Green Khil Zone

Eduard Khil sings Green Hill Zone

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 1:50
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Автор Opalium (2 месяца)
Eduard, can you please move already? I'm trying to play Sonic here!...

Автор KeksLP (2 месяца)

Автор Concentrated Gaming (8 месяцев)
Sounds like someone got some glitches...

Автор RDRPORKRYAN7 (4 месяца)
R.I.P Edward Khil. Your beautiful voice will be remembered all over the

Автор Jack Noir (7 месяцев)
thumbs up if Youtube Poop: Sonic Generations Director's Cut brought you

Автор Wilson Kilmer (3 месяца)
0:39 that is literally the funniest thing I have ever heard.

Автор Poka Dot Cutie (6 месяцев)
this is yet disturbing and comforting

Автор princeShroobful (3 месяца)
...Why am I crying?

Автор daniel52951 (3 месяца)
Final boss of the internet

Автор shea sandbach (1 месяц)
Move outta the way, bud!
I'm trying to play sonic 1 here!

Автор The Angry Guy (7 месяцев)
Oh no!!! I'm on the meme part of YouTube! I need to leave before anyone
sees me. 

Автор VividUpbeat (4 месяца)
The moment I saw a face pop on the screen I lost my shit...

Автор MarshieLovesYou! (7 месяцев)
Great song for New Years Eve!

Автор Whiffy5 (1 месяц)
I would love to see a Sonic Generations mod where this song plays in Green
Hill Zone!

Автор Timber the Wolf (2 месяца)

Автор Leah Brown (4 месяца)
Where has this been all my life ;u;

Автор chloe moores (10 месяцев)

Автор Disease (2 дня)
Can you please make a sonic generations version too?

Автор acm240 (12 дней)
I heard this from the youtube poop: Directors cut but sonic generations
version... SWEET!

Автор j1233191 (12 дней)
i'd rather listen to the trololo song than this

Автор RED Engineer (5 месяцев)

Автор Charlie Hein (1 месяц)

Автор pagoz87 (2 месяца)

Автор Epicfilmslol (5 месяцев)
R.I.P., King Of The Trolls

Автор Zent 54 (5 месяцев)
We want Emerald Khil Zone!!

Автор Harperlarp (5 месяцев)
I almost forgot to watch this today.

Автор ILikeTrainsKid (1 месяц)

Автор Nathan Diaz (3 месяца)
Now we need Super Trolorio Bros

Автор thecrafter2213 (2 месяца)
It's almost as if he looks lost! xD

Автор Matheus Castellar (2 месяца)
trololol zone

Автор TheIntelligentGam3r (6 месяцев)
Great music video dude! Love it! /)

Автор Luter Fluo (2 месяца)
jajajaj ke fekalidad

Автор Sai Kisaragi (3 месяца)
If this happened in-game, I would like...
idk take the Genesis up to Gabe Newell and say: "It's time." 

Автор Tyler Cranmer (4 месяца)
Wait, this actually happened to my Sega Genesis all the time because I
tried to destroy it from rage. Must've destroyed a music chip or

Автор MarzLabs (1 месяц)
This is hilarious!!

Автор Sorio Phoenix (1 год)
Green khil zone

Автор Simon Stuart (2 года)
Sonic exactly as you remember it!

Автор Mike Newman (2 года)

Автор Elayna C. (1 год)
Ok. You know what, I just, I just... I can't even... Why?

Автор Bruno-Pierre Campeau (2 года)
That's enough internet for me:

Автор Tyler Cranmer (4 месяца)

Автор Andrew Pileta (7 месяцев)

Автор ayrshireman94 (7 месяцев)
May he troll in peace 

Автор FERLUPA LUIZ (2 года)
Sonic Trololo

Автор Guilherme Mauro Germoglio Barbosa (2 года)
dementia and nonsense for the masses

Автор Humboltgaming (1 месяц)
To me it looks like Ed is taking in, pointing out, and just really enjoying
the scenery. XD

Автор Jason Duclos (8 месяцев)
☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube
/ \ so he can take over and take down Google+

Автор Leigh Erskine (2 года)
This is awesome... also... it makes my dog howl (aka singing along).

via +Frank Spinillo

Автор Mikey Degnan (2 года)
its awesome thank you Dan

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