Barto - FL Studio - Beginners Reggae Tutorial - Part 3/3 - The Bass

A very basic tutorial on how to make a reggae beat in FL Studio.

Part 1:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llExRJJejew
Part 2:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AHtK4h6cIY

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Автор sa6at ( назад)
very cool bro. Enjoyed it.

Автор EyeAm. Beats ( назад)
Dope Track!!!!

Автор Mrovemntcrew ( назад)
the best! thank you!!!

Автор Bryan Hall ( назад)
Great Beginner tutorial thanks!

Автор dean bowen (vybez879) ( назад)
best tutorial yet on reggae,nice one alex

Автор Daniel Meza ( назад)
Thanks mate. nice tutorial!

Greetings from Houston, Texas.

Автор Borgenmannen 1 ( назад)
Great tutorial, learned alot thanks! Here's something i made:

Автор MRC ( назад)
nice tutorial...you really helped me out

Автор Ichi Music (Official) ( назад)
Hey watched all three parts I really enjoyed the tutorial. I should have a
song uploaded to my soundcloud soon.!

Автор Vade Barnett ( назад)
I think you're on the right track with this one bro but the plugins is what
make your sounds more realistic and sweeter. If you can sample a musician
who plays a bassline for you or the organ shuffle (you called skank), then
you're good. don't you think? Check out something I did:

Автор Try MakingOf ( назад)
Boouw baayce (BooBass)
your accent is amazing brother :D

Автор le roi Yohan ( назад)
nice tutorial, simple, easy to understand, good work, keep it up.. thanks a

Автор redab13 (928 лет назад)
whaer can i find that mod bass you got ??? send me a link pleas man 

Автор Matias Donelem ( назад)
Buen tutorial bro Saludos de Chile

Автор Stretchmofo ( назад)
really nice tutorial mate, thanks a lot!

Автор bello c ( назад)
great vid bro!

Автор Joe Codeswell ( назад)
nice job. thanks.

Автор Flipscorn Dooblydoo ( назад)
This was very helpful, thank you.

Автор greglalatv ( назад)
thanks a lot bro, i leaned a lot from this video

Автор jake blinman ( назад)
Helps and it turned out pretty well thanks

Автор maurice kelly ( назад)
thank you

Автор Channel Roland Avastia ( назад)

Автор Luis Oliveira ( назад)
I agree with Rambo, you may be making a new one, I am sure you have learned
new stuff! :)

Автор Rambo Rõuges ( назад)
Thank You.... 2 years since reggae tutorials. Maybe its time to make
another one. Shore like to see it. :) This one was greate.

Автор christian marucco ( назад)
great tuto man! this was exactly what i was looking for

Автор Eric Rogers ( назад)
this tutorial was cool but my beat sounds like crap. Although I did learn
some stuff

Автор chryzthyand nillu ( назад)

Автор Bushdoc. Zion ( назад)
Hmm i did ecatly the same Thing but my Piano Sound different to yours. I
Sound like u have a different effect or smth.... or a different piano ? i
dont know ;/

Автор John ( назад)
Nice bass line

Автор Go Gootje ( назад)
Volume is fine, got my headphones on and works fine :) Love the tutorial!
You forgot to ad the bassfile ;)

Автор Wake N Bake ( назад)
good videos m8. got all the stuff that i wanted to know. thumb up !

Автор Mike Silguero ( назад)
Watched all three. Great videos man. I really dug the bass part actually.
Keep up the work man great job.

Автор david crowley ( назад)
Clear and straight to the point, brilliant walk through mate. Helped me out
a lot!

Автор Farhaan Ahmed ( назад)
Mate, I've just seen all 3 parts and these videos have cleared up a few
things about FL such as layout and I cannot thank you enough for this!
Perfect beginners heads up and very well explained, would love more videos
like this so keep teaching as you do, your great at it :)

Автор James Muller ( назад)
Fine tutorial.. Look up BeatGenerals through Youtube they usually have a
lot more useful fruityloops coaching!

Автор Dilla Oniel ( назад)

Автор royal swagg ( назад)
bless bredda

Автор orangeloveification ( назад)
Great! You helped me so much.

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
thank you very much man!

Автор smoe v ( назад)
Your hats are loud..

Автор Ythan Rickhards ( назад)
Great! Really helped me out. Cheers man!

Автор Marcel Guikema ( назад)
good tutorial;)

Автор el masani ( назад)
how to complate my fl studio like your fl?? im sory my bad english

Автор tony savva ( назад)
Top tutorial, clearly explained. Lets have some more please Alex

Автор richie diansoni ( назад)
can u pls put the link for that bass called 'hahaha'

Автор Purple Hayes ( назад)
good tutorial by the way!

Автор Purple Hayes ( назад)
you can use the hot keys on your keyboard to copy whats in your piano roll
without actually having to click piano roll. if your looking at the step
sequencer, the thing that holds all your sounds, theres a green light that
glows beside the instrument your working with. all you have to do is click
that for the one instrument, in your case the fl keys, that you want to
copy and hit ctrl/command C, and then ctrl/command V, to past it, also
ctrl/command X, deletes it, ctrl A selects the entire thing

Автор DEREK MOHAMMED ( назад)
This was good bro

Автор Luca Miño ( назад)
great job men , im argentinian and your post really help me , when the
argentinians says ES LAPOSTA ! jajaja bless

Автор jutt lock ( назад)
helped me out tons..thanks brother

Автор willokinho13 ( назад)
even tho I kno how to make reggae, its still good to learn a thing or two
:) so thank u

Автор Владислав Бабяк ( назад)
Big up man!

