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Автор Aayush Diwan (2 месяца)
Hey you can use momentum for keeping them together for a longer period

Автор MIkeCz (5 месяцев)

Автор Farah ak (6 месяцев)
why is there no pressure when there is air?

Автор Sreerag Kuniyil (7 месяцев)
very interesting it is

Автор Yaqoob Qanoni (10 месяцев)
Also that,s

Автор Phil RS (9 месяцев)
You pour water into a cup....the water becomes the cup

Автор Mehak Zehra (2 года)
It isnt necessary that you use mountain dew or any other drink like that..
You can also do it with water!!

Автор SilentSputnik (4 года)
Observed in straws all the time.

Автор Richard Phelan (3 года)
Um I learned this "experiment" when I was... I dunno six years old. Please
tell me they're NOT using this shit to teach college students.

Автор redredreddd1 (5 лет)
Thats a big cup

Автор tubestick00 (5 лет)
my car tyres are 31 psi

Автор TheMagicOfPhysics (3 года)
you should try this /watch?v=e_PfLKSq8PI

Автор tontonvirgo9 (5 лет)
HOW WEAK! this trick was told to us when i was just an elementary student!

Автор Marco Nilsson (3 года)
I like the way you actually spell and how you're writing grammatical wrongs.

Автор luqman1133 (4 года)
its not a atmosphric pressur

Автор Jef793 (4 года)
does it have to be mountain dew???

Автор RaxF➍ (4 года)
my favarite drink : MOUNTAIN DEW

Автор Link1001studios (5 лет)
but with a college level analyisis

Автор ysrock (5 лет)
Lol, its true, try it your self, a child could figure that one out, lol...

Автор tjtank20 (4 года)
@kd6wg good eye ;)


Автор Nicholas Papadimitriou (4 года)
A physics teacher we had back in junior high school, tried to do that
experiment to demonstrate pressure effects, but once he turned the glass up
side down, before he could say "And here you can see how pressur-" he
realised that the contents of the glass were all over the student sitting
desk in front of him... :P

Автор ovaxova (4 года)
the piece of paper u used just wasn't random enough, that is y you lost the
water in the cup ( : , not cuz air infiltrated

Автор ぷん山 レア (2 года)
how awdowabwe!!!!!

Автор beatthenoob (3 года)
XD ROFL is that wat u think? i live in a mansion in long island BICH :P u
probably live in ur grandmas for 30 year old

Автор Alessandra Castaneda (5 лет)
i don't undeerstand your english ahhaha

Автор agraham07 (6 лет)
dont feel so special....i live in north carolina and i did that in 8th
grade as well

Автор tristen lee (3 года)
Wats with everyone commenting it always @ boa Lanka or @@@@@@@ blamable wat

Автор paatriickkvlog (2 года)

Автор LBTennis (5 лет)
Nice product placement

Автор beatthenoob (3 года)
@megalenellmith XD thats all u can say.... haha, hey stop acting like ur
cool and start realizing ur a loser :)

Автор Aarón_Pls (3 года)

Автор ruscris2 (5 лет)
I was 4 years old and I know'd this trick

Автор Thuan Doan (2 года)
i think he isnt a native person here

Автор Hylax Art (4 года)
smartest asian i ever seen

Автор Gabriel Castanon (5 лет)

Автор Billy Clark (2 года)
I like the cup . Send it to me ha ha

Автор PHOENIXDude57 (2 года)
what a waist of mountain dew.

Автор 16warriorfireheart (2 года)
it would make sense to fill it on the ground

Автор kd6wg (4 года)
@tjtank20 it is a college campus. the emblem on the plastic cup, if you
look very closely, is one that is similar to, if not, Vandirbilt Uninversity

Автор Niramsen Byea (3 года)
easy and amazing thank you

Автор madhatter2k (4 года)
You need to work on your presenting skills dude...

Автор thealphazoid (2 года)
Maybe it's not coz of atmospheric pressure, but coz of the surface tension?

Автор Mr. Rain and Thunder - relaxing sounds (3 года)
You're just being asked to do experiments without getting any theoretical
lessons behind it or anything? And you have to find experiments for
yourself in 8th grade? Sounds strange to me.

Автор zachariehye26 (4 года)
The way he smiles shyly is kinda cute! XD

Автор Phobee Carlos (2 года)
need an explanation for this :(

Автор aRyder1990 (4 года)
its probably college due to the Virginia cavaliers cup.

Автор pussypincherpaddy (3 года)
Hahaha cheers

Автор kyvegas00 (4 года)
@tjtank20 he's chinese, they all look young

Автор TheOnlineBusker (4 года)
mmm mountain dew!

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