Interesting physics experiment

It's classical physics experiment for proving the existence of atmospheric pressure. The result is surprising.

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Автор Aayush Diwan ( назад)
Hey you can use momentum for keeping them together for a longer period

Автор m!ke ( назад)

Автор Farah ak ( назад)
why is there no pressure when there is air?

Автор Sreerag Kuniyil ( назад)
very interesting it is

Автор Phil RS ( назад)
You pour water into a cup....the water becomes the cup

Автор jay kyla ( назад)
he didnt even move the paper it fell!

Автор Hamid Alaydrus ( назад)
The water not must full. You can input the water half or less, even little
water. (I'm sorry my English is not good)

Автор re a ( назад)
how awdowabwe!!!!!

Автор Yana Voynova ( назад)

Автор Méhãk Åhmēd ( назад)
It isnt necessary that you use mountain dew or any other drink like that..
You can also do it with water!!

Автор NPHismylife ( назад)
Wow! Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! :))

Автор asmaa hamdi ( назад)
Never mind those mean comments man, thanks for sharing this with us ^_^ 

Автор edtolputt ( назад)
What if you fill the cup with sand? Does atmospheric pressure no longer

Автор Phobee Carlos ( назад)
need an explanation for this :(

Автор brandonfiend ( назад)
Put water in the cup...it becomes the cup...put paper on the water and
magic happens. bye.

Автор PHOENIXDude57 ( назад)
what a waist of mountain dew.

Автор paatriickkvlog ( назад)

Автор C- BlackWater ( назад)
skip to 00:57 to see it 

Автор thealphazoid ( назад)
Maybe it's not coz of atmospheric pressure, but coz of the surface tension?

Автор Kaushik R V ( назад)

Автор 16warriorfireheart ( назад)
it would make sense to fill it on the ground

Автор Thuan Doan ( назад)
i think he isnt a native person here 

Автор Billy Clark ( назад)
I like the cup . Send it to me ha ha

Автор Aarón_Pls ( назад)

Автор Marco Nilsson ( назад)
I like the way you actually spell and how you're writing grammatical

Автор Mr. Rain and Thunder - relaxing sounds ( назад)
You're just being asked to do experiments without getting any theoretical
lessons behind it or anything? And you have to find experiments for
yourself in 8th grade? Sounds strange to me.

Автор Niramsen Byea ( назад)
easy and amazing thank you

Автор pussypincherpaddy ( назад)
Hahaha cheers

Автор Soha S. (1290 лет назад)

Автор Edward GHA ( назад)
@Richardphelan17 back off , if u learned that when u where 6 i hardly
expect u would have fully understood it.

Автор Richard Phelan ( назад)
Learned this crap when I was six years old

Автор Richard Phelan ( назад)
Um I learned this "experiment" when I was... I dunno six years old. Please
tell me they're NOT using this shit to teach college students.

Автор guitarshredder47 ( назад)
lame... something exciting next time

Автор Tristen Lee ( назад)
Wats with everyone commenting it always @ boa Lanka or @@@@@@@ blamable wat

Автор Ömer Demirci ( назад)
OMG, you did it with your eyes closed!

Автор 666Deathmetalhead ( назад)
I bet you never got any pussy. 

Автор Kevin Wong ( назад)
N ice demo, simple and easy to unsderstand, good one, thx.

Автор Tim Parker ( назад)
That's the biggest elementary school ive ever seen

Автор TheOnlineBusker ( назад)
mmm mountain dew!

Автор madhatter2k ( назад)
You need to work on your presenting skills dude...

Автор Jef793 ( назад)
does it have to be mountain dew???

Автор Nicholas Papadimitriou ( назад)
A physics teacher we had back in junior high school, tried to do that
experiment to demonstrate pressure effects, but once he turned the glass up
side down, before he could say "And here you can see how pressur-" he
realised that the contents of the glass were all over the student sitting
desk in front of him... :P

Автор saynahlc ( назад)
@pendejadafcc maybve it was really water that he used. It was just that he
put the water in the Soda bottle. XD

Автор saynahlc ( назад)
@kiemul136 : Nose bleed.

Автор saynahlc ( назад)
The way he smiles shyly is kinda cute! XD

Автор RaxF➍ ( назад)
my favarite drink : MOUNTAIN DEW

Автор Yizhou Jing ( назад)
@kd6wg it's UVa

Автор Yizhou Jing ( назад)
@pussypincherpaddy UVa

Автор Hylax Art ( назад)
smartest asian i ever seen

Автор Darkseid42 ( назад)
The the pressure of the air molecules colliding the paper overcomes the
force of gravity. Physics is amazing!

Автор pussypincherpaddy ( назад)
Is that Radford uni VA ??

Автор Spite ( назад)
Oh shit, it's asian jesus turning Mt. Dew into water!

Автор Chris Magalona ( назад)
Eart's atmosphphphere aight... lol

Автор dcraig2204 ( назад)
His english is the most impressive part.

Автор tjtank20 ( назад)
@kd6wg good eye ;)

Автор Sophie Collins ( назад)
thankyou thank you very much, what are you, elvis? otherwise your cool :D

Автор SilentSputnik ( назад)
Observed in straws all the time.

Автор Suleyma Gomez ( назад)

Автор 30mate ( назад)
@klauzes ...so what are you trying to tell me???? i actualy like they way
he talks...u mad or what?

Автор ruscris2 ( назад)
@mikenoeracing25 ur sux too.

Автор 30mate ( назад)
i like the was he talks!

Автор O'Delle Williams ( назад)
i might be a 4th grade project but its still cool....

Автор IcEye89 ( назад)
So if that glass was more than 10 meters tall, the experiment shouldn't
work... anyone got a really tall glass?

Автор Fabian C ( назад)
Dude! You coulda used water! I want soda now...

Автор ruscris2 ( назад)
I was 4 years old and I know'd this trick

Автор Gabriel Castanon ( назад)

Автор Kevin Rivera ( назад)
he need learn english

Автор Cherokez ( назад)
wow how did you know about that

Автор keenart ( назад)
Do The Dew

Автор sanandreasboy2000 ( назад)
ive done this when i was 8 !

Автор sanandreasboy2000 ( назад)
@tjtank20 looks like the other block that i live next too:L

Автор Alessandra Castaneda ( назад)
i don't undeerstand your english ahhaha

Автор Fahad Khan ( назад)
this is because of the surface tension of the liquid

Автор tubestick00 ( назад)
my car tyres are 31 psi

Автор юра горбацьо ( назад)
my little brother do it.easy level

Автор SmileForPink ( назад)
Test it for yourself then. Trust, but verify -Ronald Reagan

Автор tjtank20 ( назад)
if thats a highschool then its freakin hudge!! it lokks like a college
campus! lol

Автор Teneksi ( назад)
Oh. Wow. I didn't know about that. Interesting :P

Автор Matthew Broadhead ( назад)
i would understand the explanation better if he moved his hands more

Автор fisherweb ( назад)
still its all greek to me its impossible

Автор Younes Subhi ( назад)
Lol, its true, try it your self, a child could figure that one out, lol...

Автор fisherweb ( назад)
dont believe it ceretainly there would be a sticker

Автор LBTennis ( назад)
Nice product placement

Автор agraham07 ( назад)
dont feel so special....i live in north carolina and i did that in 8th
grade as well

Автор Frank W ( назад)
that's grade 8 or 9 experiment in china

Автор 23Zenneth ( назад)
how is it carried out? is it a special gas liquid or just plain mineral
water? i tried this experiment, but failed.

Автор Zethos (150 лет назад)
It is a good thing that science and math are universal....lol

Автор Erik ( назад)

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