Gravely Snow Blower, Gravely Pro 12 tractor with 34 inch snow blower snow cannon

Gravely Pro-12 Blowing snow. I added two 12volt Grohe lights on the side of the tractor, using the bolts for the hood. This was during one of the big storms in 2010. The Gravely went through 2 feet + of snow.

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Автор 64gravely ( назад)
Why aren't you running it in low range?

Автор troyota71 ( назад)
Thanks for the video!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought 3 pro-12's and 3 of them
have 32" QH snow blowers but have not used them yet. I will put a 34" snow
cannon on one of them.It looks like it works well. I had snow blowers on my
Commercial 12's but not tried one of my pro's.

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