Top 50 Catches of the 2016 Season! | NFL Highlights

Check out the top 50 best catches from the 2016 NFL season!

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Длительность: 15:36
Комментарии: 2663

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Автор Jelani Jones ( назад)
Crabtree can make all these amazing catches but drops slants

Автор Jelani Jones ( назад)
T.Y exposed verret that day lmao

Автор Jelani Jones ( назад)
# 47 should be higher

Автор Oreo ( назад)
WHO DEY!!!!!!!🐯

Автор Zen Villa ( назад)
Paul Richardson cath against the lions?

Автор Daniel VipVaper ( назад)
Why dat illuminati song at low bitrate all time?

Автор malakai kia ( назад)

Автор Sosa B ( назад)
and:-P ;-) he us not better than aj greeb

Автор Sosa B ( назад)
why is every time someone​ ranks wr why is odell always in it yeah he is good but 70 percent of his fans are because of his rookie one hand catch

Автор Acidic Flames ( назад)
I'm a Steelers fan but why wasn't Antonio Brown's 9 seconds clutch catch in the video btw this is not a hate comment I'm just wondering.

Автор Dylan Radtke ( назад)
where's stefon diggs?

Автор Lebron James ( назад)
Where was Jimmy Graham against the Bills?

Автор Wayne Carr ( назад)
i dont see ron parker on here at all?

Автор Jayden Marshall ( назад)

Автор Jayden Marshall ( назад)
So many Titan layers

Автор Ray Andrews ( назад)
I was hoping Zach ertz catch at #25 wouldn't be forgotten. It happened I. the first game of the season, but glad to see it on this list. :)

Автор Quinn Novick ( назад)
Jarvis was better then more than half those catches

Автор Quinn Novick ( назад)
Flawed video

Автор Quinn Novick ( назад)
Where is Jarvis?!?!?

Автор Nathan Manies ( назад)
Forgot Adam Thielens 4th down catch against GB. Vikings will never get respect until we win a ring.

Автор David Hall ( назад)
this video seemed to cater to only a few specific teams. pretty lame.

Автор Kyle Lusher ( назад)
I see Michael Thomas at #10 👀

Автор Crocodoan4444 ( назад)
The Patriots made no spectacular catches? At least no teams made spectacular catches against the Patriots

Автор BKing World ( назад)
Dez should have made this list and what about the Super Bowl catch

Автор BKing World ( назад)
I do not agree with this list

Автор Cobra Kai ( назад)
Where is the Dez TD vs Philadelphia

Автор luke pohlen ( назад)
Uh stefon diggs diving catches no ok whatever

Автор Aaron aiden cool gamers ( назад)
Good video bro

Автор Scott Chiware ( назад)
that Mike Evans catch is so overrated

Автор Sammy Krem ( назад)

Автор Ryan McDonnell ( назад)
TBH I think that Paul Richardson had the best catch of the year not mike evens at al

Автор Joseph Mentz ( назад)

Автор Mitchell DiPangrazio ( назад)
Don't get how the AJ Green Hail Mary wasn't number one

Автор Jerrin Viermann ( назад)
What about Dez Bryant's 1 handed TD catch vs the Lions??

Автор DominoPerson 5 ( назад)
Vikings ball boy?

Автор Cash Me Ousside ( назад)
loved seeing my boy aj green in here multiple times

Автор Dmondre Dixon ( назад)
let's go 1handed catches

Автор Brian Sanchez ( назад)
How ba dat

Автор MaddenMaster 84 ( назад)
Antonio brown catch against the Ravens in the final seconds to win the division

Автор philasyr ( назад)
Lol god the first one for Tyrod Taylor is a pick.

Автор Evan5679 ( назад)
Julio Jones Fade Route????

Автор Malik Sleiman ( назад)
I ment challenge

Автор Malik Sleiman ( назад)
The Seahawks challaged it it was. The wild card game

Автор Malik Sleiman ( назад)
Doug bald wins catch against the lions remember it was a juggling catch

Автор Brian Cantrell ( назад)
this was wack

Автор Luke Spieler ( назад)
Where is the postseason catches or the late season catches

Автор James Costello ( назад)
Other than Edelman's deflection in the Super Bowl, there are no great receptions by the Patriots because Brady always delivers the throw on the money!

Автор Zachattckary 80 ( назад)

Автор Zachattckary 80 ( назад)
This is the best YouTube video ever

Автор Eugene Stoner ( назад)
A.J. Green had 4 on here O.o what a stud hes prolly like CASHmeOUTSIDE howBOUTdah

Автор Joey Myer ( назад)
You should make a top picks!!!!!!!

