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How to draw Herbert the pervert
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How To Draw Stewie Griffin's Head
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Step by step method to draw stewie griffins head, well, with shading, thanks to nwn070!


Автор Barkin Soulz (2 года)
Ms paint and linkon park. This pretty summarizes my life in 2008

Автор evilblackfire (5 лет)
Ok.. Help people draw it without a trace? NOPE. Bitch.

Автор Awezumi (4 года)
I don't remember asking you a god damn thing. And whatever you said makes
no sense.

Автор kingramizo (5 лет)
lol u put linkin park in there lol i love linkin park LP4LIFE

Автор Donpedro9989 (5 лет)
Haha, You're A Fucking Idiot. He Says He Traced It In The Description, You
Faggot. Now, Go Back To Stuffing Shit In Your Fat Ass.

Автор Awezumi (4 года)
It's as much Nazi Youtube's fault as it is WMG. If a company calls
copyright on a video, Youtube grant them even without checking the video
itself. My Adobe Parad0x Keygen Music video got removed due to copyright of
Adobe who own 0% of anything in the video, the music was created by Parad0x.

Автор Gingaa G (6 месяцев)
I bet it could be so much better on a better program

Автор iWumbo (2 года)
If you didn't know, get a free video editor, speed up the original one......

Автор player042 (6 лет)
flash is best

Автор George Olden (6 лет)
thanks m8, u got me started doing this, all credit to you :)

Автор Benjamin Wilfong (4 года)
its not youtube its wmg dude. did you even read what you copied and pasted?

Автор Olivia Swanson (5 лет)
goood job better them i can draw him...

Автор Awezumi (4 года)
This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The
audio has been disabled lol fuck you, youtube

Автор hsmp3 (6 лет)
HERBERT IS MY SECOND FAV!!! (adam west is my fav) awesome vids!

Автор Xgkgaming (2 года)
It was good untill u done the highlights

Автор AxeOfDiablo (6 лет)
wow this is great

Автор MintySox (5 лет)
your a tool. :)

Автор George Olden (5 лет)
are you an idiot?! i told you i traced it! point is i drew the trace, if
you wanna watch 45minutes of the original boring video be my guest.

Автор George Olden (5 лет)
i know you see the trace, i told you that in the video desciption, the pint
is i drew the trace and if you want me to draw herbert from scratch in a
video it will take atleast 45 minutes.

Автор CharlieIsLORD (2 года)

Автор George Olden (6 лет)

Автор riqmoon (2 года)
Tracing isn't something to be proud of man.

Автор MyUnknownRomance (5 лет)
that's awesome :)

Автор Zachary Vaughn (5 лет)
this song is always on youtube!

Автор Alice Nightray (4 года)

Автор 345bundy (2 года)
you can see the that this guy is tracing but still good

Автор nwn070 (6 лет)
ahaha very nice man, luv ur vids

Автор Awezumi (4 года)
Get off youtube's dick you tool.

Автор George Olden (5 лет)
if you learn to read you dumass i told you i traced this one because it
took too long to draw the original to fit even in a time lapse, the point
is i drew the grey lines.

Автор George Olden (5 лет)
if you think it could've been better, lets see you do it better.

Автор Mirza Krndic (5 лет)
good job

Автор mikerw1994 (5 лет)
look at thwe background you see the trace xD look hard its lite gray

Автор acs100289 (5 лет)
very cool vid

Автор George Olden (5 лет)
if you watch my other videos it becomes clear i can draw them.

Автор BSG (5 лет)
Could've been better, but did you have to go with the youtube cliche and
throw a linkin park song in there?

Автор TehLeonScottKennedy (5 лет)
u fuckin traced cant u c the gray lines u fuckin suck

Автор OldManFanClub (5 лет)
U fucking suck you cheater, you traced it only! Blow my cock fucking fraud!

Автор Heather Niblett (5 лет)
cheap ass i saw your stupid attemt you tried to make stupid tracer

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