How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster

How to derestrict a scooter / moped

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Автор dean31black (2 месяца)
it also blows the magneto out as it pulls too much current as completly
unrestricted, the proper unrestricted cdi,s still have some resistance to
control the voltage being taken by the cdi unit. unrestricted cdi,s only
give a fatter, more powerful spark to burn the fuel better hence a bit more
speed!! but remember peoples that its only 49ccs so u aint gonna go that
fast no matter what u do to it!! doing the needle is the better idea
though, fairplay

Автор Focus Cardona (1 месяц)
U move the clip on the neddle the wrong way to get more gas u nedd to move
the clip down that way the needle will raise down richer up leaner

Автор Jason Carmichael (1 месяц)
What was the speed before and after?

Did you look at taking out the washer holding the variator apart? (That is
if your scooter has it)

Автор MLud (3 месяца)
I'm not sure why this guy is being berated for this... the CDI 'is' limited
and will stop the scoot from going above a certain road speed as dictated
by the speed of the rear wheel. This info is passed to the CDI via that
pink lead. I've got a 2010 model VClic with the green loop on the CDI which
is now cut and taped. The speedo now happily goes into the red on the flat
(maybe an extra 4mph) and way into the red going down hill (speed depends
on steepness of the hill). Previously it would have stubbornly stuck at the
redline regardless. What derestricting the CDI will NOT do is give you more
power. You'd need to change rollers and springs to help the scoot work in
the power band (slightly higher revs) but even that doesn't strictly give
it more power. Pull the pink lead and give it a try... you can always plug
it back in again if you don't like the result! :)

Автор Finstaa (2 месяца)
Ok let me get few things straight for you who have never worked on your
1.look for info about your bike on internet, you will pretty much always
find out what is restricted what is worth doing and how to do it
2.if not necessary do NOT modify stock parts, you might need them someday
and the resell value is a lot higher. Usually aftermarket parts also give
more boost to your bikes performance
3.Carburetor settings. Extremely important especially on 2 strokes. always
adjust your carburetor settings after modifying your bikes performance. If
you don't do this you will have really high chance of blowing up your
engine + you won't gain the max performance you could be getting.

Автор Elize von Moltke (2 месяца)
that is not a moped a moped has pedals why do poeple think a moped and
scooter are the same thing
know the dif

Автор LAAMedia (3 месяца)
I cut my pink wire and taped it up. Bike wont start now, I have a speed
fight 3, any help please?

Автор dylan moffat (3 месяца)
tried this on my 50cc peugeot vclic and now i get not power.

Автор Steve W (3 дня)
It would've been a good idea to ride it at top speed before and after your
modifications. I'm not a mechanic so I can't comment but I do know all
doubt would be eliminated if you could give us a before and after. 

Автор TommyBmonKey tommy (12 дней)
Thia is bullshit

Автор Tommy Mayers (3 месяца)
Does anyone know if you can do it with a 50cc, 4 stroke Kymco Agility.
Their a Thai company built in China.

Автор yellstrom (17 дней)
Do you have to mod the engine if u cut the cable? 

Автор Bernhard Michael Fux (4 месяца)
LOL! If you put the Carburator Needle down you make the Gas more lean. You
may get little more RPM but the Engine runs Hot and will die.....
Learn about the Funktion of Stöchiometria and Carburators FIRST and then
try to tune ;-)
Such a Nonsens...LOL

Автор Zack Harjoe (25 дней)
I appreciate this video, however, I am reticent to cut anything , knowing
that a new carb n exhaust are SO in
important...cdi box.. $!0.00 (hmmm)).

Автор HaCkErZ931 (26 дней)
Hello. I've just done the bit with the washer as my moped does not have a
restricter. It actually has made it faster! Thanks so much. I've always
been a slug around my friends... Still am but not by a lot! :)

Автор King Tanyard (4 месяца)
This might work but get a family member/friend who knows about scooters to
do it or pay a small amount of money to a garage to do it, don't risk
fucking up your bike for 10-15MPH more, it's not worth it!!!

Автор Pawel Sudzinski (28 дней)
there is two more things to destric like the air filter and the variator

Автор Wisconsin Shine Shop (1 месяц)
The thing that worries me the most..... over 500 people gave this video a
thumbs up? Honestly? How? The internet can be a scary thing
sometimes....and this is a classic example!! Two words..DOUCHE BAG!

Автор Chase Renfro (1 месяц)
This is what you do. Number one: don't cut that pink wire leave it the hell
alone. 2: move the needle washer up two.3: get an exhaust and shorty intake
filter. 4: jet it (usely just and 80 bump it up to so 84 size jet or 85. 5:
racing cdi box(will make it rev out more but safer than the pink wire)
These 50cc enignes aren't really made for modding but what I just told you
will make a 10 20 mph diffrents.

