Knife Sharpening Without Tools

Sometimes we just don't have a sharpening stone when we need it. Perhaps we forgot it at home.. or maybe we lost it out of our kit. What can be used in the bush when you don't have tools and sharpeners available? Take a look with us as we use other things to keep a fine edge on our knives.


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Автор Noob Tactical ( назад)
thank you sir

Автор Michal Brys ( назад)
I am kinda surprised Ray Mears used his Landlover window glass to polish
the knife in the woods after going on whetstones --- what happened to those
tools ? no place in real bushcraft to sharpen £400 edge ?

Автор scott stewart ( назад)
what determines which direction you go when sharpening your knife? i
noticed you pushed with the edge and then in another pulled edge.

Автор Katicus ( назад)
Great video, there are hundreds of videos on here about sharpening knives
but with bought sharpening stones and tools but I wanted to know ways I
could do that if you forgot to bring one or maybe lost it while being out
in the wilderness. Very helpful video thanks

Автор Yousif ( назад)
intro song???

Автор ten22crew ( назад)
I had a scrade uncle henry loved it then lost it fishing one day hope
someone found it

Автор james mulkey ( назад)
Is a Rambo first blood survival knife any good or are they weak knifes

Автор LeaveItTo Chance ( назад)
you aren't taking off the metal you were getting rid of, use a leather belt
to get that off and itll be a hell of a lot sharper

Автор Beats mode Laun ( назад)
Do have to find a flat rock

Автор Seba92000 (189 лет назад)
If you are in Wild - sharp your knife by your in-wild car windows! great
I thought that's all :p
I would figure out all of that and even more, except a car window - I don't
have a car so never thought about that.
I just & somehow love sharpening blades from when I remember.
About sharpening knife - never say never - you accually CAN make it razor
sharp in wild, but it depends from area you are in and MAINLY from your
creativity :)

Автор Jason cullen ( назад)
So aside from a sandstone you can use any flat stone you find?

Автор Tonahuac Theonewhocarriesthelight ( назад)
What knife is that?and are you happy with it?

Автор Brian Brent (Briguy) ( назад)
Real simple !!! And good thing for anyone that hunts or fishes a lot to
know !

Автор Timothy Williams ( назад)
Armpit duck at 0:52

Автор Marty Shettlesworth ( назад)

Автор Bronwyn Aldea ( назад)
Where did you get the bag

Автор Gregory Johnson ( назад)
I have found that finding a stone on a trail will work great, if pack
weight is a concern. I pack light and travel far. My knife is the most
important piece of equipment and a edge is a must. Great video.

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
yes Budder....all tools can be sharpened the same ways

Автор iluminameluna ( назад)
Love the suggestions, only thing is I would NOT use the drinking water. I'd
save that just in case I'd need it later. NEVER use what's edible/drinkable
on something that's not. Thanks for this video! Sharing it on my social

Автор Yay Me ( назад)
The video is about knife sharpening without tools, but, like, everyone
method he has to sharpening the blade uses a tool to do it. XD
Yeah, most of them may not be things you buy at the store (even though some
of them actually are), but they can still be considered tools. l=D

Автор Cam Seymour ( назад)
Was he on raft he looks like it

Автор bella a tutti ragazzi e benvenuti in questo nuovo video ( назад)
Good methods, ma che musica de merda!

Автор Random ( назад)
where can i find a knife like that? the green handle one

Автор Lucas Jussani ( назад)
thank you so much i needed to sharpen it with out tools and ill subscribe

Автор Tonithenightowl ( назад)
This has to be a man thing. I'm ready to spend 150 dollars on an electric
knife sharpener. I hope I'm not wasting my money lol. I have watched many
videos to learn but I haven't had much success. This is a skill, there's a
reason people send knives and scissors away to be sharpened if not lucky to
have someone local. I'll give it a try AGAIN. :o)

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
Yes... The angle always matters. Keep your sharpener (whatever it is) at
the same angle as the edge on your knife

Автор Cesar Barrientos (243 года назад)
Is their a specific angle that should be used when sharing from
cardboard,belt, and rock?Is the angle the same for any object? Or is it
keep the knife flat when using the rock? Or does the angle not matter? 

Автор Attlas _ (1058 лет назад)
Great video! Tried out the cardboard trick and sure enough it sharpened my
blade just enough to were I needed it

Автор jake lovemore ( назад)
Thanks bub. 

Автор Guillaume Combot ( назад)
you can do the same with a spoon (if you don't even have a knife), but it
take more patience...

