Jiu Jitsu Self Defense

Gracies show a quick overview of some self defense moves

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Автор Kilooscarromeo ( назад)
Notice in a few of the moves the attackers nuts were wide open for attack.
A swift kick to the nuts takes the fight out of any attacker immediately.
Don't let that area go unpunished. I had a friend of mine got kicked so
hard in the nuts, by a girl , a piece of bone in the area got chipped off.
Was he ever screaming. Best piece of advice I've learnt is. AT the time of
attack don't he scared. Be scared later but not at the time of fighting.
Fear saps strength. Practice and it will become second nature allowing you
to defend yourself without thinking. I highly recommend jiu jitsu for self

Автор Kilooscarromeo ( назад)
I've had training for four years in school. One hour in morning before
class and one hour after classes. I've never forgotten anything I've
learned. I was trained by Olympic teacher. One of my favourite exercises
was. Having twenty or so dudes all mixed and twisted up like a pretzel on
ground. One or two dudes then went around trying to break the holds the
twenty dudes got themselves in , then dragged them away. Terrific exercise
in learning how to break holds and using leverage. Some guys were hanging
on to others with just their feet. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha a lot of
fun. We also had partners. One guy would stand up and be as stiff as he
could with his arms on his sides. The other guy would stand behind and grab
the stiff guys fists lifting him up and then you had to carry the guy for
two hundred yards just by his fists. Jiu jitsu is a fun way to learn self
defence. It can be dangerous if you are out for blood. You can tear an
attacker's arm off and easily break bones. Use only for defence.

Автор Igor Antonio ( назад)
jiu jitsu para defesa pessoal kkkkkkkkkkkk

Автор MegaRagingBunny ( назад)
very basic, and because of that - it is awesome.
easy to learn, easy to remember.

Автор Sonny Lee ( назад)
bjj best ever.

Автор Sammy Vasquez ( назад)
Self defense is a lot of emphasis on basics

Автор Diego Martinez Sanna ( назад)
This is brazilian Jiujitsu

Автор Anshar Syahrir ( назад)
awesome...i like it

Автор Fippe Schmidt ( назад)
That headbutt was vicious though ;D

Автор Peppermint ( назад)
Heh @ 1:32. I wouldn't wanna *throw* a guy who's got an arm wrapped around
my neck :)

Автор vlhendon7185 ( назад)
Bjj need more moves like this

Автор Scott Fantell ( назад)
nice techniques.i did not realize that gracie jiu-jitsu had self defense
moves like this.every time i see bjj its ground fighting geared more to
competition.being an older person the self defense aspect is more
attractive.the moves are excellent,you end up hitting your attacker with
the hardest object around,the ground! it would be great if a lot of the bjj
schools offered just street self defense classes as a seperate curriculumn.

Автор teeonezee ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Meyers ( назад)
-I agree... I had black belt training in tkd, but I always gravitated
towards jiu-juitsu. Now that I'm older and less flexible it makes perfect

Автор Nicholas Meyers ( назад)
-This stuff is so awesome, yet fundamentally sound. You can implement these
simple to understand and use techniques with any program of self-protection

Автор altec.gs ( назад)
Let me see him defend like that from an real attacker at full speed.. Or
better yet, let me see a 100 pound woman defend with these techniques at
full speed from 200 pound male attacker.. It will end up badly for her.

Автор Ryan O'Malley ( назад)

Автор Caroline Boraghi ( назад)
I'm actually thinking about doing jiu jitsu

Автор Wookey1011 ( назад)
Rorion looks legit with a mustache 

Автор Holtkai1 ( назад)
Jiu jitsu is better then taekwando in my opinion

Автор Schmo Rin ( назад)
@ 4:15, funny how stick was just thrown tossed down to floor and it had to
be picked up, lol 

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
Looks great:)

Автор i love you andy my number one diamond i love you ( назад)
@SuperSweetMiley im learning this form of self defense i love you

Автор 44excalibur ( назад)
Not really. BJJ came from Judo, not Japanese Jujutsu(correct spelling).
Jigoro Kano created Judo after studying several styles of japanese jujutsu,
not Samurai. One of Kano's students - Mitsuyo Maeda - brought Judo to
Brazil under the name "Kano Jiu Jitsu"(an early romanization) since
westerners were unfamiliar with Judo. Carlos Gracie studied under Maeda.
Carlos' younger brother Helio learned from his brother and later created
BJJ, focusing on ground techniques(newaza).

