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    Here we go!! been wanting to do this for a really long time!! Also hope the end of this video helps you out :) Thanks for the love and support on the vids. Smile More!

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      RomanAtwoodVlogs your the best youtuber keep up the great work I wish I could be like u

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      RomanAtwoodVlogs I love your work

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      RomanAtwoodVlogs love ya

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      RomanAtwoodVlogs where are the cool intros

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    My cousin is in love with you

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    do a vibeo that you and noah try to guess eachother's favorite things.

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    did you take a degree in motivating people?

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    What was the question :would you rather eat poison or ....?

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    Noah is so cringey and annoying

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    Super funny burp

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    Do another q and a

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    what does Noah do when Noah is not with you

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    would probably just eat bread cuz it doesn't really taste like anything unless you put something on it

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    Zeus 😭😭😭

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    SO YOU DO youtube for money

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    minute 3.15 XD and the older brother already look like a small ROMAN

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    When you were going through your 1st question Noah was like woah that's a lot of stuff

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    Do you play Roblox?

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    do more visitors lime this

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    I'm using my moms fone again

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    now I know you're age you are 33

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    what's your favorite sport

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    0:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    i like how roman says he will be 43 my dad is 52 im 10

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    kane dabs at 0:04

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    Roman you are the best vloger and best youtuber

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    I kept replaying were Noah kept burping at 0:38 funny very

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    did anyone see kane dab it the intro

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    i like the qna

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    I do

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    I'm Carson

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    can you do more Q.A

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    roman if you had another kid what would you call it???????

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    roman you just woke up my dog

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    do More

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    I like the QNA

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    please do another one

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    do a q and a with your family

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    I liked the q an a do it again please

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    For the school bus you can turn it into a tiny house so the kids have some where to ply and be occupied this is just an idea no hate please

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    DO MORE!!!!

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    Hi Roman

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    will Noah ever make a YouTube channel.I think he should

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    I'm so bored and I can't even text

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    i realy like your videos

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    Nowha has to start vloging

  • Jack Churcher vlogs
    Jack Churcher vlogs 2 месяца назад

    Nowha has to start vloging

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    you inspired me to make my own youtube channel

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    Katie Ryan is going up when you have to bring

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    do you guys got gta 5

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    Please give me my account back! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😨

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    Roam should get a new profile pic

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    RomanAtwood would you rather have taste buds on your bum or eat poo

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    That poop staring in the background is so distracting (in a good way) 💩

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    There is literally a movie so similar to the superpowers they wished they had about the freezing everything and someone hunting down the freezers... Called 'Jumper'. Except instead of freezing, they travel anywhere.

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    It was a. Not good at all

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    I'm 14, my dad was 43 when I was seven

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    why dont u come to india

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    Noah do you have girlfriend

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    Driving lesson tomorrow night night and i love you too Ha ha. Ha ha. YouTube. i was

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  • Yvonne Torres
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    Q and A!!!!!!

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    Where the you Live

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    #Thug life

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    do more and why not come to Lewiston, Idaho

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    A lot of parts are funny in this vlog

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    0:37 mad me laugh soooo hard 😂

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    Roman are you getting a new dog

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    do more q n a's I like them a lot
    smile more Roman Atwood
    you are the best

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    The end of this vlog helped me out so much. :)

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    Yassss I am getting you T-shirt (2) your caps (2) and loads of other stuff oh also your worst bands (all of them)

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    Hey I like your videos and my name is harley ridall sorry adopt zeus

  • jasmine Ridall
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    Hey I like your videos and my name is harley ridall

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    My dad can't taste

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    3:18 Kane's a savage

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    Does Noah go to school?

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    Only 43 my dad is 56 now I am 12 😂😂😂😂

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    I love BBQ ribs

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    by the time im watching this zeus died

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    Oh my god when Noah burped😂😂😂

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