор Shakey Davis ( назад)
how do I make my Honda 2004 49 CC go faster like you did in this video I do
not have a pink wire on my box and the pen in my carburetor does not have a
removable washer that I can move up and down it is one solid piece if
anybody can help please let me know I would like my little Honda buddy to
go faster

Автор Tim Pashnik ( назад)
Or you can just adjust the carburetor screw on side and it will run
stronger with more fuel coming in make sure you dont flood your engine.
Cutting wires does not make you that fast. adjusting the needle by lowering
it your putting less fuel in system. There is a reason why they put rpm
control so you dont blow up and overheat your engine, kids these days...

Автор Collin Tuchalski ( назад)

Автор Fahad10 ( назад)
I have scout 49 and my cdi unit is under the seat

Автор Fahad10 ( назад)
Billy I salute you thank you verymuch mine works perfect

Автор jimnrel ( назад)
This is my sort guy!! He keeps me in a job with lean engines. If you dont
know what are the parts your removing and the theory of the carby dont give
false info.

Автор Lily spice ( назад)
nice one :)

Автор 이해영 ( назад)
I Need It !.My Scooter is limited Speed-60km/h

Автор Proud American Ca ( назад)
How many times have you done this? How many times did it work?

Автор Gary Burrows ( назад)
Do I just leave the spring on the floor like you did!! or do I put it back

Автор RosskillbaneC ( назад)
Same ped as mine but mines newer version exact same different paint job by
looks of it pulse is shit mines fucking slow wtf at the moment 1900 miles
cuts out and shit

Автор Coughdrop Derp ( назад)
please remember to undo this before your MOT

Автор Jamie Postlethwaite ( назад)
your a fucking idiot making an engine faster doesnt require tricking the

Автор LIVELY PROJECTS (318 лет назад)
wow look at the battery terminal screws lol !! ha ah ha

Автор James Watts (1769 лет назад)
I must correct you on your reminder at the beginning of your video. It IS
illegal to derestrict your scooter if you are 16 and on a provisional

Автор TwasButNowAint ( назад)
I really want to go to the beach now

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