Автор Mason G ( назад)
#4 is #3

Автор Dylan Salzberg ( назад)
Where's jordy nelsons 66 yard catch to save the game

Автор Carson Carpenter ( назад)
Go Bucs!! Evans With Number 1 BABY!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jaden Terry ( назад)
Cmon man where is the awesome 1 handed catch by dez Bryant against the lions

Автор Brian Yates ( назад)
Obj baby!!!!!! Awesome catch 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

Автор Bruv Cat ( назад)
How the hell did neither of Jimmy Grahams 1 handed tds vs. the bills get in this?

Автор awesome mo ( назад)
I meant the catch in week 17 against hawks that Jeremy kerlly catch that deserves top 5

Автор awesome mo ( назад)
did you miss the other Jeremy kerlly catch against the rams that deserves on top 5

Автор BOLT Skils ( назад)
who else watch this in 2017

Автор JRD 1229 ( назад)
One thing i do not like about NFL: NFL praising Odell!

Автор J's Vlogz 32 ( назад)
Them Jaguars can do some crazy stuff Go Jags

Автор Lobeykitten ( назад)
y'all add Edelmans catch to this lmaooooo

Автор HUNTER BAKER ( назад)
Are you kidding me no patriots jusus

Автор Jay Boogie ( назад)

Автор Jay Boogie ( назад)
Why isn't OBJ THREE FINGERED crotch in this video?😡😡😡

Автор DominoPerson 5 ( назад)
And the pass is WHAT A CATCH BECKHAM! Lol

Автор DominoPerson 5 ( назад)

Автор Weston Caldwell ( назад)
how are there no packers plays?

Автор Jake Cuddire ( назад)
Where's edelmans catch vs denver

Автор New york Jet Fan ( назад)
ayee we on here 3 times and my boy on number 15

Автор WhatULookinAtFoo1 ( назад)
NUmber 5 should be 3 becuase if you add in the broncos defence, is makes the catch better

Автор TheAlexJones1 ( назад)
no Dez against Detroit??? That's weak NFL

Автор Aidan O'Keeffe ( назад)
The jags had more appearances on this list than wins lmao

Автор Jarrett Sports Nut ( назад)
you are s

Автор Edmund Torres ( назад)
How the hell does dez's one handed td grab against the lions not make this list ? Lmao

Автор Matthew Garcia ( назад)
Who else thought about the LA (St Louis days) hit against Sanders when he dove for a catch? 😂😂

Автор Tristan McNerny ( назад)
this youtubers BLIND, I mean were the famous 1 handed odel becam Jr catch. the one that inspired many. If it was on there I mean I would not complain but that should of bin at least top 3, top 5 at least. come on 😂😂😂😂

Автор Juicylemons ( назад)
What is Odell's snapchat

Автор Juicylemons ( назад)
What is Odell snapchat

Автор Tanner The fox ( назад)
49 I thot he was going to throw it away

Автор Connor Newton ( назад)
disagreed where is th insaine o hander by Obj?

Автор Adrian Sharp ( назад)
What about Paul Richardson's one hand grab in the playoffs against the lions?

Автор andrew josey ( назад)
really nothing of the Patriots......best qb in the history of the game and nothing....okay

Автор Luke West ( назад)
my boy mike evans

Автор Dark_ Anthony ( назад)
where is paul richardson one handed catch against lions??

Автор Dark_ Anthony ( назад)
where ya'll seahawks fans. go hawks!!!!

Автор Braeden Sever ( назад)
how is fitzgeralds catch vs Vikings not even top 50

Автор Ethan Michiels ( назад)
None of these lists are different

Автор Brett 17 ( назад)
Quincey Enunwa vs pats is not in here somehow

Автор Ramon Quiles ( назад)
11:00 Mark.. ineligible man down field.. no. 77 10 yard penalty

Автор jacoblambofgod ( назад)
Where is d jax sideline grab ?

Автор John Mikolajczyk ( назад)
Where's the back of the end zone catch made by Sammy Watkins?

Автор Jas Sandhar ( назад)
Larry Fitz #37 deserves to be much higher. Hell of a catch

Автор Junior Coronado ( назад)
What happend to hunter 's catch

Автор Ashton Gaw ( назад)
Where is the obj catch vs cowboys

Автор nick lamonica ( назад)
I'm a lions so I might be biased because they put some of our grabs in, but I'm really happy this was actually all good catches, not just catches by loud and flamboyant players

Автор Milk Man ( назад)
these guys get paid millions for playing a child's game?

Автор PityAFool ( назад)
I knew Mike Evans would be number 1. I thought for a sec NFL would have some random ass OBJ catch at number 1 just because he's OBJ.

Автор Seth Paterson ( назад)
how about adam thielen in the Vikings finale vs the bears? had 3 great catches including 2 toe tappers

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