Knife Sharpening Without Tools

Sometimes we just don't have a sharpening stone when we need it. Perhaps we forgot it at home.. or maybe we lost it out of our kit. What can be used in the bush when you don't have tools and sharpeners available? Take a look with us as we use other things to keep a fine edge on our knives.


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Автор José António (14 дней)

Автор MasterobiWan (4 месяца)
can you learn to spell cardboard

Автор DonatoThomas (4 месяца)
That's a great video! You know, I've seen that edge on the glass window
countless times and it never occurred to me that there was a use for it.
There's been two or three times that would've come in real handy over the
past few years. I'm going to have to go out now and see if that edge is
still rough, or if they've decided to polish it . . . 

Автор renuens (3 месяца)
Great video! This is very useful for me. I have many different knives (a
karambit, combat knife, a couple of bowies and a pair of machetes). Will
these techniques work just as well on curved blades too? 

Автор Jason Loukx (2 месяца)
Great tips. I'm always looking for natural survival tips.

Автор Russell Suender (3 месяца)
I can't get my Gerber LMF II sharp no matter what I use.Tried a diamond
like yours.Dont know what I'm doing wrong.Damn thing came dull to start

Автор Jacob Gonsior (4 месяца)
The woods not the damn bush. I'm in the bush! No your in the frieken

Автор Dalton Titshaw (3 месяца)
This helped a lot thank you. I wish this guy was my Boy Scout leader back
in the day. I might have stayed.

Автор BushcraftOnFire (8 месяцев)
You can use anything that will get the job done :)

Автор Joe Pangit (1 год)
This was very instructive! But he used a car, a belt, 2 rocks he rubbed
together for ages, a 2nd knife, and some cardboard. I just try to have a
newish Smith's CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener around :) They work well, are
small, and cost $4.82 with free shipping on Amazon.

Автор 0SWALD117 (1 год)
have you a specifical technics for bowie knives ? it's pretty hard to find
anythings about that... thanks.

Автор filoIII (1 год)
What flat rock if not sandstone?

Автор elvampir0 (1 год)
I really appreciate all your help & advice :) Now i just have to buy me
some real sharpening stones (so far i only been using the back of a coffe
mug, a flat river stone & a belt! LOL) and practice, practice, practice
some more! thank you!

Автор mickmoto17 (1 год)

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
THe point is sharpened as you sharpen the rest of the knife

Автор HCShuffle (8 месяцев)
you know what would also work, if you have youre car nearby, you could get
in and drive home to get your knife sharpener!

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
I already did a video like that Bro.. Search for "Hoku" on my channel :)

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
When you strop.. ALWAYS move the blade trailing. When sharpening.. I
usually lead the edge.. but some people trail the edge. HTH

Автор Gunslinger454 (8 месяцев)
(Continued from part 1) 3) A Furi Diamond Fingers from Ozitech. I know, it
looks like a useless gimmick; it's not. If you're careful with it you can
touch up a dull blade pretty quickly & easily. It's also really lightweight
& folds up easily to fit into a pack. 4) I also have one of those Gerber
Bear Grylls carbide sharpeners, but it is only for use machetes & the like.
I don't use it on my knives. 5) Last, but not least, my Leatherman has a
diamond file as one of its tools. :)

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
Thanks so much.. Glad to be of help

Автор kahvac (1 год)
Excellent video ! Thanks for taking the time to make it. I love the
simplicity of your resourcefulness ! Can't thank you enough for sharing
your knowledge.

Автор BushcraftOnFire (7 месяцев)
Colleen... In my opinion serrated blades are worthless in the bush.. and I
DON'T use them. But if you want to use yours.. you can get a small diamond
rod to sharpen them easily enough. You do each tooth separately. But if I
was you.. I would get rid of it and get something more useful for

Автор adam clark (1 год)
where can u get that second knife? love the wood handle

Автор TheBubbles069 (9 месяцев)
I was taught to use small circles

Автор Udhav Kapila (1 год)
Hi Could you tell me which knife are you using. the one with the green

Автор Scott Norris (10 месяцев)
Good video. I even use my leather belt at home with my store bought
sharpener as a last stage honing strop. Nicely done. Keep making these.

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
Yes.. a Busk is a fine knife. I make sure to have a fixed blade when I go
out.. and my sons have a few very good Buck fixed blades.

Автор Alexander Mann (1 год)
How do you sharpen the point of a blade?

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
Yes it was. One of the last ones made in the US.. From the Mid 90's

Автор Marcos Ronald Roman Gonçalves (1 год)
Shared in G+.

Автор Gunslinger454 (8 месяцев)
No, the glass is harder than the blade steel.

Автор adam clark (1 год)
if you still want windows, dont car camp for more than a month

Автор Chris Appleton (8 месяцев)
will this make the window edge sharp as well?

Автор MyForsake (1 год)
its a matter of time when u only have a piece of cardboard.. hehe

Автор Larry S (1 год)
This is some good information.

Автор Redbeard Lonewolf (1 год)
This is why I always make sure I carry some sort of knife sharpener.
However, if not, I've been taught to look for smooth river stone, short of
that, a flat porous stone would work too. Awesome video, I've also heard of
someone using a metal radio antenna as a sharpening rod.

Автор BushcraftOnFire (9 месяцев)
You don't use pressure with this technique.. it's a very gentle touch that
will get you the sharpest edge

Автор Helios601 (9 месяцев)

Автор Sigurd Gulost (11 месяцев)
My kitchen knife was so dull, i couldn't even cut a tomato, but now i can,
thanks for the help! :)

Автор chris cruz (1 год)
Your also e thanks

Автор Christian Champion (7 месяцев)

Автор jakethaman2140 (1 год)
thanks for the help

Автор Trailtraveller (1 год)
Love your style of passing knowledge, well keep up the good work, greetings
to you all.

Автор bashfulbrother (1 год)
great video. very enlightening.

Автор Dylan Williford (1 год)
awesome tips!!!! my knife was butter-knife dull and i got it so razor sharp
that i accidentally sliced my hand open pretty bad! i did this just by
sharpening it on the back of my other knife!! thx for the help

Автор GriflexMedia (1 год)
i have a Buck Knife.... does it works too? plz answer :D

Автор BushcraftOnFire (1 год)
Axes are a bit trickier (pardon the pun) LOL! But basically ALL blades are
sharpened the same way. That said... you will need to work harder on an ax
since the metal is typically different.. and the angles are different
mostly. If you pay attention to the angle and pressure you will do fine.

Автор BushcraftOnFire (9 месяцев)
They make a special sharpener.. I use a diamond rod :)

Автор Birgir Baldursson (1 год)
This was very useful. Thanks!

Автор Jordan Lang (1 год)
Great video! Thank you very much! I have a thicker knife, this doesn't seem
to want to get hair cutting sharp at all. How can i acheive this?

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