Aquiles Priester performance at 2011 Paiste Day LA

Aquiles Priester gave us an amazing show at this year's Paiste Day L.A. Check out another one of his stellar performances.

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Длительность: 6:10
Комментарии: 311

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Автор Robearwgl ( назад)
DAMN he's hot

Автор Sergey Burmistrov ( назад)
привет из россии

Автор Kolby K ( назад)
great drummer, but man this music is terrible.

Автор Banda Cidade do Caos - Ma ( назад)

Excelente ¡

Автор Jessé Galvão ( назад)
Espetacular. Incrível a precisão que ele tem.

Автор Pamela Womack Swanson ( назад)

Автор Jc Thomas ( назад)
Mr. Priester kills it. Noted is his homage to (i'm assuming) Buddy Rich w/
excerpts from "mercy,mercy,mercy." I only question the sample quality of
his digital accompaniment. Possibly intentional,but it sounds ala' 8bit
nintendo. Nonetheless, Superb. Thank you 

Автор Keith Vernon ( назад)
He's freaking good player in a damn studio but I think, what he need is to
have teamwork with a band, Playing with a band with such a critical notes
is more better than this, because there's to much intensity and dimension
of notes that you can't see in studio alone.. That's the reason why he
didn't pass in Dreamtheater. 

Автор Simon Fauth ( назад)
what is this little cymbal on top of the two mounted toms? looks like two
splashes one over the other?§!!..

Автор Hector Vargas ( назад)
un dios

Автор Mr. IG88 ( назад)
Drumming is good but what is up with the scary clown music? 

Автор SFT Andrequiqui ( назад)
O melhor do planeta

Автор SFT Andrequiqui ( назад)
O melhor do planeta

Автор Nicolas Vargas Candia ( назад)
si, aquiles sabe contar.

Автор Roberto Mariano ( назад)
Para de viadagem, ficar comparando esse baterista com aquele com o outro e
bla bla bla mimimi.

Автор danwest1989 ( назад)
Yeah dude, you're absolutely right. And also looked like they already
wanted Mangini. The role thing had no point.

Автор danwest1989 ( назад)
Realmente, não tem comparação. Joey é muito bom no que faz mas Aquiles ta
em outro nível.

Автор jhonnybatera ( назад)
Um dos melhores bateristas do Brasil e do Mundo! Sem mais!

Автор XxGJRxX ( назад)
teu cu

Автор ddave1234 ( назад)
you're damn right!

Автор ☣ Aurizan SizyoN ☣ ( назад)
KKKKKKKKKKK voce é burro cara!

Автор ☣ Aurizan SizyoN ☣ ( назад)
Joey Hiper noob! Aquiles mestre da bateria só uma dica mermo!

Автор nostalgiacreep ( назад)
the guys at those auditions were basically the best out of the entire
world. i only know about aquiles because of the auditions, and i'm sure
thats true of a lot of people. pretty easy for us all to see he is a beast
and a highly creative guy. :]

Автор Lucas Daniel ( назад)
da onde 

Автор Bart Van Wunsel ( назад)
Everybody makes mistakes, right? It's how good you are at camouflaging them
that tells ppl how good you are :P 

Автор metalmessenger ( назад)
Most of them already went knowing who was going to be chosen. I know one of
them personally. He did get the short stick on that one. also he a bit
starstruck, i dont know why. 

Автор Karen Lacayo Diaz ( назад)
Uauh!!! excelente!! =)

Автор lizBETH hdez ( назад)
Ambos son excelentes bateristas. lo que no convence es el sonido de los
platillos paiste... Su sonido no es tan armonioso ni expansivo

Автор Alex Ebrom ( назад)
KKKKK cara diz aquilis mecanico meu sonho e ser mecanico assim

Автор soconeolitico ( назад)
happened the same to me, I agree with you

Автор cutitshaveit ( назад)
In the top 5 drummers in the world my choice the best my opinion sorry but
he is a great drummer love the paiste

Автор marcos2718 ( назад)
brasileirinho é show 

Автор Rayan Aridi (RADrum) ( назад)
yes this is true how they made him look like a lacking drummer, but just
being one of the drummers that got to audition for dream theater is very
impressive alone

Автор markbrutal ( назад)
Solo legal. Porém nao adianta.... Pra ritmos brasileiros o ele sempre sera
uma negação. Parece um midi tocando. Mas no quesito técnica apurada e bem
incoporada nao tem o q negar ele eh foda. Mecânico mas foda

Автор Adalberto Perez ( назад)
Claro que es mejor que cara pintada

Автор jp capobianco ( назад)
the only thing that i don't like in the solo is the the end with MERCY
MERCY, it's to metal, but for the rest he is very talented.

