Lion SEX

lions having sex in South Luangwa NP, Zambia

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Автор marquis butler (1193 года назад)
LOL he was like yea and the girl lion was like WTF get off me!

Автор max rose ( назад)
rofl she was like: FUCK OFF RAPIST!

Автор Matthew B ( назад)
the new paris hilton tape? sweet!

Автор KnockoutNed1 ( назад)
why do they snap at each other at the end? it seems like all lions do that
at the end.

Автор andrics96 ( назад)
She don't like it!! Ahahahah

Автор MexicanPride171 ( назад)
She got raped haha

Автор JediMasterOW ( назад)
@dazada hehehe.

Автор Amanda Sullivan ( назад)
female lion: "K NOW GET OFF OF ME!!"

Автор tweety spears ( назад)
Pow chikka wow wow

Автор Terry Rucks ( назад)
Studies say they have sex 20 even 40 times a day even several other days.
That's crazy. lol

Автор iSTAYNASTY ( назад)
"Not today, I have a headache."

Автор supertimemon ( назад)
lmfao if that was me i woulda told that bitch to shut up nd id fuck her
allllll nite

Автор infinitecanvas11 ( назад)
damn give em some privacy shit lol thats fucked up lol

Автор Wendal Mapp ( назад)

Автор jzinit ( назад)
another nite without sex :( i feel bad for the lion

Автор Code Redsniper ( назад)
Comments you make are approved by me, so spammers get a life!

Автор 5A5AlC1 ( назад)
wth is wrong wit u ppl dont shine a direct lite at them use nite vision of

Автор pannini97 ( назад)
lol have sex for the camera

Автор lizzeh ( назад)
it's good to know that even on my worst day I can say that at least I'm
better in the sack than a lion.

Автор abola2121 ( назад)
"And Can you feel the love tonight, it is where we are..."XD lol!

Автор CompHelper332 ( назад)

Автор Elaine Wampler ( назад)
hate sex!!!!

Автор lukehiggins123456 ( назад)
i came

Автор Sadistic Crow ( назад)

Автор honeybunny1334 ( назад)
maybe he should've got her some flowers first

Автор spearsboy01 ( назад)
uh oh, i think he was sneaking back up on her at the end. i saw his paw

Автор karkatvantsass ( назад)
i sware i heard the male squike

Автор help106 ( назад)

Автор WhiteDragon1234567 ( назад)

Автор Jeremiah Lovett ( назад)
they tiger is like BANG BANG BANG

Автор owsi1994 ( назад)
Did the male give the female a love bite? Lions do that to release the eggs
from the female or something like that I think...

Автор RedRevolver212 (1993 года назад)
male fucked it up

Автор Marlon Brando ( назад)
Woah he lasted 4 sec

Автор Kelly Kim ( назад)
one word: owned.

Автор Modishkitty ( назад)
Haha, it's like: Male Lion: So what do you say, baby? Wann go at it? Female
Lion: Ugh, Not in the mood. Male Lion: Come On, you know you want to.
-climbs on top of female- Oh yeah, i'm gonna make you feel special. Female
Lion: (Growls) I said i'm not in the mood, Dammit! Ugh, you fucking animal!
Male Lion: Bitch, nobody rejects the king.

Автор CenaPop3 ( назад)
he was trying to get it in there but she doesnt feel him lolz

Автор moonis12 ( назад)
Female:im tired--wanna talk for a bit? well im tired so NIGHT! Male:plz
baby i wanna do somethin with you that will change your life!~

Автор dazada ( назад)
Well I'll give him this: he lasted longer than me.

Автор xChairx ( назад)
I think it is more like getting the lining out of the uturus. XXXXXXX

Автор koifishy02 ( назад)
yo she tryna sleep. he all up in her shit.

Автор rtom30 ( назад)
This is was i call an quicky ;.)

Автор 19andoverlol ( назад)
"Go away, damn it, I'm trying to sleep!"

Автор Osaiah Bernard ( назад)
No foreplay, Mufassa?

Автор Ryunoku (953 года назад)
lol shes like " Not to day myhead hurts"

Автор Reicheru ( назад)
that sure was quick

Автор adam012008 ( назад)
-.- now you just sound like one of the teachers at my school.

Автор dante4reflextra (325 лет назад)
public display of affection!!!

Автор MimzyMingiSakura19 ( назад)
Aww cute lion love are so hawt!!!

