Pigeon Hunting 100 Yards in 25mph Wind with Edgun Matador Air Rifle (Slow Motion)

This is Part 1 of a three-part series showing how to make long distance shots with an airgun in high wind. Part 2 shows the data you need and how to estimate it. Part 3 shows how to put that data to work using [free] ballistics software. Visit my channel page to see all three.

This video was captured February 15, 2011 in rural Wisconsin. It shows me hunting pigeons with my .22 PCP air rifle in very high wind (20-30mph or 9-13m/s). This is part 1 of a two-part series re: this hunt. This first part will simply show the shots taken. The 2nd part will dive into the ballistics of how to make these kinds of shots, including how I use Chairgun Pro ballistics software to predict proper hold-over and windage.

The gun used is an Edgun Matador .22 PCP air rifle, sighted in at 55 yards (50 meters). The scope is a Hawke Sidewinder 30 IR Tactical 6.5-20x (shooting @ 10x in this video). The pellets were JSB 18.1g, shooing @ 900fps (274m/s).

The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope can be found here:

The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope is the Casio EX-FC150. That camera is no longer made, but you can buy its successor (which is actually a better camera than the one I use) here:

The Exact same Hawke Scope that I use in this video (Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20x) can be found here:

You can download Chairgun from Hawke Optics' website:

If Chairgun doesn't work for you, try the "Simple Trajectory Program" available at this site:

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Автор reno911unlocred ( назад)
Your pellets in this video seems to be tumbling, or is it just me?

Автор Stomp (1885 лет назад)
These birds carry diseases and poop everywhere. After spending a few weeks
working with a grain shipping company and seeing piles of shit and dead
birds that took an entire work crew to clean up on a weekly basis... i got
busy with an air-rifle. Even taking a couple hundred birds every day for a
week did NOTHING to the population. I wish the security guys would let guys
come in for target practice.

Автор Ronica Bell ( назад)
I'm not going to hate on your way of payment or food
(Circle of nature)

Автор Ronica Bell ( назад)
@Ted's Holdover. I'm sorry for asking which you can just ignore this but I
would like if you responded but birds carry many dieseses like salmonella
it should be very proper to wear gloves. (I have no problem with hunting I
hunt very often i'm just logged in on my mom's account i'm only 14 but
still I think you should wear gloves to stay safe ;) )

Автор Daniel Forbes ( назад)
why do you say:
Disagree with hunting?

This is your last chance to avoid upsetting your self

for your own !own! sake leave know

(the two owns)


Автор Ask Me And ILL Try ( назад)
lol ninja bird 

Автор charliexoy ( назад)
another dumb arse american idiot (with a gun) thinking they will change the

Автор Jacob Smith ( назад)
I only watched this to see blood

Автор remarkymarkable ( назад)
Ted, your videos are awesome and have inspired me to take up air gunning.
(HW100TK .22) Keep up the good work and thanks!

Автор Simon Eriksson ( назад)
Dont know if you get alot of haters or not, but if you do it's just wierd.
Ofcourse everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but to be hating
on pest hunting... In Sweden where i live, people are talking about hunting
wolfs which are near extinction here. So if you disslike hunting, put your
effort in stopping that first!

Автор kyletango ( назад)
Aren't you afraid that you will puncture the roof? You could miss.

Автор Jhonatan Fogaça ( назад)
Pigeons=Flying Mouse!!!

Автор kat harkusha ( назад)
Dude you are very good thumbs up

Автор Gilbert Gold ( назад)
hunting for food or population control is "nature". jerkwads who like to
shoot animals for the sake of shooting animals is also nature. incest is

Автор mskiUSMC ( назад)
Hey Ted's HoldOver, you are a hell of a pellet gun marksman! I am very
impressed... keep up the good shootin!

Автор Була Нур (1251 год назад)
С при великим удовольствием я бы тебя также застрелил. Птица стрелять не
может и сказать ничего тоже не может. А жалкий убогий убийца без защитных
животных. Сучья твоя морда американский супостат. Хуйня мы вас скоро тоже
всех уничтожим.

Автор Prime Aestheticx (100 лет назад)
damn bro ur marksmen skills are amazing.

Автор whilereadingthisname istoleyourhomemadeeggrolls ( назад)
how do you tell how far they are, im interesting in hunting, and I don't
know where to start

Автор SoulEvansPLaysGamez ( назад)
Hey im shopping for a pellet gun and how do you get much better at

Автор dragonmares59110 ( назад)
I would advice against touching birds with no gloves, they can carry a lot
of diseases and parasites.

Автор Ashmansworth ( назад)
Pest control. whats the problem?

Автор Blazer K-9 ( назад)
Excellent shooting and even better video

Автор Cher Vang ( назад)
I guess people don't know what "PEST" control is.
Is just me or are people becoming more sheltered from real life?

Автор zRR XxTheriorxX ( назад)
Why were animals put here? Not to look at.....