Автор Alex Freitas ( назад)
its a army combat knife

Автор Alex Freitas ( назад)
I've got one just as sharp

Автор Gray Au ( назад)
finally some awesome guy makes a video on how to sharpen a knife without
the pansy modern tools!

Автор Jerit Bristol ( назад)
i can sharpen my knife with a window? id prefer a rock much easyer

Автор Jet Acer ( назад)
0:54 the duck through his arm

Автор tom jackson ( назад)
A working knife shouldn't have a hair cutting razor edge, It won't last in
use, that's why your knife needs sharpening often. That's why woodsmen
don't carry straight razors to cut things in the woods. You need a greater
angle on the edge, especially with stainless.

You are pulling the burred edge straight in your demonstrations, not much
grinding the edge. You can grind a little on the bottom of a china plate
or cup. Many ceramics make a good fine stones.

I don't too much cut paper in the woods, or shave with my knife. I clean
fish and game, prepare food, and cut cordage, among other tasks, and a
razor edge is just not appropriate for that. Also, in over 60 years camping
and trekking, I have never had the need or desire to "baton" anything.
That is just one of those Youtube skills that has never been needed in my
real experience. In a survival situation, the last thing I would want to
do is to beat on my number 1 survival tool with a club.

Автор zach henning ( назад)
Are you able to use these different sharpening techniques for a steel that
is hard like 3v? Or would 1095 be better. Thanks, Great video!

Автор chenks54 ( назад)
Thanks for that 'BushcraftOnFire' . I've used toothpaste before as a
substitute for 'Autosol' (a metal cleaning paste you can buy in the UK).
I've cleaned motorcycle parts with it . . .and what's more, it makes your
bike smell fresh and clean! LOL

Автор chenks54 ( назад)
If you had some toothpaste in your pack, could you use that in conjunction
with your belt as a stropping paste? 

Автор popoqwer ( назад)
Fantastic Vid... and yes it's sharp enough.

Автор Steven Huseby ( назад)
Cardboard eh? Thanks!

Автор José “JCor69” António ( назад)

Автор flarion00 ( назад)
I have a gurka kuhkri knife with a very dull edge. I tried to slice a
tomatoe and failed miserably. It seems I need an edge but the sharpening on
a wet brick takes forever and I still don't see results...help please.

Автор Christopher Davin ( назад)
sir, i have a problem with my throwing knife. the edge of my throwing knife
hit the wall which made out from cement so my throwing knife's edge becomes
dull... do you have any advice to fix this? thanks for help and ask...
regards :)

Автор Jason Loukx ( назад)
Great tips. I'm always looking for natural survival tips.

Автор epajir1300 ( назад)
The top edge of the car window very cool, thanks..!

Автор renuens ( назад)
Great video! This is very useful for me. I have many different knives (a
karambit, combat knife, a couple of bowies and a pair of machetes). Will
these techniques work just as well on curved blades too? 

Автор Russell Suender ( назад)
I can't get my Gerber LMF II sharp no matter what I use.Tried a diamond
like yours.Dont know what I'm doing wrong.Damn thing came dull to start

Автор Dalton Roadhouse ( назад)
This helped a lot thank you. I wish this guy was my Boy Scout leader back
in the day. I might have stayed.

Автор DonatoThomas ( назад)
That's a great video! You know, I've seen that edge on the glass window
countless times and it never occurred to me that there was a use for it.
There's been two or three times that would've come in real handy over the
past few years. I'm going to have to go out now and see if that edge is
still rough, or if they've decided to polish it . . . 

Автор The Minnesota Trapper ( назад)
The woods not the damn bush. I'm in the bush! No your in the frieken

Автор canceruser1921 ( назад)
can you learn to spell cardboard

Автор Acecool ( назад)
Case / Kit = What holds your gear.

Автор Gillian Steel ( назад)
you can use the bottom of a ceramic mug the same way.

Автор Stewart121 ( назад)
if only we knew how to make Damascus steel again

Автор Jud3 ( назад)

Автор Danny Anten ( назад)
10:17 ? Use a what???

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
I would almost NEVER use a coarse stone on my knife. only if it had serious
dings in the blade. It will take off far too much steel and you will
eventually have a very expensive toothpick. I'm a fan of using (almost
exclusively) a ceramic rod.. Only using a FINE Arkansas stone when more
work is needed. For the record.. I sharpen my knife to razor edge after
EVERY use.. so it never gets really out of shape

Автор GreenUrbanProject ( назад)
Thanks for video

Автор Christian Champion ( назад)

Автор gecko loco ( назад)
4:00 i have the same knife as him

Автор Latitude 33 Geckos ( назад)
The tip at 3:33 reminds me of Proverbs 27:17 "Iron sharpens iron, and one
man sharpens another."

