Call of Duty Black Ops "Five" Zombie Table Glitch

A little guide on how to get up onto the table in Five. Smash only two panes out of the window, and make sure you build only two horizontal bars. Repeatedly jump up n down at the left side of the window pane until standing on the lower bar. Jump up onto the second bar, then onto the top of the window. From there jump to the long desk, then sprint jump onto the middle desk. Once there make sure not to do a couple things.
Lay down width-wise
Knife a zombie
Throw a grenade at the edge of the table
Try and crawl to get an Insta-Kill, Max Ammo. etc.

Also remember that this is really boring and everyone will hate you for doing it. So its best to bring a good book, and mute your speakers. Happy Camping!

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Автор Xavier Gameros ( назад)
its works just delete the title update and dont update it

Автор XxYoungRenzoxX Videos ( назад)
Here is a link for the video read for more info https://youtu.be/V2X44TLq50Q

Автор Sandra Meza ( назад)

Автор Roy King ( назад)
I know this video was 4 years ago but the reason it keeps pushing you off
is because on your xbox, it can not have been in experience of xbox live
this is why pushing off on the second bar.

Автор TheJosephRules ( назад)

Автор SuperZach12345678 ( назад)
Its patched

Автор phiphi444you ( назад)
omg me too i cant figure it out

Автор Silke Wernicke ( назад)
you are a hacker or u come to me in my room and make the glitch add me

Автор davidencoification ( назад)
Great song

Автор Tekk Solstice ( назад)
Does this work on 360?

Автор OMG it's that niqqah SUPER ( назад)
i am to did you figure out how to do it

Автор TuNaHaN OnGuN ( назад)
It Still Works

Автор Daniel Soldavini ( назад)
i did can do after it was patch

Автор Blend - ( назад)

Автор Itsiroo ( назад)
that second jump don't work

Автор Moises Alviar ( назад)
What did you call me doushbag ,idiot ,faget ,retardand homo

Автор 97mragent ( назад)
dont work idot

Автор Moises Alviar ( назад)
Dudes I did the glitch and went to round 63 no lie iiiiitttttttt
wwwwwooorrrkkkksss. Just try and see for your self,and if you cant you suck
big time

Автор Moises Alviar ( назад)
Me and my friend did the glitch we never died

Автор brayden black (958 лет назад)
i get step back every time i try it

Автор cassandra ( назад)
This still works for me but I was experimenting and if you knock out two
spots of glass in every window then do the same steps as this one and yeah
it's great I hope you try this my way

Автор The_AngelofDarkness ( назад)
it still works for me :P

Автор Jb Mc ( назад)
For the people trying and trying to do this glitch ......... THEY PACHED IT

Автор reptilekid1997 ( назад)
@dailyutuber that's fucking hilarious keep up the good work man haha.

Автор uptonlegend10 (105 лет назад)
Don't you ever swear on here again dude and Sahsa007Duck has point don't be
rude to people.

Автор themadmutt1 ( назад)
It does that to me to but I have done the glitch heaps of times

Автор Im V1t4L ( назад)
haha this was patced 6 months ago!

Автор FoBMaKuLiT ( назад)
how do u do it right cause im falling off

Автор Abundant Mars ( назад)
u hike up ur skirt and ask it out!

Автор wolfmanhacker522 ( назад)
Yes i could but it doesnt work like that both players have to use the patch
blocker or "bypass". or we wouldnt be able to connect if you want to do the
glitches but not online or have the rounds counted just disconnect from the
internet go to game data utility delete call of duty black ops then play.

Автор DeadBallz1000 ( назад)
can you do a patch blocker on kino me and you?

Автор wolfmanhacker522 ( назад)
yes i have a ps3 and an xbox. why do you ask?

Автор callofdutywarofworld ( назад)
works online, message me for different way

Автор ssethsl ( назад)
Delete The Patch And Play OffLine

Автор foxracer115 ( назад)
you can get drops from the table if you go very slowly

Автор DeadBallz1000 ( назад)
@wolfmanhacker522 do you have a ps3

Автор wolfmanhacker522 ( назад)
its patched been patched for a long time im in it now but thats because i
have patchblocker i can do any old glitchs :) ask and sub and send me a msg
and ill tell you how to get it

Автор gametips31 ( назад)
it dont work? i tryed and i couldnt get it

Автор cookie monster ( назад)
That video frickin sucks ass......... we all No the dumb ass glitch

Автор Pokemonmaster1147 ( назад)
Thumbs up if the Stakeout is your Favorite gun in zombies

Автор mp40enalb ( назад)
can u please answer this question and get back to me ihave black ops for pc
to and when i play five kino dead ops arcade escenshion vurruck moon der
reise shi no numa it like basically like freezes but the game still goes u
know what i mean by that u know u probaly had that issue before before or
mybe not but i really need sum help i was wondering if mybe it was just my
computer or somthing like that well multiplayer works just like any other
system like wii xbox ps3 can u please help me out!!!!