Автор Lance Sledge ( назад)
well yes. BJJ came from japanese jiu jitsu, which you probably already
knew. the gracies just took the techniques from jiu jitsu and incorporated
it into something that they could use for self defense on the street. judo
came from jiu jitsu as well from way back when the old samurai turned these
martial art techniques into sport, or something along those lines.

Автор Güneş Akbaba ( назад)
so slow

Автор geertwilders911 ( назад)
jiu jutsu the sport for hugging people:)

Автор Schmo Rin ( назад)
Love the video, great videos, very nicely done. much respect. Thanks for
sharing. Peace and Love.

Автор robbojnn ( назад)
non of this is real acctual ju kun jitsu ti it is a made up one in brazil
that doesnt mean nout just because they trough on a suit does not mesn they
are acctually doing the real sport

Автор CR15WILLAM ( назад)
Most BJJ school should put these self defense in there syllabus! NOT ONLY

Автор javier o.garcia (Axel Byron montscullvakz) ( назад)
well.. this was good ... but... i didn`t know the boy with whiskers... had
a iron ribs under gi... i will tell by experience lived...A SIDE OR
BLOOD for a week when one bully man thrown me such a kick...!!!.. keep
showing dat weak form to block that kick...!!!

Автор 44excalibur ( назад)
Yes, fighting styles go back centuries, but refining the techniques and
created specific systems and patterns is where creativity comes from. You
can say that electricity has always existed as well, but it took someone
like Thomas Edison to know how to apply it to create a light bulb.
Grappling has always existed, but it took someone like Jigoro Kano to
refine it into a system like Judo. Otherwise it would just look like a lot
of sloppy wrestling.

Автор Ankle Brambledom ( назад)
I believe it is. Royce is in other videos with him too.

Автор lupa atay ( назад)
katarantadohan nyo mga gago

Автор Duarte Terán ( назад)
Interesting ...Thank you!

Автор Michael Thorn ( назад)
Great video, really shows you how taking advantage of there weight and
using a lot of side action to get out of chokes can really work.

Автор Josh stewret ( назад)
is that royce gracie

Автор 44excalibur ( назад)
No, actually BJJ comes from Judo, which is a composite of several Jujutsu
styles. It was Judo master Mitsuyo Maeda who was a student of Judo founder
Jigoro Kano who came to Brazil and began teaching Judo to students under
the name "Kano Jiu Jitsu" as most westerners did not know what Judo was at
the time. Maeda taught Judo to Carlos Gracie and his brothers, and younger
brother Helio is the one who focused on newaza techniques he learned from
Carlos to create BJJ. 

Автор VonN Meneses ( назад)
ok im not really into jiu jitsu but i like how they break arms :D

Автор Dante Hajime ( назад)
Impressive, most impressive. Thanks!

Автор ilinaeternity ( назад)
How come? Is it better?

Автор julian hopps ( назад)
me personally would recomend AMERICAN JU JITSU, 

Автор julian hopps ( назад)
I have only heard of american an brazilion

Автор oksana vetcele ( назад)
cool but why are they punching in the head not in there best friend

Автор PITBULL1625 ( назад)
How many people have herd about Japanese Jiu-jitsu??

