The Worst Movies of 2016

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Chris Stuckmann discusses his least-favorite movies of 2016!

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Автор Edward Green ( назад)
the cell has to be the worst film i have seen a wast of every ones talents
and the ending was very poor .

Автор Tim Edwards (tjfe2112) ( назад)

Автор Memberberry ( назад)
Please no bvs!

Автор stephen moran ( назад)
😭😭I saw Nine Lives... I looked up to God 10 minuets into the movie and
said:... God, what ever I did to piss you off!! I'm so sorry!!

Автор Konvict v3 ( назад)
Are you going to do a hilariocity review for Gods of Egypt?

Автор Ida Lindell ( назад)
laughed so hard at "peace of shit!" (6.45) had do play it back like four

Автор GradeA's Kid ( назад)
Even from their trailers i had judged that these were gonna be terrible.

Автор JH Boob ( назад)
Thanks Chris for watching these bad movies, so we don't have to.

Автор Merciless M ( назад)
Beavis was talking to himself lol

Автор Cian Lancaster ( назад)
Haven't seen suicide squad but did see the trailers, from what I gather the
trailers are better than the movie, am I right?

Автор Ashley P ( назад)
hahaha wow his Beavis and butthead impression was awesome

Автор Ashley P ( назад)
hahaha wow his Beavis and butthead impression was awesome

Автор Ender 0492 ( назад)
inferno was great you idiot

Автор Tim Stainton-James ( назад)
Good job Chris. Was Beavis having a breakdown? He was talking to
himself!!!! :)

Автор Icy Doom ( назад)
wonder what he thinks of war dogs personally think it was great

Автор CARNIVINE ( назад)
What about tmnt 2?

Автор Richard ( назад)
Haha dude your yugioh abridged reference was hilarious

Автор steelerfan77777 ( назад)
Nine lives is like the movie click... I think max steel should of been 1
worst of the year.

Автор steelerfan77777 ( назад)
God's of Egypt wasn't bad! I give it a B. With all honesty.

Автор The one true llama ( назад)
Since you automatically believe all video game movies are bad (and you have
no reason thus far not to assume such) I'd recommend watching Forward Unto
Dawn, the first halo film. Sadly, It's a little obscure, and sure, it's
definitely not a masterpiece, but it's certainly not bad by any means, and
a lot of people really enjoyed it. I'd love to see a review of it

Автор wildalb ( назад)
I'm surprised Hardcore Henry didn't make this list. A shitty action movie
that wanted to be a video game game movie.

Автор Chris Miller ( назад)
I am thinking you never saw GIRL ON THE TRAIN. NINE LIVES and MAX STEEL was
flawed but they're watchable compared to the pain fest is that is GIRL ON
THE TRAIN. I saw it for FREE and still wanted a refund.

Автор Khalia Thompson ( назад)
I haven't finished watching and am impatient, but if The Disappointment
Room isn't on this list, it's a travesty.

Автор KingsMan ( назад)
5th wave is missing in this list

Автор Malik Conard-Sow ( назад)
You ever think about having on guests? Directors, writers, Crew? I mean yer
big enough at this point ;)

Автор Olaf Hernández ( назад)
I actually think Assassin's Creed was a good movie, a little misunderstood.

Автор Darksidesoldier1 17 ( назад)
hey f you man i love the assassin's creed

Автор Krlytz ( назад)
I'm so sad to hear "Cell" got an adaptation and that it is so bad. That is
one of my favourite Stephen King's books )=

Автор A.L. Pink ( назад)
Too bad Keanu is not on this list. This movie was so bad it caused me
physical pain.

Автор Louis Guo ( назад)
Can't believed nobody mentioned Batman vs Superman, a true DC joke! Suicide
Squad was close to it, but @ least it's a cool movie, in terms of it's
gimmicks & stuff. Agree wif Chris that Nine Lives deserved to be in this
category though. After watching, I lost a lil' respect for Kevin Spacey as
a great actor. I though Ghostbusters was pretty horrible as well, along wif
Central Intelligence, TMNT: Out of the Shadows, Mike & Dave Need Wedding
Dates & Zoolander 2, all of which deserved to make it to @ least in the top
10 worst movies of 2016.

Автор laertesdd ( назад)
From a purely cinematic point of view there were a lot of movies in 2016
that were worse than Captain America: Civil War. But Civil War was still a
bad movie. Because of many reasons.

One of them being the fact, that you never really care about any of those
superheroes. They will not be hurt significantly. They will definitely not
die. Thus, they may clash on an aiport field as much as they like, but the
outcome will always be the same: irrelevant.

Another reason being the political message of that movie. It's a specialty
of Americans to invade other countries around the world to "defend" their
country (just like Captain America and his followers do). So in the
beginning, I thought: Well, Tony Stark may have a point there with all the
self-regulation and such. But in the end, it didn't matter. Whatever good
reasons you have (Captain) America will do whatever (Captain) America does.
Sad, honest, true - and a shameful ideological support of the real-life
hegemony that will burn our world to the ground.