Автор Alieen DaZueraah ( назад)
esse cara e melhor que joey jordison

Автор Gabriel de Oliveira ( назад)

Автор flavio moscatelli ( назад)
18 pessoas sao pagodeiras e nao curti o som

Автор Jack Heet (ddrum1090) ( назад)
Agreed. Why are we posting all this on Aquiles video? (: Se ya!

Автор drumboarder1 ( назад)
I'm a huge fan of Lang and Marco, they were both amazing playing with them
but I wouldn't have been able to listen to either drummer from then on if
they got in so I'm very glad that didn't happen

Автор Jack Heet (ddrum1090) ( назад)
Would have to agree on Portnoy, hes irrplacable. I acually got to meet the
group with mangini, and they were all super nice. Missed that portnoy gung
ho spirit though. I wish he didn't leave. Nice on Majesty. I have to say I
liked them w/ portnoy. I personally thought that marco was a better
replacement than mangini. ):

Автор drumboarder1 ( назад)
he's good sure and very quick but no one will ever replace my portnoy.
Prior to that I'd been planning on getting a majesty tattoo and getting my
car airbrushed with the majesty logo too, not to mention I was listening to
multiple albums every day and forcing everyone else to as well.. I was one
of their biggest fans..was.

Автор Jack Heet (ddrum1090) ( назад)
If I wasen't a DT freak I would have to agree. I also like mangini a lot
though. This guy is completely ENCREDIBLE, have to admitt.

Автор drumboarder1 ( назад)
The pain in my heart will never be over :(

Автор Jack Heet (ddrum1090) ( назад)
It wasn't turned around, even though I think they highlighted some of the
wrong things. I don't think they turned it in to a circus though. Whatever
man, it relly dosen't matter. It's already been over for quiet some time.

Автор drumboarder1 ( назад)
He is but the pricks turned the thing into a circus, it was fucked up.

Автор Jack Heet (ddrum1090) ( назад)
What im trying to say is hes a GREAT drummer, but just didn't fit what
Dream theater wanted. And it wasn't "fucked up", they just highlighted how
they did on wat they needed. They also said at the begining 7 of the worlds
best drummers, quote. As you can tell I'm still a (DT fanboy). (:

Автор drumboarder1 ( назад)
that's.. quite the opposite of what I said mate

Автор Jack Heet (ddrum1090) ( назад)
its not that hes a bad drummer, its just not what they were looking for. 

Автор Pedro Henrique ( назад)
Olha o brasileirinho ai gente

Автор 84Manowar ( назад)
i agree with you, its sorta like how in a reality show they always make one
person that bad guy ya know? they just made him out to be the lacking
drummer even though he is clearly amazing!

Автор drumboarder1 ( назад)
as an ex DT fanboy, don't associate poor Aquiles with that whore of an
event. Every drummer involved is better than given credit (cept Mangini
lol) That whole thing was absolutely fucked up in every way

Автор João Alfredo ( назад)
0:52 Esse teclado que entra...é muito bruto...!! Firmeza! 

Автор Pirokmoky ( назад)
Quero fazer sexo com essa bateria *---*

Автор jerry adam ( назад)
bustttt mantep browwww

Автор Gatinhos engraçadinhos ( назад)
melhor ritmo 1:54 até 3:05

Автор cutitshaveit ( назад)
aguiles you are too good period anyone who doesnt understand what your
doing should not comment your great musician period breathtaking

Автор TheBadAssKiller ( назад)
Good drummer... but boring to watch! Very little showmanship.

Автор irfan ahmad ( назад)
we can hear that stacked cymbal stuff loud as hell, but we can't hear that
huge china where is the overhead condensor seriously?

Автор midnite6879 ( назад)
Great upload!! He is one of my favorite drummers, thank you very much!!

Автор ozmium71 ( назад)
I suppose that is correct since Portnoy was a founding member. DT were
looking for the best replacement for Portnoy and Mangini was probably it. I
would contend from a technical and pure ability standpoint, most of the
drummers auditioned are better drummers than Portnoy, but as you say, for
DT Portnoy is hard to successfully replace. If I were to pick who i thought
was the best of the group all around, I would have to say Donati, but I
don't think he would have been as good a fit as Mangini.

