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Автор BushcraftOnFire (4 месяца)
Yes... The angle always matters. Keep your sharpener (whatever it is) at
the same angle as the edge on your knife

Автор Yay Me (1 месяц)
The video is about knife sharpening without tools, but, like, everyone
method he has to sharpening the blade uses a tool to do it. XD
Yeah, most of them may not be things you buy at the store (even though some
of them actually are), but they can still be considered tools. l=D

Автор rusty mccabe (1 месяц)
my knife was so munted that I decided to completely blunt it on the top of
another knife, then I sharpened it and it took bloody ages

Автор Tonithenightowl (4 месяца)
This has to be a man thing. I'm ready to spend 150 dollars on an electric
knife sharpener. I hope I'm not wasting my money lol. I have watched many
videos to learn but I haven't had much success. This is a skill, there's a
reason people send knives and scissors away to be sharpened if not lucky to
have someone local. I'll give it a try AGAIN. :o)

Автор MadMac ! (18 дней)
Had to laugh at the ad before this video began, that the UK Government will
DOUBLE any donation that we may make .......... if they can afford to do
THAT, then they can afford to get rid of FOOD BANKS by scrapping the
pittance of the National Minimum Wage and making the National LIVING Wage
compulsory for every employer to pay. What happened to "Charity beginning
at Home"? Apart from that, nifty video dude!

Автор Cam Seymour (1 месяц)
Was he on raft he looks like it

Автор Random (3 месяца)
where can i find a knife like that? the green handle one

Автор Attlas _ (4 месяца)
Great video! Tried out the cardboard trick and sure enough it sharpened my
blade just enough to were I needed it

Автор MadMac ! (18 дней)
Had to have a laugh at that ad ..... that the UK Government will DOUBLE
your donation. If they can afford to do that, then they can afford to
eliminate FOOD BANKS in the UK by doing away with the National Minimum Wage
and making the National Living Wage compulsory ....... something to do with
"Charity beginning at HOME"!

Автор bella a tutti ragazzi e benvenuti in questo nuovo video (2 месяца)
Good methods, ma che musica de merda!

Автор Lucas Jussani (3 месяца)
thank you so much i needed to sharpen it with out tools and ill subscribe

Автор Cesar Barrientos (4 месяца)
Is their a specific angle that should be used when sharing from
cardboard,belt, and rock?Is the angle the same for any object? Or is it
keep the knife flat when using the rock? Or does the angle not matter? 

Автор jake lovemore (6 месяцев)
Thanks bub. 

Автор Alex Freitas (9 месяцев)
I've got one just as sharp

Автор Evolve432 (6 месяцев)
good number of tips

Автор Guillaume Combot (8 месяцев)
you can do the same with a spoon (if you don't even have a knife), but it
take more patience...

Автор zach henning (11 месяцев)
Are you able to use these different sharpening techniques for a steel that
is hard like 3v? Or would 1095 be better. Thanks, Great video!

Автор Jerit Bristol (9 месяцев)
i can sharpen my knife with a window? id prefer a rock much easyer

Автор José António (1 год)

Автор Jet Acer (10 месяцев)
0:54 the duck through his arm

Автор Gray Au (9 месяцев)
finally some awesome guy makes a video on how to sharpen a knife without
the pansy modern tools!

Автор chenks54 (1 год)
If you had some toothpaste in your pack, could you use that in conjunction
with your belt as a stropping paste? 

Автор popoqwer (1 год)
Fantastic Vid... and yes it's sharp enough.

Автор chenks54 (1 год)
Thanks for that 'BushcraftOnFire' . I've used toothpaste before as a
substitute for 'Autosol' (a metal cleaning paste you can buy in the UK).
I've cleaned motorcycle parts with it . . .and what's more, it makes your
bike smell fresh and clean! LOL

Автор Alex Freitas (9 месяцев)
its a army combat knife

Автор MasterobiWan (1 год)
can you learn to spell cardboard

Автор tom jackson (10 месяцев)
A working knife shouldn't have a hair cutting razor edge, It won't last in
use, that's why your knife needs sharpening often. That's why woodsmen
don't carry straight razors to cut things in the woods. You need a greater
angle on the edge, especially with stainless.