All in all a huge pile of shit. At best.

Автор Maya Normasbutt ( назад)
i, Daniel Blake was the worst film of 2016. I went to a blind screening,
you pay less to see a random film early and it was badly paced, acted,
directed and was obviously wrote by a middle aged man out of touch with

Автор Aldo Gutierrez ( назад)
I actually thought Collateral Beauty was ok. Not great but ok.

Автор sean fuller ( назад)
Feel like horror movies are like modern pop music... mostly bull shit and
no unique content with a couple gems here and there.

Автор tabbi kiss ( назад)
I liked nine lives I thought it was cute, it's kinda a play on freeky

Автор Elot Melong ( назад)
Inferno was gud

Автор bioninja3000 ( назад)

Автор Diego Hernández ( назад)
No Suicide Squad?

Автор Lunch Box ( назад)
Its safe to say with the exception of Norm here... I've never heard of any
of you. *plays out the rest of house on haunted hill in head*

Автор Robin Hasselgren ( назад)
I can see that you are doing a kind of Avgn style. Bringing up Et and
Superman 64. Not a copy cat but I see the reference. Nice.

Автор zack phy ( назад)
God's of Egypt was a really good movie, all of us watching it in my house,
about 5, really enjoyed it.

Автор Morgan London ( назад)
For the most part I trust your reviews, but I still gotta give Nine Lives a
chance when it comes out on On Demand!

Автор Darkwing Queen Discord the Darkwarrior (Warden's Bodyguard) ( назад)
His Beavis and Butthead impression was perfect! XDDD

Автор Warrior Studios ( назад)
Great to see a worst of 2016 list that doesn't have BvS or Suicide Squad in
it. Shows that you really know what you're talking about. Seriously people,
there were worse films. They should've been better, yes, but they weren't.
I consider them on the same level as the worst MCU films, disappointing and
bad, but not unenjoyable

Автор lostintimeline ( назад)
independence day 2..stay away from that movie far away far far away way far
away....move to another continent to another planet

Автор tigris14 ( назад)
Where did you get that shirt or sweater? Tell me! (please...)

Автор svclana4ever ( назад)
I actually love your sweater!

Автор Cody Stork ( назад)
Kevin Bacon has to continue to appear and everything so that we can play 5
degrees of Kevin Bacon

Автор Terrorful ( назад)
You're a cool guy Nick. I like ya.

Автор Christopher Titus ( назад)
Kate is hot, so your point is invalid.

Автор Kailee H. ( назад)
I kept expecting you to say suicide squad in this list but was disappointed
to see that you didn't...

Автор DisappearingBoy ( назад)
E.T. the Atari Game....lmao!!!!

Автор Esther Kim ( назад)
and then bye bye man happened

Автор Mo Barrett ( назад)

"But I didn't put this piece of---SHHITT!!! Higher on my list because..."

Hahaha I rewinded that bit a dozen times. That's how I talk to people about
movies I hate, I never knew that's how it looked. Love you. Subbed :)

Автор Cobalt Falcon ( назад)
His wife's just in the next room, hearing the screaming, "Oh, there goes
Chris, again, and all those movies he hated"

Автор laser325 ( назад)
Where was The Great Wall in this list?
I wasn't alone in thinking it was going to be an action movie focused on
the Great Wall of China.
Instead it was a fantasy/CGI nonsense movie with predictable plotting and
not much else. Not much Great Wall either...
I almost walked out on this movie, (which would have been the first time
I'd done that for years), but , thankfully, it wasn't very long.

A turd.

Автор Nir Shalev ( назад)
Where are Batshit vs Supercrap and Suicide Squat? They're the worst films
of 2016, easily.

Автор Olivia Plunkett ( назад)
I heard of two of these movies....

Автор Queen of Unicorns ( назад)
Gods of Egypt was not only sucky and a huge waste of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,
it also disappointed me with the cult route it decided to take. In most
cults, Horus is the son of Ra and brother to Isis, Osiris, Set, and
Nephthys. But some cults began to say Horus is instead the son of Isis and
Osiris, who remain siblings. It just irritates me, since they disregarded
the original mythology and went with new-age crappy cult shit.

Автор Jordan The Guardian Gregory (JG) ( назад)
I'm glad BVS and Suicide Squad aren't on this list. They don't deserve the
titles of worst of the year. However I saw Max Steel. It was a really
crappy movie.

Автор Grand thief ( назад)
Surprising to see no suicide squad

Автор JTReviewsPlus (DawnofAge) ( назад)
Sooooooooooo true!!!!!

Автор JTReviewsPlus (DawnofAge) ( назад)
Before watching... Blair Witch better be on here lol

Автор Mirna velasquz ( назад)
Honestly, the only movie in the list that I saw was The Other Side of the
door, and I must confess I liked it

Автор Sam ( назад)
I actually loved Assassin's Creed and found Gods of Egypt tolerable. In
fact while watching Gods of Egypt aside from the CGI I just could not find
any reason more people didn't see it above the whole "whitewashing" issue
which is totally bullshit because no one really knows what color Ancient
Egyptians were. Look this shit up people with jobs in this kind of thing
don't fuckin know.

