Hot girl beats a man ! Funny !

Mandy destroys a man in this funny vid from tozani

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 9:12
Комментарии: 61

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Видео загрузил: Vito Andolini
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Автор Mark Jordan (2 месяца)
I really want to smell her sweaty feet. If I was the judge at the end, that
would have been my condition for a yes. After the beating she gave the
other guy, I'd have let him smell her feet too.

Автор Liam Wolf (3 месяца)
lame. The fake scripted is too obvious.

Автор leroix junior (2 месяца)
1ah ah la vielle meuf Jla dead:-D

Автор Sexy Slavetoy (1 год)
If he was a real man, he would have taken every one of her sexy barefoot
kicks for real! I would be glad to let her kick me into complete
submission and for her not to stop until I begged!

Автор joeinpittsburghpa (2 месяца)
Wadda bitch! lol

Автор Jem Dixon (5 месяцев)
Wtf is with dem noises 

Автор foxmuffin zixten (7 месяцев)
Anti-Male bullshit?

Автор Chris Sullivan (3 месяца)
Fake all

Автор DAPRDAN56 (8 месяцев)
wow she can fight and she never let up 

Автор Richard Parker (5 месяцев)
Does anyone want to exchange Kickasskandy videos?

Автор Daniel Shirazi Rad (3 месяца)

Автор Byron Lolloper (1 месяц)

Автор Steve Darnley (9 месяцев)
I would be thrilled to have this Sexy Babe beat me unmercifully and make be
beg for mercy and show me none 

Автор TheDoormat2u (10 месяцев)
Ready for lift off , if you know what I mean. Instead of a rocket, it ll be
a liquid that will go to the moon. That is the power of seeing a lady
beating the crap out of a man. Masochism is on the rise in this nation. I
only wished wages would go up like my erection. 

Автор DAPRDAN56 (8 месяцев)
what muscles on her ..

Автор johnstoneham (1 год)
Shame a girl like this was not my French teacher.. I would be fluent by

Автор Smug Gamer (8 месяцев)
i know girls weaknes just punch her in a boob and it will hurt her cuz
boobs are girl pen!ses

Автор DaDarkneZz (1 год)
all this because he called her a bitch?

Автор Smug Gamer (8 месяцев)
cmon man she only knows how to kick do something better i can beat her

Автор bigboyusa3 (9 месяцев)
can they fight her back ?

Автор Smug Gamer (8 месяцев)

Автор avijit dealerpapa (10 месяцев)
real idol u r mandy

Автор desolatefix (1 год)
and AX KICK!

Автор pimpamtomalacasitos6 (1 год)
que paliza

Автор Dajon Rector (1 год)

Автор Dajon Rector (1 год)

Автор thepiratemovie1 (1 год)
of course its fake! nobody can ever take that many hits without getting
knocked out!

Автор 42mariobianco (1 год)

Автор Miguel (1 год)
Geez she ripped his head on half @4:00

Автор Steven Peterson (1 год)
Other guy at the table: "Um, if you need me I'll be under the table hiding.

Автор supernova83 (1 год)
A bruise is still far from being knock out :). Even if it was real, I think
they did it for fun.

Автор wogears (2 года)
Okay, babe, you're hot in that LBD, but PLEASE don't break the
Conrad-Johnson gear!

Автор Devin Jones (1 год)

Автор supernova83 (1 год)
not really, but a few bruises can still get

Автор thepiratemovie1 (1 год)
which I don't think was real do you think it was?

Автор MINOSERG (1 год)

Автор trolltsich (2 года)
Look at her great biceps after 4:25!

Автор Goonda Singh (2 года)
oh fuck goddess mandy the male slayer ..i bow down to u

Автор XinZhao1990 (2 года)
4:05 6:40 8:29

Автор Mustafa Ak (1 год)
bubnu yasatacak turk bayan yokmu 05462365990

Автор reservenavn (2 года)
Some real high end sound equipment in the room, lots of records etc.

Автор apple pvp (1 год)
are u kidding me she doesnt even touch the man!

Автор skymoondawn (1 год)
of course we know that's fake, but if you don't have an idea about these
stuffs please don't do such dumb comments!

Автор Bob Jackson (1 год)
Haha. A women hurting some physically. How funny! Genders hurting each
other is always funny except if it's the guy then he is a sick twisted

Автор thepiratemovie1 (1 год)
exactly do you know anybody who took that much hits without a SINGLE bruise?

Автор antonio211000 (1 год)
excelent succulent feet yummyGIRL nice

Автор coolcat20million (2 года)
As she says, that IS "Awesome."

Автор fja6 (2 года)
Fabulous!! More,plz...

Автор Usman Masood (1 год)
I love this girl, she is awesome

Автор daybreaker7 (2 года)
i've seen the sites.. only if they would wear a more feminine dress.. like
long skirt, or maybe using her own scarf or pantyhoe/stockings to tied the
man.. i would gladly purchase the clip..

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