Автор BeatGenerals ( назад)
Great work... You can find Fruity Loops training in the styles of Gucci
Mane, Ludacris & all kinds more on my youtube channel!

Автор Kim Creary ( назад)
Use the organ to play the chops chords over snares

Автор WarezAudio ( назад)
Irie, thanks for the tutorial, jah bless bredda!

Автор Rillo Rollzepi ( назад)

Автор tekBeatz01 ( назад)
Thanks Barto! I successfully recreated your reggae tutorial beat and ever
since been improving. You're the man!

Автор Blindshot production ( назад)
AWesOme vid man love it...:)

Автор spragism ( назад)
thanks mate, for this great vid

Автор Lishon Murinyu (1816 лет назад)
This is the best

Автор Justin Turner ( назад)
Nice video.. Best tutorial I've seen. One question, is there like a
sponsored, or main website used that has a list of plug-ins? Every one I'm
finding online is suspected malware etc.. Or if you can just post the link
to the Yamaha or another keyboard, that would be great. Thanks!

Автор Matt Wanoa ( назад)
thanx brotha

Автор Lee Callaghan ( назад)
thanks i just got the hahaha vst i like it its not bad

Автор Deya Al-Omari ( назад)
thanks a lot! it's very helpful cheerz mate

Автор codemiesterbeats ( назад)
it wuntnt crap you know? ha ha thanks for the videos man... it helped me
get the reggae template.

Автор Justin Fasula ( назад)
Not gonna lie, that bass track was pretty sweet =D

Автор bigmat85ufux ( назад)
thanks man i appreciate the vid its good that its basic gives you loads of
room to play with. however im bit stuck on making a decent reggae trumpet
riff and sound quality of it, can you help us out mate?

Автор Ziggy - ( назад)
great helps me alot

Автор rolfes16 ( назад)
great tutorial bro, looking 4ward to more

Автор MrKampfemu ( назад)
thanks for the tutorials ! (:

Автор Esat Kaya ( назад)
How do i get the ahahaha plugin?

Автор Garebear ( назад)
Good work

Автор biggerlevel1 ( назад)
good job man so very basic well put together

Автор D j Dazie Daz ( назад)
Does anyone know where all the fl studios family can download plugins refx
nexus etc? Great vid btw!

Автор rafeiro1993 ( назад)
awesome, been using your guide for a few days getting there :P

Автор Alex Bartlett ( назад)
ah great. thanks man.

Автор Alex Bartlett ( назад)
for sure sorry man. just the way i rendered it like a douchebag sorry. my
speakers arent great but i do have a decent set of headphones. problem i
had was my old soundcard. i couldnt record "what you hear" or stereo mix
with it when i made these vids. if u check the more recent video of mine
then the sound quality is much better since i got my new card.

Автор Frank Drotini ( назад)
um yo....cud u lyk use boobase in anada video tutorial??....pliz...shots

Автор Mooren Michiel ( назад)
really guuud

Автор sam smith ( назад)
nice and simple, easy to follow. great vid man thanx!!

Автор samantha chambers ( назад)
thank you very much...very helpful

Автор Madlove4life2009 ( назад)
I love ur tutorials dude verrrrry helpfull ,ive tried making some roots but
never really sounded like i want em to but now im gon try again .thanxxxx a
bunch .

Автор LaptopMusician ( назад)
Thank you Brother! It's really helped.. :)

Автор SplooshProductions ( назад)
Very helpful tutorial! plan on starting a roots project and this pointed me
in the right direction

Автор SuperShange ( назад)
thanks, man. this helped me wid my work. however, it could have been more
concise, no? anyways. even if i do download the hahaha thing, how do i get
it to work on fl? (ps, i have fl studio 7)

Автор Manuel Rodriguez ( назад)
Thank you for this tutorial. I checked it out with LMMS Studio on LInux and
the pinguin starts to smoke cannabis ...

Автор jdi1979 ( назад)
Thx a lot for all three tuto's.. :) Reggae is nice, and so are you for
uploading this ! You explain things in a perfect tempo mate..

Автор nicholas hume Hume ( назад)
wow i subscribed great work mate! keep in touch man i would like to
collaborate on something with you...... get back to me soon.

Автор Aaron Christopher ( назад)
@TheBarto22 I completely agree, very helpful thanks so much!

Автор WilliamBlaze77 ( назад)
yea really good tutorial dude. helped me tones. x

Автор Christian Hutchings ( назад)
Man, this helped me TONS! I was kinda lost even starting. Thanks a bunch!

Автор brodia100 ( назад)

Автор Tyrin Music ( назад)
@TheBarto22 No problem, u think you can make another tutorial?

Автор Alex Bartlett (558 лет назад)
@DTLEngage thanks man. appreciate the support :)

Автор Tyrin Music ( назад)
AMAAZING! I have watched so many tutorials and THIS Is the best

Автор Σταυρος Τσαντες ( назад)
thanks man that was helpful.

Автор Flammens ( назад)
@TheBarto22 freemusicsoftware org /410

Автор David Recio ( назад)
simply awesome!!

Автор Naruuuuu ( назад)
@brucejje I will change the piano later, but for now i like it :D!

Автор Naruuuuu ( назад)
Followed the tutorial for the Piano thingy.. Here is what i came with:
soundcloud. com/b-rude/b-rude-special-request-reggae

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