Автор adeeb ( назад)
sfe fr d hint

Автор jary yang ( назад)
u pass tat good

Автор Sharkiexz77 ( назад)
@darksidebidi press circle then jump

Автор TitsMcGheex2 ( назад)
@AMNESIAGAMELP hell by disturbed.

Автор markieonoon ( назад)
Treyarch! We want to get out of map in zombies. We want glitches! But if
it has to be patched, AT LEAST make a zombie mode were you have infinite
life and ammo (which of course is disconected from leaderboards). Where we
can just have fun and explore! Thumbs up if you agree! Together we can
change! Copy & Paste this comment to as many zombie glitch vids as possibl
Because thats how treyarch find glitches to patch, searching on youtube
This was started by Torffvit

Автор ShaggRuggg ( назад)
@darksidebidi It's been patched.

Автор darksidebidi ( назад)
i cant do dat... i can go to the first table but when i jump to the second
table it push me back... why is dat happening?

Автор mrzeldafan123 ( назад)
actually, if the power ups close to the table you slowly walk towards the
powerup and u get it without falling off

Автор Noobsgonewild21 ( назад)
@linkkiller56 Link then that means u know shit about everything ITS BEEN

Автор 13obTheBuilder ( назад)
I didn't even know it was posible to get 999 ping.

Автор The1TubeYou1 ( назад)
@linkkiller56 its because its patched now

Автор Lucent ( назад)
lean on m insta kill lol

Автор Lucent ( назад)
lean on m insta kill

Автор Leo Velasco ( назад)
@TitsMcGheex2 no his not thy patced it it only work in solo or offline

Автор Leo Velasco ( назад)
@linkkiller56 same here

Автор TitsMcGheex2 ( назад)
@linkkiller56 k wanker. youre doing it wrong.

Автор lafreak291 ( назад)
i thought i knew what u meant by resist urge untill i saw the insta kill

Автор Anton P ( назад)
go to game data utility Delete call of duty and when he ask you upload
Click no or x

Автор Mocking Jay ( назад)
Tell me how you do that..

Автор Frans1Wanksta ( назад)
@johncobot Patched mate, it bounces you away. :C

Автор Frans1Wanksta ( назад)
I did this glitch today, just remove the patch and you're done :D

Автор 99kawasakiman ( назад)
u know u can get the insta kill and stuff just go slow over it

Автор Epicness ( назад)
@TitsMcGheex2 how do I get on the second bar

Автор TitsMcGheex2 (1036 лет назад)
@lilpat1102 quick learner.

Автор Patrick Guerra ( назад)
so you just wait there and do nothing until your ammo runs out

Автор Sankeerth Reddy ( назад)
Slayers_Boxer?????//////Starcraft addict and gosu?

Автор Daniel Garlick ( назад)
they patched that glich now :[

Автор roverdoverlover ( назад)
basicly this is unlimited lifes for your team mates :P

Автор Sean Roche ( назад)
its patched but if u use a different aatar on xbox dats nt on xbox live and
go on local will it work?

Автор Sir Mccartney ( назад)
I was searching for Top gear, the this showed up...

Автор 00emoangel00 ( назад)
how u do it i try it and when i get to the second one it push me back

Автор russellx1 ( назад)
@irawr3m0pandasi its patched

Автор gonzalo rimini (1109 лет назад)
so its hard right? but maybe you get a max ammo

Автор gonzalo rimini (1089 лет назад)
i am sory my english is not so good :S

Автор gonzalo rimini ( назад)
I have a question ... How to get more ammo if you do not prune off the

Автор irawr3m0pandasi ( назад)
no really please tell me how to get up there :( i can only get onto the 1st
bar and then i try to jump on the second one but i fall off

Автор irawr3m0pandasi ( назад)
DUDE!! how do you get on the second bar i jump on the first one and i jump
to go on the second one but i fall off!! what am i doing wrong?? please
tell me!

Автор Dil The DareDevil ( назад)
second song is by disturbed, LOVE DISTURBED

Автор TitsMcGheex2 ( назад)
@KaterooisKOOL4EVER yeah. been patched on xbox an ps3

Автор HUNTERimp1 ( назад)
wow LEAN ON ME song from lean on me the movie :), i watched it the first
time with my class last week

Автор destroyer299 ( назад)
lol resist the urge

Автор Kat ( назад)
@KaterooisKOOL4EVER nvm i found out, hey can it only work on PC?

Автор Kat ( назад)
wait do u have to jump when u get up to the barrier?

Автор TitsMcGheex2 ( назад)
@StarBlade226 lol. good one bro.

Автор Texas Proud ( назад)
you can only get on the table once

Автор malcanater007 ( назад)
when i get to the lower one it just throws me into the chair y the fluck
does it do that???

Автор MrJoelno ( назад)

Автор I3aRBiEx ( назад)
fail. haha mute my speakers so i dont have to listen to that shit song

Автор Gods0n1 ( назад)
this is patched

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