FSX 737 ILS LANDING (How to land ILS???)

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Автор Mark Conway ( назад)
Narration instead of music would have been a tutorial.

Автор Jesus Martin Ureña ( назад)
this is not an ils tutorial..... -.-

Автор Jim Macrina ( назад)
Where in this tutorial did you show that you turned on the Auto Pilot?

Автор Franz Joseph Gonzales ( назад)
brother are you a real airline pilot? Very smooth landing.

Автор Stewart Baker ( назад)
thanx, great music

Автор WIZNU ( назад)
That was a scary music

Автор Doom Slayer ( назад)
He doesn't explain it very well. Press shift+1 and look for the buttons
with the different images on them. I forgot which one it is because I have
it mapped out on my keyboard so its easier. But the right button will take
you to the map and from there, make sure the ILS Feathers button at the top
of the menu is green, then look for the correct feather on the airport you
wish to land (the ILS Feathers are the hollow green arrows leading into a
runway). Hover over the feather until a tag appears

Автор raphael welti ( назад)

Автор Michel Hedler ( назад)
deliveriguy, did u turn off the altitude HOLD button?

Автор romeovarga80 ( назад)
Deliveryguy, thank you so much for the trouble you took to create this very
helpful video. Cheers man.

Автор kingraghavsahni ( назад)
I thought you will crash your plane going by the music you have put in.

Автор proteas1992 ( назад)
Great music! 

Автор Mine PlexR (MinePlexR) ( назад)
I just land the plane not do all this stuff just lower the flaps the full
and make sure I am about 180 knots and make sure auto brakes are at max and
then hit the runway turn on brakes and speed takes and I am done lol

Автор solomon reyiz ( назад)
civil aviation = humanism + love + skill + survive + sound of ILS radio

Автор king c ( назад)
you have to disarm the autotrothle switch manually before touchdown, the
autopilot switch will not do that for you!!

Автор CzarWilkins ( назад)
It happenned to me many times lol, i Landed and braked but the craft
engines got to full lol

Автор CzarWilkins ( назад)
Music sucks, but excellent landing! My lands are terrible!

Автор Victor Hugo (15 лет назад)
lol I think the music is awesome....but i understand that it doesn't match
the video though...lol

Автор Davyd Voroskolevskyy ( назад)
Also normanpinto when u are above the runway u prbly don't turn off the
auto throttle becuz a lot of people think that the autopilot is part of the
auto throttle so they turn of the autopilot thinking they have also turned
off the autothrottle . When ur about to land disable autothrottle so it
doesn't keep it's set speed.

Автор Davyd Voroskolevskyy ( назад)
Normanpinto ur prbly going too fast . Landing speed for the 737 is around
145-150 knots but when crossing the threshold reduce thrust to idle and
flare for a very smooth landing.

Автор Azzap ( назад)
when you switch on APP is that when you switch on nav 1?

Автор 10svenk ( назад)
when do i have to turn ILS on?

Автор 10svenk ( назад)
trim down

Автор jane doe ( назад)
Great video. Maybe try the video without the music and put talking in it
for step by step. Cuz some people might not no where to find the ils freq
and the course number and all that other crap. Maybe try explaining that
and youll get better conments

Автор LF0 ( назад)

Автор maai maishu ( назад)
woah .. works fine with me when i tryed but the music awwh man 

Автор Duo Gaming Nation ( назад)
my steps are correct..but whenever i turn off the alt hold swith, the
plane's nose jst goes up,it stalls, and then crashes.....any tips fr

Автор rajaer388 ( назад)
thumbs up if u muted the speaker

Автор Atilla ( назад)
Pmdg 737 NGX

Автор defenderoFreedom ( назад)
wow time out/ :) I dont remember when i made that comment but all im saying
is it would have been nice to hear things like the ATC or passengers or
something related to FLIGHT SIMULATION

Автор Silarus ( назад)
So...what your saying is it's unacceptable for people to use their
"personal" music in THEIR video? If that's the case then i hope you sent a
music wishlist to every channel producer so they can add YOUR music instead
of their personal music... wow.

Автор Justas Bartnykas (Justas7463) ( назад)
Jeez thats like the most simple basic tutorial there is, but i still dont
really get it :D oh well as they say... practice, practice, and once again
practice.... :) Thank you for the tutorial.

Автор xblueskyzz ( назад)
@JMNoah22 ok ty

Автор dipanjan d ( назад)
@MultiBeanbeanbean because this music is operatic and i love operatic music

Автор dipanjan d ( назад)
why did the music make me cry?????

Автор xblueskyzz (606 лет назад)
I can't land with ils the heading is automaticly but when i turn off the
altitude it fall down,.... plz help

Автор Dr Dwe ( назад)
Not being funny, but without this video I wouldn't be able to use the ILS
to land, I used to always fail so a HUGE thanks to the guy who made this
video. This guy is a hero.

Автор jeff cowen ( назад)
creepy music....

Автор defenderoFreedom ( назад)
great vid. but cut the weird music out next time... too many flight sim
videos have their personal music added. 

