ESO | Killing and Trapping People in my House

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Автор Squall ESO ( назад)
one of your funnier vids ;) nice!

Автор HoLyzPiNoyZ ( назад)
is it a bad time to come back for pvp? is non-vet still populated?

Автор bee jan ( назад)
omg my lungssss the yu gi oh had me rolling

Автор Legend Dairyy ESO ( назад)
"MY LEG!" lmfao was I the only one who heard that

Автор Lonley Dbz fan ( назад)

Автор Pedro Garcia ( назад)
if you want to expand your social network join this on facebook "publicity
seekers welcomed"

Автор Khiraas ( назад)
Wht are you, 5?, you faggot.

Автор ninpo14 ( назад)
You won a subscriber when you used your Trap Card!

Автор Ardor D Druaga ( назад)
lol x)

Автор Brian Magana ( назад)
haha hilarious.

Автор Ilyas Rotterdam ( назад)

Автор Yahk Nassaki ( назад)
one day...one day I will rise up from the ashes and slaughter you sypher.
you got me good in cyrodiil but this...this isn't over. mark my words
sypherpk Edward Jacobson I will destroy you. not only will it be brutal and
devastating it will be a glorious victory on my part. You don't know my
name or when I'm coming so beware and get ready for the smack down.

Автор Salt AU ( назад)
How old are you, eleven?

Автор Eugene Broeren ( назад)

Автор Zeeloper ( назад)
hi im noob and i dont have the game can everyone build a house like this or
do you need a dlc or something and can you put like guards in there that
fight intruders. btw funny video

Автор D P ( назад)

Автор brian beals (bbeals91) ( назад)
That's is dirty lol

Автор Aven Valco ( назад)
lol the music overlay

Автор goticos1 ( назад)
can u fill it with slauther fish?

Автор JRsoFLY123 ( назад)
The reason why you subbed.

Автор Chris jason ( назад)
definitly supped lol

Автор Michel van der Pol ( назад)
Ha ha, this was funny :).

Автор Timothy Diaz ( назад)
3:11 yugioh reference?

Автор zayronx morales ( назад)

Автор Megachotz ( назад)

Автор The Mysterious Banana Man ( назад)
awesome vid sypher. i lmao the hole time

Автор Eddie Garibay ( назад)
@sypher your opinion what's the best method to power lvl in eso?

Автор Jose Gonzalez ( назад)
oh no wizard101 carpet houses coming to eso!!!

Автор Ferremundo Redundo ( назад)

Автор EURO KING (Icon) ( назад)
Lmao wtf man

Автор planes617 ( назад)
"drop" a like? lol...

Автор SourishWhale ( назад)
Can you make a frost staff Vicious death tank for pvp?

Автор iEatCum46 ( назад)
1v1 me already

Автор vodahmin ( назад)
Ill stick to interior designing/landscaping <3
awesome and funny video though! :D

Автор XxIMPERIALxx1 ( назад)
Could you do a video about class changes in the pts? I need to know about
magic sorcerers

Автор Ivan Turgenev ( назад)
Hah, I was Test Subject No. 2. ;) Good times.

Автор Devilninja16 ( назад)
"I activate my trap card" now that's some good dueling XD

Автор Jared Dembinski ( назад)
Rename the video to magka DK 1vx

Автор steven rogers ( назад)
sypher the dungeon master

Автор SpockCanYouSaveme ( назад)
Sypher is like Jigsaw!!

Автор halfeatencornea ( назад)
we thought trap beast got nerfed, turns out its still meta

Автор BaylorCorvette ( назад)
I found this much more amusing than I should have.

Автор Teoman O. Y. (Theodorus) ( назад)

Автор slamongo ( назад)
Sypher's our trap queen.

Автор Alpha Fox Gaming ( назад)

Автор Simeon Vink ( назад)
Maka a maze

Автор thaMAD dabber ( назад)
can we put loot in chest?!?!