Автор chillincello ( назад)
Kneee em in da nutz!!xD 5:03

Автор Travis Tran ( назад)
i will try these move on 6 years old kids

Автор Ahmed D ( назад)
The whole point of gracie jiu jitsu is to be able to put technique over
strength and fight people 2 your weight

Автор OverSizedDoorHandle ( назад)
would be surprised if any of this would work on a much heavier and stronger

Автор ilinaeternity ( назад)
What particular style of jiu jitsu do you recommend? By the way, I'm a
young teenage girl (if that information helps) that wants to learn it to
have some good self defense skills. How long do you think it takes to be
proficient at these skills? 

Автор Corey Morrison ( назад)
True story. I'm 5ft 3, 15 years old, and a purple belt.

Автор psommorr ( назад)
Yeah, but what about someone who weighs about 40 to 80 lbs more than me?
What i'm concerned about is getting beat up because I tried some moves I
saw on a video on self defense. Just playing Devil's Advocate. (P.S. I'm
120 lbs) 

Автор kelly pritchard ( назад)
On the 3rd on why the hell would you take you foot off the ground. He could
be pushed over

Автор Gronked ( назад)
and your basing this comment on your wealth of knowledge, skill and
experience in the matter, right?

Автор aly nouh ( назад)

Автор soufianenz ( назад)
very impressive in camera,but looks plastic staff ,more than it looks in
real hehehe!! who can put somebody whose weight 90 kgs on his back and play
this technics,no one.except holywood!

Автор NotOrdinaryInGames ( назад)
Very impressive.

Автор sageincense ( назад)
Actually it is the opposite. It is about skill instead of strength. 'BJJ
promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend
against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper
technique, taking the fight to the ground – most notably by applying
joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person.'

Автор Ninafufukitty ( назад)
thumbs down for all the damn pop ups

Автор 44excalibur ( назад)
Why, for making an informed observation? The techniques shown here are
standing jointlocks and takedowns, are they not? Japanese Jujutsu is known
for those techniques, are they not? BJJ is known for its primary focus
being nezawa/ground techniques taken from Judo, is it not? I was surprised
to see Gracie techniques on this vid that more closely resemble standing
grappling and joint locks that are similar to Japanese JJ, that's all.

Автор Jon Diagram ( назад)
do i need to grow a mustache to do this?? i will if i want to be a bad ass

Автор 44excalibur ( назад)
A lot of this looks like Japanese Jujutsu with all those standing joint
locks and takedowns. 

Автор Risha ( назад)

Автор Kola Kola ( назад)

Автор MrAllGayAllDay ( назад)
Or you could, you know, punch the guy in the face

Автор SuperDUDERIKI ( назад)
Pretty sure thats not my point...

Автор Humberto Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор tpvalley ( назад)
lol; u wont be the first or the last! My friend kid keeps roundhouse
kicking him in the legs!

Автор Jordan Blair ( назад)
3:48 WTF!?!? di that guy smack dat other guy's ass

Автор Mar Rastapopoulos ( назад)
Somebody who wants to protect himself and his family perhaps?

Автор 1987King100 ( назад)

Автор Jack Holt ( назад)
0:43 "yeah smack dat ass"

Автор Košice Freerun Traceurs ( назад)

Автор Jonny Thunder (748 лет назад)
Thanks for this ...one question is how is this different than judo? (apart
from the hits)

Автор AUZ SLASH ( назад)
I followed the techniques and i has kill 1 dog and 2 cat!!

Автор Ben White ( назад)

Автор Steve Grogan ( назад)
Great demo. Much respect to you and the art of jiu jitsu. I study wing chun
kung fu myself, which isn't quite in grappling range.

Автор Musty Rahman ( назад)
They make it look very easy here but when you dont anticipate it coming,
and it comes fast and hard, it is not so easy to catch a punch/kick and
reverse it into an arm lock. Looks very useful however for general self

Автор Greg Jaksec ( назад)
I feel like "groin Kick" would be a very effective defense in each of these

Автор BangBangDotDot ( назад)
i swear for this to be effective u would have to be alot stronger than your
attacker... if you were weaker then none of this would work

Автор SuperDUDERIKI (1396 лет назад)
Random japs do it and its all fake ass bullshit that wouldn't work on the
streets,a Gracie does it and its self defence gold? Dafuq?

