Top 50 Catches of the 2016 Season! | NFL Highlights

Check out the top 50 best catches from the 2016 NFL season!

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Просмотров: 1568685
Длительность: 15:36
Комментарии: 2814

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Автор Alpha outlaw ( назад)
no love for the lions 🦁

Автор Pandoras Box Films ( назад)
? Packers hail marry against Giants???

Автор Ethan Swartz ( назад)
Hey anyone know what the song that starts at about 10:35 is? I nEeD it

Автор Kayla Griffin ( назад)
amari Cooper with a clutch catch

Автор David Rico ( назад)
I guess everyone is wearing #13

Автор Dillon Deffenbaugh ( назад)
If they included all the way through the post season, Edelman's catch in the super bowl without a doubt would be number 1

Автор DragonKing Gaming ( назад)
What happened to the Paul Richardson catch against Detroit

Автор Ernesto Gonzalez ( назад)
is Julian Edelman's catch from the SuperBowl in this video

Автор Elvina Robinson ( назад)


Автор Jacob Gallegos ( назад)
weres jimmy grahams one handed catch vs the bills

Автор Brendan Carmody ( назад)
aj green is a beast

Автор Team Hayward Bey 17 ( назад)
Where is dez against lions???????

Автор Nick Godlewski ( назад)
Where is dez Bryant vs the lions. That would be great.

Автор TricksWithBeef ( назад)
17 should be 7 and 7 should be 17

Автор TricksWithBeef ( назад)
17 should be higher

Автор TricksWithBeef ( назад)
Who else says "Odell me " instead of asking for a one hand catches

Автор Joshua Holzinger ( назад)
aj green made the best catch

Автор Dylan Seiler ( назад)
They didn't count playoffs

Автор Dylan Seiler ( назад)
1 spot should et have gone to mike evans

Автор Zayne Talley ( назад)

Автор New Jersey Guy ( назад)
Where is Ronan O'Connell catching a cold

Автор Wong Vlogs ( назад)
How is AJ Green not on this list😡

Автор VikingsFann 344 ( назад)
there wasnt one Vikings catch wtf

Автор Brendon Langmesser ( назад)
What about the Boldin hail mary catch?

Автор nick gunther ( назад)
who else thinks that Paul Richardson's one handed catch should be at least in the top ten

Автор Aaron Cena ( назад)
I'm a Packers fan but wow these other teams like cooper for the raiders and sanders for the Broncos do such amazing catches and Packers do good catches but never these good of catches.

Автор KillswitchForLife ( назад)
number 3 shoulda been number 1

Автор The Waterboy ( назад)
Dang they got 4 A.J Green highlights on here

Автор ryan clarke ( назад)
martavious bryants frontflip catch???


Автор alex machuca ( назад)
that Jordan reed catch in the redskins was SICK

Автор ChuckJones125 ( назад)
What about Hunter Henry's one handed catch?

Автор Thomas Persons#1 ( назад)
What about the falcons

Автор natalie alvarez ( назад)
Dez vs Detroit one hand

Автор Lucas ( назад)
cowboys dbs stay getting mossed

Автор Joe Walls ( назад)
The browns probably made the most appearances but the least amount of catches typical cleveland

Автор wussup98 ( назад)
It's funny how many Jaguars WR's are on here simply because Bortles is SO innacurate

Автор Miguel Jose ( назад)
Thomas's Catch was beast

Автор Jacob Seiberg ( назад)
The bengals where in there 10 times but not one pats cacth

Автор Robert Cole ( назад)
Giants fans Other players make one handed catches not just Odell

Автор GreenBayPayton ( назад)
Where the hell is Jared Cook against Dallas in the playoffs?!

Автор J Peach ( назад)
Only 1 Julio Jones catch?......mmmk

Автор Soaryn Eagle ( назад)
Julio Jones and Mike Evans, the top 2 WR's

Автор The Alpha ( назад)
this list is bullshit not one of aaron rodgers insane haik marys

Автор Cade C ( назад)
Patrick peterson was basically playing WR at #6

Автор Monkey Man ( назад)
all the good catches are on cowboys

Автор Artemis Nerf ( назад)

Автор MatthewStafford #DefendTheDen #DvE #FourthQuarter ( назад)
Where's golden Tate's catch? He humiliated the entire vikings' defense

Автор Tayyab Naqi ( назад)
Where are the TEXANS

Автор Awesomenessgamer 78 ( назад)
#8 was WAY too high

Автор The Legendary duck ( назад)

Автор Jd Amundson ( назад)
Bro Odell ain't 1 handed catches king it's cris carter

Автор connor doyle ( назад)
that is stuped no pats

Автор Manuel Lepe ( назад)
how about when crabtree Mosed on the titans 😒

Автор Raja Rao ( назад)
Paul Richardson? Who cares about the facemask smh

Автор Jacob Martinez ( назад)
where is obj's one hander against the cowboys

Автор Tavish Maguire ( назад)
how about that catch in the Superbowl

Автор Thomas Loznicka ( назад)
fail...did u not watch the grabs in the sb

Автор kim Winston ( назад)
very good Game.