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
Colleen... In my opinion serrated blades are worthless in the bush.. and I
DON'T use them. But if you want to use yours.. you can get a small diamond
rod to sharpen them easily enough. You do each tooth separately. But if I
was you.. I would get rid of it and get something more useful for

Автор Colleen Cullinan ( назад)
What about serrated pocket knives? Can you also sharpen those in the wild &
which what? Thanks

Автор Gunslinger454 ( назад)
(Continued from part 1) 3) A Furi Diamond Fingers from Ozitech. I know, it
looks like a useless gimmick; it's not. If you're careful with it you can
touch up a dull blade pretty quickly & easily. It's also really lightweight
& folds up easily to fit into a pack. 4) I also have one of those Gerber
Bear Grylls carbide sharpeners, but it is only for use machetes & the like.
I don't use it on my knives. 5) Last, but not least, my Leatherman has a
diamond file as one of its tools. :)

Автор Gunslinger454 ( назад)
(P.1) There was some really good info in this video, thanks! What kind of
knife was that? There are some sharpening tools that I pretty much always
have on me, at least one of them. 1) One of my favorites is my mini-diamond
sharpener from SOG Knives. It has a small diamond stone, a ceramic rod & a
ferro rod in one pocket sized tool. 2) DMT 3-inch Dia-Sharp credit card
sized diamond stones. I keep the fine & coarse stones in my wallet at all
times. (Continued...)

Автор Gunslinger454 ( назад)
No, the glass is harder than the blade steel.

Автор Chris Appleton ( назад)
will this make the window edge sharp as well? 

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
You can use anything that will get the job done :) 

Автор Carlos Klunk ( назад)
Can you use a kitchen knife sharpener

Автор Wayward Crow ( назад)
good video thanks for the info man.

Автор Azz93a ( назад)
What knife is that look cool

Автор HCShuffle ( назад)
you know what would also work, if you have youre car nearby, you could get
in and drive home to get your knife sharpener!

Автор nadreya lattimore ( назад)
Awesome tips

Автор expjw ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. Very practical and useful tips.

Автор Lauren Hay ( назад)
this is very good thank you sir! 

Автор Khoa Van ( назад)
Does it work on larger blades like swords?

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
You don't use pressure with this technique.. it's a very gentle touch that
will get you the sharpest edge

Автор Brayden Culwell ( назад)
What if you accident broke the glass, if you put too my h pressure?

Автор TheBubbles069 ( назад)
I was taught to use small circles

Автор TheMontanaBushcraft ( назад)
Thank you for the information. Keep up the great work.

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
They make a special sharpener.. I use a diamond rod :)

Автор Alex Schwanz ( назад)

Автор Luc Le ( назад)
how would i sharpen a serrated blade? 

Автор Avery ( назад)
bush this bush that

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
ANY blade can be sharpened with the same methods. Might take a bit longer
on a longer blade.. but it can be done.. yes

Автор Ahmed Al ( назад)
Would this work with a real sword? 4ft blade, straight

Автор Ben Knight ( назад)
although flint edges were, and indeed are, significantly sharper, and often
preferable, so it was largely a matter of choice as much as anything

Автор Jason Moseley ( назад)
thanks your video was so very helpful

Автор Pang Bard ( назад)
Thank you .

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
I watched someone sharpen a knife to a razor edge with a cinder block and a
piece of corrugated cardboard :)

Автор TheBrownie162 ( назад)
would smooth concrete work 

Автор Scott Norris ( назад)
Good video. I even use my leather belt at home with my store bought
sharpener as a last stage honing strop. Nicely done. Keep making these.

Автор TomBrooklyn ( назад)
Those were some good tips. Thanks. 

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
I'm not 100% sure of the answer to this.. but I think there are many bronze
and other metal tools that far pre-date the European invasion

Автор 1joshjosh1 ( назад)
Aboriginals in North America did not have metal till Europeans came....is
this true? 

Автор Sigurd Gulost ( назад)
My kitchen knife was so dull, i couldn't even cut a tomato, but now i can,
thanks for the help! :)

Автор killgora1 ( назад)
makes sense to me.

Автор BushcraftOnFire ( назад)
Yes.. these methods work very well... after all.. rocks were used for 100's
of years (and still are in some aboriginal areas)

Автор killgora1 ( назад)
I'm rather impressed. So these work pretty well huh? 

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