Автор zRR XxTheriorxX ( назад)
I like how people watch the video and leave comments saying he's an
asshole... We'll if you disagree with hunting why the FUCK are you watching

Автор Biagio Cozza ( назад)
Great job Ted. The pigeons eat a lot of corn and wheat. I've heard of
numbers that birds consume anything from 10% to 80% of farmers crops. When
I lived on the farm, we use to kill anything that comes close to those corn
and wheat fields.



Автор StormLaker1975 ( назад)
To the morons who think this is cruel, you have no idea of the mess these
birds make, and the destruction they can cause on a farm, so go fuck

Автор Titling Todd (450 лет назад)
Fuck off you watch the warning at the beginning of the video you don't
want to see him killing things then don't watch it dumbass

Автор GaMers 4 Life 2op ( назад)
What is the point shooting Little birds you fucking dump ass you animal

Автор Lucas Cardoso Dos Reis ( назад)
Tiros excelentes! Sem comentários, ainda terei que treinar muito para ter
uma técnica tão apurada como a sua! Está de parabéns! ( comment in
Brazilian Portuguese :D very nice shots man, i'm watching all your vídeos!

Автор Xenophene01 ( назад)
Insane shots man!

Автор Mansour Aljawini ( назад)
nice shooting man :D

Автор Robert Cook ( назад)
That is some awesome shooting, Ted. Thank you for the lesson in how to
handle wind and range. I have learned a lot from watching your vids, the
most important lesson being how far I have to go. I'm shooting Benjamin
Titan and Trail NP springers with Bushnell AO scopes, so I'll never match
your high-dollar gear, but I'm getting better, and that is the milestone I
look at. Thanks again, Ted.

Автор Sirvikrail ( назад)

but on topic..I may have missed the answer, but are these birds invasive? I
have watched some of your videos. As a bird lover, I understand that
invasive bird pests are destructive-to native wildlife and the occasional
farmer (?) and need to be put down.

anyway, late review and question.

Автор Din Din ( назад)
Best shot bro.better u try on some tournament

Автор Aaron McFarlane ( назад)

Автор Zaid Sparrow ( назад)
what they have done to you son of a bitch..?

Автор Janet W ( назад)
Shooting with a 20 mph crosswind and hitting your target, priceless

Автор Richard M ( назад)
I love this guys! Outstanding.

Автор Mass Deportation ( назад)
The one that blew off the bar don't know how luck he is hahaha

Автор jason gural ( назад)
Ted, what are your thoughts with using a chronograph application for
Android for clocking pellet speed?
I know you say that using a chronograph is the only way to efficiently
clock speed, but is this a good alternative? Thoughts anyone?...

Автор MrSchokomuffin26 ( назад)
At my opinion best airrifle hunting channel at youtube
Go own lost of greetings from Germany

Автор michael therrien ( назад)
That's crazy. I'd like to do it with a shotgun tho.

Автор michael therrien ( назад)
That's crazy. I'd like to do it with a shotgun tho.

Автор carlos balbiani ( назад)

Автор Robert Durham (Metal Detecting America) ( назад)
Wow nice shooting!!! Anyone who wants to know you can eat pigeons, they
are very similar to doves, except bigger. I have ate them before and
wrapped them in bacon and grilled them. That is the best way to eat them.

Автор zermito ( назад)
coool encore un bon gros débile qui tue par plaisir !

Автор runawayfarfaraway ( назад)
Super bird 

Автор runawayfarfaraway ( назад)
Looks so fun 

Автор webster7710 ( назад)
Impressive* Damn touch screen. :P

Автор webster7710 ( назад)
That is some inpressive shooting. Nice work man.

Автор Eiqa Ameliana ( назад)
Kill yourself not animals moron

Автор David Murphy ( назад)
Good shooting.

Автор YakPanther ( назад)
motherfucking morons,plz hunt your bitch mothers not angel pigeons...

Автор erik bakker ( назад)

Автор acia zemko ( назад)
I saw your video about if birds can see the pellet. My comment was noting
the birds might actually be detecting the change in the air near them by
the pellet. Here in this video you have 25 mph wind and seems the birds are
not actually reacting just before getting hit. If you read the last comment
as well as this. It might help answer your question about this matter.
Impressive shooting by the way.

Автор Μιχάλης ΤΖ ( назад)
which gun do you have?

Автор александр донченко ( назад)
ебало умолешонного дауна

Автор Criss CLF ( назад)
pretty cool he say, fkn muerder...

Автор Guilherme Lopes ( назад)

Автор Sharon Carter ( назад)
Lucky cats and Great work!

Автор Chasse et pèche ( назад)
Hello, you make great videos, goal with any software you do your montages?

Автор tonic☂rain ( назад)
ninja-bird :D

Автор Evan Kornegay ( назад)
How many birds have u shot your whole life

Автор Kevin Covington ( назад)
that air rifle is sick lol

Автор joseph marte ( назад)
Ted, why do you point the birds with the side of the scope and not the

Автор helicrashpro ( назад)
Ted, are you using the full 1000fps of the slow motion camera your using? I
know the res gets fairly low at that speed. 

Автор Sigi AIRgun ( назад)
awesome shooting ground . wish i be dare :(

Автор Tiffany watkins ( назад)
That is so awesome! I need to get a set up like this. 