Автор Web Zeus ( назад)
Webzeus the professional hacking god is here.

Автор Matt Jakob ( назад)
Great view

Автор Tony Glynn ( назад)
Obj is only 5.11

Автор Jay Dog ( назад)
I'm a chiefs fan and tyreeks should have been at least in the teens 👍

Автор Bum ( назад)
I'd hate to make a one hander and have Odell mentioned

Автор Stephen Shin ( назад)
no paul richardson catch..?

Автор Musics Lyrics ( назад)
Number 7 is terrible. That's just Odell showing off he could of caught that normally with 2 hands. Doesn't deserve that spot.

Автор Scott Bowers ( назад)
I hate Chris Collinsworth so much.

Автор Snoop Frogg ( назад)
No Vikings?

Автор Dalton Adams ( назад)
disappointed that edelman's superbowl catch wasnt in here

Автор Dylan Does Stupid Stuff ( назад)
Marvin Jones is under rated

Автор Bob Jonhson ( назад)
where is brandon cooks TD vs the broncos

Автор Kimiora Aratangi ( назад)
aaron rodgers to davante adams against the cowboys in the playoffs should be #1 catch of the season.

Автор Daniel McLean ( назад)
hi guys

Автор Turd Muncher ( назад)
Were are the packer ones they should have at least three.

Автор Christian Acevedo ( назад)
number 3 should be number one and number 2 should be lower

Автор John O'leary ( назад)
what about DeSean Jackson's td catch when he had to turn for it

Автор Deathlord10 Gaming ( назад)
Where was the Jared cook catch against the cowboys?

Автор Elizabeth Mayo ( назад)
I liked it and liked it

Автор Mr. Gentlezombie ( назад)
Theilen made two catches worthy of a spot in the thirties.

Автор vPanda ( назад)
Where's desean jacksons toe drag?

Автор Marie TV ( назад)
Didn't Andre Johnson fight someone who played for the team he plays for

Автор Mario Hernandez ( назад)
Damn, not one hopkins catch.

Автор EMINEM4dayz ( назад)
Any else notice how most good wide receivers are number 13 and good tight ends are number 88 wierd...


Автор THE EPIC GAMMMERR ( назад)
Out of all 50 plays they play 2 Seattle play..... come on where's the Seahawks love most of these teams with these catches didn't make it to the playoffs like the Seahawks did where's there love at???

Автор DUFFY ( назад)
Paul Richardson should have been number one cause of his Indian catch

Автор Chicken lover 4EVA Is me ( назад)
Did they REALLY forget Paul Richardsons catch against the lions!!!!Im dissapointed

Автор CΩ_ ΣXISTΣΠCΣ ( назад)
Crabtree can make all these amazing catches but drops slants

Автор CΩ_ ΣXISTΣΠCΣ ( назад)
T.Y exposed verret that day lmao

Автор CΩ_ ΣXISTΣΠCΣ ( назад)
# 47 should be higher

Автор Oreo ( назад)
WHO DEY!!!!!!!🐯

Автор Zen Villa ( назад)
Paul Richardson cath against the lions?

Автор Daniel VipVaper ( назад)
Why dat illuminati song at low bitrate all time?

Автор malakai kia ( назад)

Автор Sosa B ( назад)
and:-P ;-) he us not better than aj greeb

Автор Sosa B ( назад)
why is every time someone​ ranks wr why is odell always in it yeah he is good but 70 percent of his fans are because of his rookie one hand catch

Автор Acidic Flames ( назад)
I'm a Steelers fan but why wasn't Antonio Brown's 9 seconds clutch catch in the video btw this is not a hate comment I'm just wondering.

Автор Dylan Radtke ( назад)
where's stefon diggs?

Автор Lebron James ( назад)
Where was Jimmy Graham against the Bills?

Автор Wayne Carr ( назад)
i dont see ron parker on here at all?

Автор Jayden Marshall ( назад)

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