Автор Lorenzoboricua ( назад)
in the beginning,the girlis getting ready-shes masterbating on the floor!

Автор sixtovillagomez ( назад)

Автор whyweloveit ( назад)

Автор Scarrah Rose ( назад)
woooo! go mufasa go!!! mafasa+sarabi=simba <3 ^.^

Автор Karliah ( назад)
aww the dude lion looks heartbroken

Автор Janea Payne ( назад)
the lioness was having her orgasm thats why they stopped lmfao

Автор swagah ( назад)
yup thats about right!

Автор love2cheer2468 ( назад)
i love how at the end she's like "no stop" RAWR! hahahaa lol

Автор love2cheer2468 ( назад)
haha your right i would be pissed if he didn't bring me my fucking dead
antelope! hahaha lol

Автор Dracodion ( назад)
She's like saying "Piss off, you didn't even buy flowers or bring me a dead
antelope" XD

Автор JustRANSOM ( назад)
Shes like um :[ stop

Автор flap ( назад)
at the end of the vid you can see him plotting his next move in the darkenss

Автор munkie2202 ( назад)
lol...that was quick, can you say premature ejaculation?...bahahaha

Автор FilmPA ( назад)

Автор jaxmwana ( назад)
poor simba.... nala doesn't wanna be a slut tonight

Автор Sultan Almulla ( назад)
was that it????

Автор kairis ( назад)
i have a headache.. lol

Автор NighCraw00 ( назад)
lol she goes to sleep

Автор idelcat ( назад)
the guy lion god danm bich

Автор MikeBurns315 ( назад)
Shes like... No, Not tonight.

Автор PrairieDog234 ( назад)
shes like "get the hell offa me!"

Автор Gbaby90rapman ( назад)

Автор kpj200 ( назад)
the lions like lets give em somethin to watch

Автор hotashellmuthafucka ( назад)
That girl lion is vicious!

Автор skateboarding54 ( назад)
the guys probaly saying say hello to my little friend lol

Автор skateboarding54 ( назад)
not sex just humping

Автор markus2815 ( назад)
LMFAO good one

Автор Elements07 ( назад)

Автор Wilson Jaillita ( назад)
what possion is that

Автор taliabear2010 ( назад)
wow she said give it to me daddy then get off of me!!! lol

Автор taliabear2010 ( назад)
aaaahhaaaaa!!!!! omg!!!! funny funny funny ;) lol

Автор batura1 ( назад)
that lion is you

Автор Gabe B ( назад)
No, supposedly in mating season, lions screw like 20 times a day.

Автор jattnyc ( назад)
i heard a lion wud only fuck once in its life?

Автор Kakarat100 ( назад)
Is he worried about HIV, they shoudl have a free clinic where thye and out
condoms for them. Bareback

Автор ghettoprince187 ( назад)
*plays "can you feel the love tonight" * LOL

Автор Zodiac307 ( назад)
Yeah, but the male lions up there show them who's boss, at least when it
comes to a pride, or a group of lions. Whenever the female lions make a
kill, the male gets first bites, the lions have to wait until he's finished.

Автор Zodiac307 ( назад)
Guess he likes anal sex

Автор Darksayieon ( назад)

Автор breeza44 ( назад)
lol fiesty lol

Автор 777324D ( назад)
wow! he hurt her, dumb fuck didnt know what he was doin. pussy not ass
hole, retard!

Автор victhepimp69 ( назад)
almost like ONE NIGHT IN PARIS

Автор alexiselectrick ( назад)

Автор megera557 ( назад)
to me...it didn't look like she was very interested!!!

Автор thewho6507 ( назад)
haha this reminds me of a line in south park"then the man loses interest in
the lady" lol

Автор TheUnbeholden ( назад)
lions penis has barbs on it,, so it hurts when he pulls it out. And the
male ejaculates very fast.. about a few seconds. but he does it about 100
times a day. if he doesn't pull it out fast enough it hurts the female alot
and she might shred him.... the females do this to show whos boss.

Автор AlexaAnorexia ( назад)
omg why do you watch this? i stopped the vid. ew sickkk

Автор dyopser ( назад)
King lion has very small size & very few stroke

Автор BaybeeRonni ( назад)
oooh ni-i-ice lucky lions

Автор DarkMachine ( назад)
You need help.....consider it

Автор efron4life ( назад)
wow...people in this world have wayyyyyyyy too much time on their hands

Автор Fatih Ince ( назад)
like paris hilton tape.

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