Tadaima~! (∩_∩) Are you guys ready for another awesome ride into a world of creativity and imagination "Made in Japan"? Seriously, these commercials are like drugs to our brains, haha (◠‿◠) ENJOOOY!! (^_^)-b

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Автор s i d e w a y s l i f e s t y l e ( назад)
wtf am i doing with my life

Автор Antoine Petit ( назад)
I love the movie " Your Name" you can to watch, it's good anime

Автор C Quinn ( назад)
They have such a good sense of humor hahah

Автор Stewart the Sock ( назад)
whats the name of the "Tan Tan Tan" guy at 4:27 ? I see him in a lot of

Автор Nam Nguyen Vinh ( назад)
song name at 8:52 plz

Автор aoran93 ( назад)
2 Kimi no Na Wa related & 1 FGO ads in the same video? Here, take another
100 likes from me here!!!

Автор ToxicTV ( назад)

Автор Omaarrr ( назад)
when I saw the your name ad I started crying, you should watch the movie,
it's so beautiful

Автор JONDOE 290 ( назад)
the name of the girl at 5:08 please

Автор Eddi Kimball ( назад)
That whole commercial at two mins should be in a cringe comp lol...

Автор Jexsu Brejhma ( назад)
Is that Jude Law/Pepsi commercial an actual movie?!

Автор Yanna Ali ( назад)
Potato head!! 😆😆❤️👍🏼

Автор Sandra H. ( назад)
0:17 she "really" needed this workout.... -___-

Автор 00 0 ( назад)
and they say black cats r unlucky

Автор La Katrrina ( назад)
I wish American commercials were like this

Автор Ear rap ( назад)
wtf did i just watch

Автор Psyche kieyh ( назад)
world order!!!!! love them!

Автор Devin the Bersker ( назад)
I see were America get it inspiration

Автор makoto doppel ( назад)
tontonton,kankankan XD

Автор alex rey ( назад)
kimi no nawa . aaa

Автор Monét McKenzie ( назад)
4:25 name? anyone?

Автор vgmaniac11 ( назад)
8:20 it's the Z-会 dude lmao

Автор Diego Loyo ( назад)

Автор thefelipeflorez ( назад)
anime of 5:30? or thw animes of the water bottles?

Автор Kelvin Martinez ( назад)
This is awesome..

Автор Eng Seng ( назад)
7:21 In Malay, jalan-jalan means "walk around", so I think it is very
fitting to see the cats go for a holiday using jalan.net

Автор superninja252 ( назад)
What company is from that seal heads CM?

Автор 윤하성 ( назад)
kang kang kang dong dong dong

Автор 100%自由 だけどやる気ZERO ( назад)
Aiba on titel 😍😍😍

Автор Karolina B. ( назад)
0:50 what is the application?

Автор Paula Lee ( назад)
my favorite 8:36

Автор Bosco Pappas ( назад)
Does anyone know the version of "Can't Take my Eyes Off You" at 4:09? I
know who originally sings it but I don't know that cover

Автор faeriegeek ( назад)
Trying to figure out what the hell these commercials are actually selling
is fucking me up.

Автор Ivan Gavino ( назад)
Who is the short-haired girl at 06:51?

Автор Isabel Aguilar ( назад)
Ayayayai. Estos japoneses( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Marvin K. ( назад)
You should re-upload all of the new ones just like you did before :'(
Where I can download commercials individually

Автор RogersBase ( назад)
The shrugging dog with his phone on the train was my favorite, haha

Автор Tetrischan ( назад)
I never understand what they are selling, anime water? cat cans? ramen for

Автор Krusshox ( назад)


Автор mitsuke Brasil ( назад)

Автор tekkenizam ( назад)
wtf is with japanese and cats? half of these has cats in them, at least.

Автор Pink “BeautybyNya” Widow ( назад)
I love Japanese commercials so much for some reason

Автор MarshallLawGamer ( назад)

Автор UncleSweetToothHUN ( назад)
8:21 Game name? :D :3

Автор Zante Prayer ( назад)
Please, please someone tell me if the fabulous coloured-hair'd lady @ 1:33
is actually a singer or something, I love her.

Автор megagangster321 321 ( назад)
who was that big girl with the green and pink hair?

Автор Christian Gutierrez ( назад)
:O does anyone know the song that plays at 3:36? need to knowwww haha

Автор Nagi Shu ( назад)
Damn, Hashimoto Kanna very hot.