Автор TheBeardedMan ( назад)
Hope you can answer my question. I know how to set up the frequency and get
the G/S altitude, but i am not sure when to change to the NAV and APP. In
other words i wait until i reach the green line on the GPS. What should i
do, is this correct? (I've been in situations where this doesn't work. 

Автор yank3s87 ( назад)
Cheers m8, your short movie has helped me much more than any guidebook
about FSX, aviation and so on. Thanks once more. 

Автор TheSpellemann ( назад)
thx dude! 

Автор deliveryguy1970 ( назад)
@Bricr96 There are no dumb questions about understanding aviation and
flight. APP means (Auto Pilot Approach). You simply click the APP button
near the heading hold button. If the heading hold button is on, it will
disengage for you. Then the app will hold your direction and pitch. Make
sure to turn off your auto pilot at 1,000 AGL (above ground level). Land by
hand. Hope this helps.....DG 

Автор deliveryguy1970 ( назад)
@mullet559 i explain it in the part that says pause.....Hover mouse over
runway in map....

Автор deliveryguy1970 ( назад)
@skinny1692 The course knob sets the course heading that your going to need
for each rwy. So if the rwy is 34R, it could be a course of 342. The
heading knob sets the heading for the auto pilot. DG,

Автор TheSpellemann ( назад)
20 people failed

Автор gregorsv ( назад)
@deliveryguy1970 The late Polish president, his crew, didn't use an ILS
when they tried to land in Smolensk. The airport didn't have it. They
crashed and everybody died. 96 people died.

Автор lovedirtloveair ( назад)
i keep getting to the edge of the runway n wrecking it. well annoying.. 

Автор deliveryguy1970 ( назад)
@goose8041 Plus Flight Sim is missing many ILS runways too. Good point! DG,

Автор Patrick Hanson ( назад)
@deliveryguy1970 I don't really know about the real world policy's but for
the purpose of the simulator I taught myself to fly the aircraft first,
until landing became second nature and I use ILS when I cannot see the
runway due to fog or other kinds of bad weather. landing is a good skill
for new players to learn if they don't want to waste there flying hours,
unless the just want to fly to airports that support ILS. 

Автор deliveryguy1970 ( назад)
@goose8041 You do need to use the ILS. Most Commercial Airlines have to
fly by policy. They usually always fly by ILS or FMC using the APP switch
to make the airplane approach properly. Then at 1,000 feet AGL you can
fly by hand. Correct me if I am wrong! But smaller planes that dont have an
APP switch will fly by hand, as they keep an eye on the ILS approach. Which
means they still use the Nav's ILS system. DG 

Автор Patrick Hanson ( назад)
Landing a 737-300 and 400 is easy for me now and I don't even bother with
ILS landings unless the airport requires it. I just follow the IFR vectors
to the runway until I'm cleared to land. 140knt with the help of the auto
throttle which is turned off at 200ft and it touches down so softly
sometimes I think I'm still flying. 

Автор deliveryguy1970 ( назад)
@Eluveitie84 When you select the APP button (before is lowers) then it will
hold you pitch. So you just control the speed. When the nose lowers, drop
the gear and slow from 200knots to 160knots. Then at 1,000 feetAGL turn off
the auto pilot and fly it in by hand. Land at 140 knots depending on
weight. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it. DG,

Автор Eluveitie84 ( назад)
@deliveryguy1970 Thank you for tutorial.. but I crashed again! Everything
goes well, but I have a problem with G/S, my descending was very chaotic,
and finally I crashed at about 50m before runway. I'm learner, I really
cannot fly, but I really want to. Is your rate of descending automatic? I
mean - ILS manage it? You just decrease speed, yes? btw. song is beautiful!
and it really fit to your calm and perfect touch down :)

Автор Eluveitie84 ( назад)
A lot of people asked about music. This is Libera - Voca me. you're

Автор herrjonna2007 ( назад)

Автор Umuobi Productions ( назад)
how do i find the course

Автор levygonz ( назад)
@usafpilot29 Nice. I really like the 777, but the 747 has a big, classic
cockpit. The 787's probably will turn to my favorite. My favorites are the
777 and the A330. I have never flown with Singapore because I am usually
traveling to Brazil and Singapore doesn't cover it, right? If Brazil was an
option, I would fly business class of the A380 of Singapore when they are
cleared because there was the engine failiure. Well, what do you think of
the 747?

Автор levygonz ( назад)
@usafpilot29 Nice.. the -800 series, is, for me, the most modern and
easiest 737 to fly, although i'm not a pilot. What is your favorite
aircraft to fly?

Автор levygonz ( назад)
@usafpilot29 Singapore has 737s?

Автор biggestMetallicAfan ( назад)
@1216saab No not easier, there is a lot to prepare the plane to do it's CAT
landing in real life. With fsx all you can really do is a ILS auto land, so
so so much easier. Plus in fsx you don't feel like your gonna die at some

Автор biggestMetallicAfan ( назад)
@murpet1988 It's scary as hell... but at the same time it's a major
adrenaline rush. Even though as you fly through the black or Grey if it's
day time, only seeing your light beams through the cloud, not knowing what
could suddenly appear out of nowhere, you no it won't but i get the
thoughts of it. Then you see the ground, and the butterflies go away, and
you do indeed want to kiss the ground. That was kind of my first
experience, but now that i have done it 100 times, it's not bad at all. 