Автор slayerA0D ( назад)
i agree with your combination of both IS most effective, how ever, if you
go against some one unexperienced on ground fighting grappling,
throws,chokes and jiu jitsu, and you are good at punching, you win, but if
your opponent IS experienced on jiu jitsu, you better know how to keep a
good distance, if he gets you down its over, but again if he knows some
other stuff and also throws punches, YOU better know how to ground fight.
because you will be taken down and get an arm broken.

Автор Viewing ( назад)
its basically the same takedown but did you hear his arm crack haha ?

Автор Viewing ( назад)
what if they are faster than you ?

Автор Paco Incest (919 лет назад)
Well the counters are good except for those headlocks. I've been in a fight
and it is really difficult to escape head locks. It is your neck that is at
stake. If the neck breaks your dead meat.

Автор Paco Incest (1286 лет назад)
I'm not convince with the counter move on the front headlock. Give many any
Black Belt BJJ practitioner. I can break their neck once I head lock them.

Автор saif316 ( назад)
you are absolutely right, that is the most practical thing to do

Автор Jrion ( назад)
thats what all the mma guys say, lol

Автор NRKY_Carbon ( назад)
This video really helped, if i get picked on or hurt at school now, i will
be able to act in a true self defense mode. Thanks guys this really helped
now i can protect myself from bullies. :)

Автор olamprov ( назад)
Ur kidding me... why would someone in their right mind even fight when
there are "multiple opponents and they can be with weapons."? perhaps if
your life was threatened, then in that case run. The best defense isn't "a
good striking core," or grappling, the best defense in the street is common
sense, and the foresight/ maturity to not put yourself in an unfavorable

Автор elcriticonomega ( назад)
how do you defend against a darth vader choke??

Автор ca cadet corps ( назад)
thanks for posting these videos im learning bbj and techniques arnt being
tought to me fast enough, so when we spar i get my ass kicked but these
vidoes you posted are changing that. please keep posting more videos like

Автор Scrumble Bot ( назад)

Автор Javier Gallegos ( назад)
my cuzin iz learning brazilian jiu jitsu in california whith the tree best

Автор Scipio Sholars ( назад)
Keep in mind on the headlocks that if the guy is not punching, then we have
to see if the legs are wide or narrow which thus results in different

Автор Scipio Sholars ( назад)
Great video for reviewing fundamentals (or be introduced to them if you are
new) and perfect for me to get ready to go be the doorman (bouncer) at my

Автор Scipio Sholars ( назад)
Fundamental basics for beginners. I trained at Klay Pittman's academy of
Martial Arts for 3 years now as an advanced practitioner here in Lubbock,
Texas. My instructor's instructor is Carlos Machado and he's coming to our
academy next Wednesday and Thursday. I also got to meet Royce Gracie and
shake his hand at my job bouncing a club 2 weeks ago

Автор Camthemovieman1 (665 лет назад)
What level of difficulty are most of these techniques in the scope of jiu
jitsu in general?

Автор Ziv Hadad ( назад)
i learn jiu jitsu and i fought with guys in the 20th and 30th of thier life
and bet them... so this warks. and if you and four of your friend will go
and try killing someone who knows jiu jitsu and he will choke one of your
friends, your friend is being blue... will you continue fighting him and
make him kill your friend or let him go?please answer the from your hurt.

Автор joelvis65 ( назад)
it is not called the deadliest martial art, its called the most effective
martial art.. it isnt flashy and captivating like other martial arts, but
its the soft sublime and skillful style of gracie jiu jitsu that overcomes
the other arts...gracie jiujitsu and BJJ is not the same, the gracies
emphasize jiujitsu for self defense while most other bjj is sport as u
said. all BJJ came from the gracies.

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