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Автор Sammy xDee (6 месяцев)
Self defense is a lot of emphasis on basics

Автор Wartono Saja (2 месяца)

Автор Sonny Lee (4 месяца)
bjj best ever.

Автор Diego Martinez Sanna (10 месяцев)
This is brazilian Jiujitsu

Автор Peppermint (1 год)
Heh @ 1:32. I wouldn't wanna *throw* a guy who's got an arm wrapped around
my neck :)

Автор Anshar Syahrir (1 год)
awesome...i like it

Автор Fippe Schmidt (1 год)
That headbutt was vicious though ;D

Автор Scott Fantell (1 год)
nice techniques.i did not realize that gracie jiu-jitsu had self defense
moves like this.every time i see bjj its ground fighting geared more to
competition.being an older person the self defense aspect is more
attractive.the moves are excellent,you end up hitting your attacker with
the hardest object around,the ground! it would be great if a lot of the bjj
schools offered just street self defense classes as a seperate curriculumn.

Автор vlhendon7185 (1 год)
Bjj need more moves like this

Автор xKerev (3 года)
Dam, I thought his arm broke at 0:43 xd

Автор yurinobre (4 года)

Автор ThirdEyeLight (4 года)
@peltiersupporter You have a valid point but if you cannot run immediately
the last thing you want to do with multiple attackers is go to the ground.
I think that is what the person is saying. You don't always have the option
to run right away, you may have to fight your way through someone blocking
your path first.

Автор ilinaeternity (2 года)
How come? Is it better?

Автор biglogstrongman (2 года)
Love this and I train this

Автор Risha (2 года)

Автор kempobrad (5 лет)
@mmtxaz certainly in certain situations they can be. but most bjj schools
that i've seen focus more on the sporting aspect..eg..we're already rolling
around on the ground. not so much street scenarios. said techniques can
also be a quick and painful route to defeat. i've even heard bjj guys say
they'd never do a triangle in a street fight because its too likely for
their taste..to get slammed. their words not mine.

Автор Holtkai1 (1 год)
Jiu jitsu is better then taekwando in my opinion

Автор Incest Paco G (2 года)
Well the counters are good except for those headlocks. I've been in a fight
and it is really difficult to escape head locks. It is your neck that is at
stake. If the neck breaks your dead meat.

Автор bigiya osmanoglu (3 года)
@peltiersupporter classical jujutsu is different. you are talking about bjj

Автор Corey Morrison (2 года)
True story. I'm 5ft 3, 15 years old, and a purple belt.

Автор 44excalibur (2 года)
Why, for making an informed observation? The techniques shown here are
standing jointlocks and takedowns, are they not? Japanese Jujutsu is known
for those techniques, are they not? BJJ is known for its primary focus
being nezawa/ground techniques taken from Judo, is it not? I was surprised
to see Gracie techniques on this vid that more closely resemble standing
grappling and joint locks that are similar to Japanese JJ, that's all.

Автор peltiersupporter (5 лет)
Yes, jiu jitsu and judo are very close in style. Judo has alot more throws
whereas jiu jitsu focuses more on the ground game. Both are adaptable for a
street situation. A simple judo throw is all you may need however if you
are out muscled and it ends up on the ground thats where your jiu jitsu
ground game should kick in. My suggestion is use your ground game to get
back up in the street rather than go for a submission. Learn a good
striking art (Muay Thai) too

Автор Soldier9k (2 года)
who in their right mind watches this shit?

Автор Nicholas Meyers (1 год)
-I agree... I had black belt training in tkd, but I always gravitated
towards jiu-juitsu. Now that I'm older and less flexible it makes perfect

Автор ZF Music (4 года)
Good stuff

Автор Ninafufukitty (2 года)
thumbs down for all the damn pop ups

Автор Dante Hajime (2 года)
Impressive, most impressive. Thanks!

Автор candyisc00l (2 года)
Actually it is the opposite. It is about skill instead of strength. 'BJJ
promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend
against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper
technique, taking the fight to the ground – most notably by applying
joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person.'

Автор MMA420 (2 года)
what if they are faster than you ?

Автор peltiersupporter (4 года)
@MDIS Sorry if I came off as angry, I was just wanting to emphasize the
point about how essential avoidance is to self defense. No hard feelings

Автор lupa atay (1 год)
katarantadohan nyo mga gago

Автор aaron baker (5 лет)
makes me wanna take BJJ i was gonna start Hapkido but ithink this wouljd be
bettter for self defense so thanks

Автор Termosaurus (3 года)
felt SO GOOD when i beat up my sister

Автор SharpenedScalpel (3 года)
@MDIS that's where Krav Maga military come sin mate

Автор geertwilders911 (1 год)
jiu jutsu the sport for hugging people:)

Автор 44excalibur (2 года)
No, actually BJJ comes from Judo, which is a composite of several Jujutsu
styles. It was Judo master Mitsuyo Maeda who was a student of Judo founder
Jigoro Kano who came to Brazil and began teaching Judo to students under
the name "Kano Jiu Jitsu" as most westerners did not know what Judo was at
the time. Maeda taught Judo to Carlos Gracie and his brothers, and younger
brother Helio is the one who focused on newaza techniques he learned from
Carlos to create BJJ.

Автор julian hopps (2 года)
me personally would recomend AMERICAN JU JITSU,

Автор aly nouh (2 года)

Автор Caroline Boraghi (1 год)
I'm actually thinking about doing jiu jitsu

Автор Greg Jaksec (2 года)
I feel like "groin Kick" would be a very effective defense in each of these

Автор 44excalibur (1 год)
Not really. BJJ came from Judo, not Japanese Jujutsu(correct spelling).
Jigoro Kano created Judo after studying several styles of japanese jujutsu,
not Samurai. One of Kano's students - Mitsuyo Maeda - brought Judo to
Brazil under the name "Kano Jiu Jitsu"(an early romanization) since
westerners were unfamiliar with Judo. Carlos Gracie studied under Maeda.
Carlos' younger brother Helio learned from his brother and later created
BJJ, focusing on ground techniques(newaza).

Автор Ahmed D (2 года)
The whole point of gracie jiu jitsu is to be able to put technique over
strength and fight people 2 your weight

Автор Travis Tran (2 года)
i will try these move on 6 years old kids

Автор Scipio Sholars (2 года)
Keep in mind on the headlocks that if the guy is not punching, then we have
to see if the legs are wide or narrow which thus results in different

Автор atgblue1 (5 лет)
so I have just been watching some videos of judo and jiu jitsu today. used
to only think karate was that kind of stuff. So is jiu jitsu like judo?
What would be more practical for realtime self defense?

Автор Camthemovieman1 (2 года)
What level of difficulty are most of these techniques in the scope of jiu
jitsu in general?

Автор Incest Paco G (2 года)
I'm not convince with the counter move on the front headlock. Give many any
Black Belt BJJ practitioner. I can break their neck once I head lock them.

Автор 1987King100 (2 года)

Автор olamprov (3 года)
If you don't know Gracie self-defense, then you don't know Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Автор Danielle Noriega Lee (4 года)
@peltiersupporter It is okay , i understood and i agree with you totally on
the part of avoidance in any self defense situation. Peace and Keep On
Grappling. Ooh i love how the Gracie Academy is now producing videos on how
to stop bullies in school for children. Love their videos and methodologies.

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