Автор A Murray ( назад)
@biggestMetallicAfan, First CAT-3B my shirt was litterly soaked through
with sweat... I could of kissed the ground!

Автор clamser ( назад)
all is ok but this music ...:(

Автор narutojose2 ( назад)
wats with the music its not like ur carrying a kid from a burning house in
a slow mo scene lol

Автор Kelsoe Bill ( назад)
@usafpilot29 by these you mean the geeky LCD with lots of keys forward the
Radio stack? under EICAS and Center panel? I couldnt agree more.

Автор Kelsoe Bill ( назад)
@Meerufenfushi1 AMEN

Автор Lewis Saunders ( назад)
@gtsimulator Yeah same here wtf is wrong with that you might no ? am sick
of it man :||||| doing a nice long flight and it crashes feeling like
snapping my laptop :)

Автор gtsimulator ( назад)
doing this drives me crazy when im half way done and my fsx game crashes

Автор narutojose2 ( назад)
Um plz tell me he n1 rpm?

Автор narutojose2 ( назад)
how do i find the coarse?

Автор narutojose2 ( назад)
wait so if yor altitude is on 2000 and u activate auto landing will it go
down automatically or will you have to remove the altitude level?

Автор Ian Galdies ( назад)
@usafpilot29 yeah thats why there are add ons 

Автор 1995a1995z ( назад)
no offense but this song is retarded... 

Автор biggestMetallicAfan ( назад)
@1234567890bf2 Oh yeah? you think fsx is hard, try it in a real life CRJ, i
promise you'll shit a brick. Especially when you can't see a foot past the
tip of your nose of the plane.

Автор Nirond ( назад)
PMDG didn´t make 737 for FSX i guees they won´t i think they going to
backgruop they wanking back words

Автор Iles ( назад)
for some reason, when I try to ILS land, the plane never lines up with the
runway. What am I doing wrong?

Автор abrinson1996 ( назад)
@usafpilot29 Yeah the default isn't very good. It,s better than nothing at
all though, and instead of turning the heading to the course aren't you
supposed to push the VOR LOC first? Not trying to make you sound like an
idiot, but its just the default aircraft that sucks. Thanks for the tips on
the real world flying 1234567890bf2

Автор hyrrokinfamily ( назад)
@1234567890bf2 God, in the end, the ILS becomes crazy

Автор arosta1 ( назад)
@usafpilot29 Ok, thats handy. can ask you what speed you pull up on a
737-800? that ones always been a muddle!

Автор Aodan Sinclair ( назад)
That was Autoland....Not ILS

Автор OriMedian ( назад)
Just use the freakin gps, Set ils frequency and AP2 + APP + NAV and ur
ready to go srsly...

Автор inspirebowl ( назад)
how to open the flaps on landing?

Автор sakadamm ( назад)
the music is : Libera - Voca Me , use tunatic to identify musics

Автор AllAmericanGuy01 ( назад)
Yes...FSX can work on any windows

Автор kevin robb ( назад)

Автор cessna421ace ( назад)
The ILS needle? There is no such thing. There is a localizer and glide
slope needle; just as there are two DIFFERENT antennas on an ILS system...
Localizer and Glideslope.

Автор Manny O ( назад)
I want to make a video of my flight and post on here, but how do I do it? I
have FS the 2009 edition together with the accelerator X as well and I use
Window Vista home premuim Can someone please message me on how to do it.

Автор Stewart Baker ( назад)
So how you keep your height on final what instrument? and what type of
music .. sound nice!!!

Автор Olseanic55 ( назад)
the main speed at landing is 180 KNOTS......LOL

Автор Cory E ( назад)
Where do you get your information? for FSXI? There's nothing in google do
you work for Aces or something?

Автор eberezow ( назад)
@nathanaeltavares1 Flight sim won't let you do it manually. You can only
have multiple waypoints if its a preloaded flight plan that comes with the

Автор Bondiblu2 ( назад)
the music on this vid is aweful!

Автор FsimulatorX (1451 год назад)
well we all know a new Flightsim will come before 2013 but how did you know
the name and when it will be relised?

Автор Mazza4Azza ( назад)
Your dream has come true. Microsoft Flight Simulator XI Coming end of 2010.

Автор Puffen9292 ( назад)
the "needle" is just a marker.. to see in what pos u are like.. to much
right/left up/down.. if i dont remeber wrong ?

Автор Rayyan Shaji ( назад)
what's this back course?Can any1 plzzz tell me?does it have anything to
bothe with Autoland/ILS?plz replyy

Автор Ronald Hamilton ( назад)
What is the ILS Needle?

Автор Ronald Hamilton ( назад)
How will i know the course if i will do an ILS Landing?

Автор KartKing4ever ( назад)
yo wat do u use to fly...a controler,joystick, or the keyboard

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