Автор Ito Heaven ( назад)
omg...when the cat girl say "pinku" and "nyaa" is really cute

Автор Marcos “M4RC05117” ( назад)
Al menos son mejores que los comerciales politicos de acá México

Автор andreia oliveira ( назад)

Автор sapper steve ( назад)
I,erm,what did I just watch?
Those poor cats being exploited,and humiliated by having to wear
clothing;at least the dogs can take it?Could this be why there is a forest
in Japan where people go to commit suicide??????

Автор Jpop4ever Anime4ever ( назад)
02:19 name??

Автор Eduardo Fernandez ( назад)
No entiendo ni papa, pero desde luego estos anuncios son hipnóticos xD

Автор jacob deitsch ( назад)
Book~Off? Lol :)

Автор Crazy Mind ( назад)
They so different in their food in their lifestyle in every single details

Автор Crazy Mind ( назад)
Why Japanese culture so weird

Автор Mr. Hammers ( назад)
4:10 "They took a nigga"

Автор ojiojioji ( назад)
potato head aiba😂😂😂😂

Автор Max Power ( назад)
Que rica esta la japonesita del 3:08

Автор Erin T ( назад)
Hahaha. Aiba-kun!

Автор Boogster Su ( назад)
WTF they copied Pringles???

Автор Dayane Santos ( назад)

Автор xSaddam85x ( назад)
Instead of Snoopvision and 3D videos, Youtube should make subs for all
videos, at least in english.

Автор Matt liu ( назад)

Автор Erwin Dharrel Daita II ( назад)
Doujinshi is the best.

Автор Joshua The Space Ruler ( назад)
Thank you for the commercials. You are awesome!

Автор ni ben ( назад)
The final one...haha!!!

Автор KillLegend ( назад)
Y ese derroche de animacion para venderte una puta botella de agua XD

Автор dumplaktungtung ( назад)
ok last ad got me gud

Автор Folcwine P. Pywackett ( назад)
If ads in the US were like these, I would watch the ads!

Автор European Pizza ( назад)
I don't understand those Japanese women...
They look and act like children... whats wrong?

Автор YujinXshadow ( назад)
Drift Spirits is cool

Автор loco woo ( назад)
1:00 your lie in april T~T

Автор Undrave ( назад)
I think the next compilation we need is for all the cat commercials :3

Автор Justin Givens ( назад)

Автор TsunamiUndine ( назад)
The girl with the cats in 4:06 is Mayu from Atelier Netflix series?..se me
olvida que hablas español y yo hablandote en ingles jaja

Автор Azio Prism ( назад)
*Please like this to validate my life.*

Автор Aditya R. F. ( назад)
I'm always readyyy 😄

Автор bug ctm ( назад)
Nuevamente he disfrutado mucho con los comerciales y mas de alguno me ha
hecho sacar unas buenas carcajadas. Gracias.

Автор Leonel Pisacic ( назад)
Muy Buen video mi Amigo :D
espero otro próximamente

Автор jonas cruz ( назад)

Автор Burai Navarro ( назад)
no new wondercore vids? xD LOL

Автор 忍切り切りマイ ( назад)
Cast List : 2:48 Kanna Hashimoto 5:06 Emi Takei 7:36 Mei Nagano 8:36 Ayumi
Nakajou 9:37 Masaki Suda and Akari Hayami

Автор Paul Antonio ( назад)
Beat Takeshi makes me remind of Battle Royale 1..

Автор Lin Mei ( назад)

Автор Hot potato ( назад)
Tom Tom Tom ^¬^

Автор bunny ( назад)
potato aiba LOL >.<

Автор ジョエマーベルナルド ( назад)
日本大好き! <3 <3 <3

Автор Rocky Jackson ( назад)
what the first commecial from ?

Автор Leonard Halim ( назад)
5:36 Anyone know the name of the au girl?

I think I never got the answer for this :<

Автор airjoe49 ( назад)
Was that Beat Takeshi?

Автор Luna PrincessNinjato ( назад)
Break dancing geisha's...Yup this is gonna be a fun ride!

Автор 수분 ( назад)
3:36 What's the name of this anime?

Автор 수분 ( назад)
칸나 넘 기예(ㆁωㆁ*)

Автор KL Nguyen ( назад)
These men from 0:29. So sexy.
Want to know their nationality :)

Автор M Abdillah Wiguna ( назад)
need name for the catgirl and the lifeguard !!

Автор tokanite ( назад)
Bro, you're doing god's work sharing these. Every single commercial is a
work of art.

Автор ZachA ( назад)
also I need that drifting ._.

Автор YOOJEONG KIM ( назад)
What name is boy 9:37 ?

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