Автор John Parker ( назад)
Have you bagged the "super bird" yet? +1 for showing the misses as well.

Автор geo trouvetout ( назад)
facile contre des pigeons sans défense !!

que je tombe pas sur vous !!!, mes 1m98 et 126 kg vous mettrait " la tête
dans le cul ", vous êtes un minable, un frustré, une tapette

Автор Henry Yeh ( назад)
your cats eat health

Автор Trey John ( назад)
you dont no nothing about hunting man

Автор Alex Neal ( назад)
Can you eat feral pigeons?...Answer yes. Check the kidneys and liver for
anything uncommon (Spots, Discoloration, Pinkness, Etc...) Only eat animals
with very red livers is my rule but some diseases affect other parts so
look into animal diseases for your part of the woods. Find out what's
common and if you even doubt yourself for a second DO NOT EAT IT.

Автор Michael Worrall ( назад)
can you eat ferral pigeons??

Автор tony elia ( назад)
Ha ha,love it!

Автор Sonax123fly ( назад)
yes XD

Автор 616Haggard ( назад)
Lol Sarcasm gets wasted on you doesn't it?

Автор Sonax123fly ( назад)
stop troll its all at 1:28

Автор 616Haggard ( назад)
Durr, what gun are you using?? Durr, what pellets are those??? Durr, could
you tell me what pellet gun I should buy? Because you should know what gun
I would enjoy and what my budget is to spend on one. Durr, Hey Ted make a
video of skinning a rabbit! Oh wait, you have. Id rather waste your time
then my own by just looking. And before I go, I hope you die for making
these videos! Its people like you that make these videos that I cannot help
but watch even though I'm totally against hunting!

Автор Mark Jackson ( назад)
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Автор epicness646 ( назад)
jsb 18.1gr .22 cal

Автор Mason Keys ( назад)
Alsome shot

Автор Robby Norster ( назад)
what ammo is it your using?

Автор Mjelsik ( назад)
Is it not illegal to shoot birds with rifles? I know a pellet is not that
large, but can potentially still cause damage if you miss and is
irresponsible. Shotgun is safer. If you want to do L/R work, go to a range
and have your jollies. I am not against hunting either.

Автор Isaac Ubasa ( назад)
How could anyone dislike this... I mean can u do a 100 yard shot in a 26
mph wind? With a direct heart shot ?! well if u hate hunting think about
slaughter house. They just cut the wind pipe and let them suffer!!! Now
think about hunting DIRECT HEAD/HEART/LUNG shot instant kills. well except
for the lung shot. ok don't be trolls ;D

Автор witchkingof angmar ( назад)

Автор HollowHopes ( назад)
Wow. A fucking professional computer hacker couldnt decode this shit. Get a
1st grade spelling book please

Автор John boubouridhs ( назад)
the moust of vegans are going ti day on the age of 40 45 35 engoi the shit
you are kaling life filthi hipis

Автор LateralGs ( назад)
I am really surprised that he leaves the comments up here. Internet is just
full of trolls (penny, juan, etc) who only care to get a rise out of
people. There birds do less for the environment than most of the bugs you
guys destroy with your cars on a daily basis. Also, Yea, that bird reacting
that quickly, he will likely lead a nice long life with that kind of
reaction time, LOL. He is the F1 Driver of the group.

Автор Carlos Pinto ( назад)
dude, If I had an efficient rifle I'd totally do this. It's totally ilegal
here since i don't even have a licence for my air gun and there's no pest
situation, but shooting a few dirty pidgeons is no problem.

Автор Tehaxis ( назад)
Ok I've had three cats, a quick death from a projectile is far less brutal
then a cat tearing you up and ripping your throat out. There have been
instances where our cats would eat the birds and only leave the heads left
for us to pick up around the yard. Pigeons were a big problem where I used
to live in Hawaii, they would poop everywhere, eat all the dog and cat
food. If you left a window or door open unattended they'd fly in, it was so
very frustrating. Plus, all the mites and fleas we got...

Автор pennsy6000 ( назад)
LMAO! You think I care if any one looks? Your dumber than I first thought!
and I guess I have to explain it to your stupid ass once again, statement
about sick is your opinion, not fact, and your opinion doesn't constitute
truth!! It's funny to see you try and change the subject, it only tells me
that I clearly told the truth about you and your sick, psychotic ways!!
LOL!!! Me: 2 You: ZERO!!! Now FUCK OFF..................

Автор T.A. AbdulQadir ( назад)
I eat meat but not much ,and it is bought not hunted. no need to kill as
long as you can afford to buy a few kilos. so the mouth that is more eager
to eat meat from hunting should shut up

Автор Winston Churchill ( назад)
Unless you're a vegan, you can shut up.

Автор Bahamut blue ( назад)
Why are there so many fucking idiots out there??? Nth better to do lol

Автор tony elia ( назад)
Everyone look at this sick fucks channel!He has a foot fetish lol.

Автор pennsy6000 ( назад)
You're still here?! I hope your gun back fires in your face!

Автор pennsy6000 ( назад)
When was the last time you bought pigeon meat from the super market

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