Barto - FL Studio - Beginners Reggae Tutorial - Part 3/3 - The Bass

A very basic tutorial on how to make a reggae beat in FL Studio.

Part 1:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llExRJJejew
Part 2:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AHtK4h6cIY

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 9:01
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Автор Stretchmofo (3 месяца)
really nice tutorial mate, thanks a lot!

Автор Rambo Rõuges (11 месяцев)
Thank You.... 2 years since reggae tutorials. Maybe its time to make
another one. Shore like to see it. :) This one was greate.

Автор greglalatv (8 месяцев)
thanks a lot bro, i leaned a lot from this video

Автор bello c (5 месяцев)
great vid bro!

Автор Joe Codeswell (6 месяцев)
nice job. thanks.

Автор Eric Rogers (1 год)
this tutorial was cool but my beat sounds like crap. Although I did learn
some stuff

Автор maurice kelly (10 месяцев)
thank you

Автор Channel Roland Avastia (10 месяцев)

Автор jake blinman (10 месяцев)
Helps and it turned out pretty well thanks

Автор Luis Oliveira (11 месяцев)
I agree with Rambo, you may be making a new one, I am sure you have learned
new stuff! :)

Автор Flipscorn Dooblydoo (6 месяцев)
This was very helpful, thank you.

Автор christian marucco (11 месяцев)
great tuto man! this was exactly what i was looking for

Автор chryzthyand nillu (1 год)

Автор freddie j (3 года)
man thanks for the help.always wanted to do that.

Автор David Recio (3 года)
simply awesome!!

Автор Dilla Oniel (1 год)

Автор Moses Tomuli (3 года)
@TheBarto22 thanks bro by da way dat was good

Автор Ythan Rickhards (1 год)
Great! Really helped me out. Cheers man!

Автор Luca Miño (2 года)
great job men , im argentinian and your post really help me , when the
argentinians says ES LAPOSTA ! jajaja bless

Автор richie diansoni (2 года)
can u pls put the link for that bass called 'hahaha'

Автор brodia100 (3 года)

Автор Blindshot production (2 года)
AWesOme vid man love it...:)

Автор LaptopMusician (3 года)
Thank you Brother! It's really helped.. :)

Автор DTLEngage (3 года)
@TheBarto22 No problem, u think you can make another tutorial?

Автор Justin Fasula (2 года)
Not gonna lie, that bass track was pretty sweet =D

Автор Garebear (2 года)
Good work

Автор Lishon Murinyu (2 года)
This is the best

Автор sam smith (3 года)
nice and simple, easy to follow. great vid man thanx!!

Автор dvsjaymusic (3 года)
So I completed all 3. Sounded okayish :). None the less very nice clear and
precise explanations.

Автор Libys97 (1 год)
thank you very much man!

Автор Esat Kaya (2 года)
How do i get the ahahaha plugin?

Автор samantha chambers (3 года)
thank you very much...very helpful

Автор Deya Al-Omari (2 года)
thanks a lot! it's very helpful cheerz mate

Автор Matt Wanoa (2 года)
thanx brotha

Автор Nekrodream (2 года)
Well...it's basic.

Автор Lee Callaghan (2 года)
thanks i just got the hahaha vst i like it its not bad

Автор jutt lock (2 года)
helped me out tons..thanks brother

Автор Alex Bartlett (3 года)
@DTLEngage thanks man. appreciate the support :)

Автор orangeloveification (1 год)
Great! You helped me so much.

Автор Flammens (3 года)
@TheBarto22 freemusicsoftware org /410

Автор nicholas hume Hume (3 года)
wow i subscribed great work mate! keep in touch man i would like to
collaborate on something with you...... get back to me soon.

Автор rolfes16 (2 года)
great tutorial bro, looking 4ward to more

Автор david crowley (1 год)
Clear and straight to the point, brilliant walk through mate. Helped me out
a lot!

Автор Alex Bartlett (3 года)
@DEEJAYD0ZA google "HAHAHA CS01 download" theres a few sites u can get it
from man.

Автор Aaron Christopher (3 года)
@TheBarto22 I completely agree, very helpful thanks so much!

Автор jdi1979 (3 года)
Thx a lot for all three tuto's.. :) Reggae is nice, and so are you for
uploading this ! You explain things in a perfect tempo mate..

Автор Alex Bartlett (2 года)
for sure sorry man. just the way i rendered it like a douchebag sorry. my
speakers arent great but i do have a decent set of headphones. problem i
had was my old soundcard. i couldnt record "what you hear" or stereo mix
with it when i made these vids. if u check the more recent video of mine
then the sound quality is much better since i got my new card.

Автор DJ Woozie (3 года)
Soundgood is for mastering. It's fine to use.

Автор Alex Bartlett (3 года)
@TheMazithra sweet, would love to hear it dude

Автор SplooshProductions (3 года)
Very helpful tutorial! plan on starting a roots project and this pointed me
in the right direction

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