Автор Ghemerson Cordeiro ( назад)
muito show vey!! linda bateria... lindo som. .. .. loko!! 

Автор dmelv (775 лет назад)
I really hate rock metal drumming - but this guy is actually musical and
somewhat melodic. not bad

Автор MrDocPad ( назад)
Priester and Mangini have different styles. For me, Portnoy is
unreplaceable in DT and I didn't like Mangini's compositions.

Автор Ash ( назад)
i tell ya wut u so hell bent on it... ask mangini ur self about aquiles..
no drummer WILL EVER SAY hes better then another know y? cause they cant be
every drummer is unique music is not a competetion. So mike might be a lil
faster if u wanna be technical aquiles is better in everyway know y? cause
he WRITES EVERYTHING so not only does he come up with crazy fukin drum
parts but he is the better musician... i could understand if 2 drummers
were going for the same style..there "pro" drummers

Автор Ash ( назад)
mangini is not in "another league" there is no drummer that is in a "league
of there own" its a damn term created by fans just stop he isnt..

Автор jesse james ( назад)

Автор chalklucky ( назад)
What a "RIPPER"

Автор Weslley Carlos Agapito ( назад)
Cada Viradaa! Massa demais! 

Автор MiseryFields ( назад)
Honestly, in the editing of The Spirit Carries On, I feel like they kind of
gave him the shit end of the stick and made him out to be a somewhat
lacking drummer. Like, they really only highlighted his mistakes. But
watching him in other videos, I am sufficiently impressed and damned well
wish I had this kind of talent.

Автор Ash ( назад)
aquiles is better hes to good for dream theatre

Автор mAiLSoN SiLvA ( назад)
meu ídolo dentro do mundo headbanger!! 

Автор TuckerDrums ( назад)
Its too bad he didnt make the DT drummer audtion. still, Mangini is

Автор oh oh. ( назад)
He loves that stack

Автор Danny Smith ( назад)
Even though I dislike Mapex & for the most part Paiste, Aquiles is a good
drummer and had some great talent, fitting with the music well, @ the same
time is was somewhat complex and awesome to listen to. If he played with
Pearl and zildjian it may have even sounded better!!!

Автор xxxPinkyGSterxxx ( назад)
Look at the silver badge. Its the exact same as the Saturns I've got in my
basement. No Meridian here.

Автор xxxPinkyGSterxxx ( назад)
He's playing his Saturns in this video

Автор UnearthMETALHEAD ( назад)
the flipping SKILL of this guy. oh how i aspire to thee..

Автор jesskahl ( назад)
Looks like 2 cymbals actually, maybe a splash on the bottom and possibly
another splash on top

Автор Juan Pablo ( назад)

Автор JairosThe ( назад)
Dream Theater fucked up!

Автор Martyr ( назад)
Anybody knows what cymbal that is between the toms? The small one he hits

Автор jonas Emanuel ( назад)
um dos bumbos do Aquiles n ta saindo direito, o som^^

Автор Adib (1342 года назад)
Priester normally plays Mapex Saturns.

Автор Henrique Bernades ( назад)
Mapex Meridian bro

Автор Cauê Bernardino (1978 лет назад)
Poha,que bateria linda. 

Автор Diego Ulloa ( назад)
what is the series of this Mapex Drums??? help me please

Автор outlaw6066 ( назад)
What stack cymbals is he using between the front rack toms? They sound
awesome. :-)

Автор andersonccruz ( назад)

Автор andersonccruz ( назад)
vai vc tomar no seu cu seu viado puchA SACO DE METALERO ZE RUELA , SEU

Автор AsuhDood ( назад)
i like his drumming but not the kinda style of music hes drumming to

Автор jonas Emanuel ( назад)
vai toma no seu c# via@# aposto q esta com inveja do cara toca pra caralho
vc é um nob viadinho msm!!

Автор dioandro julio ( назад)
better than jason bittner xD

Автор Billy The Kid ( назад)
maybe he's an alien 

Автор Dante Silva ( назад)
/watch?v=UOjLrGpVp0g&feature=relmfu Dante - Drum Solo

Автор Renato Vieira ( назад)
not human ... he is a robot with four different motherboards 

Автор Fael Batista ( назад)
puta que pariu nao da nem pra ver os braços dele direito

Автор denpondefektura ( назад)

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