Автор krusnik94 ( назад)
BVS was the worst I saw... come at me

Автор TheKersey475 ( назад)
My Worst 5 Films of 2016;
5. Triple 9: A great ensemble cast wasted in a bland, forgettable,
potboiler crime plot.
4. Manchester by the Sea: I should have brought cheese if I knew how much
whine and crackers this blatant Oscar-bait would provide.
3. Moonlight: Great performances and an interesting plot structure ruined
by pretentious-at-times direction that DRRRRRAAAAAGGGGGS.
2. Silence: Overly-long Christian torture-porn that's basically the play
"The Book of Mormon" if you sucked out every inch of humor and satire.
1. The Free State of Jones: Great lead performance by Mcconaughey and an
awesome premise utterly and completely fucked up by having the tone and
pacing of a History Channel documentary and wasting EVERY opportunity for
solid moments in favor of more white-guilt.

Автор Be Nita ( назад)
I was dead when he went in on "When the Bough Breaks" 😭😭😭😭 that movie
was so bad

Автор Boba Fett ( назад)
2016 sukcs for movies i hope jmy mother will die

Автор zabrithezebra ( назад)
Gotta say the biggest joke in theaters atm is "the bye bye man"

Автор mrengulfeddirector ( назад)

Автор Viet Nguyen ( назад)
I haven't heard of any of these movies at all... and now I know it's for
good reason. Thanks!

Автор theringwoodbros ( назад)
I honestly really liked assassin's creed...

Автор McFly ( назад)
I think I would've prefered if you reviewed Inferno because I really
enjoyed it and wanted to have something else but "It sucks!"

Автор Anonymous indian ( назад)
Ugly sweater?? Ur sweater has got Darth Vader.. :D It can't be that ugly..

Автор crossfire ( назад)
I trust you that I won't watch these films.

Автор John Tembreull (phr33ky) ( назад)
Best... Sweater... EVER...

Автор Leonard Hughes ( назад)
whats next here comes doggy doggy and here comes kitty kitty

Автор Sauron Merciful ( назад)
John kusack is an underrated actor , he's a very good actor, among the best
. loved is role in 1408, and con air actually .

Автор Roy Camarillo ( назад)
What about ghostbusters?

Автор Sarah Bessant ( назад)
ur faces in ur thumbnails are literally amazing

Автор Jesper Kruuse-Jensen ( назад)
Worst movies with high budgets: 1 - Independence Day, Resurgence. 2 - Gods
of Egypt. 3 - Batman vs Superman. 4 - Star Trek (allready forgot the
title). 5 - The Aven.....I mean Captain America, Civil War.

Автор Brett Grossmann ( назад)
good work....you didn't go for big budget easy targets to get hits. You
really focused on the worst movies.

Автор Mo Sho ( назад)
Gods of Egypt is definitely a hilariouscity, could not help by laugh during
this film, loved it!

Автор Dolphin Girl 131410 ( назад)
Funny how a lot of the movies on this list were horror.

Автор Swindle Swashbucker ( назад)
The darkness what a shitty movie (i know about it thanks to bennett the

Автор Joshua Bonéy ( назад)
Batman V Superman didn't make the list?? I am flabbergasted

Автор Veronica D. Giovanni ( назад)
I saw none of these movies. -:-)

Автор Simon Ghofrani ( назад)
No, Gods of Egypt was actually really cool.

Автор John C ( назад)
Where is Swiss Army Man? Only movie I watched all year that was walked out
on. It was godawful.

Автор Benjamin Fett ( назад)
Your overly symmetrical beard really bothers me for some reason... it's
just too nice... like it's a fake beard glued on. Shave it or I unsub.

Автор Paul Mcclaughry (mccmonkey) ( назад)
Seriously shocked USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage wasn't in this list,
That film is awful on all levels

Автор Tyler Williamson ( назад)
I saw Max Steel... Im sorry that you had to sit through it.

Автор spudhufer ( назад)
So you mentioned film noire (SP) I would say LA confidential

Автор FamilyGuy-er ( назад)
I didn't mind Gods of Egypt even though it was wicked cheesy.

Автор G gaming ( назад)
When i saw that he put Inferno,Assasin's Creed in the dishonorable mentions
and then putting Gods of Egyps in number 9 i pooped myself......i mean
what's worse?(just started watching the video btw)

Автор jackson. v ( назад)
this video makes me laugh every year 😂

Автор MrDoomBuddy ( назад)
What was that one review where Chris went "No ... No no YOU WILL DIE !!"
Like emperor palpatine?

Автор Luis Alvarez ( назад)
Ohhh... Surprised that you didn't include ROGUE ONE, since you had a
meltdown for the lack of Darth Vader in it...

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