Автор Quantum ( назад)
Dude, I love these videos! hahahahha!

Автор Jace Belerin ( назад)
I died during the "I activate my trap card.....trap hole" lmfao

Автор life b4ai ( назад)

Автор Nathan Amerman ( назад)
Try to get Deltia probably won't work but u should try

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Lol you should duel pple up there, looks like a nice area to knock pple off

Автор wenxue2222 ( назад)
Khajiit she is never ever accepting a dinner invitation from that one!

Автор Shaun Mitchell ( назад)
saw this coming haha

Автор TiiBags Tyler ( назад)
What sexy armour skin is this?

Автор Rainer ( назад)
Haha, this just gave me a milion ideas to murder people, thanks sypher!

Автор Lee Mandarfs ( назад)
Lmao so funny

Автор Joseph Hodgson ( назад)
Such a troll lol

Автор Jordan Tucker ( назад)
Nerf carpet pls

Автор Mr. W - The Wanderer ( назад)
where i can find that crown?

Автор Ylikollikas ( назад)
This was honestly one of your best videos yet!

Автор Uriel Septim ( назад)
It's fun but sadly this will be removed in the final release. Still worth
fooling around a bit after testing.

Автор iAmStevey ( назад)
Sypher, always finding new ways to make the game shit for others /slowclap

Автор Alcast ( назад)
Hahhahaha now that was fun to watch xD

Автор TipsyDrow ( назад)
You asshole LOL LOL!!

Автор Dwarv Aeducan ( назад)

Автор Can Gerek ( назад)
people gonna grief this game full with these things..

Автор Czirne ( назад)
Haha, we did this with my friends in Wildstart over a year back :D oh yea,
Wildstar housing was awesome, sadly game is ghost town. Hopefuly ESO
housing will at least half as good as wildstar housing!

Автор rylan clark ( назад)
Goddammit sypher, is this how you force people to let you 1vX them? ;D

Автор rylan clark ( назад)
Goddammit sypher, is this how you force people to let you 1vX them? ;D

Автор Helen Hayes ( назад)
Dude, you are Ramsay Bolton! LOL

Автор Adisa Martinez ( назад)
I didn't know sypher had a traphouse

Автор Deceiver Gaming ( назад)
OMFG most entertaining shit i've seen in a while. xD

Автор Troggy Trog ( назад)
Carpet Ultimate is the new Meta!

Автор Feedinginsanity ( назад)
Where is Keemstar now?

Автор christian holban ( назад)
Though he would be Trappin out the Bando

Автор Arturo Sanchez ( назад)
troll master

Автор Matt Cotnoir ( назад)
I was the first one fed to the lions xD

Автор AJ Shih ( назад)
better bait would be the ruby throne.

Автор The Fat man ( назад)
It puts the lotion on the skin.

Автор Brad V ( назад)
These people obviously don't know you if they're ok with letting you lead
them to high places

Автор eagle ray monser ( назад)
But in the end the fall damage was the real hero tonight

Автор eagle ray monser ( назад)

Автор Eirella ( назад)
LOL that is too funny!

Автор J-a Alténa ( назад)
Sypher went full retard with that shit! Lol!

Автор YeahOmar ( назад)
I need to say man, 2:35 was pretty a pretty nice idea. xD

Автор Parkour Place ( назад)
Takes more skill then pvp

Автор FazedRevisions ( назад)
Yung sypher y u trappin so hard

Автор K1R ( назад)
this is fucking comedy !

Автор Bandit 1215 ( назад)
lmao this is so funny

Автор SWAGIGNITION 77 ( назад)
Trap Beast < Carpet

Автор Keenzo BF ( назад)
thats exactly what people do in the game rust except you get their items

Автор steven davis ( назад)
Your mean

Автор Greg Gibson ( назад)
You know a game is on its death bed when we have to resort to this crap to
enjoy it anymore. 😕

Автор Pet Mez ( назад)
That's a good idea.... hmmm....

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