Автор Sean Mullen (4 месяца)
My scooter doesnt have the CDI box

Автор rayfl502 (4 месяца)
It will do 150 now?.

Автор Eric Doyka (1 месяц)
will this do the same thing as removing the governor???? 

Автор TommyBmonKey tommy (12 дней)
This is visit. ..I cut my wire and now my scooter doesnt start...its fucked

Автор Aaron Smith (4 месяца)
Will it work on a Peugeot ludix blaster rs 12 50cc 

Автор bluemountaindrivepae (1 месяц)
How to ruin a piece of shit scooter.

Автор aaron Wealleans (1 месяц)
Hi there will this work on a Honda nvs50 cheers

Автор Juston Jordan (1 месяц)
What is the wire to district the governer to make my 1997 kinectic TFR
moped go faster text me I realli tired of the slow 30mph. 3362645043 

Автор MrSpartanBalls (1 месяц)
stupid, stupid....idiot. 

Автор droid (1 месяц)
RPM limiters suck, all they do is keep the engine within operating
tolerances so it won't break. Fuck that shit.

Автор Carsten B (4 месяца)
some ppl shouldnt even open their mouth tbh...and to what sean said...EVERY
bike or scooter has a CDI...otherwise they wouldnt run...simple

Автор Reid Nabinger (1 месяц)
hey bro you made it leaner.

Автор Andrew Ely (1 месяц)
No information regarding the model of the bike? I doubt they are all wired
exactly the same. I'm in the US and have a Honda Elite (SE50).

Автор lowell curtis (1 месяц)
Stupid, leaning your mixture alone will blow an engine , Definately don't
know what you are doing. 

Автор Callum Sullivan (1 месяц)
What are on about of course it's a legal you idiot 

Автор Xvinfajtr (2 месяца)
Here is some info, if you cut that cable your scooter/moped will break
after a while.

Автор marino tjonameeuw (2 месяца)
will this work on a 49cc or 50cc taotao scooter?

Автор tinder (5 месяцев)
will this work on a 1988 yamaha jog?

Автор Brit rider (2 месяца)
Buy a real motorcycle.

Автор Issa Makhlouf (2 месяца)
U forgot about the spring

Автор FlyinBrian (5 месяцев)
Will it work on my Alpha Sports Kaliber LS moped? The seat is a PAIN to
take out. But uh yeah I think I found the CDI unit in the front near the
headlight. It is a two stroke. So uh yeah if you could private message me
the answer or just reply to this that would help a LOT thank you!

Автор J Martin (2 месяца)

Автор Adam Taylor (3 месяца)
will this work with a pulse BT 49? from what i can see its identical to
yours just has a different name, even the carb and engine look exactly the

Автор hazza123live (3 месяца)
For fuck sacks no one do this un less ur following the right guide on how
to do it, his workmanship is terrible his battery + - leads are held on by
self tapping screws this method wont work on all bike and there is loads
more restrictions on the bike exhaust, the washer on the cvt

Автор mark ward (3 месяца)
that guy just leaned out the mixture by moving the clip up one notch

Автор Michael Holm (3 месяца)
i'm going too buy a 2014 Tao Tao 50cc Scooter Type A1 but I found out good
news about the Chinese put a 65cc engine in it so in that case this scooter
I am getting will do 50+ no sweat with maybe future mods after breaking it
in why get a full motor cycle license a bigger engine scooter when the
small ones like these are built too handle 70 plus miles an hour that's why
they have tags and registration and inspections there all ready high way
legal even with a K restriction on your drivers license

Автор dkw12002 (10 месяцев)
To de-restrict my Roughhouse, the mechanic removed a restrictor gasket on
the exhaust that restricts by not allowing exhaust gasses to escape as
well. He also removed an attachment to the variator belt that kept the belt
from moving over all the way to full speed. He didn't do anything to the
carb or wires. apparently there are several ways scooters are restricted
depending on the model.

Автор sam kim (10 месяцев)
What happens if you just cut the pink wire and nothing else?? will it still
be faster?? please reply! :)

Автор Raymond Walden (1 год)
I think he's actually moving the needle to the factory setting. On most of
these bikes the factory setting is the middle notch. So, it would of been
running a little rich in the first place so this particular bike might run
better after changing the needle setting back to the middle notch. Give the
guy props, it's hard to make these videos sometimes. Especially when you
need both hands to do something and you can't always get a friend to hold
the camera.

Автор thetomgaming (1 год)
THE M.O.T IN ANYWAY. + You said the scooter just being unrestricted makes
it fail ? None of this hanging wires bollocks.. Just admit you are wrong

Автор thetomgaming (1 год)
Just shut up ... Being a mechanic is irrelevant to knowing the Specific
fail criterias of a bike M.o.t... Just stop making yourself look stupid

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