You are pulling the burred edge straight in your demonstrations, not much
grinding the edge. You can grind a little on the bottom of a china plate
or cup. Many ceramics make a good fine stones.

I don't too much cut paper in the woods, or shave with my knife. I clean
fish and game, prepare food, and cut cordage, among other tasks, and a
razor edge is just not appropriate for that. Also, in over 60 years camping
and trekking, I have never had the need or desire to "baton" anything.
That is just one of those Youtube skills that has never been needed in my
real experience. In a survival situation, the last thing I would want to
do is to beat on my number 1 survival tool with a club.

Автор renuens (1 год)
Great video! This is very useful for me. I have many different knives (a
karambit, combat knife, a couple of bowies and a pair of machetes). Will
these techniques work just as well on curved blades too? 

Автор The Minnesotan Woodworker (1 год)
The woods not the damn bush. I'm in the bush! No your in the frieken

Автор Jason Loukx (1 год)
Great tips. I'm always looking for natural survival tips.

Автор Dalton Roadhouse (1 год)
This helped a lot thank you. I wish this guy was my Boy Scout leader back
in the day. I might have stayed.

Автор epajir1300 (1 год)
The top edge of the car window very cool, thanks..!

Автор Russell Suender (1 год)
I can't get my Gerber LMF II sharp no matter what I use.Tried a diamond
like yours.Dont know what I'm doing wrong.Damn thing came dull to start

Автор DonatoThomas (1 год)
That's a great video! You know, I've seen that edge on the glass window
countless times and it never occurred to me that there was a use for it.
There's been two or three times that would've come in real handy over the
past few years. I'm going to have to go out now and see if that edge is
still rough, or if they've decided to polish it . . . 

Автор flarion00 (1 год)
I have a gurka kuhkri knife with a very dull edge. I tried to slice a
tomatoe and failed miserably. It seems I need an edge but the sharpening on
a wet brick takes forever and I still don't see results...help please.

Автор Christopher Davin (1 год)
sir, i have a problem with my throwing knife. the edge of my throwing knife
hit the wall which made out from cement so my throwing knife's edge becomes
dull... do you have any advice to fix this? thanks for help and ask...
regards :)

Автор Steven Huseby (1 год)
Cardboard eh? Thanks!

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
You can use anything that will get the job done :)

Автор filoIII (2 года)
What flat rock if not sandstone?

Автор elvampir0 (2 года)
I really appreciate all your help & advice :) Now i just have to buy me
some real sharpening stones (so far i only been using the back of a coffe
mug, a flat river stone & a belt! LOL) and practice, practice, practice
some more! thank you!

Автор mickmoto17 (2 года)

Автор BushcraftOnFire (2 года)
THe point is sharpened as you sharpen the rest of the knife

Автор HCShuffle (1 год)
you know what would also work, if you have youre car nearby, you could get
in and drive home to get your knife sharpener!

Автор BushcraftOnFire (2 года)
I already did a video like that Bro.. Search for "Hoku" on my channel :)

Автор BushcraftOnFire (2 года)
When you strop.. ALWAYS move the blade trailing. When sharpening.. I
usually lead the edge.. but some people trail the edge. HTH

Автор Gunslinger454 (1 год)
(Continued from part 1) 3) A Furi Diamond Fingers from Ozitech. I know, it
looks like a useless gimmick; it's not. If you're careful with it you can
touch up a dull blade pretty quickly & easily. It's also really lightweight
& folds up easily to fit into a pack. 4) I also have one of those Gerber
Bear Grylls carbide sharpeners, but it is only for use machetes & the like.
I don't use it on my knives. 5) Last, but not least, my Leatherman has a
diamond file as one of its tools. :)

Автор BushcraftOnFire (2 года)
Thanks so much.. Glad to be of help

Автор kahvac (2 года)
Excellent video ! Thanks for taking the time to make it. I love the
simplicity of your resourcefulness ! Can't thank you enough for sharing
your knowledge.

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
Colleen... In my opinion serrated blades are worthless in the bush.. and I
DON'T use them. But if you want to use yours.. you can get a small diamond
rod to sharpen them easily enough. You do each tooth separately. But if I
was you.. I would get rid of it and get something more useful for

Автор adam clark (2 года)
where can u get that second knife? love the wood handle

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